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A list of people on the cover of the new Sufjan Stevens EP

Sufjan Stevens recently released the hit indie EP, The All Delighted People EP. A lot of people have been emailing me, asking, "Yall who is on the cover of the Sufjy EP? So many faces... Just wish I could figure it out. Seems like it might tell the complex story of Sufjan Stevens' life. Wonder if it explains who he is as a musician/indie buzzband/human being."

Who are all of these bros on the Sufjan Stevens EP cover?

1. Sufjan's ethnic maid who cleans out his buzzband loft space
2. Goth teen who Sufjan befriended Sufjy outside of a Hot Topic in 2k6
3. Sufjan's high school photo. What a dork, yall!
4. The leader of Sufjan's parent's Christian militia cult
5. Sufjan's landlord. Kinda helped him out a lot b4 he got rich.
6. Christian Bale
7. Guy who Sufjan used to 'play hookie from school' with
8. Jeff's first AZN friend
9. Jonny Taylor Thomas [via JTT]
10. The guy who fixes Sufjan's lil yellow van that he purchased after Little Miss Sunshine
11. The first 'pair of titties' that Sufjan fondled during adolescence
12. The first 'grown up' that Sufjan
13. Lenny Kravitz
14. Sufjy's All-State insurance broker
15. the CEO of
16. Sufjy's first twink that he keeps enslaved in his 'sex dungeon'
17. David Duchovny, star of the X-Files
18. the Hit MP3 'I want to Fly Away' by Lenny Kravitz
19. the cast of the Golden Girls
20. Prostitute / P.O.W. who saved Sufjan's life during Vietnam
21. Sufjan's first illegitimate son, Sufjan Jr.
22. Sufjan's first illegitimate daughter, Sufjette
23. Sufjette Jr. the III
24. Another 'roadie' claims this is his child. Has not taken paternity test yet
25. A child that Sufjan abducted from a local McDonalds playground
26. Erotic porn star from the 1990s who took Sufjy's 'beating off' virginity
27. Sufjan's college dorm Resident Adviser. Was super chill abt 'drinking' in the dorm room
28. Chris Martin from Coldplay, huge influence
29. Sufjan's step-sister who his stepdad forced on this cover
30. Sufjan's domineering father
31. Sufjan's dad's mistress who he left his mom for and married
32. Dude from Pete & Pete
33. a young Bobby DeNiro
34. Local AZN dry cleaning bro
35. Dry cleaners AZN employee. 'Light on the starch' -sufjy's pants
36. 14 year old sniper who Sufjan was forced to murder during Vietnam to prove to his brigade that he awas a 'real man' who hated commies.
37. Class Bully who made Sufjy's life hell in middle school
38. Jeff Goldblum
39. Sufjette IV (illegitimate child)
40. Guy who Sufjan used to emotionally bully
41. Young Santa Clause
42. Sufjan's high school music teacher
43. Guy who Sufjan got 'experimental' with at band camp
44. A 'fuck doll' who Sufjan treated like a real human for _ years.
45. Sufjan's favorite casserole
46. Sufjan's life coach
47. Sufjan's Grandma
48. Sufjan's angsty teen little brother who the entire family is 'somewhat ashamed of'
49. Sufjan's grandfather who gave him his first banjo
50. The bass player from Vampire Weekend
51. Emerill (Sufjan loves the Food Network)
52. Pat Tillman (R.I.P.)
53. One of the Golden Girls again
54. Guy who Sufjan Stevens stole his first songs from
55. Another road baby (so hard 2 be an indie musician)
56. Leonardo Di Caprio--Sufjan's biggest celebrity crush
57. Noah Lennox (Panda Bear
58. Guy who made Sufjan's myspace layout
59. Bam Margera (Sufjan was an original cast member of Jack Ass)
60. Santa Clause 'fuck doll'
61. Serial Killer
62. indie stalker who won't leave Sufjy alone
63. A cool dad from Pavement
64. Sufjan's Weed dealer
65. The girl who runs the Sufjan Stevens Unofficial twitter account
66. Son who is Sufjan recently found out was 'not his' after going on Maury Povich
67. The bass player from the Strokes
peen: Sufjan's erect peen in some cute lil shorty shorts
68. an NBA Basketball player, possible LeBron James
69. 90210 Cast member
70. a ninja
71. hornie bro
72. hornie bro spread eagle
73. Sufjan's son with his first wife
74. AZN guy who gets Sufjan black market audio equipment/cute, fake designer purses
75. Sufjan's old hunting buddy
76. Guy who works at AT&T store
77. Newborn illegitimate son
78. Guy who owns Sufjan's fave organic California-style burrito restaurant
79. Deakin from AnCo
80. Johnny Knoxville
81. Illegal immigrant who Sufjan employed for 2 years before she was deported when he outsourced banjo work
82. Kim Kardashian--Sufjy <3s junk tv
83. woman from Sufjan's cult
84. Kid who wandered into the Sufjan compound, not sure who he is
85. Kid A
86. 2 many kids, yall
87. The dictator of South Korea
88. Daniel Gill, CEO of Forcefield PR
89. Samuel L Jackson
90. Sufjan's dental hygienist
91. Mark Zuckerberg
92. the cobrasnake bro
93. Photographer teen who travels with Sufjy cuz he ran away from home
94. Aunt Jemimah--Sufjy <3s pancakes
95. Youth group leader from Sufjan's teen church with modern themes
96. The lady who taught Sufjan how 2 play banjo
97. Tonya Harding
98. Sufjan XXI
99. Guy who is plotting the assassination of Sufjan
100. An 'effing hipster' who Sufjan is making fun of
101. One of Sufjan's three wives and five husbands [via progressive cult]
102. Sufjanito
103. Jack Black--Sufjy <3s Tenacious D song structures
104. Unidentified AZN man
105. Sufjan's Body Guard
106. The World's youngest Sufjan fan
107. bro who has the flu

Do yall know who any of these people are?
Did I miss any1/mis-identify some1?

Just wanna get to know to know Sufjan... Maybe his stories are in his music, but 'wanna get to know more abt him' so I can determine whether or not I wanna ride the folkwave with him. Seems like a 2k5-2k7 type of genre, but Sufjan might be so keut and dreamy that I will look into his eyes and get swept away (as opposed to some bro with a mangled beard).

Do u think this album cover tells his life story?
If u made a collage of people in ur life, would it have 500+ people or 1-10 people?
R u disappointed by this EP, or are u gonna ride his folkwave?
Does Sufjan Stevens have a 'high level' personal brand, or do u want him to develop a little bit more as a human meme indie celeb? Should he start a twitter or something? [via M.I.A. theory]

Do yall like Sufjan's collage on his album art, or do u wish he had a chillwave jacuzzi party with a bunch of 'underaged kids' + a collective of animals, similar to the cover of Panda Bear's Person Pitch? (Wonder if these are Noah Lennox's illegitimate kids).

Do yall know if more indie celebs have illegitimate road children (similar to professional athletes), or do the girls who have the babies 'abort' because they know buzzband members usually aren't rich?

Will buying a banjo make my personal brand more authentic? [via Sufjan Stevens Theory]

Photo via the Minneapoline

I have always wondered what instrument will help me seem the most authentic. I feel like too many people play guitar, and tons of people can play ableton/turntables, so I'm just searching for something that will make me stand out a little bit more. Would like to start some sort of authentic folk band and get 'significant coverage in p4k magazine.' Might buy a banjo. Feel like people who can play the banjo are always respected as pure musicians. Feel like people always 'respect' folk music no matter what.

Might buy a saxophone instead. Possibly start a 'pazz and jop' band like the TelevisionsOnTheRadios.

Might write an album about every state in the United States, and get it done before Sufjan does.

Do yall know what the most authentic instrument to be able to play is?
Or is it better to 'be a production genius' who is decent at every instrument?
Did ur parents get u musical lessons when u were a kid? Do u wish u took them more srsly so u could be in a relevant band 2day?

I just realized something.
I only rlly have 3 emotions. I can only rlly feel 3 ways about something.

I can <3 some1/something.
I can h8 some1/something
I can miss some1/something.

While yall may not respect me cuz I'm not complex, yall need to realize that these simple emotions are the core feelings behind everything.

<3 = when u either rllly luv some1 or when u 'fake luv' them and are kinda being sillie about liking them s0 much. Kinda worx both ways since I'm afraid of commitment/meaning what I say. U can prove that u rlly luv some1 or something by surrounding it with <3s. For example " <3 [object] <3 ."
h8 = when u hate something/dislike something/are uncomfortable in a situation/feel inconvenienced/feel like something has wronged u/don't like what something stands 4
miss = when u get a lil nostalgic about something u used to <3 or h8. It kinda symbolizes growin' up and seeing things a lil bit differently than u used 2. u nvr realize how important something was until u start 2 miss it. U can also kinda 'fake' miss some1 2 make fun of how u used 2 view the world.

Feeling in action:

h8 u

miss u

miss u

<3 u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

h8 yall

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

h8 yall

miss u

<3 u

miss u

h8 u

h8 u

h8 yall

h8/<3/miss u

What do u h8/<3/miss ?
Let's get vulnerable.
want 2 see ur soul

Who has a more authentic Homeless Man Beard?

Does Girl Talk's implementation of the homeless man beard make him more authentic? Or is his beard a little bit too 'freshman in college' proving that he is 'liberated' from his parents?

Definitely prefer BREAKBOT's (who I nvr realized looks like a more authentic Greg Gillis).

It's a shame we can't all grow Sufjan Stevens Douchebag Carpet Munching "Sit on my face" Goatees.

Heard that Sebastien Tellier smells like a Frenchman. Is that true, yall?

Might just grow an El Guincho homeless man mop+beard

No1 will ever be able to top Teddy K's Homeless Man Beard.

What Sufjan Stevens fans Will Look Like in 2k8


<3 dark-hearted EvanescenceAlts who sing indie-folk-core anthems with their post-operatic voices which could be adapted to a modern hard rock song <3 
<3 'spiked-in-the-back' unisex haircut for dark-hearted souls <3

Is Sufjan just a beautiful man who appeals 2 even the darkest souls at ur local high school?

Is Sufjan Stevens beautiful on the inside and out? [Man Crushin]

Yall. I remember a year or two ago when girls thought Sufjan Stevens songs made their lives' more meaningful. That was back when every1 was an 'entry level alt' because the essence of alt wasn't very definitive. Back then, experimenting with altdom was like a blind person trying to feel his way through a busy city. No1 was really willing to accept that they were searching for 'an authentic way of life'/didn't know how to accept that. Glad it's finally 2k8.75,yall.

I know that I 'crush' on a lot of female alt celebs, so I just wanted to know if Sufjan is hot/authentic. When he made the theme song for Little Miss Sunshine about traveling 2 Chicago, it was like he was the best thing since Ratatat. But now his personal brand might have gotten 'a little bit too meaningful' so he has kinda isolated the 'trendy' demographic, which I take kinda personally.

Did yall listen to Sufjan b4 u started listening 2 electroblogcore?

BUT SRSLY... What's up with the new Microsoft ads about being proud of being a PC? Can 1 marketing campaign really re-invent the personal brands of millions of people?

Can u believe they put GREG GILLIS, aka GIRL TALK into their ad campaign?
I just bought a new Macbook AirPro lappy, so I hope PCs don't 'come back' just because my fave mashup DJ likes to play Solitaire on his PC lappy. I'm looking forward to 5 years into the future when GregGilly has secured his place as 'go-to altCelebrity for mainstream companies who want to reach moderatelyAlt kids.'

s0 worried abt my personal brand when I sit in coffee shops and pretend 2 b 'busy'/looking at interesting content.

Songs About Chicago

Chicago is a mecca of everything that is hipsterdom. Located in the middle of the country, it is a city worth writing a song about. Some people love New York, others love LA. Chicago may or may not be a city worth loving, too. If you are a band, you will stop there, though. They have a scene for every one.

If you are driving to Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival next summer, maybe you should put these songs on your mix.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
MP3: Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago

Buy Ryan Adams' DEMOLITION at Amazon.

Andrew Bird: Better than Sufjan?

Andrew Bird's songs are pretty pleasant, but do I appreciate the sincere/contrived arrangements of Sufjan Stevens? I mean, if you had to have either an Andrew Bird album or MICHIGAN in your car for the rest of your life, wouldn't it probably have to be an Andrew Bird album?

"Chicago" is a great song, but do I really want to look out the window and pretend that it makes my life more meaningful? Sufjan seems like a pretty "chill dude," though. He supports America, and that's fine by me. I don't know any thing about Andrew Bird except that his music is pleasant and probably considered to be "well crafted" by critics.

MP3: Andrew Bird - Fiery Crash
MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Chicago HIGHLY REC'D if your name is GREG KINNEAR

Buy Armchair Apocrypha at

Star of Wonder

Any one in the mood for SUFJAN?

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Star Of Wonder
Buy Sufjan at Amazon here!

Sufjan Stevens wears black face on new album cover, has he crossed the line?

sufjan stevens blackface
Sufjan Stevens is one of the hottest indie hunks in the game, winning over MEN and WOMEN based on his amazing physique and also his banjo-tuned jams. He recently released an album called Age of Advertizing that was released to negative reviews because it featured GarageBand bleepy bloops that were not very vibey. Many said that he lost his way, and needed to get back 2 his 'writing whimpy banjo songs' roots.

Anyways, here is his new album cover, and he is wearing BLACKFACE. This is a dark day for the indie icon, stooping as low as he could go just to 'get buzz' [via controversy]. I'd expect this type of behavior from a new buzz act like Odd Future. But from the soft Midwestern man? Sufjan Stevens is out of his league, and it will be hard for me to listen to his songs without thinking about his face in black paint.

Right now, all we can do is pray that Sufjan does not release a blackface music video.

Has Indie 'gone blackface'?

R u offended?
Will Sufjan lose any of his blipster fans?
Has Sufjan crossed the line?
Are indie bands trying 2 hard 2 be controversial?
R u gonna wear blackface 2 the next Sufjan Stevens concert?

Sufjan Stevens canoodling with MASSIVE electro disco dildo on stage

If there's 1 thing that Lady Gaga taught us, it is that 'embracing the ghey markets' will make fans think that ur really 'all about ur art' and every1 will be all like 'yay' whenever u do something that alludes 2 'the gays' needing more rights and freedoms, even if all u do is celebrate gay gayness in the most trivial ways, as opposed to riding Milk-waves, moving to San Francisco, becoming a politician, banging some cute Mexi-twinks, then having a rival city councilman assassinate u. That's real sacrifice.

Anyways, in order to 'pander' to the NY crowd, where gay marriage was recently legalized, Sufjan Stevens seems to have brought out a MASSIVE ELECTRO DISCO DILDO, complete with a disco ball as 'balls.' I didn't go to the concert, so i cant confirm why he brought it, but we can only assume this is part of his new electro brand where every1 is supposed 2 have fun and dance.

As u can see by Sufjan's sleeveless shirt and BUFF arms, he is clearly going for the homosexual markets, sorta like how that 1 dude in the Scissor Sisters got all buff just so he can take his shirt off and make 'the gay markets' go crazy for his sexie man pecs. Sufjan probably just needs some muscle milk and he will be a certified-Lady-gaga-level gay icon. Or maybe just show more pecs, abs, and pubes.

Is Sufjan looking good, bb?
Remember when he used to just be a lil boy with a banjo?
Why do u think he brought the electro dildo?
Will Sufjan's next album be all about 'bondage' and 'sexual liberation', sorta like when Madonna was all sexual?
Would u give anything to have Sufjan climb on ur massive electro peen/clitoris, instead of on this massive electro dildo?

Sufjan Stevens brings back the banjo. Is his electro era finally over?

I missed u
I missed u a lot
U look really good
U look like 'urself' again now that ur holding a banjo...

I know it's unfair of me
and ur whole AGE OF ADZ gimmick was about liberating urself
and having a lil fiesta...
but at the same time...

Sufjan! Ur a banjo player....
I don't miss ur neon tape outfits at all [link]

It was just too... too much...

Ur such a hunk, Sufjy...
U don't have to hide...
If I had my way, U'd be on stage in nothing but ur banjo...

Sufjan is back... vibing on his banjo,
writing meaningfulcore folkwave hits

You know that Sufjan is 'back' when he can
Share the stage with weird ppl who play weird instruments

Welcome home, Sufjan...
Welcome home
We are willing to forgive u 4 the Age of Adz
if u just keep writing hit songs like that 1 in 'Little Miss Sunshine.'

R u glad that Sufjan picked the banjo back up?
Were u worried that he was gonna keep writing electro albums?
Does he look hotter as an 'electro twink' or as a banjo bro?
Did u miss Sufjan while he was gone?
Do u have the hottttz 4 Sufjan?
Is he hotter than Ezra Koenig?

~~~KeEp RiDiNg BaNjOwAvEs, BB!~~~~~

Sufjan Stevens hasn't stopped wearing his zany electro altbro costumes

Photos by Riley Denham

Sufjan Stevens is a flopwave 2k10 band who sold tons of albums to overgrounders. The Alt Report previously noted that Sufjan was 'dressing like an electro altbro' [link], since he always has a new gimmick 4 each new album cycle. However, this album AGE OF ADZ SALES isn't really that good and every1 wishes he played folkwave music [via the banjo], so no1 likes seeing him dressed up like an electro bag lady.
sufjan electro bag lady neon

Oh Sufjy...What a fashion disaster...

Really wish he would stop wearing neon Post It notes.
sufjan stevens gay twink neon post its

Sufjy is such a QT, too. He doesn't have 2 hide his beautiful face behind some sort of electro bag lady costume.

R u still disappointed in Sufjan for 'flopping' in 2k10?
How would u feel if the Fleet Foxes had made an 'electro album'?
Should Sufjan 'get his ass back' in the folkwave genre?
Does he need to 'get back to his roots' or does it not matter bc he is an overground artist?
Is Sufjan a hot/keut electro bag lady?
Will the new Fleet Foxes album make it clear 'what a huge disappointment' the latest Sufjan album was?

Sufjan Stevens makes a documentary abt reuniting with his deadbeat dad


I just saw this trailer for a new Sufjan Stevens documentary called Crooked River. Apparently, Sufjan Stevens has a 'childhood friend' named Kaleo La Belle who made a documentary abt Sufjan going back 2 visit his 'deadbeat dad' who has apparently inspired tons of dark feelings within Sufjy and his brother Marzuki. Maybe they h8 him because he named his kids "Sufjan" and "Marzuki."

The film, directed by childhood friend La Belle, stars Sufjan and his brother Marzuki as they take a trip from New York to Michigan to see their father who, at the time of filming in 2006, they haven’t seen in years.

I wonder what it is like 2 show up 2 see ur dad who u had broken ties with, and u have a video camera, and ur like "Nah dad it's cool. I'm just shooting an indie documentary abt emotions and feelings, so you have to understand that as an artist, I am making this 4 all of humanity, not just u + me."

Feel like Sufjan should thank his dad 4 bringing so much pain and darkness in2 his life so that Sufjan could be inspired to write tons of hit albums and mp3s. If meeting his dad helped him to write the album "The Age of Adz", then I kinda wish that he had never met him so he didn't make an electro album and still made vulnerable ass banjo songs.

Do u want to see the Sufjan documentary?
Do u think this filmmaker is 'milking' Sufjan's indie cred just to advance his own career?
Do u want to see this documentary, or do u think they just end up driving to some random shack in Northern Michigan?
Is this some sort of psychological thriller [via Catfish]?


Do u have a strained relationship with ur mother/father?
Does Sufjan look like an indie hunk in this documentary?

Based on the preview, do u think this is just a documentary abt Sufjan getting blazed and playing video games?
Do u think u could beat Sufjy at video games?

Sufjan Stevens makes a music video that rips off the AnCo aesthetic


Here is some video for a mediocre Sufjan Stevens song called "Too Much." Kinda sad that this is his 'single' when he wrote great hits like "Chicago", "The Theme Song from Lil Miss Sunshine", and "Driving with my Dysfunctional family in a cramped lil van."

Anyways, nothing much going on here. Just some zany video that Sufjan made. Feel like it is ripping off a lot of Animal Collective vibes. Like maybe this is the video that AnCo should make instead of doing all of that weird LSD shit. I guess there are some keut alt broads in this, but overall, it is still the annoying "I'm finding myself" Sufjan vibe where he dances around in flamboyant clothes and tries to look like a sex icon.

I don't know. Really bored with Sufjan, especially now that Kanye got a 10.0. It's just like 'why am I even blggng abt this when he's never gonna get a 10.0.' Just feeling like a lot of 'indie' is really forgettable now. Wonder what's next.

Is this video 'hella boring'?
Is Sufjan in 'creative purgatory'?
Is this Sufjan Stevens' last album meme?
Do u feel all sad after the_10.0, like no album/meme can be as meaningful as the 10?

Sufjan Stevens 'tanks' on Fallon, dances around wearing neon post-its

Just watched Sufjan Stevens on Jimmy Fallon. Needless 2 say... not sure if he was really that great on Fallon.</embed>

Not sure about his who electro bro wardrobe gimmick. I think the song sounded 'decent' maybe but not sure about this whole neon liberation movement. Feel like if he wants to really be as 'flamboyant' as the dude from the Scissor Sisters, he should just take his shirt off/get naked-er/write dancier music.

Worried that he brainwashed his band. Feel like they have some sort of 'cult' mentality. I think St Vincent used to be in his backing band, so maybe they think they are automatically going 2 become the next St Vincey if they 'pay their dues.

Not sure what instrument this is, but Sufjan hired an AZN bro 2 play it. Can't confirm that the AZN bro is in their traveling band.

Oh Sufjy.... Not sure abt u any more... Wish u just came out and crushed it with a banjo

Should I go to my local Office Depot / Staples / office supplies store 2 purchase a Sufjan Stevens Personal Branding Kit [via a roll of neon/glow in the dark tape]?

How do u feel about Sufjan Stevens' album cycle personal brand?
Should he 'commit' 2 it more, or does he need 2 'get back 2 his roots'?
Did Sufjy 'crush it' on Fallon or was his album 2 weak 4 him 2 even stand a chance?
R u worried abt Sufjy?
Is Jimmy Fallon the alt-est talk show 4 a buzzband 2 play, or is The TBS Conans #1 now?

Jimmy Fallon

Alternative Celebrity, Actor

Jimmy Fallon hosts his own late night talk show and competes with Conan O'Brien 2 try 2 book the most indie buzzband guests.

Read more>>>>

Sufjan Stevens dresses like a Jonsi-wave neon indian, prances around on stage

Photos via Pitchfork by Will Dietz

Who r u?
U look kinda familiar
R u that lil free spirited bro from Iceland?

I think his name is Jonsi (the distant cousin of Bjork)

Oh damn
Is that u Sufjan?

U look kinda like u compartmentalized the Jonsi Icelandic Neon Indian Costume
in2 several costumes
That's chill I guess
Not sure if ur 'ripping him off'
or yall are just 'in the same tribe' or something

So many costume changes
Feels like a Lady Gaga concert or something
Keut Jacket. I think I got the same 1 from Am Appy a few years ago
Not sure what to make of ur new brand
Kinda confused
Thought u just played banjo
and sang in a humble voice

That's kewl, I guess...

Rlly confused
U look like an electro Arab in this pic
Electro Bin Laden
AltBro Hussein

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan by Dave Andrako

Oh Sufjy....
Rlly can't tell the difference between u and Jonsi any more
Except that Jonsi potentially makes better/more uplifting music
and Sufjan's stuff is all bleepy bloopy

Dance! Sufjy! Dance!


U r the ultimate electro altbro

Wonder if Jonsi has stolen ur meaningfulcore market share

Can u tell the difference between Jonsi and Sufjan Stevens?
Who makes better music?
Who is more authentic?
Who is keuter?
Who would u rather go on a meaningful camping trip with [via being from the Neon Indian wilderness]?
Do u think their costumes are offensive to groups of ethnic ppl?

Sufjan Stevens dresses like an electro altbro, dances like Nappy Dynamite on stage

Just saw these pix of Sufjan Stevens' new tour. I thought abt going 2 see him play live, but I figured it would be all boring because he is all folky/orchestra-wave. But since he rebranded with an 'electro album', I guess his live presence has evolved, and he is trying to make entry-levelers 'shake their lil booties' without actually having to go to a dangerous rave where they will die.

I just watched this video of him performing. Seems really intense. Like he keeps doing Napoleon Dynamite ass dance moves, being all weird. Wonder if he is on some sort of combination of drugs.


Seems like he has some 'booty shaking' backup dancers. Wonder if they 'get naked' and simulate 'fucking eachother' on stage, sorta like how Diplo has those sex slaves in Major Lazer.

Do u think he has 'mad swagger' or has he 'lost his mind'?

Sufjy... Know ur just 'being an artist'
but it would be chill if u just vibed out on some banjo
and sang some songs abt Midwestern strife again

I know the whole electro thing is 'kewl'
and ur a 'real artist' or whatever
but cmon bro
go ahead and play 'Chicago'
and maybe we'll let u do an electro remix of 'Chicago'
as long as u promise 2 crush it.

It's kewl though
keep dancing or whatever
[Via Nappy Dynamite dance moves]

Do u <3 Sufjan Stevens' new brand?
Do u think he looks keut?
Does he need to stay true to his old brand, or has he 'evolved'?
Can Sufjan move into AnCo-wave conceptual music?
Should Sufjan Stevens hit up the techno circuit/build up his DJ career?

Sufjan Stevens has the #7 album of America even though it was a weak effort

Sufjan Stevens' album "The Age of Adz" was received with mixed reviews because he didn't stick to his folk formula. A lot of ppl tried to say that it was good, but most ppl were like 'Cmon brah--let's hear some banjo and symphony sounding shit.'

Anyways, it looks like he still 'went mnstrm' and ended up at #7 on the Billboard charts, which are a mainstream set of charts that mainstream ppl usually win. Sufjy sold 36k album sales (most of which were probably $3.99 amazon discount sales [via indie price down strategy]. Totes got his 'ass whooped' by Lil Wayne who sold 118k albums.

Feel like Sufjan should be 'mildly proud', but should see this as a missed opportunity. If he had 'killed it' and wrote the album that every1 wanted him to write, bro woulda been on mainstream radio, rockin and rolling, but instead he just released this bleepy bloopy thing that is going to fall off the charts mad hard.

Who is the most commercially successful indie band of the year?
Kings of Leon?
Vampy Weeks?
Arcade Fire?
TayTay Swift?

R u pissed at Sufjan 4 'being successful' but at the same time 'failing to maximize his commercial opportunity?
Do u think all of the mainstreamers who bought this were disappointed that it didn't sound more like the Little Miss Sunshine song?


All things go...
all things go, yall...

Pitchfork gives Sufjan Stevens an 8.4. Is it overrated?

Pitchfork is a popular internet reviewing service that 'rates' modern indie music bands and sometimes hip hop bands to seem 'kewl and trendy.' Anyways, Sufjan Stevens is a folkwave indie artist who 'crushed it' with a couple of definitive indie songs that were used in meaningful indie movies. If he wanted to 'go mainstream' he would just mimic the formula, but instead he decided to get all artsy fartsy and made a bleepy bloopy electro album.

Since he is a relevant indie artist of the meaningfulcore era (2k4-2k6), it is impossible for indie critics to 'throw him under the bus' / euthanize him, so all of these formative indie presences keep getting 'high scores' even though their music isn't valuable 2 culture any more. Sorta just a celebration of 'hey--remember when we used to like this music/person?' Now it is just kinda an awk relationship, like 'dude--can u make them sound like they used to instead of going all MGMT on us, bro?'

Did P4k 'eff up' by giving Sufjan an 8.4?
Best Coast = WAVVES = Twin Shadow = Sufjan ?

They start off by trying to really sell the angle that Sufjan is 'finally free', being himself, and even saying 'the F-word' on some mp3s:

With his sixth proper album, Sufjan Stevens does battle with what we've come to expect from a proper Sufjan Stevens album. This time, instead of painstakingly humanizing the locations, historical inhabitants, and trivia of a certain slab of America, he's more concerned with his own state of mind. Banjos are out; moody electronics, deep bass, and drums that burst like geysers are in. The lengthiest song title on his last LP, 2005's Illinois, was 53 words long; here, that same superlative goes to a tune called "I Want to Be Well". He's whispering less, hollering more. And at the climax of The Age of Adz, the devout Christian and poster boy for mannered indie-dude sensitivity shouts, "I'm not fuckin' around!" no less than 16 times. Believe him.

Here is some part where they use the term 'Brooklyn-dwelling', evolving beyond the phrase 'Brooklyn-based.'

Yet, there is no mistaking this as a work by the Detroit-born, Brooklyn-dwelling overachiever.

R u depressed that Sufjan has 'lost it'?
Should he retire and get a job as a State Farm insurance agent?

Here is a paragraph where we find out that Sufjy is a 35 year old single cool dad, and that the reviewer thinks that Illinois got 'hella gay' when the mainstreamers found out abt it [via indie movies].
Because The Age of Adz is a relatively dark affair, with the 35-year-old songwriter sometimes forgoing his child-like naïveté for something more oblique and adult. Considering the triumph of style that was Illinois (and the legions of lesser lights that subsequently turned it into some sort of over-the-top Disney on Ice parody), the change of perspective is welcomed.

It just closes out with the usual crap, like 'If u listen to this a lot, u will start to like it. Sufjan is the real deal. This album is a grower.'

But instead of succumbing to trends, Stevens barrels through with another long-form work that requires-- and rewards-- time and devotion. As important questions about music's worth in the age of free continue to swirl around him, Sufjan's still combating instant-gratification culture the best way he knows how.

Did The Age of Adz 'effing blow'?
Is Sufjan in a dark place?
Should he have just stuck 2 writing meaningfulcore folk songs?
Did Sufjan miss out on an opportunity to 'go mainstream'?
Did u even listen to this album, or can u guarantee it is poopy?

Sufjan Stevens is pissed @ amazon 4 selling his album 4 mad cheap always does this thing where they will 'discount' relevant indie albums [via the digital store] upon their first week of release. A lot of theorists claimed that the record labels were chill with this, because it allows indie bands to 'sell more units' and perform on the mainstream charts. Sufjan Stevens is like 'aw hell naw', though, and is mad pissed that amazon is 'devaluing his work.'

Feel like this is probably an admission that his album won't perform 'commercially' and has a negligible chance to appeal to a mass market, so he is just scraping at all of the $$$ he can get. Really sad to realize that Sufjan isn't chasing mainstream dollars, and instead will just try to acquire a high percentage of his core fan base's money.

With a new album, 'The Age of Adz,' ready to be released in October, the singer-songwriter's record label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, has issued an e-mail to fans claiming that Amazon's bulk discount scheme is devaluing the work of artists.

Seems kinda weird for a record label to discourage fans from buying an album at a low price. I guess that record label h8s their fans or something. Just wish record labels would 'override' their artists' artistic spirits, and get them ready to 'take to market'/make the most amount of money + reach the most ppl.

The e-mail said, "We have mixed feelings about discounted pricing. Like we said, we love getting good music into the hands of good people, and when a price is low, more people buy. A low price will introduce a lot of people to Sufjan's music and to this wonderful album. For that, we're grateful."

It added, "But we also feel like the work that our artists produce is worth more than a cost of a latte. We value the skill, love, and time they've put into making their records. And we feel that our work too, in promotion and distribution, is also valuable and worthwhile."

Wonder if they are still 'rolling' in Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack dollars. Wonder if Sufjy even has to 'write another song' ever again. Sorta just wish he only wrote Chicago-style bangers.


Glad we are in the post-MGMT era, and we hold it against bands when they don't stick 2 a formula that 'works'/makes a lot of people rlly happy.

What do u think is the 'fair price' for an album? $100?
Should we add up the price of Sufjan's childhood banjo lessons and add some sort of 'depreciated'/'adjusted for inflation' costs?
Is discounting 'the only way in hell' u would even consider purchasing an album?
Should we all just 'buy shit off iTunes' and eff over
Is iTunes 'losing popularity' or will it be around 4evr because ppl have iPhones and Poddies?

Where is a good place to buy albums so that the artist gets all the cash?
Should I just wait to purchase

To this end, Asthmatic Kitty have recommended that check out alternative retailers and distributors such as Bandcamp which allows artists to sell directly to fans.

Will a service like 'bandcamp' ever be taken seriously, or does it need to 'rebrand'?
Will a new music service that 'helps artists monetize' take over the indie scene?
Does 'the lack of innovation' in album distribution hurt artists?
Or is it a 'good thing' that retailers like iTunes,, and ur local Best Buy exist to give mainstream markets an opportunity to acquire ur product?
Is Sufjan 'right', or does he need to 'shut the eff up' and write better albums 2 inspire ppl 2 buy them?
Do u respect Vampire Weekend and the Arcade Fire 4 letting amazon 'liquidate' their album, or should all albums cost $17.99?
R u sad that Sufjy is 'begging' 4 money/discouraging ppl from buying his album?

Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

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Sufjan Stevens releases another terrible new MP3, continues to let fans+blogosphere down

Sufjan Stevens has some new album coming out called "The Age of Adz." A lot of people were 'mad jacked' about it, thinking it would sound like his best folkwave songs. Then he announced that it would be an 'electronic' album. Then he released a song that was terrible, and tons of blogs compared it to Owl City [link]. Now he released another MP3 that seems like a 'big letdown.'

What do u think of this MP3?

Sufjan Stevens Too Much

Does this sound like some1 is taking an electronic poop?
Would this song sound better if it was just a bro on a banjo, plus some little girl voices singing whimsically?
Soon, even the most agreeable, forgiving blogs will 'turn' on Sufjan in order to appease their commenters/fan bases. It seems like the entire blogosphere will come to the consensus

With every new MP3
the blogosphere gets more concerned
Worried that Sufjy is 'effed'
Worried his albums won't sell
Worried p4k will 'pan' his ass
Worried that Sufjan's days as a warm memory from the heart of the indie era
are way 'over'

Does this song sound 'effing terrible'?
Does he need to quit it with the weirdo electro crap?
R u worried about Sufjan's career?
Do u think he should write more Xtian Spiritual Folk anthems about how life in the Midwest is so simple + faith-based?
Has Sufjan Stevens 'killed' his own brand?
Should Sufjy's label force Sufjy to sign a banjo/folkwave clause that only allows him to stick to his success formula, minimizing electro experimentation on their dime?

New Sufjan Stevens MP3 sounds like Owl City. Did Sufjy let the entire indiesphere down?


In one of the most interesting developments of 2k10.712, Sufjan Stevens released an MP3 off his upcoming album 'The Age of Ad Sales.' Many were 'looking forward' to this album, since they were promised 'danceable pop hits'... Unfortunately for most indie blog readers, the MP3 was a 'huge let down' as it sounded similar to Owl City.

Sufjan Stephan I Walked

Does this sound like Owl City?
Does it sound like 'low level' GarageBand Macbook electro?
If u were Sufjan's abusive father, would u 'glue a banjo to his hand', sorta like how Tiger Woods' dad glued a golf club 2 his hand when he was a kid?
Is Sufjan's new LP gonna be 'the biggest letdown' of the year?
Will his 'tank job' top MGMT / M.I.A. / Panda Bear / Avey Tare / ________?
Is 2k10 officially 'a poo poo bomb'?
Is Owl City 'better than Sufjan' because he can sell mad records + has a strong tween following?
Will the indiesphere 'turn' on Sufjy [via a sub 7.5 p4k rating]?
Is Sufjy committing 'career suicide'?
Will this album be a 'bigger let down' than MGMT? Was this Sufjan's opportunity to craft 2-3 'radio friendly hits', capitalizing off his Lil Miss Sunshine soundtrack fame?
r u pissed at Sufjy?
R u just gonna listen to "fireflies" and think about how

sufjy - banjo = owl city
sufjy = owl city + banjo
owl city = tween + electro
sufjy = middle american + christian themes
middle america + christian themes = owl city + banjo


does sufjy wish that planet Earth turned slowly?

Sufjan Stevens debuts racist album art, says new album will have electro/chillwave bangers

Sufjan Stevens has a new album coming out. I guess that means his 'latest EP' that people were 'trying hard 2 like' was actually just a collection of 'trashed' b-sides/incomplete songs. Apparently the new 'LP' is called The Age of Adz (pronounced Odds). Feel like maybe it is an album about 'the age of advertising mainstream products on alt websites' or something.

Here is some press release that describes the tone/sound/gimmick of the album:

It’s much too soon to cast descriptive lots, but we can say the new album sounds nothing like the All Delighted EP (although it shares similar themes of love, loss, and the apocalypse). Nor is this new album built around any conceptual underpinning (no odes to states, astrology, or urban expressways).

We can say it shows an extensive use of electronics (banjos and acoustic guitars give way to drum machines and analog synthesizers), and an obsession with cosmic fantasies (space, heaven, aliens, love), to create an explicit pop-song extravaganza, augmented by heavy orchestration, and maybe even a few danceable moments. Enjoy Your Rabbit meets the BQE. But with songs. Verse, chorus, bridge, backbeat. Gated reverb. Space echo. Get your boogey on.

R u pumped about 'pop' / 'electro'?
Will Sufjy ride chillwaves/throw down bloghouse bangers?
Will Sufjy just write entry-level electro songs?

Was the All Delighted EP a 'pile of poop'?
Will this new Sufjan album 'save' 2k10?
Will he be able to write modern, relevant electro, or will it be the entry-level bleepy bloopy crap he wrote before he went banjo folk wave?


Really worried it's gonna sound like this.
Hope it at least has 1 good mp3 on it.

R u pumped about the Sufjy 'full-length' or will it just be overhyped by entry level indie fans who just got done buy The Suburbs for $3.99?

Feel confused by his album art. Might suggest a theory that it is 'racist' because it depicts a sambo on the album cover. Maybe a clown or something. Kinda confused.

The “Adz” of the title loosely refers to the apocalyptic paintings of outsider artist Royal Robertson (1930-1997), whose work is used for the album cover, interior design, and as general inspiration for the tone of the album.

Just googled for the artist, found more doodles by him. [link]

Feel like Sufjan shoulda used a more sexual Royal Robertson painting. Wonder if Sufjy paid the artist's family, or if he just 'jacked that shit' like the Vampire Weekend bros.

Royal Robertson, a sign painter by trade, was born in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana. He left his native state in his early 20's and returned three years later to care for ailing mother. He then married his wife, Adell, but the marriage ended after 19 years, and Robertson has been alone and troubled ever since. He has been scorned by his neighbors and has turned to obsessive records of his visions in imagery and writings. His influences are two-fold; either the futuristic images of aliens, anticipated modes of travel, architectural dream houses or temples, and his tormented memories of his unfaithful wife, Adell, and their spoiled marriage.

Robertson's home and yard are virtually filled with his rotating signs, cursing Adell on the outside and ubiquitous drawings and shrines to her on the inside. His drawings show his accomplished trade of sign painter in their proportional architectural accuracy. Usually painted on poster paper with magic markers and tempera paint, they usually allude to precise moments in time, like when Adell was unfaithful to him.

Worried that Sufjy's lover was unfaithful 2 him

Is Sufjan's album cover filled with 'Racist Imagery'?
R u worried about this album?
Will this album be a 'huge disaster'?
Will this album be a 'mild success'?
Should Sufjan be more focused on 'going mainstream' + 'charting in the Top 5' instead of perpetuating his pre-existing brand?
Can Sufjy 'make the leap' beyond meaningful indie movie soundtrack songwriter?
Can Sufjy expand his fan base?
Is Sufjy's album art 'meme' enough, or should he have copied the ANCO_MPP album cover meme?
Is Sufjan Stevens a 'complete failure' until he finishes the 50 states project?

Folkwave artist Sufjan Stevens comes out of retirement, releases new EP “4 free”

From what I understand, Sufjan Steves is a respected indie artist who merged the folkwave indie movement of the mid 2k0s with the meaningfulcore genre, writing the hit anthem "Going to Chicago, Chillin in a Yellow Van with Lil Miss Sunshine--It's gonna be a long trip, yall." Anyways, not even really sure if his music is 'good' or not, but he seems to have a new EP coming out, about to 'jump back into the blogosphere' after a hiatus/retirement.

Do u think his new song sounds 'relevant', or is it a 'flop'?
Seems like a 'modern thing' 4 him to 'stream that shit' instantly on bandcamp. Honestly have only seen 'shitty local bands' use band camp.



Tracklist: All Delighted People

  1. Enchanting Ghost
  2. Heirloom
  3. From the Mouth of Gabriel
  4. The Owl and the Tanager
  5. All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)
  6. Arnika
  7. Djohariah

Not sure how to feel about this EP. Feel like it might be a male version of a Joanna Newsom album. Just want him to 'stick with the formula' and write a bunch of pop folk songs instead of this meandering crap. Kinda let down.

Not really sure if I am vibing out 2 his album cover. Kinda reminds me of Panda Bear's PERSON PITCH, except the ppl + animals aren't chillin in a pool.

Do u like the new Sufjan Stevens song?
Is folkwave indie 'back'?
Will this EP 'save 2k10'?
Will Sufjan dethrone Panda Bear + Avey Tare?
R u let down by this EP?
Does Sufjan need to 'step it up'?
Do u h8 mainstreamers who <3 Sufjan Stevens?
Is "Sufjan" "back", or is this the beginning of the end of his career?
Should I be let down in Sufjan Stevens, kinda like similar vibes to MGMT's letdown?
Should I wait 5-10 days to 'evaluate it', or just go ahead and say 'this blows, yall'?
Did he miss a chance to go hella mainstream and write popular songs that sound like mainstream country rock?
do u feel disappointed that u weren't able to 'steal' this album, and just settled for a 'stream'?

Do yall think Sufjan Stevens is cute?
Feel like he should get into a celeb relaish to help his album 'crossover'
Should he start dating an indie/mainstream celebrity to raise his profile?

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