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A Day in the Life of Jared Leto

Photo by thecobrasnake

It's not easy being Jared. Being the frontman of the most important band in the world has some perks. The Grade A models that you get to bang. Unlimited coconut water in my green room. Driving sweet vintage cars that fit with my personal brand. But that's not everything.

It's not easy being Jared. Yes, I know how to pleasure beautiful women unlike any other man can pleasure a woman, but sexual existence is only a small part of who I am, what I do, and how my art exists in the world.

Try living my life in my shoes for a day. I guarantee you wouldn't make it out alive. I have one of the most beautiful minds in the world. It is so beautiful, complex, and deep that it would paralyze most commoners. The way that I see beauty, art, the bullshittiness of society is unlike any human before me.

It's really not easy being Jared.

My name is Jared Leto. Viva La Effing Bam, bitches. I can JACKASS in my dreams [via Inception].

I hate being beautiful. Ass hole photographers all want a piece of me. They want to capture my soul [via photography].

You can't contain me. You cannot capture me. I do not exist in photographs. The representation of me is abstract as the horizon lines move towards the infinite abyss, no longer representing the surreality of my metachemical and metaphysical presences as time, space, architecture, and neuroscience processes your psychological output of the being of my existence. Time shall end, as will my body, cremated and ashes spread across the globe from a Stealth bomber, but as the ash rains down upon this world, we shall know that Jared Leto never existed, but at the same time, Jared Leto was everything that ever existed.

It's not easy being Jared Letbro.

You see me. You see some one beautiful. Some one alternative. You don't understand.

It's not easy being Jared Leto.

Jared Leto is alt
Some woman shows her titties 2 Jared Leto bc he is so hot
Jared Leto is the most alternative man alive.
Jared Leto gives a pretentious awards speech for a fake MTV award
Jared Leto has an alt mohawk, is alt

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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NSFW: Ariel Pink spotted canoodling with naked, big tittied bitches

Ariel Pink is widely regarded as the leader of the modern lofi movement, inspiring tons of crappy bedroom musicians around the world to believe that one day they will become a famous indie star even though they don't have any real musical talents. Recently, Ariel Pink has some photoshoot with Terry Richardson, and they decided to use some hot ass big-tittied models. I have really bad depth perception, so I can't tell if they are real or not, but Ariel looks happy, with some nice, big ta-tas pressed all up in his face. U have to assume that Ariel and Terry 'tag teamed' those bitches after the shoot.

V-Magazine tweeted it out, claiming that it was 'too hot for FB'. Cannot confirm if it was 'too hot' for the pages of their magazine, but it certainly is HOT ENOUGH 2 be a solid internet meme where u can write 'big tittied bitches' in the headline. Please 'flag' the media on twitter so that it is removed if ur offended.

Ariel has it all, and his rock star status is clearly going to his head. Canoodling with hot bitches, living a models and bottles lifestyle. U have to wonder how his music will evolve now that he is one of the biggest rock stars in the indie game 2day.

Say what you will about Terry Richardson as a photographer, but any one who is a TIT MAN who loves cumming on big ol' titties is cool in my book!

R u glad 2 know that Ariel is a 'tit man'?
Can Ariel Pink end the buzz drought?
Are these bitches 'mad hot'?
Do u think u could 'Eiffel Tower' some bitches with Ariel?
Has Ariel 'gone mainstream', letting 'rock star status' get 2 his head?
R u addicted 2 'partying like an effing rockstar'?
Titty McTitTit?
R we still searching 4 the perfect alternative breasts?

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga gets naked 4 Terry Richardson bc she is an artist

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Lady Gaga did a photoshoot for blipster clothing brand Supreme with this rlly creepy hipster old man photographer guy... I hope they aren't dating because Gaga deserves a real artist as her man. I sorta think she might need more than a man 2 fulfill her sexual needs. She probably has a dungeon of sex slaves that inspire her 2 write such beautiful music

<3 gaga <3

U can tell that #QueenGaga really felt comfortable in her own skin, but probs because she is used to hanging around naked and rolling around in slutwaves all day. U gotta give her props. If I had that kinda body, I'd go to the SuperMarket wearing nothing at all ;-)

I hope that 1 day I can be famous and do artsy nude photoshoots instead of just sexting them 2 my bf and having him tell me how hot I am.

Props 2 Gaga... but be careful with that Tommy Richardson guy...


NSFW: Lady Gaga does slutwave wet-tshirt photo shoot, shows off her juicy nips

I don't know what Supreme is. If I had to guess, it is some sort of progressive pizza that has a multitude of toppings on it. However, it seems like Supreme's brand has been taken 2 such great heights now that Lady Gaga did a slutwave wet-t-shirt photo shoot featuring a Supreme shirt. The photographs were shot by Terry Richardson. Not sure if he is a 'legit photographer' or if he just has broads 'get naked', but maybe that's what professional photographers are supposed 2 do.

Here she is showing off some nips. Saying 'have u done a wet t-shirt photo shoot yet, Katy Perry?" In addition, you can make out the outline of her vagina lips.

Here is Lady Gaga wearing some 'conceptual stripper shoes', showing off her bare ass, about 2 go skateboarding or something. Maybe needs 2 wear a helmet. Gonna throw down some Ollies/chill down the half pipe.

Doing the classic 'pussie rub', teaching tween girls that u can still have fun while ur abstinent.

Here is a good look at her areolas. Not TOO irregular or anything.

Should Larry Gaga 'get implants'?
Will Lady Gaga always be the #1 slutwaver?
would yall rather throw down a chill sesh with Dov Charney or Terry Richardson?
Is Supreme ur fave kinda pizza, or are u vegetarian?
Is this a great response by the pizza industry to the popular 'Got Milk' campaign?
Do u care abt Lady Gaga?
How do u feel 2 live on an Earth/planet where Lady Gaga is the #1 most popular human based on Facebook LIKES, Twitter followers, and youtube views?
Will Lady Gaga get a 10.0 now that we have learned that only mainstream artists can achieve 10.0s in the modern world?
Is a wet t-shirt nip peep the same as a 'nip slip'?

Lady Gaga

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lady Gaga is the #1 modern slutwave artist of all time who tries 2 be all 'artsy' and mainstream ppl think she is 'interesting.'

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Terry Richardson

Alternative Celebrity, Alternative Entrepreneur

Terry Richardson is a photographer who takes pix of mainstream celebrities and naked alt broads.

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Kanye West does soft porn denim photo shoot with curvy assed Amber Rose

A lot of blogs were buzzing that Kanye West had 'broken up' with curvy ass white girl Amber Rose. She was spotted canoodling with NFL player Reggie Bush [link], but that was probs just a '1 night stand', and staying with Kanye West was probably better for her career long-term. Tons of blogspots love 2 cover Kanye memes.

N e ways, they did some photo shoot that seemed 'mildly pornographic' [via Terry Richardson]. Not hardcore stuff, but just super soft stuff. Some people really 'get off' 2 soft porn since it leaves more 2 the imagination.

Do yall like the 'dark, hard, snuffy stuff' or the 'soft porn' type of stuff?
Do yall like public displays of affection?

Not even sure what is happening in this pic. It seems like he thinks she is some sort of 'popsicle', or perhaps he will lick her from her head 2 her toes [via that 1 Ludacris song].

I think this pose 'turns me on' the most. Used to use this one all the time against the lockers in high school/at the movie theatre.

Will 'denim jackets' be a new blipster trend?
Will Kanye West's new album be the album of the year?

Are Kanye West and Amber Rose the #2 couple in music? (behind Jay-Z and Beyonce/Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel)

Maltstream Photographer Terry Richardson Chills with Jersey Shore Bro Bags

Terry Richardson has been branded as an 'alt photographer' who was often associated with a 'gritty, raw' aesthetic.  I am not sure if he is 'alt.' Seems to have 'turned the mainstream corner' with Vice Magazine.  Most of the memes he produces have to do with mainstream stuff / ppl.  Seems good for his career to get 'jersey shore hits', and good for websites since he produced enough photos to generate a 'photo gallery.'

It seems like all of those bros are 'getting fat' now that they are famous + don't work out an more.  Worried that their muscle man boobs are turning into moobs of flab.

Need 2 pump iron.

Need 2 get blowjobs

'Fist Pump' joke

Orange skin + human stegosaurus joke

Hope DJ Pauly D becomes a relevant alt DJ in the post blog house dubstep scene

Wish I could be a critically acclaimed photograph, but my parents won't even buy me a DSLR. Stuck with the point and shoot I got as a high school graduation present. Feel like a 'fucking loser' when I hold my camera up 2 get pix at concerts, but feel more authentic

Wish I could have been on Jersey Shore, and gone macrofamous.
Wish I could be a photographer for high end brands and magazines.
Wish I had invested in guido memes + guido humor in 2k5.
Hope that a television network does a better job of exploring more angry subcultures, like the MassHole or maybe 'Mexicans.'

Did Terry Richardson 'fuck up' by not taking borderline pornographic pix of the pussy of Jersey Shore?

Is photography 'art'?

Alt Photographer Terry Richardson chills with Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is an NBA player for the Los Angeles Lakers was formerly accused of raping a woman in Colorado. Since he 'overcame' that public relations disaster, he won some championships, and every one forgot about it, since his 'victim' was possibly just a lying little spoiled white broad. In addition, he had a bitter breakup with his teammate Shaquille O'Neal, and they gave up the opportunity to build a dynasty so that they could be 'alpha dog.

Terry Richardson steps out of his comfort zone to chill with Kobe, since he usually takes 'edgy' pix of rock stars and nude women. He probably should have made Kobe do some sweet 360 dunks, utilizing the 'action shot' style of photography.

Terry Richardson was hired to photography Kobe Bryant for the cover of GQ, a men's magazine. We can only assume that the featured article 'glorifies' the work ethic of Kobe Bryant, makes a few Michael Jordan references, and features some of Kobe Bryant's hollow, generic, passionate statements.

Seems like he got a sweet souvenir that he can sell on eBay.

Can Tiger Woods hire Terry Richardson to do a 'raw' styled photoshoot to repair his image?
Will the Lakers repeat as NBA Champions?
Is Kobe Bryant the 'winner' of the Kobe vs. Shaq feud?

Terry Richardson

Alternative Celebrity, Alternative Entrepreneur

Terry Richardson is a photographer who takes pix of mainstream celebrities and naked alt broads.

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Orlando Bloom & Agyness Deyn are dating.

Not sure if this is true. This gimmick was apparently some 'high priced' commissioned photos for some AZN/Chinese fashion label called Me & City.

The Chinese brand hired them + Glorified Alt Photographer bro Terry Richardson to create a shoot that 'got a lot of blog buzz' for the brand. Wonder if they were paid 'millions' to be the face of the brand.

Seems like the 'concept' is being a Hollywood/domesticated couple, sort of like Pete Wentz + Ashlee Simpson, or maybe Nicole Riche + The Good Charlotte bro.

Do u think they would make a good alt couple, or were they better when Agyness Deyn was in a serious relaish with Albert Hammond Jr. [via Green Aggs and Ham]

Even if they aren't a real couple, do u think they 'got drunk at an afterpartie & ended up messing around a lil bit after having a lot of chemistry on the set'?

Damn. Orlando Bloom. Not sure if he is Alt, or just another post-JudeLaw Bro.

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