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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Justin Bieber + fans almost trampled to death at a tween rave in a mall parking lot


Not sure what is happening in this video. Seems like Justin Bieber is chilling in some sort of mall parking lot, riding a segway, trying to 'run for his life' 2 escape from a bunch of tween girls. I am not sure if he is just trying to 'be an asshole' to prove how 'in Demand' he is, or if this is some sort of viral marketing attempt. Like they hired the director of the Blair Witch project to make this viral video look 'raw and edgy.'

A lot of people have been dying / 'in great harm of danger' at raves lately, so I feel like I can just say that this is a 'rave' since it seems like an insane 'human safety hazard.' Seems like either Bieber will get trampled by fans, then they will chop his body into pieces to sell on eBay, or a few tweens might crush eachother while trying to reach the Biebinator. From what I understand, tween skulls aren't 'fully developed', so they are easier to crush. They basically have 'the soft skull' of an infant, since they are still learning how 2 use social media.

Worried about raves. Feel like concert organizers really need to 'get their shit together' and minimize danger. Feel like every1 just needs 2 chill out, and realize that we can just listen to MP3s in the comfort & safety of our own homes.

Wish Bieber would just 'chill out', and his handlers would buy him 'top tier, curvy ass' prostitutes, instead of letting him feel validated by the attention of these 'still developing tween fans.'

Worried about stampedes
Worried about deaths [via trampling]
Worried about tween skulls being crushed by tween feet.
Worried abt tween pop stars
Worried that JBieber's 'peen' might get 'chomped off' by a tween girl who doesn't know how to 'give proper blow jobs.'

Just wish these raves would be illegal so no1 in the world would overdose and/or get trampled to death any more. Feel like the American government needs to 'shut down' raves and/or Justin Bieber.

Worried abt safety.
Do yall think if we put all of the tweens in America in one huge mall, they would create a society where different stores are their 'homelands', and there would be wars between different 'countries/shops' in order to create a perfect tween society?
Would u be 'ashamed' of your daughter if she died in a Justin Bieber trampling accident?
Would u rather have ur daughter be 'obsessed with Twilight' or 'obsessed with Justin Bieber'?
Do u want to be a famous tween so u can get unlimited tween lips on ur sexual organs, or are u afraid that u will be chased down + killed?

LOCAL NEWS REPORT: Teens using MP3s as drugs to get high/’fucked up’


Apparently, high schooler teens and tweens in Kansas are using some form of technology to get high. The local news did an investigative telejournalistic puff piece to scare old people, and fuel their sentiment that "Kids are up to no good on the information super highway." Basically, some company has been producing MP3s that make people feel like they are on all different types of drugs. You put on your headphones, close ur eyes, then ur brain gets 'fucked with' [via soundwaves].

Kansas News 9 is reporting about a phenomenon called “i-dosing,” which involves finding an online dealer who can hook you up with “digital drugs” that get you high through your headphones.

Kinda wanna start iDosing with my bros. I feel like it has the opportunity to mix three of my fave things in life: mp3s, buzzbands, and drugs.

Those who want to get addicted to the “drugs” can purchase tracks that will purportedly bring about the same effects of marijuana, cocaine, opium and peyote. While street drugs rarely come with instruction manuals, potential digital drug users are advised to buy a 40-page guide so that they learn how to properly get high on MP3s.

I did some research, and it seems like iDosing has been 'relevant' for a few years, but maybe it is just getting to Kansas since it is in the middle of the country.

I am just happy we are getting to a phase in our society where you can do everything on the internet. You can fill out an eHarmony profile to get in2 a relationship. You can watch a girl put objects into her vagina via webcam instead of having sex. You can iDose to get high. You can read blogs instead of newspapers. Just hope they build some sort of 'internet replacement' for food, but might just munch on some computer paper with pictures of hamburgers printed on it.

If 'local news coverage' isn't shitty enough for you, here is an 'off the charts hilarious' news piece about iDosing, done by what looks like an independent teen journalist with an orange tan. Maybe this was her 'audition tape' that she sent to the 'real local news' to try 2 get hired.


Feel very troubled by many artistic/journalistic decisions in this video. Still feel like this might get you an "A" in your community college journalism class.

Might offer that news reporter girl a job just making local news report memes that are designed to 'go viral'

Worried about the school nurse. Not sure if she is an 'expert' or just a 3rd rate health professional.

Are you gonna get into iDosing?
Have u tried it?
Does it feel like the real thing?
Is iDosing a cheap alternative to real drugs?
If I want to get high at a concert, will I be able to 'iDose'?

Might just lay in bed all day and vibe out to this audio drug called "Gates of Hades" until i get permafried and no longer know who I am.


Honestly feel like "Gates of Hades" sounds like relevant indie buzzband Panda Bear's new hit song "Drone." Is iDoseCore going to be the next big trend?


This might be the beginning of a new indie genre where the goal of the music is to 'get listeners high.' The song initially seems 'very shitty' and 'way unapproachable', but I feel more willing to listen to it since it might be intended to make me feel like I am on crystal meth.

Might put an iDoser MP3 on my little sister's Zune


Might chill with this bro and throw down some doses


Really hope that iDosing 'catches on' with mainstream tweens, helps them to get over the Bieber era, and serves as a gateway drug to 'the hard shit'.


Sad I can't bring my iPod to school n e more:

The educators have gone so far as to ban iPods at school, in hopes of preventing honor students from becoming cyber-drug fiends, News 9 reports.

Worried that buzzbands are going to start producing 'digital drugs', and instead of making 'good music' they will just make 'music that gets people high.' Worried about the music industry. Hope the iDosesCore sound stays chill and doesn't get too hard / hallucinogenic.

Which .mp3 / .wav would u vibe out to?

Are iDosing MP3s the future of the music industry?
Do u want to metaphorically shut the door on all of society's problems/evils?
Is the local news 'authentic'?
Is iDosing as 'bad ass' as real drugs?
Can u overdose on an iDose?
Should society ban iDosing?
Should Steve Jobs be put in jail unless he prohibits iDose storage on iPods and iPhone devices?
If your life goes down the shitter, will u become an iDose junky, begging for money and plugging in your non-iPod mp3 player at a local McDonalds when it needs 2 be re-charged?

LOCAL NEWS reports new trend: Tweens biting 1 another 4 blood bcuz of Twilight

Watch CBS News Videos Online
Twilight is a popular movie amonst tweens and teens. The movie is about a wolf bro and a vampire bro who 'want to fuck' the same normal chick, and make her part of their clan, forcing her to carry their baby. N e ways, the movie is so popular that teens are starting to 'suck eachother's blood' just to be like authentic vampires.</br/>

No matter where you watch, big screen or little, vampires are everywhere. The "Twilight" movies earn millions. "Trueblood" has a huge following. Even the "Vampire Diaries" are popular. And with the abundance of blood sucking entertainment many young people are living out what they see.

The newest craze is biting. The vampire fans are biting each other in a show of affection. But that can be a dangerous thing CBS News health correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton says the bites can cause serious infections.

N e ways, the segment is kinda boring/is all based on circumstantial evidence. They really should have interviewed a few tweens who love drinking blood, and go to local blood banks to ask for free samples. It was sort of a 'mailed in' local news piece that was 'just good enough' 2 go viral. The standard 'interview teen' ---> shots of teens passing thru halls in high school ---> interviewing 'expect blogger' ----> interviewing medical professional.

Here is another 'crappy ass' local news segment. The 'news journalist' does some hard hitting work, and travels to a local movie theatre to interview teens and their parents: the ultimate source of truth.

Might get a job as a local news producer with the goal of covering odd social high school niches, just so that we can go viral and 'save' our local news station.

N e ways, the trend probably isn't even 'that real' and the authentic vampire bros were probably sucking blood way before Twilight. I have heard that authentic Vampire bros started 2 suck blood right after 'The Lost Boys.'

Really feel like the 'wolf tweens' [link] were the best 'profile piece' of an emerging stupid teen trend/subculture. You really got a dynamic view of their 'way of life.'


IF u were tweens, would u be wolves or vampires?
Are local news segments intended 2 scare old people the best content in the history of humanity?
Should I just pick up a copy of the Twilight Soundtrack, murder some1, and drink all of the blood in their body?
Is blood more refreshing than water/beer/Sparks/milk?
Do u think teens really 'bite eachother' or is this 'fucking bullshit'?

Indie Blogger Perez Hilton going 2 jail 4 posting pix of Miley Cyrus's vagina

Perez Hilton is an indie mp3 blogger who recently posted pictures of tween indie sensation Miley Cyrus's vagina, exposed via upskirt technology. It seems like 'the whole world' is pissed at him for being a perv, and showing us vagina that no1 [via every1] wanted 2 see. Apparently it is 'against the law' to own or blog about nudes of people under the age of 18, so there is a possibility that Perez Hilton will be 'put behind bars.'

Hilton posted a photo of Miley Cyrus on his Twitter page that appeared to show the 17 year old stepping out of a car without underwear - though, it turns out, she may have had underwear on, after all.

Some say the posting could be child pornography.

h8 the internet
gets every1 in trouble
every1 just looking to tug off
but people killing chill vibes of tween horniness

wish we were free to look at upskirts
whenever we wanted

"There are laws against putting that kind of stuff on the Internet, and he could be prosecuted," observes defense attorney Steve Cron.

Psychologist David Swanson calls the post "deeply disturbing. … It's child pornography, and it's normalizing the idea of sexualizing young adolescent girls."

Hilton's response to his critics? "Sure, I like to be controversial, but I don't want to go to jail. People -- snap out of it!"

In recent months, the underage pop star has been projecting a more adult image, promoting her new album, "Can't Be Tamed."

This seems 'controversial.' Sorta wish newspapers still existed so that blogs and bloggers wouldn't 'fuck everything up.' Seems like bloggers only care about getting hits, and they will post any pair of tits, ass cheeks, or vagina lips just to get as many hits as possible.

Wonder if posting kiddie porn 'hurts ur blog', like advertisers no longer want to chill with you since their brand is being showcased right next to some illegal nudes. I guess progressive brands would stay on board, but some brands don't want to have banner ads right next to teen vajengs.

Is Miley Cyrus's vagina a national treasure?
Should Perez Hilton go 2 jail?
Are bloggers 'effing ass holes'?
Will Perez Hilton be the 'Paris Hilton' of prison?
Will other mp3 bloggers go 2 jail for leaking albums / mp3s?
If ur gonna post a picture of a vagina on the internet, do u need 2 make sure they are 18+?
Should Miley Cyrus be sent 2 jail for sexting?

Steve Aoki DJs a party 4 a crowd of entry level alt teens

Photos by the cobrasnake

Steve Aoki DJed some sort of party for entry level alt tweens. I am not sure if he made money on this, or if it was a Super Sweet 16, or if maybe it was part of some sort of 'mentorship program' where you serve as a 'big brother' to tweens who want to be alts when they grow up. Do u think he is a good role model, or should these kids apply to the Animal Collective internship program?

Seems like they all wanted to touch him like he is 'electro Jesus.'

Alt Tween bros put on electro plaid and got they party on

Feel like this is a 'mini-version' of an alt grownup partie

They only want u when ur seventween

When ur 21, ur no fun

Seems like this bro is a 'pimp.'

Steven Aoki did not crowd surf because he weighed more than 100 lbs, but they got an entry level alt who

Seems like tons of bros 'had a grab' 4 the first action of their lives'

Worried she will be traumatized by the horniness of the emerging altbros who 'grabbed everything available'

Worried this pic is 'barely legal'

What r u doing here, punk bro?

It feels good to know that 1 day
I will be an auth alt
doing my homework
putting in my internship hours
knowing it will all be worth it one day

One day
we're gonna be auth alts
I'm on it
I promise

'Eff all yall tweens. Don't even get a bottle of Grey Goose when I DJ for yall.'
-Steven Aoki, Alt Big Brother Program Mentor

Do u wish U had an alt mentor when u were an entry level?
Who do u wish it was? Panda Bear? J Murph? Ryan Schreiber? Carles? Jousteece? the iPad DJ? Zooey Deschanel?
Do alt girls 'age a lot' between 17-21, sorta like Lindsay Lohan?

New subculture emerges in suburban high schools, instead of being emo, lost tweens pretend they are wolves

Video may not play in ur RSS reader

Apparently 'every1 needs to fit in during high school', but a group of extremely troubled rejects 'took it too far' and formed a wolfpack. They honestly believe that they are wolves, but they still do tweeny things like going to high school and hanging out at the mall. It seems like they also have to get a lot of accessories at Hot Topic / Bass Pro Shops / Outdoor Worlds / killing animals with pellet guns in order to make sure that their wolf personal brands are authentically wolf.

I guess 'Twilight' is responsible for this type of 'bullshit' since it gave impressionable tweens reasons to think they are vampires and wolves. Feel worried that if my family settles down in suburbia, my kids will be forced to 'deal with this type of absurd shit.' Not sure if I want to risk my son or daughter 'becoming a wolf.' Would honestly get them a $1000 gift card to abercrombie/hollister/Am Eaggy just so they'd go mainstream.

What were u like in high school? Jock? Nerd? Zany alt? Did u just take AP classes? Were u emo?
Are you going to keep your kids out of public school when u grow up and have kids?

Are wolfpack tweens 'the same as any other high school group'?

His friend Katze Lupus Burn added, "We're not a gang at all. Gangs are like posers. They just want attention, that's why they go along tagging stuff. The pack? We're a family. We go to each other for our problems."

Feel like not every1 deserves a sense of belonging so that wolfpacks don't exist. I feel like 50-90% of people 'deserve to fit in' but maybe Hot Topic just preys on the other ~10%. The emos, the juggalos, the wolf people, the ravers, the hardcore bros, and what ever other weird people shop there to buy weird personal branding accessories.

Should I buy a dog collar or is there a special 'utility collar' that I have to buy at Petco?

Honestly just hope these kids make decent grades so that they aren't 30 years old, living in an apartment with a wolf partner, and raising wolf kids.

Are wolf tweens 'trying 2 hard'?
Are wolf tweens 'the new juggalos'?

"We're not trying to be intimidating, we're not trying to be menacing. We're just trying to live our daily lives and hang out. You know? We're teenagers and we just want to have fun."

And they gather attention, too. One of the wolf pack, whom many consider the "alpha dog," received some international acclaim when a neighbor's dog went missing, only to have its skull found in the possession of 18-year old, Wolfie Blackheart. It created a firestorm on the internet, and was San Antonio's first glimpse into the world of these transformed teens.

Just youtube searched "Wolfie Blackheart.' Seems like she is a controversial animal rights / human-wolf rights meme.


"I'd be more likely to hurt a human than a dog."
-Wolfie Blackheart, 2k10

Her room seems like she is 'all wolfed out' [via wearing harness]

Seems like she can 'really talk to animals'

'You know your parents don't love you when you have a mattress without a sheet on the ground.'

This is her after she probably killed a deer with her mouth and ate it.

Just wanna know where I can buy a wolf sword

I wonder if these wolves are just 'human after all', sorta like a retarded spirit animal from Fight club or something:

"I don't believe anyone is just human. Everyone's got something else mixed in with them. They just have to look inside themselves and find out what it is."

Dei's got his own leash he wears. His mom has a leash on him to: Pam Manley keeps Dei tethered to family, his chores and his studies.

"As soon as he walks in the door, he is supposed to take out the fangs, lose the lenses and put his hair back," Manley said. "They're good kids. And it takes some courage to stand up and be who you want to be and be able to express yourself in this way."

I honestly feel scared of these kids. Sorta vibing hard to Wolfie Blackheart, like she really 'understands' the true meaning of post-alt to the point that she believes she is a wolf. So well spoken, believe she will evolve into an animal way more advance than a wolf.

What do you do if you are raising a son who thinks he is a wolf?

Do u just tell him to 'man up' and 'stop being a fucking wolf'?
Do you call the high school and tell them to put him in special education?
Do you utilize his wolf powers and make him hunt for food every day?
Or are you like 'oh it's just a phase. This is healthy for him to make some new friends.'
If you are a wolf tween, and your friends come over for dinner, does ur mom have to serve the meat raw?

h8 wolf tweens

Should youtube and myspace be shut down so these subcultures don't have a place to communicate / enable growth?
What is society supposed to do about people like this?
Have wolfpack tweens replaced juggalos as 'the funniest subculture meme' on the internet?

"#SaveWolfie" -youtube alt tweens


Will Wolfie Blackheart burn in hell for killing that dog?
Do all wolves go to hell?
Should I buy a new ironic wolf tshirt?
Is Wolfie Blackheart the new Zooey Deschanel?
Will wolfpacks eventually become the 'mainstream' culture in suburban high schools?
Who is to blame for the emergence of wolfpacks: Twilight, bad parenting, or parents who had sex with wolves and created a child?
Are you and your closest group of bros a wolfpack, or are you just a general animal collective?

Justin Bieber gets tattoo in order to 'break free' from his tween image.

Justin Bieber is a popular tween heart throb + singer. He is attempting to 'break free' from his image as a white tween singer, so he decided to get a tattoo. Sorta like when Justin Timberlake left NSYNC, then he had to get tattoos, shave off his lil curly fro, and start 'banging bitches.' Not sure if this is gonna be a 'good idea' for Justin Bieber's brand. Feel like parents will think he is a bad influence now, or maybe he will encourage tons

There are 'mixed reports' on what tattoo he actually received, but listed below are plausible

a) picture of a Pissing Calvin on the Jonas Brothers logo
b) something with 'the n-word.'
c) the word 'tween'
d) the word 'tween' in Comic sans
e) 'eff my parents'
f) 'i luv 2 cum'
g) Disney = Ghey
h) 'I want my MTV'
i) 'More Relevant than God'
j) '@ me on Twitter'
k) 'Trending Topic Legend'
l) 'hard peen in ur vajena'
m) 'Baby, Baby, Baby'
n) a tattoo of pubic hair
o) a tattoo of a ruler on his inner thigh to measure his penis growth
p) the next Corey Haim
q) the next Justin Timberlake
r) the next Macaulay Culkin
s) some sort of bramble tattoo
t) an iPhone tattoo
u) picture of his first born child
v) picture of a Grammy
w) some sort of 'cryptic tattoo' symbolizing the fact that his parents are forcing him to 'stay in show biz' to make their family bank.
x) the next Corey Feldman
y) the next Dakota Fanning
z) the next Brooke Shields
aa) Choose Ur Own Response

Feel 'pissed' that my daughter got an underboob tattoo just to be like Miley Cyrus. She still had a flat chest, so hopefully a 'boob' emerges so that she can be more like Miley.

Is Justin Bieber's tattoo bad 4 society?
Should parents 'boycott' his albums?
Is Justin Bieber gonna have 'a really bad adult life' when he is no longer internet/real life famous?
Will Justin Bieber be able to enjoy the internet when he is no longer the most popular meme on it, and is just an 'ironic retro meme'?

Some bitchy tween ‘goes viral’ 4 ‘making fun of hipsters’ [via vlog]


From what I understand, tons of youtube tweens enjoy making vlogs where they provide relevant commentary on stuff like Twilight, Justin Bieber, mainstream buzzbands, and whatever is on TV on MTV/the Disney channel. It seems like the community of youtube tweens have discovered 'the art of hipster bashing'--the practice of pointing out the hypocrisies in the modern young, trendy, technological adult lifestyle. Not sure if her video is 'revolutionary', or if it is just like a new, tweenage voice spitting out the same ideas that 'every1 already realized 500 blog years ago.'

Are yall 'sooo over' hipster bashing?
Should I start a blog that tracks tween hipster bashing?

Seems like this tween has 'knowledge beyond her years', like she has been reading snark blogs since 'the beginning of the internet.' Feel like she has tons of messages that can teach us not to 'be so consumerist', not to be a slave to trends, and why we shouldn't give up on bands. Do u think that even though she is younger than u, u can still learn a lot from her?

Do u think she is 'hot'? Do u think she should 'shut her mouth' and just keep being a slave 2 technology & trends?
wtf is a 'hipster'?
Do u appreciate her tone, or does she need a solid set of parents/alt role models to 'put her in her place'?
Was 'hipster bashing' only a solid meme in 2k6?
Are tweens taking over the internet/ hipster culture?
Do u wish u knew how to vlog / had a macbook / knew how to 'make fun of subcultures' when u were 11 years old?
Are hipsters 'effing hypocrites'?
Is this tween a 'wanna be hipster'?
Do u think she 'gets' AnCo, or does she just listen to Justin Bieber and not have the 'balls' to go into an Am Appy?

Jonas Brother tweets about awesome new band called Neon Indian

I'll never forget the day that Disney tween sensation Demi Lovato tweeted about Neon Indian [link]. Can't believe a Jonas Brother (Joe Jonas) who has half a million twitter followers 'officially endorsed' Neon Indian. Wonder if this is 'bigger' for Neon India

'Look at those mad retweets.'

Seems like the reaction amongst tweens was 'overwhelmingly positive'

The whole world loves Neon Indian

oh sorry. u already know abt them.

Does n e 1 know what Neon Indian looks like in real life?

What are the best Neon Indian songs that a tween would enjoy?

'u should check out Terminally Tween, bro.'

Will the Jonas Brothers write a chillwave album in 2k12?
Will Alan Palomo of Neon Indian 'produce' the next Jonas Brothers album?
Feel like it seems more likely that a Jonas Brother/Disney tween will hire a bunch of indie / chillwave producers to help re-brand their sound them after they are done with their Disney contracts, kinda like when Hillary Duff dated that Good Charlotte bro.
Is chillwave 'the perfect genre' because every1 can pick up agreeable vibes from it?

Has chillwave gone mainstream / tween stream?
Is this endorsement more important than a high Pitchfork review, or even a performance on Jimmy Fallon?

Gifted and Talented Tweens ‘cover’ Matt and Kim’s Indie hit “Daylight”


Just saw this group of gifted and talented tweens covering Matt & Kim's song from a few years ago "Daylight." Sorta weird that this generic indie song is 'so generic' that it has evolved into a mainstream indie staple song. I don't have any commentary on the performance since it is probably 'good', but wanted to use this post to reflect on children + the performing arts.

Feel sad that my parents didn't send me to guitar / piano / ableton lessons when I was a kid. I am at a severe disadvantage as an artist, like if I wanted to start an indie band I wouldn't even know how.

Wish I could have had an awkward high school band, playing songs that sounded a little bit like Pavement meets Lifehouse.

Wish I could have 'dropped vocals' in the studio.

wonder if I would have been a smarter kid if music stimulated the left/right side of my brain. I guess I'll never know. I'll always be jealous of the bros who brought their acoustic guitars to high school, or my friends who were in 'orchestra' then spent several thousand dollars to buy some weird instrument like a cello. Even though they never play their cello any more, they still had the affirmation that their parents were willing to invest in them 2 cultivate a skill that may or may not have taught them life lessons.

Do u think Obama should cut funding for the performing arts in schools across America?
Does music really help kids 2 learn?
Should Vh1 really care about 'saving the music' or should they just keep making celeb reality shows?
Do u wish u knew how to play indie songs on the guitar / garageband / serato?
Do u think these teens wish they could have covered a Disney teen pop song?
Will Matt and Kim's "Daylight" accidentally evolve into the next "Wake Up" by the Arcade Fire?

H&M Hires tweens to participate in a Flash Mob 2 promote their Kids Line


H&M is a popular retailer with a moderately alternative reach. Many people describe it as American Apparel meets the Gap meets Forever 21 meets ___________. It seems like they are trying to re-brand to be 'cool with the kids + tweens', as opposed to being a place where you go to get cheap shit that looks okay/neutral.

It seems like they got a bunch of tweens to do some sort of flash mob in order to promote their brand. I wonder if it cost a lot of money to hire these tweens, or if it was a bunch of those types of tweens who think their kids should be models / actors / singers / dancers / etc. Always seems like a good idea to hire some teens/tweens who are down to work 'on the cheap' in hopes of creating a better life.

Seems 'weak'

55 stylish kids surprise the public at Union Square in San Francisco with a hip hop dance battle that showcases the latest H&M Kids fashion.

Alt tweens doing grown up things. Riding public transportation, wearing scarves

Every1 is free to live life

Altbaguettes keep getting younger and younger.

Are flash mobs still a legitimate way to create 'viral buzz' for your brand, or should the creative executives who orchestrated this campaign be 'fired' for using a buzzworthy idea from 2-4 years ago?
Will u take ur tween son or daughter to shop at H&M, or will they prefer to shop at WalMart since Miley Cyrus' fashion line is carried there?
Do flash mobs really 'count' when it is just a group of parents huddled around, watching their kids perform?
Do u shop at H&M?
What is your perception of the H&M brand?
Is H&M alt and/or authentic?

A cougar teacher engages in sexting, sends nude pix to her students

A lot of grown ups have been on a social mission to let tweens and teens know that 'sexting is bad.' By definition, sexting is 'sending hot pix of urself to some1 who wants to have sex with u.' It is sorta like the most sexual thing u can do with a cell phone. Apparently, some high school teacher from New Hampshire named Melinda Dennehy sent nude pictures of herself to a student [via cell phone]. This is against the law, since he is a minor, even if he did have the skills/equipment to cultivate nudes from her

Do yall think this is a big deal, or is it chill that she believes 'age is just a number'?

Police say the 41-year-old English teacher sent four sexy shots of herself to a 15-year-old male student at Londonderry High School. The student, it seems, thought that was pretty nifty. Police say he forwarded the images to his friends.

Does Melinda Dennehy seem like a good girl who is just a lil hornie?
If a man sent cock shots of his peen to a girl, would he be more of a 'perv'?
Did yall ever get involved with ur teacher in high school/ college?
Is sexting just part of growing up in the modern world?
Should we encourage teens to sext instead of engaging
Was Mary Kay LeTorneau the first authentic teacher who 'fell in love' with one of her high school students?

Sorta wish i had a teacher who had fallen in love with me when I was 14, or at least a teacher who would have 'tugged me off'....
Does love have an age?
Is age just a number?
Should tweens be given the same rights as grownups to sext?
Is this story only compelling because she's a 'cougar'?

Is the bro who got the nudes a 'victim' or one of the luckiest bros on the planet?

Alt Photographer (The Cobrasnake) gets gig at tween birthday party

Los Angeles based photographer "The Cobrasnake", also known by his human name Mark Hunter, recently photographed / culturally documented a tween's birthday party, then published photos to his public website. It seems like this tween has parents who are well-connected to the arts, nightlife, and/or culture global scene. Many children hope for a Wii or a PSP for their birthday, but very few have parents who have the financial backing or awareness to book a high priced alt photographer brand to have a presence at their birthday party.

'Mark is the best at photography and organizing fun, low cost party games.'

They only want u when ur seventween.

'Fireworks' [via Animal Collective]

Wish my parents understood 'space' enough to get me an elevated bunk bed, and painted my walls with chalk paint so I could doodle whenever I wanted and cultivate an affinity for the arts ---> design skewl.

Wish my parents loaded my room with post-ironic anti-African American antiques. Wish I had my own sambo.

Happy Birthday.  Love, Mom, Dad, and the Alt Report Robot

Is hiring the cobrasnake to photograph your party the modern equivalent of 'hiring a clown' for your child's party/buying a large moon bounce?

What sort of entertainment + photography services do yall use for your alt kids' birthday parties?
Do u wish u had Alternative Parents?
What was the best alt birthday gift u ever received?

The Cobrasnake

Alternative Celebrity

Mark Hunter is the Cobrasnake, some bro who travels around the world taking pictures of alt shit so now he has a lifestyle brand.

Read more>>>>
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