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AlternaTween lolita icon Tavi Gevinson gives TED Talk abt Tween Alt Issues


U know the old saying: "It's not EZ bein' a tween..." Well, there's another alt saying... "It's DEFANATELY not EZ being an alt tween..." That's how blogger Tavi Gevinson paved her way into the blogging game, tricking adults and tweens alike into believing that she had a valuable insight into the human spirit. Her whole gimmick has started this wave of 'girls who think their opinions matter', which I guess is important for the sake of empowerment, but then they'll just go to college and become the 'slam pigs' of bros who know how to manipulate pseudo-intellectual girls who just hate their parents for not giving them enough culture, forcing themselves to 'lose themselves' in 'authentic' internet communities.

ANYWAYS, Tavi Gevinson gave a TED talk, because TWEENS NEED TED TALKS, TOO! I'm not sure who still thinks TED TALKS are meaningful. As far as I'm concerned, they have become the equivalent of a 'community leader' coming to your crappy suburban school to give a talk about something you don't care about. Some people really 'buy into it', but then you resume your life, realizing that the person who just talked was an ass-hole for believing that they had any sort of real insight or advice into anything worth sharing. Tavi's talk was just yammering about girls, tv shows about women, feminism, clothes, fashion, and all the other meaningful thoughts that happen in a teen girl's head before their parents cut them off when they tell them they need more financial support to get a Master's Degree.

Does Tavi look good, bb?

Honestly, I know she's a fashion blogger, but I'm worried that her 'cuteness' is fading away, and now she looks kinda sillie in her outfits. I know she's just a teen, but sometimes, ur mother needs to tell u, "Honey, u look u walked thru a poor ppl thrift store."

Is Tavi 'the Miley Cyrus' of alt [via every1 waiting til she is 18]?

Is Tavi the voice of the female?
Is she just spouting out the same soft-internet feminist fodder that people like Best Coast 'get off' on so that they can sell crap at Urban Outfitters?
Does Tavi look good, bb?
Was this talk 'meaningful'?
Did Tavi 'crush it'?
Do u know what the eff she's even talking about?
Do u h8 people who are like "OMG! WATCH THIS TED TALK!"?
Do u wipe ur ass with TED Talks?
Should TED Talks launch a pornography website?
Does Tavi need to get 'style' advice?

Tavi Launches Buzzband

Tavi Gevinson

Alternative Celebrity

Tavi is a tween fashion blogger whose opinions are respected in the fashion and femblogging community.

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VIDEO: Indie Lolita It-Girl Blogger Fashionista Icon Tavi Gevinson sings live show. Is she launching a music career?

Tavi Gevinson is the face of the 'U Can Do Anything on the Internet' generation, inspiring millions of upperclass tween girls to overvalue their own opinions as if they carry cultural currency, launch youtube channels, blogs, tumblrs, and basically poo out lots of ideas from their mouths in the name of 'celebrating youth' and 'empowering young women.' In fact, the 'empowering young women' niche is a hot one, and has turned into a multimillion dollar industry, with figures like Tavi at the head of it.

Anyways, since she can do anything, and it is beautiful, because she is a free spirited tween, she sang some song at a VIP fashion week event. It truly feels like her life is like a neverending talent show in a Wes Anderson movie, and every1 gives her a standing ovation when she does anything.
tavi 18
The cameras flash, and flash, and flash, and flash... as she sings a song that sounds like it tells the tale of an 80 year old man, but I guess that's her gimmick. She is like 'a teenager' who speaks as if she has a global worldview, like a lower middle class journeyman who has never read a high-priced, editor-influenced fashion magazine in her life.

It is clear that Tavi LOVES the spotlight, and it's only a matter of time before she teams with record producers to become the next Lana Del Rey meets Zooey Deschanel. What CAN'T Tavi do?

R u excited abt the Tavi buzzband era?
Does Tavi have it all?
R u jealous of her ability to content farm as a free spirit?
Do u feel confused abt the 'grown ass ppl' who are 'inspired by her'?
Or is it sorta like being nice to a little kid bc u don't want to hurt their feelings, except it has gone too far, and she has become a thought leader and an influencer?
Do u #celebrate Tavi, or is she just another tween with a blog?
Will Tavi 'continue to get hotter' as she approaches 18, or will she lose the appeal of 'being a lolita' if she gets too old?

Tavi Gevinson

Alternative Celebrity

Tavi is a tween fashion blogger whose opinions are respected in the fashion and femblogging community.

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Voice of Alternatween generation Tavi calls for the end of the Lana Del Rey slutshaming

Tavi Gevinson is widely known as the voice of the alternative tween generation. Basically, her blog 'went mad viral' because every1 is like 'omg she is just a tween! how does she do it?' Now she started some 'online magazine' that is basically Hello Giggles with a little bit of angst and the confidence of a girl who recently lost her virginity to some one that she 'actually loves' and practices 'informed, safe sex' with, and was mature enough to tell her parents that she lost her virginity so that she could schedule an appointment to get birth control although the couple would use multiple forms of protectives, potentially including dental dams. Then when you are in a position of 'internet power' and you start believing that people actually care about what you say, you start 2 believe that you are supposed to 'stand for something' (sorta like Bono), but in actuality you are just banging your head against a wall while and your tribe of losers doesn't even care what u say. For most young women, the idea of 'empowering females' tends to be the best 'vague ideal' that u can stand for and act like you are angry about all the time. #itgetsbetter, yall!

Anyways, Tavi said Lana Del Rey h8rs need to 'back off'. Although she is reintroducing Lana Del Rey back into the conversation by making a joke about the situation, maybe it is time for Tavi and other snark tweeters who always complain 2 realize that they are the true source of 'the problem' because all they wanna do is joke abt how they are mad abt something, but they don't do anything 2 end the drama, except tweet. If only the internet had a true ombudsman, instead of so many h8rz perpetuating the h8... Sigh...

Part of me wishes that I had started a blog and told every1 that I was a teenager, so that all of my ideas would be celebrated and no1 would ever question my intentions and editorial decisions, just cruising on Tumblr-quality opinions and content. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a laptop when I was a tween bc I was not upper-middle class and encouraged to explore my artsy internet side. :-(

Is Tavi a genius?
Does any1 know what Tavi got on her SATs?
Do u think she 'tanked math' but 'killed' the blog part?
Is Tavi enabling the cyberbullying slutshaming of Lana Del Rey?
R u a part of the problem or a part of the solution?
Is Tavi 'the alt Miley Cyrus' in the way that every creepy alt dude has a countdown for her to 'turn 18'?
Is she a 'genius' or an 'overcelebrated tween' from the 'U Can Do Anything' generation?

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Tavi Gevinson

Alternative Celebrity

Tavi is a tween fashion blogger whose opinions are respected in the fashion and femblogging community.

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Twee Teen Icon Tavi Gevinson launches buzzband. Is she the voice of the alt tween generation?


Tavi Gevinson used to be a toddler who knew how to blog, so every1 was like 'OMG SHE'S SO CREATIVE', but it was sort of like when a todder finger paints something, and their parents are all like 'OMG WE'RE SENDING THEM TO ART SCHOOL.' Some how, she became the voice of a tween generation of girls who were 'on the internet' but were 'too alt' to be into Justin Bieber just because she took pictures of herself standing on the side of her house next to the air conditioning unit in some sort zany dress that a grandma with dementia would wear.

Anyways, props 2 her on 'tricking the internet', but it seems like now she is trying to move into the buzzband frontier. Although her guitar playing and singing is questionable, there is no doubt in my mind that she can find a way to become the next She & Him. Let's face it, Zooey Deschanel is the face of the 'I CAN DO EVERYTHING-LOOK AT ME--I'M JUST BEIN MY PRETTY SELF AND EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES' generation. Soon, Tavi Gevinson will have a popular band, television show, and multi-million dollar Etsy site.

I sorta wish I had a daughter who I could 'brand' into an alt internet icon. I could basically dig in thrift store bargain bins and make her sit in front of a webcam for hours, blogging, tumbling, tweeting, and reading other crappy girl blogs that empowered young women in a way that makes them think they should idolize Mindy Kaling.

Did Tavi 'nail it'?
Do u <3 Tavi?
Is she the next 'big thing'?
Can she get 10 out of 10 Pitchforks?
Is she a talented songstress?
Is her music 'as boring as Joanna Newsom's'?
Can she do anything?
Has Zooey Deschanel built a new, cheesy archetype for young girls, or are they 'empowered thru independence'?
If u had a daughter, would u let her have a Macbook, or would u rather just let her grow up a mainstreamer who gets fingered by the High School Quarterback?

Tween fashion blogger Tavi does SEXY rapegaze photoshoot

Tavi Gevinson is a lil alt QT who started blogging about her zany, whimsical, free-spirited, alt-tween-wave fashion sensibilities, then the entire fashionosphere was all like "She is SO FREE! I am CRAZIE 4 HER!" and started putting her in the front row of their fashion shows just to get coverage. Recently, she was spotted showing off her BANGIN BOD at Pitchfork Music festival. Now she seemed to have 'upped the alt ante' by doing a diy rapegaze photoshoot.

As yall know, rapegaze is a popular genre that the buzzband Salem is in. Totally dark vibes, yet at the same time, natural vibes. Like ur lost in a forest, and ambient music with heavy bass is still playing 4 some reason. She apparently went to Michigan just to do this progressive photoshoot. U have to wonder if she is done fashion blogging, and will move towards building a modern goth brand, coupled with some sweet dark noises to call a 'sound project.'

No matter how crappy her rapegaze band sounds, she will be successful bc she is a QT. Do u totally <3 Tavi's new rapegaze vibe?

Former alternatween fashion blogger "Tavi" is "becoming a woman"

Who is that alt hottie McHotHot? Well, in case u didn't recognize her jaded-wave gaze and her keut bod, it happens to be popular tween fashion blogger 'Tavi Gevinson', who got all fashion internet blog famous because she was a fun-loving tween with a REFINED, HIGH-LEVEL taste in stuff, then ppl were all like 'ur so kewl and ur only 12 years old' and then she became marketable, and now magazines/designers 'use' her to get press even though she is the same as any other tween who shops at Claire's, Hot Topic, Old Navy, Justice, and where ever the hell girls shop.

Anyways, 'the blogosphere' is creaming their pants bc she is 'becoming a woman' and showing off her NEW BOD. I can't tell if she looks 'unique' or if she is going to turn into 'every other alt skank' who I have my eyes on about an hour before my local dive bar closes.

Miss u alternative innocence. HAVING SAID THAT... VA VA VA VOOM, BB!

When Tavi isn't doing normal teenage things like attending music festivals with friends she can often be found doing the extraordinary. At the moment she's co-writing a book about her life with Marisa Meltzer with contributions from Miranda July and the Rodarte Sisters.

She used to be a kutesy alt tween... but now, she is not a girl not yet a woman, which basically means the entire alt-osphere is waiting 4 her to turn 18. Do u miss the old Tavi?

She's only 15 years old, so I guess every1 will have their 'child predator glasses on' for ~3 more years.

Is Tavi 'a genius'?
Will she become 'less special' as she becomes older?
Will she get in2 dangerous drugs and fall out of blog relevancy?
Is Tavi the #1 most famous alt-teen girl on the internet of all time, or are u still more in2 Kiki Kannibal?

is it 'kreepy' to have an alt-countdown-to-18? Is Tavi the 'Miley Cyrus of the alt-osphere'?

They only want u when ur seventween....

Tween Fashion Blogger, Tavi, shows up on lastnightsparty

Tavi 'The Style Rookie' Gevinson is a tween fashion blogger whose blog 'went viral' in the fashion world because of her 'youthful spirit', 'honesty', and other generic positive elements that people in the fashion world use/value. She built a large readership, and is now in an era where designers must invite her to their shows in order to get 'authentic coverage' from her free spirited blog posts.

It seems like she attended an afterparty, where the renowned alt party pix photographer Merlin Bronques was able to 'snap a few shots of her. Bronques is famous for taking many nude photographs of women on his site, and we can only assume that his night was a failure after Tavi did not take off her top and show more skin.

Do u know how tweens handle hanging out with high level alts, or is she 'beyond her alt years' because of her critically-acclaimed blog?  Will 'grandma hair' on tweens be a relevant trend in 2k10

In addition, a post-Lady Gaga arts and crafts blipster was in attendance.

Whatever happened 2 the Misshapes?

Is Tavi 'overrated' as a human and as a fashion blogger?
Should tweens have to wait until they are 22 to get 'kewl, desirable jobs & opportunities'?
Do you wish you were more in touch with a relevant zeitgest when you were a tween, and had started a critically acclaimed blog abt a niche topic that flew you around the world?
Would ur parents be free spirited enough to let u pursue your blog?
Is 'fashion week' ghey?
Are party pix worthless when there are 'no tits' in the photos?

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