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Is Castrato the future of indie music? [via cutting off peens]

I was reading the popular mp3 blog, GuerrilasAndBears, and I came across a song by the lead singer of SIGUR ROS and his ghey lover. They are from Iceland, so they probably 'bond' by doing artistic projects and stuff like that. I listened to this song, and it was 'whatever.' Sorta just thought it might help me reconnect with 'how alive I felt' the first time I heard the SiggyRoos 100 blog years ago.

Jonsi & Alex - boy 1904

///MP3 via

Then I read the 'description' of the song, and it features a sample by a CASTRATO SINGER. I had to google 'castrato' to see if it was some kewl indie trend:

A castrato is a man with a singing voice equivalent to that of a soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto voice produced either by castration of the singer before puberty or one who, because of an endocrinological condition, never reaches sexual maturity. Castration before puberty (or in its early stages) prevents a boy's larynx from being transformed by the normal physiological events of puberty. As a result, the vocal range of prepubescence (shared by both sexes) is largely retained, and the voice develops into adulthood in a unique way. As the castrato's body grew, his lack of testosterone meant that his epiphyses (bone-joints) did not harden in the normal manner. Thus the limbs of the castrati often grew unusually long, as did the bones of their ribs. This, combined with intensive training, gave them unrivalled lung-power and breath capacity. Operating through small, child-sized vocal cords, their voices were also extraordinarily flexible, and quite different from the equivalent adult female voice, as well as higher vocal ranges of the uncastrated adult male.

I guess this is basically saying that castratos are bros who had their peens chopped off so that they could have high voices, then the didn't go through puberty, or something.

I am not sure if we should support 'castrato indie music.' I feel like it is sending the wrong message about 'being alt.' Like you have to do something extreme just to get attention. Some people get body piercings, and other ppl get tattoos, but I don't think that there is ever a reason to mutilate your body just to achieve an aesthetic. I am worried that parents are going to 'castratofy' their children so that they have a better chance of 'making it' in the indie landscape.

Wonder how music would be different if some of my fave indie lead singers didn't have peens.
We really need 2 take a stand, and stop glorifying this horrible trend of castration.
Worried abt kids from Iceland.

h8 trends that harm society, kinda like 'huffing.'

Can't believe Iceland elected an openly gay Prime Minister

Yall. This is a picture of 'the Ellen/Obama of Iceland', I think. She probably has a charismatic personality or something. Can't believe Iceland elected a homosexual into office. Makes me feel a little bit proud, but also really nervous. Not sure if I really 'believe' that she can turn the Icelandic economie around. Heard that it is really in the shitter because Iceland doesn't produce anything valuable for the world.

Feel sad that Sigur Ros and Bjork are Iceland's most valuable exports.

I think that Iceland is 'pretty doomed.' I feel like they lived so far away from 'civilization' that they started to build some sort of 'imaginary reality.' While that is good for 1-5 artists who become successful, I can't help but stereotype the rest of the population as being 'zany' and 'ppl who wear weird clothes.'

Feel sad that Iceland going to melt [via global warming]. Not sure if Iceland will be around much longer. Wonder if their educational systems are helping out, or if they just have arts&crafts programs instead of 'math.'

I wonder if Icelandic kids see Bjork just like American kids see rappers/athletes. I wonder if they think that 'I will be the next Bjork' and neglect cultivating functional skills that will contribute 2 society.

Does n e 1 know anything about Iceland? Worried about their economy.
Hope the lesbian President works out. Does n e 1 know if Iceland is one of the places where there is still 'mob violence' whenever they want 2 kill a politician/witch?
Is Greeland the new Iceland?
Do yall think the movie 'Milk' made this happen?

But srsly...
is America going to have a 'gay male' President or a 'lesbian' President first? What kind of 'ghey' will they be [via butch/bear/twink/etc.]?
R u going 2 'move 2 france' as soon as a homosexual is elected?

Is the lead singer of CSS the new Bjork?

Have yall noticed the lead singer of CSS (Also Known as Lovefoxxx ) getting all ZANED out at music festivals recently?


Will she be able to top Bjork's zany, artistic, innovative, & conceptually meaningfully artistic-core-core personal brand?  Lovefoxxx is s0 zany/conceptual

[KirstieKat on flickr]


I miss the old days when CSS used to look like regular rich-kids-from-Brazil-pretending-to-be-street-urchins. :-( I used to be able to identify with them.

Will LOVEFOXXXXX be able to take down Bjork as alt-music's #1 'weirdo diva'?

Have yall heard that theory about how people from Iceland would be put into 'special ed' if they went to school in America? Apparently, they are so creative that traditional educational systems can't handle their talents, so they just place them with kids with learning disabilities.

Unfortunately, most 'indie music fans/consumers' don't rlly 'get' Icelandic people, or only pretend to 'get' them by taking them seriously/meaningfully. Sigur Ros was kind of meaningful when u 'realized that music didn't have 2 have lyrics 2 b meaningful', but their latest stuff has been a lil bit 'too weirdo' 4 me. I'd rather support Americans, so when it comes to concept-core music, I purchase Animal Collective.

Previous Post about Bjork being a weirdo/guessing what kind of bush she has

Which bands looks kuter in Miscellaneous Revolutionary War uniforms?

Maybe this is something that all meaningful-core bands have to do, but have yall noticed how these bands are wearing colonial era war outfits?

Sigur Ros


I wonder what they are fighting for/against?
I wonder what Coldplay's colours mean?
Do any other bands dress like they are going to war against something meaningful?

I wonder if Tom Morello is still fighting in a war against 'stuff that is wrong with the world, like capitalism, Republicans, George Bush Jr, and other stuff where poor people don't get to listen to faggy electro, rap-rock, or mainstream alt-rock every day.'

Does n e 1 know what Che Guevara fought for? I have a poster of him chillin in my room. He smokes dank, right?

I can understand when bands wear one colour, or have a certain fashion gimmick, but SRSLY, what r they fighting for?
Why don't I 'get' things that are intended to be meaningful & present commentary on the way the world is so crazy, kind of like a war, and stuff like that.



Sigur Ros tries to make Icelandic-wave go mainstream by putting naked Shia LaBeouf in music video

Let's face it. Iceland is a weird ass place with weird ass bands that peaked years ago. Sigur Ros, Bjork, The Icees, Pushup Pops... their time of relevance might be behind them. But now Sigur Ros is back with a new album that probably sounds like all of their old crap, except worse, and the only ppl who would even be interested in listening to it are.

So they went all 'high end artsy fartsy'. They put that guy from Transformers in the video, but there's no sick ass robots. Just artsy fartsy shots for lamestream women to look at with naked Shia LaBeouf. I guess Ryan Gosling wasn't available. I wish they had just filmed a straight up 'fuck picture' instead of having to watch tame allusions to graphic sex. I guess that's what Transformers was, though. Some movie that had Sheya LeBoof having sex with Megan Fox or something.

Clearly, this is a last chance effort to save the Icelandic economy, since the only useful things that they export are 'mp3s', 'magic feelings' and Bjork's plasma. She moved to the USA because when she is in Iceland, they force her to donate eggs and plasma in order to try to build more Bjorks that will save their dying nation.

Do u 'get off' 2 watching dumb lamestream famous ppl in artsy fartsy indie videos?
Does it make u think that Shia LaBeouf is 'interesting and indie'?
Will a mainstream celeb help Iceland-wave go mainstream so they can save their economy?
Is Sigur Ros 'totally irrelevant'?
Is Bjork 'totally irrelevant'?
Is Iceland 'effing over'?
Should America invade Iceland and use their land to harvest corn?

Some article about 'how to pronounce hipster band names', such as the Ex Exes & mannagments

I have always wondered how u r supposed to pronounce the names of certain bands when they have phonetically challenging names or when they are from foreign lands. It is so weird existing on the internet, and reading the name of a band so much, sometimes without knowing how 2 say it. Was kinda pumped when this guide came along, but then I realized maybe there's no right way to pronounce a band name

This article doesn't seem very helpful. Think they just threw 'hipster' in the headline, then used a 'snarky' voice.


Yes, smart arse, they were originally called the Management, but no more. And, no, it isn't the same as MSTKRFT. SAY Em-Gee-Em-Tee

Does n e 1 know how 2 pronounce 'arse'? Confused by British writing/slang.

The XX:

Simple? So the Guide thought until we mentioned them one day and were met with a blank stare. You know … kids, all wear black … went to the same school as Hot Chip. "Ah," says our clearly much better educated friend, "you mean The 20." Uh!? "The 20, as in Roman numerals." Cue, cautious back-tracking. Could she possibly be right? No, laughs the man at XL. SAY The Ex Ex

Lykke Li:

Having assumed, for ages, that "Likely" was the most likely pronunciation of Lykke Li, the Guide was staggered to hear, on Radio 1, that it's definitively "Licky Lee". For shame! Corrected by Jo Whiley. Still, could be worse. One online sage had it pegged as "Leaky Lee". SAY Lick-E Lee

Toro Y Moi:

Here, the chillwave dude combines Spanish (for "the bull and") with the French word for "me". As in pretentious, moi? SAY Toh-roh E Mwah

Sigur Ros:

When a band's official website ( includes a pronunciation guide, complete with MP3 tutorials read by their bassist, then, clearly, something has not so much been lost, as vapourised, in translation. If you are still blithely calling them Sigur (rhymes with Tigger) Rós (as in Ross-On-Wye), well get this … SAY See-Uhrr Rose

Not sure if I believe this guide.
Gonna keep saying 'The Dos Equises.'
Gonna keep saying Sigga Ross.
Gonna keep saying Too Rooo Why Moy.
Gonna keep saying The Managements.
Gonna keep saying Rateetattlestat.
Gonna keep saying Deaf Cab inside of Kewlies.
Gonna keep saying The Shims [via She & Him].
Gonna keep saying Neon Injun.

What are the most difficult band names to pronounce in indie rock?
Do u think there is a 'right way' to say a band name/word, or is communication open for u 2 interpret?
Should more newspaper websites dedicate their journalistic resources to covering buzzbands & hipster bashing?
Which indie buzz band has the greatest name of all time?
Which indie buzz band has the most confusing name of all time?

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