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Is the buzz drought over?

Indie Gods?
R u there?
It's me

We've been in a really buzzless drought
reduced to posting really mediocre memes
Uninspired content
Hollow buzz

Sometimes I miss my youth
When I felt excited abt relevant mp3s
Am I too entitled now?
Am I jaded by the VIP experience?


I just want authentic buzz
I'm not going 2 lower my standards
I'm not just going 2 'hype' any mp3 that has weird owl hoots in it
just because it is by 2 famous-ish ppl

My thirst 4 buzz hasn't been quenched
in so long
our buzz crops have dried up
Our content farm that produces buzz no longer makes $$$


Can the spirit of authentic buzz save us?
Are these all 'solid ass tracks' from the recent past?
Will the buzz drought last 4evr?
Was there nevr a buzz drought?
What mp3s have u been vibing 2 lately?

Do u <3 the new Neon Indian album?
R u excited for the 'new sound' on the next Toro Y Moi album?
R u totally surprised that Glass Candy 'came out of nowhere' with new MP3s?
What relevant music have u been illegally downloading lately?
Is the buzz drought 'over'?
Is this the buzz we've been praying 4?
Have we found our authentic buzz again?
Who will 'win' 2k11?


Who is the frontrunner for 2k11 album/song of the year?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Glass Candy


Glass Candy is a buzzworthy authentic electro disco buzzband from Portland Oregon.

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Is your personal brand compromised when you attend a relevant alternative event with your partner?

Photo by IWitlen via Miami NewTimes

I just saw this picture of a couple standing 'front row' at a relevant Toro Y Moi concert in Miami. While the chillwave movement is often associated with 'groups of bros' who 'just want to chill out', you have to remember that the 'live show experience' is not just an event for bro congregation, groups of friends to 'get trashed', and other tangible social networking opportunities. A live show/art show/music festival/public outdoor alt farmer's market event is an opportunity for an alternative couple to 'get off their asses' and 'go out in public', a monthly/yearly opportunity to feel like they are still a part of' the scene'.

Most couples end up sitting at home, growing to resent/hate one another after nights spent eating unhealthy meals, watching complete seasons of the Office on DVD, and arguing about 'whether or not the non-insecure member of the relationship' really wants to 'give up his or her social life' for the simple life of a relationship. Going out in public to a highly relevant event puts your relationship under tons of stress if both members of the couple aren't high level alts. Your personal brand is linked to your partner, so if you aren't both committed to 'looking good', 'having fun' and 'being alt', the intensity of the alternative environment can 'crack' your relationship.

Just wish I could be a Member of the Altest Couple on Earth [link]

Very few couples create alternative synergy, where both members of a couple have a personal brand that is elevated by existing in a relationship. If u find some1 like this, hold on 2 them forever, purchase a mixed loft/art space with them, and start a buzzband with them.

Problems with going out with ur partner if the relationship isn't on strong alternative ground:

  • Having to see a crappy band if ur partner isn't authentic/up-to-speed on blog buzzbands
  • Ur partner's wardrobe if they aren't as alt as u
  • Not being able to 'upgrade' to a more authentic/attractive partner
  • Dealing with ur partner 'getting drunk' + 'new emotions/feelings being expressed'
  • Getting drunk and accidentally 'letting ur eye wander' in public
  • Not being able to go to 'the after party' because ur partner is 'tired' and 'her feet hurt'/is 'dehydrated'/'light-headed from being in such a cramped space'/needing to go to Denny's to 'eat more food 4 energy.'
This photograph is a 'case study' on the pressures of being in a relationship while you are at a highly relevant event.

Are you ashamed of me?
No, I am standing close to you, with my hands around you, proving that you are mine. You are my property. Our brands are aligned.

Are other girls alt-er/hotter than me?

Once again, I have overcompensated with my physical affection for you, and even integrated 'being into the music' into 'being into you.' Let's dance/sway side-to-side together.

Are you trying to hide me because ur ashamed of me?
No, we are standing in the goddamn front row. We have been making eye contact with Chaz the whole time. He probably thinks we are an awesome couple.

I know you want to start a buzzband. If u went on tour, would u stay faithful, or bang other hotties like me all across the USA?

I would bring you on tour, babe. I would bring you on tour. No1 compares to you. I promise.

You never take me out.

I am just so tired of our group of friends. They don't understand what it's like to be in a committed relationship. I would rather just spend every night on the couch with you. Don't even care about bro time any more.

My feet hurt.

We're going to have to go to the mall tomorrow to get you a new pair of shoes. I know that TOMS match your purchase price with a donation to charity, but I just don't think they are very orthopedic.

I don't know who I am as a person. I don't feel alt. I don't feel mainstream. What am I doing with my life? Being around so many people makes me question who I am. I feel old. I don't have a tight, firm 17 year old body any more. should I go vegan.

I am overwhelmed. I don't know how to deal with the problems of a 20something mildly alternative female who is searching 4 her place in the world. But I would feel bad abandoning her. I am not sure what to do. I am the modern alternative bro. I used to attend relevant concerts with a few bros, getting fucked up, standing in the front of the stage. Now here I am, managing this relationship. I value the spirit of the relationship, but I wonder what I am missing out on. I feel like other girls have been checking me out, analyzing my brand, possibly devaluing me because of my 'old ball and chain.' Can life get any better? Can my life get any worse? Is the grass 'always alt-er' on the other side?

Hands on the hips of my girlfriend. 5-8 years ago, this would have seemed like my alternative heaven, but these days... I am having my doubts.

Here I am, watching another buzzband play live. I always thought that would have been me by now. My alternative life is passing me by.

I am 26 years old, and I haven't done one buzzworthy thing with my life.

The alternative bro is growing up
entering relationships
still into buzzbands, still into 'being alt'
but the pressure to mainstreamify
and find a 'partner'
yet I still have my dreams
big dreams
of being relevant, buzzworthy, blogworthy
the ability to get a 'blow job'
from any entry-level skank across the globe.

Alt life passing me by
Not alt-famous
Not in a buzzband
don't have a high-trafficked alt blog
Not even part-owner of an authentic diy space/bakery

All I have to show that I am 'alive'
is a degree from design school
and a girlfriend
who represents everything I want to become/
everything I don't want 2 become

Do u think Chaz felt bad for that bro for being 'tied down' to a relationship?

Photo by IWitlen via Miami NewTimes

Sorta just hope life works itself out
and I end up being a relevant alternative celebrity
highly desirable
yet in a relationship with an equally desirable alternative relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship that 'bottlenecked' ur personal brand?
Is being in an alt relationship about 'going mainstream and hiding indoors' or going out and being social?
Do u feel bad when u see a 'couple' at a relevant alt event when one of the members of the relaish is 'way more alt' than the other 1?
Is taking a mainstreamer partner to a relevant alt experience sorta like 'pushing ur child on their bike with training wheels?
Is it difficult to be 'growing older', 'looking alt' and managing ur progressive personal brand while trying to find an 'authentic partner?
Do u 'laugh' when u see a mainstreamer + alt trying to 'make their relationship work'?
What are some tips for 'finding an authentic partner' in our modern global scene?

Is Toro y Moi's "Blessa" the official anthem of 2k10.1?


I have been chilling hard to Toro y Moi lately. Feel like I am tired of 'chill wave' and the bullshit genre names that bloggers and websites make up just for their own convenience. It seems like so many websites have 'lemming ass' followers who just need a dumbed down term to generalize music, instead of listening to lots of music and having real discussions abt music by ppl who love music.

It seems like the video for Toro Y Moi's 'Blessa' is intended to capture the zeitgeist of the modern alternative human in a group setting. In the postelectro + post-2k9-anco+chillwaves era, alternative ppl are sort of 'settling down' and only attending chill house parties where mildly conceptual music is played while people smile and have a chill time. U can have a meaningful conversation, get buzzed, dance, but not get as bellig as u got in the electro era.

Unlike the traditional chillwave hit, the song has meaningful lyrical content, similar to Animal Collective's cryptic delivery, except ToroYMoiBro doesn't sing about fatherhood+kids. Instead, he focuses on the stage in a relationship when 1 member of the relaish chooses to leave ur local scene 'in hope of finding something better.' The song is abt embracing the pain that some1 else makes u feel, and give them/urself a peptalk abt how life should only be 'a blessing' cuz ur living it on ur own terms. Seems complex + vulnerable. Hopeful + sad. Kinda like humanity.

Feel like the ToroYMoiBro has an approachable post-blipster personal brand, that will help entry-levelers find his conceptual brand to be approachable. Like he is the type of bro who would snag a high level altbaguette.

He seems to have an 'interesting look' which will help him get crazie magazine press. Looks kinda 'famous.' Maybe it is the glasses. Also helps that he is 'earnest' and doesn't have the typical 'trying too hard' interviewee brand of most entrylevel-altcelebs who are still 'way in2 themselves'/over-excited because their band some what 'made it.'


Wonder if Toro Y Moi will 'chart' in the best of 2k10 lists, or will it be 'washed away' with all of the ppl who are into 'backlashing hard' against chillwave. Even though it leaked in 2k9.8765, feel like the indie media might choose to 'kiss the asses' of pre-existing indie bands when reflecting on 2k10, and they won't have enough slots to anoint a buzzyband as a 'band2watch4thelongterm.' Just going to try to enjoy Toro Y Moi in the before his post-SXSW extended tour dates, when all of the mnstrmr indie blogs + local alternative media outlets 'cover' him.


Toro y Moi Blessa

Should I start a sound project and pretend I am from South Carolina to get more 'buzz'?
Is 'the chill wave aesthetic' the new 'indie aesthetic'?
Should Washed Out+Neon Indian Bro+ ToroyBroi 'merge' into a supergroup for the sake of making more 'mad bank' off people who are interested in their vibe?

RECAP: Alt Celebrity Halloween Costumes [from Best Coast 2 Skrillex 2 Kickball Katy 2 Chrissy Owens]

Were u wondering what ur favourite alt celebs were 4 Halloween?

Sorta wish I coulda gone to a relevant Halloween Partie where I saw tons of alt celebs, DJs, and CEOs of buzzbands :-(

At least I can look at pix of them on the internet and pretend they are my friends and pretend we went out and had fun and ate candy. :-)

Win Butler and Bebe Zeva star in the new Toro Y Moi music video

Toro Y Moi has a new video for one of the best songs on his most recent album "Underneath the Pine." It seems like some teen bros go lurking in some hottie ghosts' house, then the ghosts turn the bros into ghosts and they have some dance partie where every1 rides ghostwaves.

Anyways, it seems like this video is 'filled with relevant indie celebs', including Bebe Zeva.

In addition, the Arcade Fire's Win Butler seems to play one of the bros.

Unfortunately Win is murdered by Bebe Zeva. This must mean he is trying to parlay the success of the Arcade Fire in2 a relevant acting career.

Do u wish they had just used 2 BBZVs?

After starring in the latest Best Coast video, and previously a Calvin Harris video, is Bebe Zeva the new alt video girl?

DO u <3 this video?
Was Win Butler's character underdeveloped?
What is ur fave song on UNDERNEATH THE BRO?
Do u still have <3 4 Bebe Zeva?
Have u ever broken into a haunted house, then became a ghost bc they murdered u?
Do u wish the bros were played by Chaz & his band of bros?

Bebe Zeva

Alternative Celebrity

Bebe Zeva is a model for the I AM CARLES brand.

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Win Butler

Alternative Celebrity

Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

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Tyler the Creator claims that Toro Y Moi is NOT a chillwaver. Is he wrong?

Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore indie buzz rapper whose 15 blog posts of buzz totally died just died soon after his record came out bc he barely broke the 8.0 barrier. Anyways, he has some Formspring, which is basically a tool that u can use to cyberbully people who hate themselves and want people to ask them mean questions so they can give snarky, strong, empowering replies 'to the haters.' For some reason, outlets like the NYTimes and P4k are really into glorifying his social media presences but I have seen 14 year old tweens with more compelling misguided online presences. Some1 asked him "do you like chillwave like Toro y moi, Neon indian, Panda bear kinda stuff ?"

I would have expected him to respond with something involving words/phrases like "nigga", "fagg*t", or "suck mah dick", but instead, he claimed that Toro Y Moi is not a member of the chillwave genre. Really would have expected him to say "That is some wack ass faggot nigga shit and all of dem can ess my dee."

What do u think of his statement?
Is he standing up for Toro Y Moi??
Is it bad 2 be a chillwaver?
Does he think his horrorcore rap is more valuable to indie society than chillwave?
Does this mean that he thinks Neon Indian and Panda Bear are chillwave?
Is Tyler the Creator still relevant?
Do u feel sad abt ppl with active formsprings?
Who is still a chillwaver?
Is chillwave dead?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick does TOTALLY SEXI, shirtless photoshoot

I just saw these TOTALLY SEXI pix of chillwave lothario Chaz Bundick, frontman crooner of Toro Y Moi. Apparently it is for some brand called Baron Wells, but it looks like the alt version of Bugle Boy, so I'll probably let Chaz vibe in those clothes, and keep shopping at Mervyn's/Solo Serve/TJ Maxx/Ross Dress 4 Less. :-(

Sooo dreamie!

'She says its cold outside and she hands me a poncho.' -Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, 3 AM

BB! Take off ur clothes b4 u hop in the tub! I'd love 2 splish splash with Chaz!

BB! Go ahead and fold the air mattress back up when ur done with it....
Does Chaz look TOTALLY CHAZZ?
Is he the hottest indie hunk in indie?
What would u give for 7 minutes in heaven with the lead singer of a buzzband?
R u gonna buy these clothes?
Where do u shop?
Should Chaz 'get swole' [via pumping iron]?

Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi spotted bronoodling with a taco.

After relevant concerts, there are always some bros lingering around, waiting to tell a buzzband "Hey, u did a really great job" and "Yall were great" and "Ur music is amazing and seriously effing changed my life." In addition, there are usually skanks who are looking to 'suck on the peens' of relevant alt celebrities. In addition, there are hopeful bros who want to 'bang' indie songstress female lead singers. Some ppl get lucky...Some ppl don't. It's all up to the relevant human to decide who he/she wants to devour that nite.

Based on this picture, we have to guess that Chaz Bundick, chillwave crooner from Toro Y Moi 'had his way' with this Taco Bro. It seems like this taco would be pretty chill to eat. Some iceberg lettuce. Tomato. Some sort of authentic meat. Maybe some cheese. Hard/soft shell. There's nothing better than a taco after a show. Quick 'on-the-go' food that can give you the life you need to go on a bender.

Do u <3 tacos?
Do u <3 taco bros?
Is Chaz Bundick still the hottest bro in indie?
If you were a relevant buzz human, and you had to pick between 'banging a fan girl' and 'eating a taco fan bro', which 1 would u pick?

FUCK 1, KILL 1, MARRY 1: Taco, Burrito, Flauta

NSFW: Toro Y Moi bassist vomits noodles everywhere

You might know Patrick Jeffords as the sexi bass player for the hit buzzband Toro Y Moi who is vying with project creator Chaz Bundick for 'top dog' status [via Avey vs Panda]... But what u didn't know is that he ate some pork vermicelli that disagreed with his tummy. :-(

This is just life on the road for a buzzband... Always on the go... Always eating at random crappy local eateries or fast food franchises. Many people think that being in a buzzband is an endless supply of pussy, sponsored beer, free gear, and blowjobs on-demand... But they don't realize that u fill ur body with scary things, get sick, and sleep on couches of ppl who think that you are a partying machine so they never let u go to sleep.

Being in a buzzband is hard work... Even though lead singer Chaz Bundick is reportedly a 'great on-the-stage leader', you have to wonder who will take the fall for this pork vermicelli mishap.

Get well soon, bb! Go drink some Peptobismol and grab some McNuggs.

Is life as a buzzband 'hard' or would u give anything in the world 2 obtain it?
Do u feel bad 4 his tummie?
Will Chaz Bundick ever 're-go solo', kicking out every1 in his backing band and getting back to 'Authentic Chaz'?


Is Toro Y Moi 'better' as a 'full band' or do u miss the formative beta 1-man-era of cutting edge buzzbands before they go 'mainstream'?

Patrick Jeffords

Alternative Celebrity

Patrick Jeffords is the bass player for the hit buzzband Toros Y Moi.

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Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi and horrorcore rapper Tyler the Creator spotted bronoodling

I just found this leftover SXSW meme. It is just a picture of Odd Future horrorcore teen sensation rapper Tyler the Creator hanging out with Chaz Bundick, the 'front man' of the Toro Y Moi sound project. I don't know what they are talking about, or if they are authentic bros, or if they are 'collab-ing' in this picture, but whenever u see 2 alt celebrities canoodling or bronoodling, u have to blog about it because it is usually more interesting than an MP3.

They seem chill, like they are just talking about 'life as a blipster', and how the white indiesphere wants to chew them up and spit them out.

Who do yall think is a more talented artist?
Who will be around 4evr? Who will have a longer career?
Who will go more mainstream?
Do u think they are bffs, or will they end up 'enemies'?
Is the indiesphere an 'equal opportunity buzz-enabler'?
Do u think they are allowed to use 'the n-word' 2gthr bc they are both black?
Who will 'rank higher' in the album of the year 2k11 race?
Which of these bands 'won' SXSW?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Toro Y Moi & James Blake spotted bronoodling at SXSW, chilldub collab in the works?

There were tons of rumored sightings of alternative celebrities canoodling and bronoodling at SXSW, however this picture captured chillwave pioneer Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) and James Blake (The James Blakes) bronoodling at SXSW.

Chaz looks totes keut as always, while James Blake continues to perpetuate his brand as 'The Ginger Bieber of Indie' (in a ttly keut kinda way). Toro Y Moi was met with rave reviews at SXSW, while James Blake was kinda like 'ehhh... maybe he just sounds better in MP3 format. It's just 1 dude on an organ' but maybe indie critics will give him a second chance but ppl are also sorta cooling on his album buzz now that they can hype Odd Future as the 'indie flavor of the month' because they are American and the American indie press only hypes UK bands if they are 'desperate' for content [via the great buzz drought of 2k10-k11].

Are yall on #TeamChillwave or #teamDubstep?
Are yall on #TeamUSAindie or #TeamUKoverhypedBalogna?
Who looks keuter?
Do yall think they are collabing or could Chaz Bundick produce a hit dubstep album 'in his sleep'?
Do u <3 or h8 James Blake?
Would u <3 James Blake more if he got hammered & fell off stage after a week long bender?
Who 'won' SXSW?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Toro Y Moi performs live at the American Apparel Factory [via Viva Radio]


Viva Radio is the radio station that American Apparel made up so that they would have something kewl, fun, and unique to play while u r shopping at their store. Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi played on their show and he was interviewed. In the above video, u hear his hit single "Still Sound" playing with his band of altbros.

Here is the interview. He also plays the songs "How I Know", "Go With You" and "Before I'm Done."


Me + You Pt. 95: Toro Y Moi by Viva Radio

Did yall learn a lot of interesting things from this interview?
Do u think Chaz looks keut?

Did he 'nail it'?
Will 'Causers of Pine' be the album of the year?
Was the interviewing bro hella annoying?
Will Viva Radio 'save' Am Appy?
Is Toro Y Moi 'still chillwave'?
Is chillwave dead?

Toro Y Moi plays the Sydney Opera House

Australia is a land down under with massive indie markets because in Australia, indie and electro are basically mainstream. Anyways, I just saw this picture of Toro Y Moi in Australia, standing in front of what seems to be the Sydney Opera House, one of the most famousest venues in the world for live music 2 be performed, as well as existing as one of the greatest architectural marvels of the 1990s (but now every1 is in2 that Bird's Nest thingy in China).

U gotta imagine that because indie is so huge in Australia AND because the Sydney Opera House is the #1 music venue in the city, that Toro Y Moi crushed it at a show there. Props to Chaz 4 selling out Sydney, and props 2 Australia: a land where indie alt electro is mainstream Top 40.

Is Australia the indie-est country in the world?
Do Australians overvalue American buzzbands because of an inferiority complex?
Is Cut Copy the only great indie band from Australia?
Are Australians naturally 'alt'?
Do u think England ever wishes that they didn't send all of their most alternative ppl to live in Australia?
Can any1 find footage/pictures of ToraMwah inside of the Opera House playing their 'gig'?

Toro Y Moi gets higher score than Radiohead, Pitchfork craftily avoids using word 'chillwave' in review

Yesterday, Pitchfork Media, a popular indie reviews site 'panned the fuck' out of the latest Radiohead album [link], giving it a lackluster 7.9, which is basically like a 5.0 (adjusted for buzz inflation). It seems like they have returned to 'giving out 8.4s' to overperforming albums by artists that might be prolific (Toro Y Moi) but on the other end, might just be buzz flameouts (Best Coast, WAVVES).

Many experts projected this album to get between a 7.9 to an 8.7. Do yall <3 this album, or do u miss the vintage Chaz pure chillwaves of 'Causers of This'?

Anyways, for some reason the reviewer 'refused 2 use the word chillwave.' Maybe they are just in denial abt the prevailing story lines of the Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi albums being 'Is this chillwave or not?' Or maybe just sad that 'glo-fi' didn't catch on.

Here is a paragraph where they talk abt the chillwave lifestyle without saying chillwave.

When Chaz Bundick sang, "I found a job I do it fine/ Not what I want but still I try," on "Blessa", it became Causers of This' most-quoted lyric for obvious reasons. Not only can all of us relate to that sentiment at some point in our lives, but it also drew a direct line between the escapism of home-made electro-pop and the lives of most of the people creating it. Talk about Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing all you want, but y'know, it's also the economy, stupid. Now, I've never shared a cubicle with Bundick, but that kind of resignation is completely at odds with his work ethic as Toro Y Moi, given the steady stream of remixes and side projects he's released in the time since. Just over a year later, he's already the first of the A-listers from this scene to release a follow-up. But if he was feeling any pressure to validate himself and his peers, Underneath the Pine doesn't show it. The album may be too lyrically opaque to have a line as bloggable as "Blessa"'s, but it's a far richer and more accomplished whole, and it makes a strong case for Bundick as an artist with scope, ambition, and a firm grasp of how to balance the two.

'escapism of home-made electro pop'
'Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing'
'first on the list of A-listers from this scene'

Cmon bro... Just say 'chillwave lifestyle', broski. Really let down the criticism community by not directly confronting the main chillwave issue.

Here is another part where they list every chillwave buzzband, admit that they are grouped together in a genre, but still don't drop the term 'chillwave.'

Because Toro Y Moi is so closely linked with the likes of Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Memory Tapes, it's tempting to read into the success of Underneath the Pine as some predictor of those bands' collective staying power, or a direction others might take. But Bundick seems to be following nothing but his own internal compass.

Feel like the author of this review should have followed his own internal compass right to the chillest chillwaves, riding chillwaves and not being afraid of the chill water and waves crashing in2 his face.

Will Pitchfork avoid using the word 'chillwave' in the Neon Indian and Washed Out album reviews?
Is there a 'movement' by the blogluminati 2 kill chillwave?
Is chillwave dying?
Is it fair to these artists 2 ask 'are they still chillwave?' or does it take away from the discussion abt the quality of their albums?
What are some creative ways to say 'chillwave' without actually saying it?
-lofi bedroom pop
-spaced out bliss electro
-diy home recorded fuzz core
-South Carolinian-inspired post-pop
-floating in vibes
-post-Ariel Pink pop
-Music 4 alt 20somethings


Did Toro Y Moi deserve an 8.4? Is he on his way to an 'above 9.0 career' or has he reached his ceiling?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Toro Y Moi debuts new pet mascot pug in order to take down Snacks the Cat

toro y moi tote bag pug
Toro Y Moi is selling this new 'merch', which is the standard buzzband tote bag that cute lil girls can carry around their makeup 'a.k.a. whore paint' in [via overprotective dads], and bros can carry around vinyl records in and strike up conversations abt the kewl buzzband tote bag that they have.

Anyways, 'who cares abt the tote bag' except for ppl who buy goods + services from buzzbands instead of just waiting for merch leaks? The most important news is the debut of the new OFFICIAL Toro y Moi Mascot: A pug named Chi Chi the Pug.

Here is a picture of the dog that is RUMORED to be the new official Toro Y Moi mascot. He seems like a chill pug bro. Possibly more chill than Snacks the Cat...
chaz bundick pet dog pug

Do yall think Chaz should retire from being a buzzworthy human, and start 'hand modeling' [via George Costanza].

Will Chi Chi the Pug start a twitter account?
Will he be featured prominently on upcoming album cover/Toro Y Moi future branding?
Would yall rather chill with Cheech or Snacks?
R u gonna buy this tote bag?
Will Chi Chi the Pug have a solid career as an indie mascot?

Toro Y Moi debuts album stream on Urban Outfitters instead of NPR

toro y moi dog dancing black asian
In the modern indie scene, it has become 'the norm' to allow your fans to stream the album before they buy it. Basically 'it leaks anyways' so might as well just let ppl have a taste b4 they DL it to put it on their iPod. Many artists choose to 'debut' their stream at NPR because a bunch of overground cool dads will actually click-thru and purchase the album from iTunes/amazon. However, it seems like Toro Y Moi debuted the stream of his upcoming album Underneath the Pine at Urban Outfitters, a popular alt clothing store. Must be trying to break in2 alt tween markets or something instead of trying to get cool dads 2 purchase this album.

Was this a 'savvy business move' by Toro Y Moi?
Or is NPR 'way too lame' to even 'appreciate' Torbro's new album?

Urban Outfitters also made the music video for the song "New Beat."

Does this video 'crush it' or did u sorta just skip around?

Here is Urby asking Chazzy 'why did u let us make ur video?'

What made you decide to let Urban Outfitters make your video?
What appealed to me about deciding to work with Urban for the video was knowing the amount of exposure it would get, and the fact that we had a decent budget to fit our needs. I talked to the videographer about several ideas, and we ended up with something that was both cinematic and fun.

Seems honest.
Do u think he would have received more exposure if he debuted it on AOL's new hit property the Huffington Post?

They also asked him this question abt his iPod

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
I think I have some Thursday on there—I've been trying to get that off for the longest time.

Will the next Toro Y Moi album sound like Thursday [via Understanding in a Car Crash]?
Do u <3 Toro Y Moi's latest hit album?
Is it better than Cut Copy's album?
Will it get above an 8.6 or below an 8.6?
Has Torbro avoided the MGMT 'sophomore curse'?
Chaz Bundick glasses
How do u feel about early 2k11?
Is chillwave 'dead'?

Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters is an alternative retailer that sells a bunch of clothes and knick knacks 2 alt ppl.

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Does the new Toro Y Moi mp3 sound like he has 'abandoned the chillwave genre'?



Just listened to this new Toro Y Moi mp3 off his upcoming album "Underneath the Pine." The song is called "New Beat" and it seems like the song is a direct message to all of the ppl who 'try to label his sound as chillwave.' The song has 2 be about 'leaving the genre behind', 'transcending pop indie', and just 'being urself', vibing to the beat of ur own wave.

Is 'chillwave' dying?
Are the artists 'moving in2 new genres' or will chillwave morph in2 a new sound? Did Toro Y Moi write a 'classic pop album'? What do u think is happening 2 chillwave? Do u <3 the 'new sound' or do u miss BLESSA-YOU HID bangers?

Do u <3 the new Toro Y Moi MP3?
After hearing this MP3 and the previous new MP3, is this album 'guaranteed' 2 be better than the Cut Copy album?
Will this album be album of the 2k11?
When will this album 'effing leak already' [via being announced months ago]?
Is Chaz Bundick 'more talented' than Michael Jackson?

Does Chaz look totally keut in the new Toro Y Moi video?


Toro Y Moi has a new video for the hit 2k11 mp3 "Still Sound", and it seems like the standard 'we got a vintage camera and filmed me + my bros dicking around down', except nothing really happens, and there are some theoretical 'beautiful shots' [via the simplicity of suburban sprawl]. Whenever me + my bros would just 'kill time', we'd end up murdering some1, then we'd have 2 decide where 2 dispose of the body, so I can't really relate 2 this video.

Anyways, it seems like Chaz Brondick is really trying 2 establish himself as one of the premiere faces/brands in indie music. I know most girls have Win Butler fantasies just because they resent Regine so much, but it seems like Chaz might be the '#1 indie hunk of 2k11.'

I sorta wish I lived in the part of suburbia that Chaz lives in. He seems pretty upper / upper-middle class. I feel like my neighborhood doesn't even have a 'vintage' suburban feel, just sorta a crappy neighborhood that a lot of drug dealers have started moving in2.

Will "Underneath the Pine" 'save' 2k11?
Has Underneath 'leaked' yet?
Is Chaz 'totally hot'?
Should he start working out 2 'get swole'?
Do u ever wish u could share a bromance with an indie star?
Who will be the 'most desirable man' of 2k11?

BREAKING: Toro Y Moi releases new MP3 to overshadow new Neon Indian MP3

It seems like we are 'already in 2k11', getting ready to see which buzzbands will have 'the biggest metaphorical cock' of 2k11, washing away the remnants of 2k10 so that we can live in the glory of "2k9 pt 2" forever and evr.

Anyways, Toro Y Moi released a new hit MP3 from his hit album Underneath the Pine. It seems like this is the second relevant mp3 of 2k11, right after Cut Copy's "Where I'm Going" [link]

Toro Y Moi Still Sound

Do yall <3 "Still Sound"?
Did Chazzbro 'crush it'?
Is it time to make the '2k11 albums/songs of the year' list'?

It seems like Neon Indian also released an MP3 today, but it is some cover of a pre-existing song. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess it is 'good 2 have', but I feel like right now all memes are 'worthless' unless ur offering me a transcendent Xmas song, or a 'new album teaser info' meme. 2k11 is abt 'rebirth.' Don't want anything that reminds me of the past. Rlly need 2 look forward so that I don't 'off myself' as I think abt 2k10.

Neon Indian Children of The Revolution (T. Rex Cover)

Which of these songs do u like more?
Is Toro Y Moi's "Underneath the Pine" the frontrunner for 'album of the year' or were u 'let down' by this mp3?
Is Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi 'rebranding' his sound/aesthetic/vibe?
Is 'chillwave' dead, or just 'rebranding' itself?
Do u think Toro Y Moi released this MP3 to try to 'kill off' Neon Indian in the Great Chillwave War of 2k11?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Toro Y Moi talks abt how his new album is gonna 'crush it'

Toro Y Moi has some new album coming out called "Underneath the Pine" and every1 is all excited abt it, being all like "What's it gonna sound like?" "Is it gonna get a 10.0?" "Can Chaz recapture the magic?"

Anyways, Pitchfork did some interview with him, and he talked abt shit abt his new album.

First he is like 'I finished this album like 10 months ago.'

Pitchfork: So you're getting back from tour, you just put out single from your dancier alter ego Les Sins, and you've got this new album coming out early next year. It seems like you've been pretty busy.

Chaz Bundick: Yeah, man. [Underneath the Pine] was pretty much sort of written in between tours. I was already working on it when Causers came out. Everything was done pretty much in February and June [of 2010].

Still get kinda hornie looking at the album art.

Then he said that his new album is gonna be 'mad authentic' bc he isn't doing 'sample-based' stuff or something.

Pitchfork: Would you say the new record's a shift in direction, then, or is it going to be a continuation of the sound on Causers?

CB: The way I saw it, for Causers, the things I was interested in sampling-- I decided to make that kind of music. So the songs on it are disco and punk and spacey, the kind of stuff that I got interested in when I was sampling for Causers. I thought it'd be fun to just make that kind of stuff. There's no samples [on Underneath the Pine]. I think people that appreciate Causers can see where I'm coming from with this album. There are similar things going on with delays and arpeggios, and the overall funkiness and soulfulness of it.

Then he said 'what his influences were' so now every music journalist gets 2 reference them while they are reviewing his album:

Pitchfork: Any specific musical influences you were drawing from while making Underneath the Pine?

CB: A lot of horror movie soundtracks and a lot of space disco. There's one group called Mandre, they're really cool, I got into those guys. And then a lot of Piero Umiliani and François de Roubaix.

Pitchfork: Horror movie soundtracks and space disco can sometimes represent opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, light and dark moods.

Might start listening to more horrorwave soundtracks and disco space disco core just to rlly get in touch with 'the next modern aesthetic.'

The interviewer then asks 'the million dollar indie question' [via "What do yall think abt chillwave, yall?"]

Pitchfork: When people attach genre names on to this style you and others work in-- for example, "chillwave"-- do you react against those tags, or do you feel they help form some sort of a community?

CB: I tend to avoid those kinds of things. I don't put categories on music, myself. So either people go with it or they don't, and sometimes the names sound a little silly. But I don't mind genre names. "Chillwave" is probably the last thing I would think of [laughs], but I don't mind it. I just usually tell people I like to call it pop, or experimental pop, or something. Even on the new album, on "Elise", I drew some harmonies and melodies from a lot of Young Money stuff. It's fun to have that gray area and try to remain timeless, in a way. Like, take influences from Young Money and put it in a disco song or something.

Do u think Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Washed Out should start a blog called so they don't have to answer that question in every interview?
Will all of the 2k9 chillwave artists have to talk abt chillwave for their next album cycle?
Is "Underneath the Pine" going 2 be the album of 2k11?
R u glad that 2k10 only has 1 month left?

What do yall think of chillwave--is it a 'bullshit genre name' or 'has it been great 4 the indie community'?

Toro Y Moi announces new album 2 try to get the first 10.0 in 2k11

Toro Y Moi is a 2k9/2k10 chillwave/post-chillwave/fuzzybuzzy buzzband artist that released the hit album "Causers of This" in 2k10. It seems like he was able to create a new album within abt 1 year, which is 'amazing' because most artists 'take a year off' in between albums, and just do the thing where they tour 4evr and evr and ppl get tired of hearing their same boring songs from 2 years ago.

Anyways, the new name of the album is "Underneath the Pine." I have heard rumors that this album is not 'chillwave' and is instead some sort of disco / funk album. Wonder if it will represent a healthy evolution, and make fans happy. Wonder if it is going 2 sound like Totally_Chaz's other soundproject Les Sins [link].

Does the album cover look like some1 'chomping on pussie'?
Is that some sort of 'grapefruit' / 'passion fruit'?
R u excited 4 the new Toro Y Moi album?
Is it going to 'crush' Causers of This?
R u impressed by the rate at which Chazbro can 'generate new mp3s'?
Should all modern indie artists be required to release at least 1 album/EP per year?

Here are the names of the songs on the album:

01 Intro/Chi Chi
02 New Beat
03 Go With You
04 Divina
05 Before I'm Done
06 Got Blinded
07 How I Know
08 Light Black
09 Still Sound
10 Good Hold
11 Elise

I think I am looking forward to the song "Chi Chi" because I think it is probably abt breasts/"chee chee's."

Do u think Toro Y Moi is the early frontrunner for 2k11 album of the year?
R u 'dying' to hear a new Torbro Y Broi mp3 asap?
Should he have released a 'teaser mp3 single' with the album announcement, or does it make sense for artists to incrementally release memes to the bloggiasphere?
Will Toro Y Moi get a 10.0 from Pitchfork?
Is 2k11 going to be 'fucking stacked'?
R u happy/sad that chillwave is dying?
Do u think that all of the former chillwavers will have to answer a bunch of questions like "so is ur music still chillwave, yall?!? What's it like 2 evolve???"
Will Toro Y Moi 'beat' Neon Indian and Washed Out after "Underneath the Pine"?

Toro Y Moi ‘launches’ new ‘banger’ dance project. Is Les Sins the new Justice?

Apparently, Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi has like 100 different sound projects, but Toro Y Moi was the most successful because it occured within the expanding chillwave bubble. In an effort to 'diversify' his portfolio of soundprojects he seems to be launching his 'dance project' called Les Sins. Had already been listening 2 some rare b-sides for a while now, but 'excited' to see him take this product to market + focus on it. Really need some of our best indie talent to generate more memes for us so that we don't 'go under.'

In other Bundick news, the man is launching a new project called Les Sins that is neither chill nor wave. Instead, Les Sins would sound at home on French filter disco label Ed Banger.

Sorta wonder if this means that 'chillwave' is dead, or if Chaz Bundick is 'too talented' to let a genre 'corner in' his sound projects/artistic ambitions.

Do u like these MP3s?

Les Sins - Lina


Les Sins - Youth Gone


Does Les Sins have an opportunity to 'be bigger' than Toro Y Moi?
Will Chaz Bundick make 'mad bank' on the DJ circuit?
who do u like more: Les Sins or Torbros?

Miss u Ed Banger Records. Wonder if they should try to ride some chillwaves, export that shit 2 France.

wonder if this means 'bangers' will come back in 2k11.
Do u miss Ed Banger?
Will we see a Justice remix of Toro Y Moi / Les Sins?
Is Toro Y Moi 'the new Justice'?
Do yall miss Justice?
Will 'dance music' be relevant again in 2k11?
Will 'bloghouse' return soon?
Is it important for artists to diversify their output so that their sound doesn't become 'outdated'?
When will the chillwave bubble burst?

Toro Y Moi releases new, live fuzzy buzzy versions of his songs

From what I understand, Toro Y Moi recorded a 'hella chillwave' album, but when he performs live, he mixes the best elements of the chillwave electro aesthetic with the '3 piece fuzzy buzzy band' aesthetic. It seems like he stopped by some blogger's house and decided to throw down a sesh and record some mp3s. Always good to get new versions of old mp3. Just want 2 hear bloggable mp3s 'reimagined', kinda like in the glory days of the bloghouse remix era.


Toro Y Moi Blessa (Live @ Daytrotter via fuzzy buzzy aesthetic)

Does this song sound 'better' as a lofi Jeff Buckley jam, or do u prefer the chillwave original?

Will "Causers of This" be considered 1 of the "Best albums of 2k10"?

Here is some descriptive paragraph that refuses to use 'chillwave' and instead calls his music 'chillcore':

The major conflict that Chaz Bundick, the pillar of the chillcore outfit Toro Y Moi, sees is that there's been a rift in his standard. There have been ripples set in the lake and in his plan, ripples that didn't used to be there, ripples that he'd like to have picked out and vanquished. The person doing the thinking and speaking on Bundick's debut full-length as Toro Y Moi, "Causers Of This," is very familiar with what the standards are, what they're supposed to be and this makes the ugly changes in them that much more distinct and problematic.

Do u listen to daytrotter sessions?
Are they more authentic than the original MP3s?
Is Toro Y Moi the most 'talented' chillwaver?
Which chillwavers is 'most likely 2 succeed' [via high school popularity contests]?
Should all chillwavers go 'fuzzy buzzy'?
Do u miss Chazzy?

New Toro Y Moi video features a hot altbaguette getting murdered


It seems like 'sex and violence' are the only things that keep people's attention in the modern world, so u have to applaud Toro Y Moi for just 'going 4 it' with his new video that features some altbaguette getting brutally murdered. Not sure if it is just some zany dream sequence, but honestly could have gone for some brief nudity in this video. Kept waiting for it. Seems chill that he rode the violentwave, but probably shoulda rode it harder. Go 'darker.' Sorta like the movie Our Eyes Are Wide Shut, Yall.

Do u think this video is 'mad authentic', or did u 'want something more' out of it?
Is this video 'MTV-ready', or just for 'assholes who read indie blogs'?

For the video to Toro Y Moi's latest single "Low Shoulder" the directors Elisha Smith-Leverock and Chris Murdoch have drawn inspiration from everything over pulp magazines and Cinderella to sploshing and mono-brows. It's a nod to Italo-horror flics form the 70ies and 80ies. It features an appearance by 60ies it-girl Daphne Sherman, wife of the legendary mod taylor Ben Sherman, who stars as a demented ballroom dancing reject/ waitress.

"According to Chaz the song was written for his girlfriend asking her to not fall asleep whilst driving. We based the video on the idea of this sleep-deprived girl calling at a roadside diner for a coffee. Next thing you know she's semi-conscious and experiencing some really weird sh**"

Low Shoulder was shot in studio and on location at the Marina Cafe on Mare Street, Hackney on a budget of £300.

Not sure how 2 convert £ to $. Seems like some sort of foreign 'savage'/Third World currency. If I had to guess, I would say that this video cost $3,000,000.

Do indie music video directors need to 'step it up' with their concept pitches?
Is M.I.A.'s "Born Free" the most authentic/buzzworthy music video of 2k10?
Should Toro Y Moi kill more gingers + show more tits & cock?
R u turned on by altbaguettes?
Has Toro Y Moi established himself as the #1 chillwaver?
Will chillwave die in 2k11? Did chillwave die in 2k9?
Will AnCo write a song called "Eff U, Chillwave"?

Toro Y Moi does chill interview while chilling in bed, performs some song for KEDS sneakers


I think the worst part about being blog famous / real famous would be 'having to do press' with any1 who has a video camera/microphone/bloggyspot. Feel like it is ur job to 'get exposure', but it seems like u end up answering the same questions (and/or stupid questions) over and over again. In this video, Toro Y Moi AKA Chaz Bundick is interviewed by some1. Seems 'whatever', like they asked him moderately 'zany' questions.

Not sure if the video editor was fully emotionally invested in the project. Here is one of the 'title screens.'

Have yall heard of Tory Y Moi?

Here's some video of him performing 'at the Whitney', a relevant art museum [sponsored by KEDS]. The 'sound' seems bad since the sound editors probably don't know how chillwaves are supposed to sound, but have feeling it might have sounded 'mad ambient' live.


Do u think Toro Y Moi's performance at the Whitney was better than Animal Collective's performance at the Guggenheim?

Here he is being interviewed by some blonde AZN. She definitely lobbed him some 'soft ball questions', but that's chill.


do yall think u could handle being in a buzzband?
Is it difficult 2 be nice 2 every1 who pretends that they are 'jacked' 2 meet u, telling u that u r the greatest thing since sliced memes?
Is Toro Y Moi a chill bro?
Would u get in bed with Toro Y Moi and wear some KEDS?
Does Chaz Bundick get a lifetime supply of KEDS now?

Alt teen shows off her boring day while listening to Toro Y Moi’s “Blessa”


Ho hum...
Another boring day in the summer
Can't wait til I'm 16
and I get a license
I am humble enough to be satisfied with my mom's used Toyota Avalon

Sitting around all day,
watching MTV

Parents at work
Nothing 2 do
Gonna get creative
Gonna vlog

Vlogging is the master art of the tween
i can show u my life
i can show u my face
more meaningful than a picture in .jpg format
this is my life
this is me
this video will last forever
or until youtube is hacked/the servers 'go down.'

Kinda sad that the school year is over
and I am stuck here with limited social interaction
relieved I have a smart phone / laptop compy
to connect with all of my friends

I guess Toro Y Moi was right
every day is a blessing...

might go to the mall this weekend

BREAKING NEWS: Toro Y Moi releases new single, departs from the chillwave genre

Toro Y Moi Leave Everywhere

Toro Y Moi has released a 'new single' called Leave Everywhere With Your Bros. It seems like the cover art is supposed to represent 'departing' from somewhere, like going on a meaningful road trip to leave the 'old version of you' behind.

It seems like his new 'sound' is sorta moving past chillwave. Like he either 'wants a new challenge' (because making chillwave music is easy) or he understands that he 'must evolve' to stay relevant + commercially successful. I wonder if Toro Y Moi is 'more likely to go mainstream' if his sound changes to bliss / fuzzy buzzy format. Maybe he should 'collab' with Best Coast to make 'the best/most relevant mp3 of 2k11.'

Sorta wonder what is the future of chillwave with the 3 core chillwave artists (Washed Out, Neon Indian, TorBro). It seems like it is a 'good gimmick' for them to go towards 'new sounds' then it will help their second albums get slam dunk press when interviewers get to talk to them about 'how they've grown beyond chillwave.'

Wonder if the 'chillwave' era is over. Feel bad for new bands that are trying to 'market themselves' as chillwave.
Maybe chillwave was never a genre. Maybe it was a way of life. A way of life that may never be replicated again.

Is Toro Y Moi the most talented/lo-fi chillwaver?
Does he successfully achieve 'a new sound' or should he 'stick to the bleep bloop wave'?
What do u think of his new 'sound' / 'single'? Do u feel like he is 'evolving' or do u want MP3s that sound the same over and over again (kinda like Ratatat)?
Should the 'chillwave sound' only be pulled out once every 4 years, and for commissioned remixes?

"I'm leaving everywhere
2 go back home."

-Chaz Bundick, 2010

Toro Y Moi plays meaningful song without laptop, proves he may be the most talented chillwaver


Many indie music critics claim that chillwave artists are 'untalented' and just 'steal poppy samples and sing crappy vocals over mediocre interpretations of vintage pop songs.' It seems like Chaz Bundick is attempting to 'rebrand himself' and break free from the laptop bedroom musician type of chillwave brand.

Sorta 'vibed hard' to this version of "You Hid" where the TorBro played guitar, piano, drums, bass, and sang multiple layers of vocals. Feel like his 'pop sensibilities' and 'pure talent' rise to the top, and he makes the argument that he is more talented than James Murphy / AnCo / the iPad DJ / other chillwave artists.

Honestly feel like this version would be 'remembered forever' if the Beatles recorded it or something.

In less than 3 hours, Toro y Moi recorded piano, drums, bass, guitar, rhodes, and vocals (in that order) for this live re-make of “You Hid,” tracking each instrument once and rarely asking to hear what was just recorded. Chaz couldn’t hide his excitement over being in a real recording studio. It leaked from his dimpled cheeks and poured from the tiny cracks in between his smiling teeth. Watching him build this song from scratch was like watching an architect re-sketch blueprints for a skyscraper from memory. It’s one of those sessions you warn yourself not to forget.

Wonder if this version of the song represents a sort of 'transition' out of the chillwave genre for Toro Y Moi. Not sure if this is blisswave, or if he is just trying to re-imagine his project in the band format. I wonder if he will be able to recapture the magic with other musicians, or if he can find a way to multiply so that he can play all of the instruments

I feel like if Panda Bear's album 'tanks', I am ready to move Toro Y Moi above Panda Bear in my personal power rankings.
Do u want Toro Y Moi to stay a 'laptop centric' artist, or do u enjoy his new brand?
Do u think it is important for all bands to evolve beyond being a 'laptop + bro' band, towards a band with multiple members that can play real instruments live?
Is chillwave dying? Do chillwave artists seem to be trying to 'break away' from their metaphorical bread and butter?
Is Chaz Bundick more talented than ________?
Is there a 'huge demand' for an acoustic/unplugged/guitar fuzzed out re-issue of Toro Y Moi's hit album Causers of This?
Will Toro Y Moi be around longer than any other new artist from 2k9/2k10?
Sorta want blissful reinterpretations of chillwave era songs.

Some article about 'how to pronounce hipster band names', such as the Ex Exes & mannagments

I have always wondered how u r supposed to pronounce the names of certain bands when they have phonetically challenging names or when they are from foreign lands. It is so weird existing on the internet, and reading the name of a band so much, sometimes without knowing how 2 say it. Was kinda pumped when this guide came along, but then I realized maybe there's no right way to pronounce a band name

This article doesn't seem very helpful. Think they just threw 'hipster' in the headline, then used a 'snarky' voice.


Yes, smart arse, they were originally called the Management, but no more. And, no, it isn't the same as MSTKRFT. SAY Em-Gee-Em-Tee

Does n e 1 know how 2 pronounce 'arse'? Confused by British writing/slang.

The XX:

Simple? So the Guide thought until we mentioned them one day and were met with a blank stare. You know … kids, all wear black … went to the same school as Hot Chip. "Ah," says our clearly much better educated friend, "you mean The 20." Uh!? "The 20, as in Roman numerals." Cue, cautious back-tracking. Could she possibly be right? No, laughs the man at XL. SAY The Ex Ex

Lykke Li:

Having assumed, for ages, that "Likely" was the most likely pronunciation of Lykke Li, the Guide was staggered to hear, on Radio 1, that it's definitively "Licky Lee". For shame! Corrected by Jo Whiley. Still, could be worse. One online sage had it pegged as "Leaky Lee". SAY Lick-E Lee

Toro Y Moi:

Here, the chillwave dude combines Spanish (for "the bull and") with the French word for "me". As in pretentious, moi? SAY Toh-roh E Mwah

Sigur Ros:

When a band's official website ( includes a pronunciation guide, complete with MP3 tutorials read by their bassist, then, clearly, something has not so much been lost, as vapourised, in translation. If you are still blithely calling them Sigur (rhymes with Tigger) Rós (as in Ross-On-Wye), well get this … SAY See-Uhrr Rose

Not sure if I believe this guide.
Gonna keep saying 'The Dos Equises.'
Gonna keep saying Sigga Ross.
Gonna keep saying Too Rooo Why Moy.
Gonna keep saying The Managements.
Gonna keep saying Rateetattlestat.
Gonna keep saying Deaf Cab inside of Kewlies.
Gonna keep saying The Shims [via She & Him].
Gonna keep saying Neon Injun.

What are the most difficult band names to pronounce in indie rock?
Do u think there is a 'right way' to say a band name/word, or is communication open for u 2 interpret?
Should more newspaper websites dedicate their journalistic resources to covering buzzbands & hipster bashing?
Which indie buzz band has the greatest name of all time?
Which indie buzz band has the most confusing name of all time?

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