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I won #SXSW

The greatest week of my life
It was like 80% of the most important ppl in the world
showed up
2 generate tons of buzz for multiple brands, startups, and startup buzz brand bands

I met so many influencers
So many early adopters
So many buzzbands
So many buzzblogs
So many buzzhumans
Hit up so many relevant parties

I have a friend who works for _______
and who happens to know __________
So we were able to get backstage
and hit up a relevant VIP lounge that only had influencers

I got VIP status at everything that I attended
Got tons of wristbands
Just wore a sleeveless shirt bc I basically already had a sleeve of wristbands

Trust me
Me n my crew partied hard...
Maybe a bit too hard
But we also chilled and ate relevant local cuisine

Don't get me wrong
I did a lot of deals
Even tested out the new Twitter 3.0

But part of me is tired
I feel ready to go back to my blog dungeon
Creating relevant content
from the dark dungeon basement in my mom's house

Goodbye Southby
U generated a lot of memes
A lot of buzz
A lot of new indie bands got rowdy exposure and will continue to meme hard on blogs

I'm going 2 miss u, Southby
I know in my heart that my relevancy score went up 25%
Based on my VIP status
The celeb sightings I made
The alt bitches who I canoodled with

Goodbye, sweet Southby
All we have now are a bunch of pix and videos 2 blog abt
SXSW: U think u know, but u have no idea

What happened at Southby
Will not stay at Southby
It will exist everywhere 4evr
[via lifestreaming technology]


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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SXSW: Authentic in 2k10?

When do events go from 'being authentic' to 'being totes fake and filled with mainstreamers'?
I just want to know what 'the tipping point' is
and what causes it
so that I could prevent it from happening

SXSW is funnie
because everything is a 'planned surprise'
and everything is 'free' but 'not really'
and everything is 'exciting' but 'predictable'
and everything is 'viral buzz' but rlly just 'marketing'

Festivals and conferences start out 'being authentic incubators of cool culture'
but then the mainstreamers think they can participate
immersing themselves in 'cutting edge cultural events'
slowly causing the fabric of what made something great
2 unravel

Woodstock 99
SXSW 2010
Pitchfork Festival 2015
Lollapalooza 200_
Coachella 200_
Austin City Limits 2005

They say that once a Wireless Telecommunications Provider
is a prominent sponsor of your entity
then u have 'made it'
but u will soon lose what once made u so great.

Everything has a 'useful life'
Kinda sad abt that


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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I am going to an Elite Music and Technology Conference

I fly away from the city
to another relevant city
to a relevant conference
filled with relevant people
and positive ideas
that will help me take my personal existence
and my web business' existence
to such great heights

The conference will be informative and inspiring
the local cuisine will be amazing
the music with be live and authentic
and the people will facilitate meaningful and relevant conversations
and I will do my best to let every one know
that I am at this utopia [via twitter]

The people one the sidelines of the internet
will be 'jealous and sad' that they are not at SXSW
hanging with industry insiders
and people who glorify their careers where they kinda 'just chill on the internet too much.'

For every 1 influential web visionary at this conference
there will be 100 'people who read a bunch of blogs and constructed a sillie sense of reality'
and think that one day they will invent a revolutionary web service
or start an influencial web media network

The conference is a place for dreams.
The city will be filled with hope.
We will drink free alcohol
provided by sponsors looking to reach web-savvy alternative markets
and for this 1 week
we will be brothers (I.R.L.)
and follow one another for the rest of our lives'

I will introduce myself to people who are my internet role models
because they are relevant, important, and have built a relative fortune off their web ideas
and they will be 'kinda annoyed' because I am one of many
users of their product who 'tried 2 give them my URL/resume'
and connect with them on an authentic level
because I 'get' their product like no other user on the planet

U wish u were here
hanging out with me
and being surrounded by beautiful ideas
buzzed conversations about dreams of 'making millions'
from a simple idea that catches on
and improves the online lives' of millions of people
but more importantly 'makes me a lot of money'

I never want 2 go home
I never want 2 return 2 my desk job
I want to feel important
I want to feel talented
I want to contribute 2 society by building technology
But also appreciate artsy things like film and music
This will be the most meaningful week of my middle-aged life.
I spent the last week RSVPing to over 400 events

I will dine on SXSWestern Egg rolls.


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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Enabling Future Chili's Humor

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another Girl Who Slept Over at her BF's last nite":

crls i am srry but no alt tht i kno of wud b caught ded n ne "chain restaurant" like chili's, all of the alts i am n league w/agreee tht we only go there wen it is "crap night" on our calendar so we eat it b4 we watch gigli

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "What makes a woman beautiful?":

OH NOOO the whole reason i am an alt girl is because i didn't grow 'great boobs' like the other girls in highschool, but now some fabby magazine is telling me girls don't like looking like 8-year-old boys!!!
i'm going to immerse myself in tears and chili's until i look like beth ditto.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Another Girl Who Slept Over at her BF's last nite":

sxswn eggrollsz.

What is the best CMMNT ever left on HRO?
Who is the most prolific HRO cmmntr of all time?
Who is the most annoying HRO cmmntr of all time?
Which fellow HRO reader would u want 2 go on a date with 2 Chili's?

I want to find out the answers to these questions by the end of 2k8.

The Masks + Daylight Theory

Doesn't seeing the Bloody Beetroots in daylight make you want to have an intervention with them?

Something along the lines of:
"Cmon guys. I know you wear masks and all, but you can take them off this afternoon. They look cool in press photos, and in clubs at night, but you know... Seriously, though. We promise not to stop liking you, or taking your music less seriously, but I just want you to be comfortable. It's kind of warm and sunny outside, and it would just be alright with every one if you took the masks off. Just throwing it out there...but I'm not the CEO of DimMak, so I'm not really an expert on personal branding. Anyways, gotta go. Vampire Weekend is playing a secret show, and they took off their sweaters, but still put them around their shoulders."


'Hey. Sorry I haven't been posting enough lately'

I'm at SXSW, finding out about new bands, and learning about technology. I got REALLY hammered at the Facebook Guy Keynote.

Email me if you want to meet up so I can talk to you about the strength and weaknesses of your blog/company/record label/web startup/band.

Anyways, here's a band that I am excited about seeing, and I think they'll be big in 2009:

P0ST M0RE P0STS HR0. :-(

Carles throws down a SICK DJ set at #SXSW's #VIPfest

carles hipster runoff
This post was written by our #SXSW correspondent, 22 year old Frank Marshten, a college intern from the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri.

We battled for tacos, brisket, and friends at #SXSW, but no showcase was more coveted than #VIPfest, thrown by Carles of HIPSTER RUNOFF. The line to this place was at least 3 blocks long, and even if you were VIP status, they were turning people away to a spillover venue to watch a livestream because it was just at capacity. Hell, I Got in and it felt like it was overcapacity. People passed out along the walls after ingesting a cocktail of drugs, vibes, and VIP. FULL DISCLOSURE: I had a few cold ones.

Carles stepped up to the DJ booth, and every1 was going APESHIT. Carles grabbed the microphone, and said, "Tonight, we're all fucking VIP!" Every one began to chant, "V-I-P! V-I-P!" Then Carles dropped the SICKEST DJ set I have heard since young Skrillex was coming up in the scene. The VIP area was going crazy, and it was the relevant hot spot for SO many ALT CELEBS and MAINSTREAM celebs.

It was a real #gamechanger of a night, and every one was chanting "GAME-FUCKING-OVER" after the set. Many people can't get along, but one thing is for sure--we can all agree that Carles KILLED IT, SLEIGHED, and NAILED IT while CRUSHING THE EFF OUT OF IT.

Frank Marshten is a Journalism Student, Missouri Class of 2012. He loves #hashtags, music journalism, fried foods, and small dogs.
Did Carles effing KILL IT at #SXSW?


Meme, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

Carles is the popular blogger from the popular internet website HIPSTER RUNOFF.

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Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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Did Doritos and Taco Bell win #SXSW with Tacos Locos?

There were a lot of bands and tech startups at SXSW, but the one product that caught the attention of all of #SXSW were the Taco Bell Tacos Locos, a new taco content vertical being launched by a collaboration between Taco Bell and Doritos. The idea behind the Taco was, "What if we mashed together the tastiness of a taco with the tastiness of a Nacho Cheesier Dorito?"

The rest is history, but how do you launch a taco that is aimed at fat, Middle Americans who eat at Taco Bell 4 a wave of tastemakers, bloggers, content farmers, and industry BIG SHOTS? U give ur taco away for free at SXSW, lowballing the overrated Austin food truck market.

Do u want 2 eat a Taco Loco?
tacos locos taco bell dorito
The tacos were being given away at the Hype Machine Hotel one of the 'most relevant hot spots' of the entire #SXSW. It seemed like every1 wanted to make their way to the HypeM Hotel not rlly to watch random ass buzzbands, but instead, to try C-grade meat wrapped in a Dorito taco shell.

I'll nvr forget my first Taco Loco.

I walked up to the booth, and some AZN marketing intern/potentially a Taco Bell employee from a regional location gave me my first taste. All she had to do was warm up some meat in a plastic bag, fetch some lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes out of a plastic bag, and properly wrap my Taco Loco.

The next day, I rlly wanted a Taco Loco. I couldn't tell what it was... was it that Dorito crunch? Or that grade C taco beef that tore thru my system like some Pepto bismol? Sprinkled with a smidgen of FIRE hot sauce, I felt like I was on the bleeding edge of the culinary arts. I felt like a true VIP eating this #taco, so I tweeted abt how good it was!

Then, I went to a local drive-thru and picked some up with my bro


Me and my bro in the OWL HOOD effing KILLED that Taco!
tacos locos taco bell

The next day, I had to get even more LOCO with that TACO.

Then I recorded an UNBOXING video in my swag uniform.


Some ppl saw buzzbands at SXSW
Some ppl saw keynotes at SXSW
Some ppl saw celebs at SXSW
Some ppl drank at open bars at SXSW

But I gorged myself on over 100 Tacos Locos from Taco Bell and Dorito, #FeedingTheBeat HARD. Just yesterday, I went to a gastrointestinal specialist, and he said that the damage done to my own body with cheese powder, beef-from-a-bag, and other Taco Bell items might never be undone. But in the moment where I ate a free taco, I felt like a VIP tastemaker influencer.

Does this taco look 'effing disgusting'?
do u want 2 eat Doritos + Taco Bell?
Is Taco Bell 4 'the poors'?
Do u #FeedTheBeat?
Did u know that 65% of buzzbands eat at Taco Bell more than 10x during their tours?
Is Taco Bell 'buzzworthy'?
Did Tacos Locos #Win #SXSW?
Are Tacos Locos 4 'hefty middle americans'?
Do u think outside the bun?
Do u vibe on 4th meals [via obesity]?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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The hot altbaguettes in FRIENDS show off their BANGIN BODS while they KILL IT at #SXSW

Photo via Sirius XMU

This post was written by our #SXSW correspondent:

Friends is a BUZZHYPED buzzband STRAIGHT OUTTA Brooklyn who all the bloggers are ABSOLUTELY lovin. After waiting in a taco truck line for 3 hours, then waiting in another line to the venue for 1 hour, we finally made our way to the front, and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. The crowd was going #WILD_N_OUT 4 friends as frontwoman Samantha Urbani WORKED her BANGIN BOD and SICK VOICE. Bassist Lesley Hann TEMPTED us with a fair amount of potential sideboobage in a #RISKE shirt. Needless to say, the band KILLED IT, CRUSHED IT, and NAILED IT. Other Dude was also vibing, zoning, and chilling super hard on stage.

R u on #TeamLesley or #TeamSammi?

Or are u on #TeamOtherDude?
Do u <3 or h8 Friends?
Do they 'deserve' buzz or are they just exploiting the Corrupt Indie Machine with BANGIN BODS?
Is having a BANGIN BOD the best way 2 get buzz [via Grimes]?
But 4 real.... R u on #TeamLesley or #TeamSammi or #TeamBoth or #TeamOtherDude?

Samantha Urbani

Alternative Celebrity

Samantha Urbani is the lead singer QT of the buzzband Friends.

Lists: QTs, it girls
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Lesley Hann

Alternative Celebrity

Lesley Hann is the backup singer and multi-instrumentalist for the band Friends.

Lists: QTs
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Matthew Molnar

Alternative Celebrity

Matthew Molnar is the other dude in Friends (Brooklyn band)

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Cults KILL IT at #SXSW, Maddie Follin LOOKS GOOD, BB!

maddie follin cults
This post was written by our #SXSW correspondent.

Cults NAILED IT at effing SOUTHBY! I saw Cults play KILLER songs and KILL IT. The CROWD was effing WILD, and EVERY ONE was TRYING TO GET IN. I knew a guy who knew the venue owner and he got me in, and it was easily the MUST SEE event of #SXSW. It was the definition of an effing #GAME_CHANGER, and on top of that, Maddie Follin, Cults frontwoman looked GOOD on stage. Then I saw her on my way to pick up a Taco Bell taco loco, and she was standing there and I asked her to take an instagram pic, and she said she was so tired, but told me to go to their show later that night. I went, and it NAILED IT, and they KILLED IT. They definitely were BUZZING #SXSW, and even Ryan Gosling showed up to their show and he was bobbing their head. It's only a matter of time before Cults blows up, so DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA.

Then Carson Daly came out and I got his autograph. I asked him about Tara Reid, but he looked mad at me, so I changed the subject by saying, "Cults KILLED IT, huh?" He said, "CRUSHED." Then I asked him if he would play Cults on TRL, and he was like 'Eff u bro.'



Do u <3 Maddie BB?
Should she 'go solo' from Cults and launch a Lykke-Li wave brand so she doesn't have 2 pay other ppl in her band?
Did ______ NAIL IT at #SOUTHBY?



Cults wrote a hit MP3 "Go Outside" and are looking to ride fuzzy buzzy pop waves in 2k11.

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Madeline Follin

Alternative Celebrity

Mysterious vocalist, 1/2 of 2k10 buzzband Cults.

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Grimes shows off her BANGIN BOD in SCANDALOUS #SXSW SEXI outfit, KILLS IT

Grimes is one of the most buzzworthy artists of 2k12, finally finding her way into the Corrupt Indie Machine's marketing management system. She's already had 2 albums, but I guess no1 really cared abt them and now it's like she is the NEW, BUZZWORTHY thing when she is actually a seasoned vet. Not that I'm complaining, as long as Grimes will keep showing off her BANGIN BOD in these conceptual outfits, every1 will be happy.

U look + sound good, bb! U and ur publicist #NAILED the @VEVO_SXSW interview!


The GOOGLE PLUS BRAND will NEVER be the same EVER again


PREVIOUSLY: Grimes and Samantha Urbani from FRIENDS show off their BANGIN BODS, party like effing rock stars

It seems like she was KILLING IT, CRUSHING IT, and EFFING SLEIGHING at SXSW. The Game has been changed forever, and this SXSW, Grimes was a clear buzz winner. The show was SICK to get into because it was at a VIP afterhours exclusive rental property a few hours from Austin with a private shuttle to the show that tons of alt celebs were riding there. The vibe was SICK and she NAILED IT.

She even brought an electro twink and he #HASHTAGGED the eff out of #SouthBi


Oh Grimey... I wanna make artsy fartsy music videos with u...

This is Grimes' world, and we're just lucky that she lets us live in it after #OWNING #SXSW. #Winning [via Charlie Sheens] -This Report was filed by our 15 year old #SXSW correspondent

Editor's Notes:
Does Grimes have a BANGIN BOD?
Is she the hottest BB in indie right now?
Is she a top tier indie diva?
Do u live 4 Grimes?
Is she 'authentic', or an overmarketed product of the Corrupt Indie Machine and dumb 'culturally relevant experiences' like SXSW?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Alice Glass KILLS IT at #SXSW, Crystal Castles effing CRUSH IT

Alice Glass and Crystal Castles are readying a new 2k12 album, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't stop by #SXSW to generate some buzz for their band. As u can tell by this picture, Alice Glass was in the EFFING ZONE. As usual, Alice KILLED IT, and CRUSHED IT and completely CHANGED THE GAME during this performance.

U have to assume that this SXSW was a BRAND SUCCESS as the BUZZ about their band continues to go viral, being watched by so many INDUSTRY TASTEMAKERS. Crystal Castles SLEIGHED at SOUTHBY and there is NO stopping their FORWARD BRAND MOMENTUM. #SOUTHBY

NOTHING will be the same after the performance. #gamechanger

What Happens at SouthBy DOES NOT stay at SouthBy. #GAME_OVER, Alice Glass.

SouthBy Correspondent wasting a web company's money with generic coverage abt #SXSW like it matters

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Black Buzz Rapper gets into brawl with white fans at #SXSW show. Has SXSW lost control?

I can't really tell the difference between most buzz rappers because they are just ultra-thuggy sounded music that is respected/covered by 'indie blogs' before they eventually go mainstream where they belong. I'm not gonna let any1 pull a Lana Del Rey on me ever again, even if it is a hardcore African American thug-wave rapper. But there has apparently been some new one named A$AP Rocky that every1 'seyz is cool', and he was at SXSW getting 'covered' by bloggers and journalists who think they are 'relevant' because they get 2 drink a free cocktail and talk with other deluded loser 'writers' who think they are influential tastemakers, too.

Anyways, a great/dark moment in crowd vs. artist history happened last night when A$AP Rocky and his crew of 'tons of scary looking black people' on stage went into the crowd and 'beat the shit' out of some ppl/started a 'brawl.' Unfortunately, no1 was murdered, or else this could have been a mega-meme that led to the 'end of SXSW as we know it' because so many events can't be expected to control so many crowds. The fight took place at 3:30 am when ppl are really drunk and tired, and something is bound to go wrong, whether it is a venue fire, brawl, shooting, or other tragic incident. SXSW apparently 'makes too much money' + builds Austin's brand 2 much 4 them to shut it down, but if a white person had died/been severely beaten by this rap crew, the entire SXSW game could have been changed forever.

"This fight was brought 2 u by Dynex, the maker of shitty HDTVs for poor ppl."

The video is 'effing priceless', because it seems like the 'rap crew' is trying to be pretty chill as they try to get a 'green doo rag' back. Then ppl are throwing free beer at them. Then they are like 'the next nigga who does that is gonna get yoinked.' Then some other chill bro throws a can of beer, and the rap crew jumps into the crowd in a moment that mirrored Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson's foray into stands during a Pistons vs. Pacers NBA game in Detroit.


U have to wonder if this will be 'good' 4 their image, or if it will make white people and those 'swaggy tweens' who like Odd Future 2 not feel safe at ASAP Rocky shows.

Not sure if fighting with fans is #SWAG.

Should we go 2 an A$AP Rocky concert and throw stuff at him?
What does ASAP ROCKY even sound like?
Has he stolen the buzz of Odd Future with this non-music related meme?
Do u have any rotten tomatoes?
Why does the indiesphere care abt rappers? Is it an equal opportunity thing?
Does this make u scared of going to see rappers?
Do u think a white indie fan would go into the crowd and 'kick ur ass' or just stop playing and get every1 mad at the beer can thrower?
Why is A$AP Rocky buzzworthy/relevant?
Does n e 1 care abt him, or just the fact that he is a 'real nigga' who does 'thug shit' and doesn't care abt tastemaking SXSW audiences?
Should SXSW be shut down/scaled back in order to prevent musician vs. fan violence in the wee hours of the morning?
Has SXSW lost control?
Was this fight staged/strategically created by the VICE marketing department, sponsored by Dell?
Is it time to shut down SXSW?
R u scared of race wars?

A$AP Rocky

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

A$AP Rocky is a buzz rapper who the indiesphere 'endorses' that got into a fight and 'won' #SXSW.

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#VIPfest #SXSW official details








Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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Some d-bag at #SXSW watches a buzzband by holding up an iPad

So there I was
standing at a relevant, sponsored fort/shed/tipi/igloo/alternate structure
Drinking a complementary beverage provided by a regional texas distillery/brewery
Just trying to enjoy the relevant buzzbands

But it was hard 2 see the buzzband
S0 many ppl
They aren't even there 2 enjoy the music and search 4 buzzbands
They are just there 4 the free drinks, totally killing the vibe :-(

I guess I just have #SXSWproblems
[via Shit South By South West Ppl Say]
Maybe I should be more appreciative of this AMAZING opportunity
Or maybe I should integrate MUSIC and TECHNOLOGY 2 find a solution 2 my problems

I brought my iPad 2 the show
Since I need on-the-go app functions to RSVP 4 relevant events
and track #Twitter for any of the relevant hashtags
I decided 2 utilize the #camera feature on my iPad
2 watch the band

It was a beautiful moment
Where I felt like I was watching a sponsored LIVESTREAM
in the comfort of my own home
except I was actually AT the event
integrating the best of IRL with the internet

I turned myself in2
a human meme
who represented technology ruining society
who represented the integration of music and technology
who represented the science of music discovery and tastemaking
who represented the ultimate #SXSW bro


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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HIPSTER RUNOFF presents #VIPfest #SXSW: An Unofficial VIP SXSW party

#VIPfest is a party by HIPSTER RUNOFF. It will be at this year's #SXSW in Austin, TX. This will be #SXSW's premiere VIP experience. No more dehumanizing long lines, empty promises of 'free booze', and being treated like cattle. #VIPfest will be the most relevant party, filled with a roster of mainstream and alt celebs, famous EDM DJs, famous indie bands, and some of the best bands of next year. We'd like to thank our sponsors for letting us roll this out our way, and we will let them do their thing during the party, and with legacy content. Just as long as we are all #VIPs.

#VIPfest: An Equal Opportunity #VIP experience (but not too equal)

Lineup, Venue and details will be announced hours before the event to those who have RSVPed using the VIP RSVP app!
Date: Saturday, March 17, 2012 10 pm - 4 am
Venue: SECRET SPACE, Within walking distance of Red River and Sixth Street
FREE Alcohol, Swag, and VIP giftbags to all attendees.
Ages 16+ to attend, 21+ to drink. Please drink responsibly.

RSVP here by downloading the Free iPhone App. (also compatible with iPads & iPod Touch).

It will generate a QRID code that we will use to verify your reservation. No more waiting in long lines as some one tries to find your name on a list. VIP RSVP will ensure that you are partying VIP style on the last night of #SXSW.

Even if ur not coming to #SXSW, feel free to give our FREE APP a download and let us know what you think!


Link to Download App:
VIP RSVP is the premiere RSVPing app for the most anticipated party during SXSW* Music , HIPSTER RUNOFF’s #VIPfest.

*Note: This app and event is not directly affiliated with SXSW.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Features include:

  • Confirm RSVP
  • Invite friends and confirm guestlist spots
  • On-screen QRID code to verify RSVP status
  • Keep up to date with party updates and artist lineup unveiling

Why do we need VIP RSVP?
One of the major complaints in the partygoing experience has to do with waiting in line, and feeling like you are NOT getting fair treatment and access to an exclusive event. We decided to minimize the line, troubles at the door while some one looks at a guestlist, and try to make sure that party guests really do feel like VIPs.

What if I don't have an iPhone or iPad?
Sorry! Due to coordination with our sponsors, iOS users are the current target market.

So how do I get into #VIPfest without an iPhone? Don't make me lug my iPad there!
If a friend RSVPs for you and claims a confirmation QRID code, you will be able to get into the party with them. Additionally, our technology will work if you or your friend has an iPhone, sends you a screenshot of the QRID screen, and you bring a printed piece of paper or open the screen shot on a mobile device.

#VIPfest will also have a 'traditional line,' but people who RSVP utilizing the app will be given priority VIP access to the party, alcohol, and free swag.

Do you have an Android of Blackberry app?
Our Android app is currently in development. We are not planning on building a Blackberry, RIM or Windows Mobile app, but that could change.

When will the lineup for #VIPfest be announced? When will the venue be announced?
#VIPfest's lineup and venue will be announced at 8:30 PM on the Saturday night of the party. The venue will be within walking distance to the intersection of Red River and 6th Street.

How can we contact #VIPfest for press request and inquiries?
Please contact in order to get in touch with Karen.

The current release is operating in Beta mode in direct collaboration with HIPSTER RUNOFF’s #VIPfest before being adapted for a wider release.

R u coming to #VIPfest?
Do u wanna be #VIP with Carles?
Did u download the App?

RSVP here...
Don't u want an authentic #VIP experience?
Do u know who is playing #VIPfest?
R u gonna watch the LIVESTREAM?
Do u want to be #VIP?
Will this be #SXSW's MUST ATTEND party?

Plz feel free 2 tweet this hashtag before/after/during the event.

RSVP now! Use the app to #guestlist ur friends.
It's time 2 b #VIP.

#VIPfest: The Ultimate 'SouthBy' VIP Experience.

RSVP now!

I'll see u in #VIP.

R u coming to #VIPfest? #SXSW


Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi and horrorcore rapper Tyler the Creator spotted bronoodling

I just found this leftover SXSW meme. It is just a picture of Odd Future horrorcore teen sensation rapper Tyler the Creator hanging out with Chaz Bundick, the 'front man' of the Toro Y Moi sound project. I don't know what they are talking about, or if they are authentic bros, or if they are 'collab-ing' in this picture, but whenever u see 2 alt celebrities canoodling or bronoodling, u have to blog about it because it is usually more interesting than an MP3.

They seem chill, like they are just talking about 'life as a blipster', and how the white indiesphere wants to chew them up and spit them out.

Who do yall think is a more talented artist?
Who will be around 4evr? Who will have a longer career?
Who will go more mainstream?
Do u think they are bffs, or will they end up 'enemies'?
Is the indiesphere an 'equal opportunity buzz-enabler'?
Do u think they are allowed to use 'the n-word' 2gthr bc they are both black?
Who will 'rank higher' in the album of the year 2k11 race?
Which of these bands 'won' SXSW?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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VIDEO: James Blakes plays his dubstep organ music 4 a crowd of dubstepian bros


I just watched this live video of "Wilhelm's Scream" by James Blake performed at some day concert at SXSW. You can tell that every1 in the crowd thinks that they are witnessing something special as the organist comes out on stage, then every1 tells him that they want him to impregnate them. Then he makes a racial slur against the black R&B singer D'Angelo. Then he starts to play his organ and it is so-so.

There are some pretty good crowd shots of when ppl are 'getting into the music' and nodding their heads like 'Eff Yeah this is the shit and I am in the VIP section.'

Will James Blake evr know wbt his dreams?

do u <3 "Wilhelm's Scream"?
Do u think James Blakes is a MUST SEE act when he comes 2 ur local town?
Would u let James Blake impregnate u?
Do u <3 his ginger swoop?
Is James Blake 'dubstep' or just 'organ wave'?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Donald Glover is still trying to be a buzz indie rapper, performs at SXSW 2 try 2 generate buzz

Photo by Nate Igor Smith

Donald Glover is another one of those ppl who have a minor role on an NBC comedy show that no1 watches unless u don't have a TV and think that you are 'really connected 2 cutting edge comedy' by streaming HULU episodes. Anyways, he has been pushing for some sort of 'rap career' for the past _ years, but I am not sure why. I feel like he should focus on his comedy career and try to become 'the next Chris Rock/Dave Chappelle' because black comedians have the highest ceilings in terms of comedic potential.

He went to SXSW and put on some show where he showcased his rapping skills. I wonder if he is 'trying to be like Kanye West' or if he is 'trying to be as buzzworthy as Odd Future.'

Do yall support Donald Glover's indie rap career?
Have u seen him 'kill it'?
Should he 'let the pros do their thang' or is he 'hella talented'?

Here is a video where he raps like Puff Daddy in "Come With Me"


Here is a video where him + his backing band try to hit a 3 part harmony


Here is some writeup by some1 who thinks he is a legitimate rapper and performer

The first mention of the size of his dick makes the women in the middle of the pit scream, but it's the end of the song that marks the theme for the night. Tacking on a new chorus, Glover gets the crowd of hipsters, b-boys, and the girls who dragged their friends with the promise of seeing the guy from Community to chant "Fuck Rap Cool" at end of "Freaks." Rainbow Coalition throwing their hands up in the air to fuck all pretense. All conformity.

Do yall <3 Donald Glover?
Is he a keut blipster?

Here is a funny video of Donald Glover being forced to tell a local news anchor woman that the MTVu Woodies are a serious awards show.


Do u think Donald Glover will become the next Kanye West?
Will he become the next I Am Diddy?
Will he become the black Asher Roth?
Do yall watch 'Community Recreation at the Office of 30 Rock' on NBC?
Do yall think Donnie Glovie is a better rapper or comedian?
Do u think he is mad pissed that Odd Future is getting more buzz than him?

Donald Glover

Alternative Celebrity

Donald Glover is an alt comedian who is trying to 'make it as a buzzband' under the name Childish Gambino.

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Austin Local News does scare piece on SXSW being a dangerous death trap


An Austin local news station just did this report on tons of trouble at SXSW. Fights, riots, uncontrolled crowds, drunken ppl hitting women, unruly buzzbands, total chaos in the tame city of Austin. I understand that the local news is for old people who double check that their suburban doors are locked every night so that the colored drug addicts don't wander into their homes at night, but it is kinda funnie to see this old white haired newscaster bro say the names of buzzbands like 'The Strokes' and 'Death from Above 1979.'

Anyways, it seems like the local news probably needed a little bit more scary footage of people dying/being trampled 2 death in order to make this a really juicy local news piece. It seems like the city of Austin has generally done a decent job making sure that drunk ppl don't kill eachother at free events, but it is only a matter of time b4 the first SXSW death happens, sorta like all those raves in California. Then SXSW will be changed/ruined/banned 4evr.

Is SXSW 'safe'?
Should the city of Austin 'pull the plug' on this event even though it makes mad $$$ for the city?
R u afraid that 1 day u will die at SXSW?
Do u <3 the local news?
Do u feel bad whenever u watch the local news because it represents 'the world' that __% of the country is living in bc they don't read relevant blogs?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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Twin Shadow shows off his chest hair 2 prove he is a grown ass man

Twin Shadow played a bunch of shows at SXSW, and I just saw this picture of him and a random white bro. I am sort of wondering if Twin Shadow is officially a male indie sex icon. He has so many of the buttons of his plaid shirt unbuttoned, even beyond alt standards. He looks totally sexi, showing off his chest hair.

I hope that 1 day I can have chest hair so that I can show off that I am a 'grown ass man.' The white bro on the right seems like he hasn't committed to having enough buttons unbuttoned and still looks like a Cancun-wave bro, but George Lewis Jr. is all like 'check me out.'

Here he is showing off more chest hair while playing a buzz show in a church because he thinks that buzz is more important than religion.

Photo by Erik Sanchez via p4k

Do yall have chest hair?
Do u flaunt it as an alt trait, or do u hide it?
Do u wish u were a grown ass man?
Have u ever had a dark wet dream where George Lewis Jr. had his way with u while "Castles in the Snow" was playing?

Twin Shadow


Twin Shadow is the 2k10 buzzband buzz project of George Lewis Jr. His hit album FORGET is 'highly bloggable.'

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Puff Diddy eats BBQ! #yummy #ribs

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Diddy BB! U look good... but honestly right now your BBQ looks REALLY REALLY GOOD, bb! #lol

I could really go for some ribs right now. I might go to Chili's and eat some BB BACK RIBS #iwantmybabyback #bbqsauce

Diddy is a really talented rappers, so he DESERVES to eat all of that meat! Yumyum #omnomnomnom

I've been eating a lot of bbq chicken bc there isn't much fat in poultry #extra_sauce #potatoesalad #creamed_corn #peachcobbler

I GOTTA hit the gym soon though. U look good Diddy! Nvr 4gt Biggie, but honestly I learned about Diddy from 'I'll be Missin U' so maybe it was good that Biggy died #justsayin'

Enjoy ur bbq! Invite me nxt time, bb!

Toro Y Moi & James Blake spotted bronoodling at SXSW, chilldub collab in the works?

There were tons of rumored sightings of alternative celebrities canoodling and bronoodling at SXSW, however this picture captured chillwave pioneer Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) and James Blake (The James Blakes) bronoodling at SXSW.

Chaz looks totes keut as always, while James Blake continues to perpetuate his brand as 'The Ginger Bieber of Indie' (in a ttly keut kinda way). Toro Y Moi was met with rave reviews at SXSW, while James Blake was kinda like 'ehhh... maybe he just sounds better in MP3 format. It's just 1 dude on an organ' but maybe indie critics will give him a second chance but ppl are also sorta cooling on his album buzz now that they can hype Odd Future as the 'indie flavor of the month' because they are American and the American indie press only hypes UK bands if they are 'desperate' for content [via the great buzz drought of 2k10-k11].

Are yall on #TeamChillwave or #teamDubstep?
Are yall on #TeamUSAindie or #TeamUKoverhypedBalogna?
Who looks keuter?
Do yall think they are collabing or could Chaz Bundick produce a hit dubstep album 'in his sleep'?
Do u <3 or h8 James Blake?
Would u <3 James Blake more if he got hammered & fell off stage after a week long bender?
Who 'won' SXSW?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: Das Racist lead singer falls off stage after a week-long SXSW bender


It seems like Das Racist was one of those bands that went to SXSW and was forced by their management to play 20 shows. Not sure if that is effective buzzband 'strat', or if it just makes buzzbands feel like 'buzz slaves' where they mindlessly perform for 20 minutes at a time 2 any1 who will listen. Anyways, it seems like Das Racist 'front man' Himanshu Suri (aka Heems) went 'too far' and after a week-long 'bender', finally collapsed after his final South By Southwest show at the Stereogum Party at the Pure Volume Fort House. Event happens at the 1:45 mark, but then he 'powers on' and continues 2 rap.

Do u think he 'authentically collapsed' via drugs + drunkenness, or was this meme just created so that they would get some post-SXSW buzz?
Was it chill of the Final Fantasy bro Owen Pallett to wear a sleveless shirt so he could help Heems back on stage?

R u worried abt Heems? #pray4heems

R u worried that Das Racist will become 'the next WAVVES' and all of their tweets/live performances will just be abt 'how fucked up they were on stage'? Should they start performing with a bottle of Jack Daniels on stage [via the Alice Glass model]?
Did Charlie Sheen reinvigorate the demand 4 headlines that include the word 'bender'?

Is Das Racist 'pissed' that Odd Future 'stole all of the rap buzz'?
Should the 'recruit a Fergie' [via the Black Eyed Peas] then sing abt saving the world with electro beats?
Did yall go on a 'sxsw bender'?
Is SXSW unsafe for humans and buzzbands?
Should Das Racist do 'more skateboard tricks' on stage so that they can be as viral as The Odd Futures?
Who was the #1 band of SXSW according 2 the internet?
Should more buzzbands 'go on benders'?
Who is the sexi-est/keutest member of Das Racist?

Kanye West and Jay-Z totally rap together at South By Southwests

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye and Jay look S0 SWAG rapping 2gthr like #realfriends

They are bringing the house down, probably singing some really AWESOME club jams like "Gold Digga" and "Jigga what??" I don't like to say the n-word, so i defanately prefer the term 'jigga.' #TeamJigga

I actually witnessed racism first-hand when I was at McDonalds last week and a black employee took too long to get a white customer's fries out. Unfortunately, the white person DID use the n-word, and it was COMPLETELY WRONG, so u have to give Jay-Z props for inventing the word 'Jigga.' #TeamJigga

Yall look good!
I hope Kanye can find a wife as cute as Beyonce <3

There was a riot at SXSW. Is it no longer a 'safe' music festival?


This is video of a riot outside of a DFA 1979 show at Beauty Bar in Austin, TX. I don't think it was really a 'riot', but just a bunch of ppl who wanted 'in' to an exclusive secret show at SXSW, but didn't have sick connections that could get them into the VIP area within 5 minutes of arriving. I am not sure if DFA 1979 is even that relevant/that meme-worthy, so I think they probably 'staged' this meme to try to get their brand out there because I didn't hear any buzz whatsoever about this show.

Anyways, you see some cops tazering some bros, then some cops on horsies show up. If u were the local news, you would be forced to ask "Is SXSW too dangerous? Is it eating up the city of Austin's local resources? Is it time for SXSW to end 4evr?" It sorta reminds me of Woodstock 99, except no1 died and they handled it appropriately.

Is DFA 1979 worth 'rioting' ovr?
Was this really a 'riot' or a forced meme?
Do u wish there was more graphic footage of alts being beaten?

Photo via SPIN

Did DFA 'crush it'?
Did DFA 'unretire' bc they needed more $$$?

Photos by Graeme Flegenheimer

Should Austin 'ban' unofficial SXSW events?
Should DFA 1979 be 'banned' from indie?
Were u tazed/trampled by a horse at this event?
IS SXSW turning into a 'California style rave' where ppl are eventually gonna die?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black's lo-fi, acoustic SXSW performance showcase


Rebecca is a buzzband human who 'went viral', sorta similar to how Die Antwoord started because no1 took them seriously as artists. Anyways, Becca Black had a chill, low-key SXSW acoustic sesh where she sang her hit song "Friday." She had a backing band of 2 ethnic dudes, and then 1 cool dad bro in boot-legged jeans. They all seem 'really pumped', like they had just made a million dollars off iTunes or something.

Did yall go to this SXSW showcase, or was it 'too VIP for yall?
Did Becca look hella keut?

Do u wish u had a boot legged faded jean cool dad soul patch bro to 'root u on' [via Miley Cyrus theory]?

Did Becca Black 'win' SXSW?
Did u go 2 this 'showcase'?
Who was it sponsored by?
Were u able to get 'free booze' in the VIP area?

Can Becca Black 'make it' as a buzzband?
Did yall 'get down' 2 this version of "Friday" or do u miss the pop electro sounds?
Does she have a great voice?
Will she become the greatest human meme of all time, or will she end up Charlie Sheeny?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

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James Blake wears emo Justin Bieber hoodie + hair swoop on stage while playing the piano

Photos by Eric Sanchez

James Blake keeps lugging his piano synth organ all around Austin TX to play multiple SXSW shows. I have heard 'mixed reviews', some saying that it is 'amazeballs' and other ppl being like 'hrmmm... maybe we got this buzz hype all wrong.' Anyways, it seems like we have discovered that James Blake is a 'hoodie bro' who likes to wear hoodies, and he also likes to have a 'hair swoop', similar to Justin Bieber.

Who do u think is keuter?
Who will have a more successful, lucrative career?
Who is better at dubstep piano music chamber house?

Will the James Blake hype 'sustain itself' after SXSW?
Is he 'amazing' in the studio, but just not made for the live setting?
Is he still 'the prince of dubstep' or will Thom Yorke steal that title from him?

Is James Blake a total QT?
Do u think he is banging mad SXSW groupies?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Jack White tries 2 go viral by playing a SXSW show via some trailer on the street

Jack White played some 'popup show' in the back of some trailer. This seems like something ppl would do in the 1950s, but not sure if it is really as innovative these days. I guess it is just supposed to 'generate blog buzz' or something, but I honestly thought Jack White had retired, but I guess he will probably never retire and become one of those old ass men who plays boring music and every1 still has to pretend it is good.

Anyways, he has some sort of gimmick 'popup shop' mobile record store. It is just some trailer, and he is driving around SXSW. I guess that's what u do at SXSW, try to create zany memes that get reblogged or something.

Here is some dumb video that tries 2 hype up his mobile record store.


HEre is some video of him performing and every1 thinking that they were experiencing something meaningful.


R u pissed that Jack White 'unretired'?
Does he represent everything that is 'right' with the music industry?
Is he an industry leader?
Is this an authentic way 2 promote urself or just a sillie blog gimmick?
Do u hope u run into a relevant buzz artist at SXSW who is driving a mobile marketing device around town?

Pitchfork launches Pitchfork 3D, pix of tons of alts in 3D glasses emerge

Photos by Erik Sanchez

Sometimes I wonder 'what is the future of the blogosphere?' Will ppl get bored reading boring blog posts with boring words, pictures, videos, and widgets? What can we do to make the 'live concert experience' completely obsolete and offer consumers a way to stay home and still feel like they are at a live concert, except without all of the hassles that come along with the live experience.

Pitchfork seems to be launching Pitchfork 3D at SXSW to 'take the mp3 blog experience 2 the next level.' I am not sure what all of these ppl are watching. Maybe they are watching a buzzband in 3D. Or just some video. I am not sure. The only buzzband I have seen in 3D is the Avatars, fronted by iconic indie songstress Sigourney Weaver.

Do u wish u were at SXSW to be the first person to experience tons of kewl tech startup launches and cobranded deals?
Will Pitchfork.3d 'save' the music blogosphere?
Will other blogs and websites have 2 go '3d'?
Will we be able to read Pitchfork without 3D glasses in 2k11.5?
R u exited about the 3D era of the blogosphere, or is it getting 'too corporate and mainstream'?
Do u think that the era of 3D TV/internet will 'pan out' or are there just too many annoying elements 2 make it a viable entertainment medium?
Was Avatar a 'big pile of blue poop'?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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