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Is the albino blipster the most alt personal brand possible on Earth?

Photo by Ivan Rodic

Sometimes I wonder if people are born with personal brands, or if personal brands are carved by a person's upbringing + place in society. Like most questions in life, the answer is always probably gonna be 'a lil bit of both.'

I feel like some people are genetically gifted with either 'unique facial structures', 'mad skinny bodies with high metabolism', or even 'beautiful skin' which no combination of Neutrogena and ProActiv could accomplish. Some humans are simply 'more beautiful' than others, and some humans are simply more alt than others. Some humans have to 'overcome' tons of bad vibes in their lives', and some people surfed on chillwaves straight out of their mother's womb.

Sorta wonder what the most alternative personal brand in the world is....After seeing The Albino Blipster, feel like he might be #1.

First of all, being 'black' makes him more rugged & organic than all white people.
But his skin condition makes him 'post-back', achieving a tone whiter than most white people.
He comes with [FULLY LOADED] with 'all of the pain and suffering' of a descendant of Africa, but represents a 'white light', encouraging us to look at more than race, and instead to look inside of ourselves.
In addition, being a 'blipster' gives him an alt perspective on the stereotypical 'black' way of life.

Really feel like we are 'witnessing history'/'transcendent beauty' when we watch this albino model blipster bro. Seems post-human, with a personal

What sort of 'life challenges' does a person have to overcome to become 'auth alt'?
What do u think is the most alt personal brand / race combo possible?

Half icelandic, half portuguese?
Half Los Angelesian, Half Brooklyinite?
Half Utahinite, half Midwesterner?
A blipster who was adopted by ____________?
A California Style Mexi Bro?
A white kid from the suburbs of Maryland?
A child who was born over the Bermuda Triangle?
a child born at a music festival who was raised by buzzbands?
a child born from the virgin vagina of an entry level alt?

Do u feel like ur personal brand is bottle necked by your genetic brand?

Just wish I won 'the genetic lottery' and had the ultimate personal brand, giving me a look/human aesthetic that made me 'more than just another human'.
Want 2 be 'more than just another alt dunce dressed in retail'....
Want 2 have the most authentic personal brand in the entire universe [via aliens vs predators]

Kanye West and LeBron James celebrate their global personal brands/being ass holes

LeBron James celebrates his new life with Kanye West, creating a controversial meme / think piece for the internet 2 analyze.

2 ass holes
trying 2 hard
2 be 'global brands'
2 be 'universally loved'

Working out their insecurities in public forums
In surreal contexts
One bro 'makes kewl sounds and raps over them
The other bro puts bouncey balls into hoops

As a society
we have told them that they are valuable because of their gifts
and they are both trying to 'make us happy'
Since they believe the fruits of their labors will help them to
inspire us to buy shit with their names on it.

Both mix art, sport, and commerce
trying to build a brand to 'sell shit'
Jerseys, albums, shoes, art
Trying to transcend demographics
Black, white, Chinese, Indian
Poor, Rich, Russian Billionaires, kids who can't afford shoes
tons of middle class white kids

Feel like we've been 'betrayed'
These bros are just so unchill
They are all about 'me'
But they are sort of like 'Me 1.0'
Me 2.0 exists on the internet
in the twitter/facebook status update era

Me 1.0 bros are just baffling
because they lack 'the self-awareness'
/are 'too insecure' to just chill out
Not make everything s000 contrived

Me 2.0 bros react fast on the twitter
It's not even that difficult to be Me 2.0
Me 2.0 bros 'get it' in a mainstream way
and are quick to share their snarky observations with the world

Me 2.0 bros really 'get off' to exposing Me 1.0 bros.

R u Me 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 or ____.0?

Feel like Kanye West and LeBron James don't really want people to h8 them
The bros are motivated to 'be loved'
to 'get their dicks sucked'
both physically and metaphorically

Think they might just need 'friends'
a solid network of bros who aren't lost in their inane talents
A network of bros who won't bang their moms [via Delonte West]
Some1 to help them understand who they are
sort of like a life coach

Might just vibe out,
listen to some vintage ironic non-ironic positive vibe rap
Brought to us by the ultimate African American personal brand
Will Smith


Will Smith was truly the first African American
that young white people 'let into their homes'
(Most were too young to really bro down with Bill Cosby, except 2 eat Pudding Pops)
(And Steve Urkel wasn't really kewl enough/was just a gimmick)

So we have learned to love Will Smith
He has become an even more likable black version of Tom Cruise
So positive that it is difficult 2 believe
He even created a mini version of himself [via the Black Karate Kid]

N e ways
just wanted to say
LeBron and Kanye are ass holes
Don't really wanna get too insightful
or even 'give them advice'
because I think I enjoy watching them 'do dumb shit'
and create bloggable internet memes

But I feel like they have emerged as a 'new version of a black stereotype'
Maybe a Super-Sized Racial Stereotype that is only achievable in the modern world / internet era.
More than just an 'Uncle Tom' who wants to bro down with white people
or the 'sambo' who loves to perform for white people
or even the 'gorilla' who is commonly associated as some sort of 'beast' / 'bad guy' / 'violent, uncontrollable black man'

A new stereotype seems to have emerged,
and LeBron + Kanye are the 'poster boys'
of this African American Human Meme Stereotype

Feel 'racist' for suggesting this
But here is the criteria
a) Considered 'great' at their profession in a superficial kind of way
b) High level of fame across races
c) Trying super hard to 'expand their personal brands'/make every1 love them
d) Clearly never going to be as 'great' as others in their profession
e) Does shit that 'makes them h8ed' on the reg
f) They have evolved past the 'thug' stereotype and are more interested in appealing to white people with $$$ to buy stuff
g) Get tons of blog coverage
h) Ultimately symbolize some sort of 'tragic figure' still searching for an identity in an absurd, post-racial world.

Feel confused and scared for them
Like 'they can't win'
But they are trying really hard 2 'win'
Not even sure what they do

Heads up their own asses
Becomes 'fun to h8 them'
Cuz every day I browse the internet
for people/memes to <3
and people/memes 2 h8

Seems chill to be able to 'hate' these bros so hard
I feel 'more interesting' when I can react to negative vibes
instead of just trying to spread positive vibes all the time.
As chill as chillwaves can be
sometimes u gotta get harsh on some bros to have a 'dynamic personality'

Welcome 2 Miami
Bienvenidos a Miami.

Who is a bigger ass hole: LeBron James or Kanye West?
Which bro is more self-aware?
Do they represent a complex new stereotype / genre of 'famous African American bro' that the world has never seen before?
Who got 'fucked over' more: Taylor Swift or Cleveland?
Is LeBron James an ass hole 4 taking this picture?

Should I be proud of my son for being on the cover of Newsweek?

As yall know, I recently became a father. I have some great personal news to celebrate--my son was on the cover of Newsweek Magazine'!' While the topic of the cover story is somewhat controversial, I believe that my son is the perfect representation of the theme of the story. He is not a racist--but he is accepting of natural discriminatory practices which all humans acquire as we 'live life in our modern society.'

I don't teach my son any racist ideas. I have honestly set him free in the world, and he adapts accordingly. Most of his feelings of 'superiority' above minorities are somewhat natural. He is developing like any other human being would. He naturally 'senses danger' when we are on a poorer side of town. He has accepted the fact that he will never play in the NBA. He guards his wallet/personal belongings when walking past a seedy looking man in an urban area (it doesn't matter if the man is white, black, or brown).

I honestly believe that my son would have voted for Obama if he wasn't 'chillin in da womb.' There is no way that he is a racist. Some of his best bros are African Americans. If he is 'a lil bit racist', it is only to protect himself from evil/danger.

I am a proud father. Not proud for simply 'being a father', but I also take extreme pride in my progressive parenting techniques. I honestly believe that I have found the proper procedures to constructing an authentic child. I am more than just a cool dad. I am a perfect dad.

On a personal note, it was really amazing to go 2 my local news stand and see my son on the cover of Newsweek Magazine. Feels like he has really 'made it' as a human being/hate monger.

Not sure if Newsweek is still a real/respected magazine. Still seems like most magazines are just some sort of contest to create a controversial cover that will 'get blogged about.'

I just want my son to be blggd about 4 the rest of his life.
Is ur baby a racist?
R u a racist?
Will u teach ur son how to make 'racial assumptions' or will u give him freedom to grow into his racial preferences?


Honestly, though... what would u do if ur white daughter 'showed up to dinner with her two blipster fiances'?

Photo via pedestrian.tv

a) tell them 'You take off your zany clothes, son. Take your hat off. Take your sunglasses off when you talk to me. Didn't any one ever teach you any manners?'
b) disown ur daughter
c) have them take a family portrait with their zany cameras
d) put together a team-building arts+crafts activity so yall could bond
e) greet them a 'tasteless racial slur' but then say 'jk' even though you did/didn't mean it
f) Accept them in2 ur lives'
g) teach the bro on the left how 2 tie his shoes so he didn't have to wear velcro strapped shoes n e more.
h) I don't see colour, except if two bros are wearing a ton of neon shit
i) Plead with ur daughter 2 understand how difficult it is to raise a child who is a 'halfie'
j) Choose.Your.Own.Response

It takes a socially transcendent moment to remind us what makes life worth living. Kanye West is a valuable member of society.

Last Sunday night, I was browsing the internet, and all of a sudden, everything came to a halt. It was as if one moment 'made the world stop.' This single moment demanded the instantaneous attention of the every human being in the Westernized world. After experiencing this moment, every human 'came up with an opinion' on the event, and felt obliged to share this opinion with the world [via life stream/social network/ real life interaction]. It was truly one of the greatest live moments in the history of the world because 2009 has given us the proper tools to instantaneously reflect on a moment in a group setting. It was as if 'social media' finally had a reason for existing (besides helping 2 elect the black President).

Apparently the famous African American rapper 'Kanye West' interrupted some little white girl (Taylor Swift) when she won a prize at a fake awards show which celebrates mainstream music videos (hosted by the Music Television Channel ). From what I understand, the concept/goal of an Awards Show hosted by a television networks is to 'create content', where 'something that gets the whole world talking' can happen since you are bringing together some of the world's most famous/volatile people. Viewers tune in, expecting to 'see the unexpected' and sometime the network manages to 'create' bloggable/reflectable moments. Ultimately, the brand of the tv network becomes 'more relevant' based upon how much content they can produce.

From what I have read, Kanye West walked on stage to interrupt her acceptance speech, making it clear that Beyonce Knowles had one of the best music videos in the history of art + video + media.  It seemed like she reacted as most white women react when a black man approaches them, since she metaphorically 'clenched on to her purse tighter than ever before' [via black man passing u on the streets].

I disagree with Kanye West's message (but wholeheartedly approve of his actions)--Beyonce's video is nothing special. It seems like it is just African American women showing off their figures and 'getting they dance on' for the world. I am bad at 'valuing dance' as a legitimate artform because I feel like if I wanted to 'see dance', I would go to a 'titty bar' to see some 'live, nude breasts shaking' and bodies contorting in a sexual fashion, directly simulating the act of sex. The video seems like it was just a marketing gimmick, attempting to create a 'dance craze' and also possibly some sort of feminist propaganda anthem, which accidentally reinforced the concept of 'marriage' as a gateway to a perfect life.


Since Kanye West is a 'cool black person', Taylor Swift probably thought he was going to do something to make her 'seem cooler', but then he 'took a shit' on her perceived sense of self within the entertainment industry.

It seems like 'American citizens' are 'deeply disturbed' by Kanye West's actions, and can take one of the following viewpoints on his behavior:

  • He was right, but u have 2 pretend it is real cuz she's a white lil girl who is taking showbiz seriously. U have no right to ruin this 4 her.
  • Kanye West is a bully.
  • Kanye West is 'a fucking retard'/'jack ass.'
  • Kanye West is African American/slur word for African-American which would inherently explain his actions.
  • 'Aww... Poor thing.'
  • 'Team Taylor! Let's boycott buying the records of black ppl.'
  • 'I think I will vlog about this to get youtube hits.'
  • Taylor Swift 'deserved her moment.'  She did not need 2 have her reality harassed by this "negroid."
  • I am 'above' reacting to this event.
  • I 'understand' what Kanye West has gone through in life, but I am a human, so I will still 'hold him accountable' 4 being a 'meanie head.'
  • Taylor Swift represents everything that is wrong with show business and the arts. We must respect Kanye West and his neverending quest to express his true self to the real world. He is genuinely trying to transcend fame, pop culture, and the arts. No one will ever understand him. He is truly the most artistic person in the world, and when he goes on tour with Lady Gaga, we will finally experience art that is on the same level as the greats like Andy Warhol, Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan.

I do not believe that Taylor Swift 'deserved to have her moment.' It doesn't matter how young she is, and we do not need to enable her sick perspective on the world. While she has a sweet exterior, possibly 'more talent' than the traditional Disney-mafia star, and an ability to 'handle' everything 'with grace', we have to understand that we are harming these manufactured pop stars by continuing to let them exist. Many of them will have identity crises where they turn to substance abuse + sexual experimentation when their whole world comes crashing down around them.

When I look into their eyes, I srsly feel like there is 'evil' inside of these people.

It seems like it is beneficial for these Disney stars to 'believe in the Lord', because believing that a higher power 'gifted  them' with this 'opportunity' to touch the lives' of millions of tweens [via the power of music] would be the only way for some one to take their absurd job so seriously. It seems important to remember that these tween stars are possibly 'mentally ill' in ways that make them highly functional within the entertainment world.  I feel like I will finally 'like' the Jonas Brothers when they have a reality show when they are in their mid-30s, similar to Corey Feldman and Corey Haim's show "The Two Coreys", a show about two child stars who still have a very stupid perspective on the world (and are recovering addicts).

I was alarmed when Beyonce bypassed her own acceptance speech and 'called Taylor back on stage' so that she could 'complete her speech', and Taylor Swift failed to realize that it 'was still a fake award' + failed to realize that 'she was just involved in a meme that could have been taken to the next level by indirectly calling Kanye West the n-word.'  Instead, she 'carried on' with her generic speech/theme [via thank yall], as if 'everything was made right' and 'honor' was restored to the Awards show/the Entertainment hierarchy.  It honestly seems like there is 'something mentally wrong with her' to 'fail to recognize the magnitude of the moment she is in.'  I do not like this moment, because people in the 'Entertainment World' actually think they are 'real people' with 'real feelings' in this clip.

My fave part of this video is at 1:29 when Perez Hilton 'puts his hand over his heart, as if he is watching 'a truly meaningful moment.'

While many people believe that Kanye didn't deserve to 'ruin her moment', they are neglecting to remember how much they 'h88888 pop culture' and how it's 'suuuch a guilty please to consume gossip blogs and the E! network.'  Do u remember when it was trendy/insightful to have a cutting edge opinion on 'what a terrible person Paris Hilton is' and link it to 'the deterioration of the moral fabric of our society'? It seems like this Kanyegate 3.0 moment will always be remembered as when tweens learned that it was 'okay' to treat celebrity entertainment like it was 'real news' instead of gradually learning sports+entertainment are more fun to consume than 'important news' over the course of their lives'.

It seems like if ppl really wanted to 'stop caring about the practice of turning the actions of rich+famous people into coverable news', they would have embraced Kanye 'taking a shit on this white girl.'

If I had black skin, I would be insanely ashamed of Beyonce Knowles for 'giving Taylor Swift' her spotlight. The truth is, if you want to sell albums in the modern world, you must appeal to the white tween. All apologies issued in thie 'controversy' are meant to appease the white tween. You cannot cross the white tweens (note: minority tweens enjoy pretending to be white, as well). If you 'piss them off', they will not buy your mp3 on iTunes, or use their Best Buy gift certificate to purchase your album. They will not go to your concert. They will tweet about you, but it will not be positive. It seems like some1 should create an acronym with the same dark connotations that "W.A.S.P" has, except for White.Tweens.

As a society, we must come together and root for Kanye West to continue to create content & headlines. While he is genuinely pursuing greatness, his narcissistic qualities will surely lead to his premature death. This is more than about needing 'good guys' and 'bad guys' to create conflict and news. We need a stream of content that we can continually reflect upon. This is why we miss Michael Jackson so much, we had the opportunity to have fun watching him fall apart together. It was legitimately a bullying process that rallied all humans together. It didn't matter how smart or how dumb u were, there was something inherently funny about making fun of Michael Jackson's racial, sexual, and social identity. A type of humor that transcended educational levels and class divisions.

If you analyze Taylor Swift's 'award winning video,' you will realize that it is a 'fucking sham.' I think the gimmick/theme of the song, is supposed to be some sort of plea to a boy to like her because she has a beautiful+interesting+creative soul instead of the generic 'hot ass cheerleader type.'


It seems like this video is supposed to appeal to 'tweens who feel left out'/like they don't 'fit in.' It is a song about sexual desire and obsession over one perfect boy, declaring that he 'belongs to you.' You are entitled to him. Feel good about who you are, because if he really got 2 know u, he would love u 4 all of the right reasons. Concepts like these lead to teenage obesity since kids are told that some1 will like them for 'what's inside.' They neglect to take care of their health, and eventually become mopey college students who sit around in a 'dreamworld' waiting on their modern Prince Charmbro.

I prefer Beyonce's  artsy booty video to Taylor Swift's high school puff piece.

Do u sometimes like 2 get drunk just 2 'see what happens'? [via alcoholism]

We must applaud Kanye for silencing the sweet,  yet poisonous essence of Taylor Swift.
Kanye West is a simple, raw human being. When it comes to 'love and relationships', he is not interested in creating some sort of meaningful quirky bullshit. He is a man who wants ass and titties. He is an honest man.

We must accept Kanye West as the true heir to the King of Pop--not because of his talent or his artistic interpretation of the world, but because of his ability to create content. He can rapidly produce albums as well as public incidents that are indicative of a deeply troubled human being. He transcends 'right and wrong' because he truly 'acts from the heart/soul' in a world where most people are too smart/deliberate/PR-managed to act upon their emotions. We must encourage him, embrace him, watch him accomplish great things, but most importantly, watch him truly start to 'panic' when he reaches his middle ages and the fear of mortality will drive him to seek more attention than ever.

Realistically, Kanye West seems to be the next 'big celebrity' who might die 'prematurely' in some sort of tragic/misunderstood event. As a society, we must rise up to create+seize the opportunity to experience the deaths of numerous famous people. We are 'regular people' but when some1 'famous dies', regular people finally get a chance to publicly reflect about the gift of life.

We have learned in 2009, that there is no greater news story to react to than the death of some1. Many of these death victims are not even very 'relevant' to Generation Y. But the process of digital mourning is too 'fun' to let some1 die without talking about them. When some1 'famous' dies, u get to share the meme with your friends, and ponder the person's realistic effect/impact on your life. It seems to be fun when you 'don't give a shit' that some1 famous died, but it is also 'equally enthralling' to experience the death of some1 who 'was a big part of celebrity culture' (thereby directly impacting ur life).

A lot of people say that twitter is a 'useless and boring display of humanity.' These people don't understand the true value of twitter--twitter is an instant window into the lives' of people. A chance to track the distractions that are filling up people's lives', momentarily taking over their brains. An impact significant enough to process a lil thought/meme about it. Whether it is a human, a product, a political scandal, a television show, a movie, or a celeb death, the twitter's portal into a generalized human psyche is priceless.

We must embrace the power of this tool. We must embrace all tools that allow us to reflect/share/digitally mourn.

We are growing up, learning how to use social networks to experience life together. We are learning how to mourn, celebrate, and crucify miscellaneous celebrities. We are learning that death memes are the memes that unite us. The internet/internet meme is a coping mechanism/opportunity. While events happen in 'reality' our opportunity to reflect upon them in a 'sillie lil online world' helps us to cope with how deeply rattled we are by the underlying themes of highly bloggable events.

When you say 'I don't give a shit' about this KanyeVs.TaylorSwift meme, it's like you're turning your back on humanity. You fail to realize that these are the only moments that we can all share together. These are the moments where you feel comfortable with the 'whole world' reacting. Even though it is a 'sillie lil award show', maybe everything in life is 'silly.' Maybe it's 'silly' that we elect a President of the USA every 4 years. Maybe it's sillie that we use 'money' 2 make our economy work. Maybe it's 'sillie' that we live life.

But u need 2 embrace this silliness with all of the ppl around u. We have been given the ability to analyze and interpret the world around us, and many social barriers are created by the content which you can analyze+interpret. When megamoments happen, you let your guard down, and find a lil bit of solace in knowing that 'every1 knows about this.' Sometimes you'll get mad if some1 has a dumb opinion, or if some1 uneducated tries to 'act like the have an authoritative perspective on real life.' You need to stop being so angry/exclusive with your thoughts, and surrender them to the collective consciousness which exists on the internet. Your thought/opinion is more valuable as part of a whole which can be analyzed as 'raw data.'

Sometimes, I wish the internet/twitter/meme distribution systems were more developed when Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson's breast-cover.

Sorta wish I had seen OJ Simpson as a trending topic during his car chase/trial.

We just want to share life with the people around us.
We just want to laugh at humor that every1 'gets.'
We just want the whole world to unite, kinda like how Michael Jackson used to help us unite around content, before the internet enabled every1 to go into their little niche. It seems like the internet has finally 'helped us 2 connect' with every1.

We just want to send a funnie picture 2 a friend.

We need to know that the leader of our country has the same values as us.


We need to use memes to 'cope.' We need the internet.  We need to share ourselves and the world that we see.

We must design more memes.

Make them laugh. Make them remember their youth.

Make them laugh. Tie in a meme with another meme.

Appeal to all  humor levels, letting the meme move upmarket and downmarket.

We must always take the opportunity to objectify women.

Strive for the most absurd meme possible.

The vast collection of Kanye Interruption Memes will live forever.  They are modern cave paintings, capturing the way we communicate and tell stories.

Should Kanye 'be sorry'?  Did he dishonor himself, his brand, and the perceived 'love' that he had for his mother?  Did he take his brand to another level?  Is Kanye West depressed?  Will Kanye West 'kill himself' after his 5th South Park appearance?  Will Taylor Swift become a lesbian/star of a celeb reality show?  R u worried about tweens/the world, or are you starting to embrace the world as it is?

Kanye West has nothing to be sorry for. He did the right thing for himself. He did the right thing for the betterment of America. He did the unintentionally did the right thing for the advancement of 'the arts.'

Kanye West made me realize why life is worth living. My life is 'better' when I have better content 2 share with u.

How long am I going 2 have 2 wait for another socially transcendent moment?

Did yall take the SATs? This graph shows what kind of music u like based on ur scores.

Yall. Did yall take the popular college entrance exam 'The SAT'? Kinda hard, so I looked for an art college that didn't require them. I was able to build my own curriculum + cultivate meaning from my college experience.

N E WAYS....
I recently saw this internet graph meme, and it sort of charts what type of music u like, based on ur SAT score. After the graph, I posted statements which are not assumptions, but actually facts.

[via labnol.org]

  • Black People are 'hella Stupid'
  • Gospel is for dumb people who believe in 'God'
  • Power pop and post-punk are for people who go 2 community college
  • Most people who go to top 5 universities listen to Bob Dylan, Guster, and U2
  • Radiohead is 4 smart people who 'get' the world
  • Poor, dumb white people who listen to rap are also stupid
  • If u listen 2 Third Eye Blind, u did well on the 'english section' but not on the math section
  • Outkast is a band 4 every1
  • Black people h8 U2 and the Counting Crows
  • The Counting Crows are for smart people, therefore Gen X is the smartest generation in the history of the Earth
  • People who think they are smart because they listen to Jazz probs aren't that smart
  • Tool is for people who think they are deep, but are probs just another 'brick in the wall.'
  • The Shins are smarter than Phish
  • People think they 'appreciate' Jay-Z on an authentic level, but they are actually dumb so u shouldn't take them seriously.
  • Kanye West is the same as Techno
  • People who listen to Ben Folds 'think they are smart' but are kinda dumb about everything else in lyfe, especially bands that they think are 'good'
  • Old people listen to Oldies, and are therefore DUMB
  • In the future, I will only listen to Counting Crows, Radiohead, U2 and Guster

N e ways. did yall take the SATs? Did u notice any patterns amongst people who take them?
Do yall think it's fair that every1 has to take the same test, even though we all come from different backgrounds? Wish they would evaluate things like Street Skills, or 'being alt' or had an 'art section' and stuff that came more natural to me.

But srsly... are AZNs the 'master race'?

Is Kanye West a more significant role model for young, black men than Barry Obama?

I remember after the election, African American talking heads were 'totally pumped' that African American kids and tweens would no longer want to be rappers--they would want to be Presidents & CEOs & investment bankers & entrepreneurs for social change.

However, I don't think they really thought about the impact of Kanye "Paradigm Shifter" West, and how he is changing the way that all kids look at 'what makes rap cool.' Of course the ideals of Barry Obama are cooler than 'Gangsta+Violent Rap' and 'Having sex with big bootied women' rap, but I don't know if it is cooler than the consumer core ideals that Kanye West brings to the table.

I know that every rapper has a God complex, claiming that they are the 'best thing since sliced bread.' However, no1 has come even close to presenting a case quite like Kanye West. His desire to be 'the best' is unmatched, kind of like a rich tween whose parents let them get whatever they want at the local mall. This is way kewler+identifiable to white people who 'listen to rap' than any rap themes from the past.

This post may or may not be saying that Kanye West is the modern, consumer-core version of Uncle Tom.

Or is it a simple argument to call ever mildly successful African American in the arts+entertainment industry an 'Uncle Tom' because if he achieves critical or mainstream success, it will involve 'convincing white people that you are praise-worthy'? Or are they more like sambos?

Just trying to talk about race issues, yall. Sorry if this is 'too touchy 4 yall', but maybe u should go back to living ur anonymous life on the internet.

Does n e 1 know what happened to Barrack Obama? Is he 'not as cool as we thought' after all? Did we make a mistake?

who is yalls fave African American role model (besides Will Smith)? (Besides Michael Vick/OJ Simpson / Chris Brown)

Will the Adidas Shackle Sneakers make slavery 'swag'? Or has #SWAG gone 2 far?

The idea behind the new adidas sneakers called JS Roundhouse Mids is "ur so swag that you need to be locked up." When you are on the court, the only thing that contain you are the shackles around your ankles.

However, many ppl are saying, "Hey, those aren't swag! Those are racist. Those are bringing back images of slavery." The question is: Can the JS Roundhouse Mids make slavery 'swag'? Or is slavery naturally unswag, so it is hella unchill to vibe out in shackles, even if ur trying to be legit swag?

Maybe #swag has gone too far.

The desire to be #swag [via consumerism] has pushed us to such great heights, where we will swag at the cost of anything. We swag, despite swag gear being made by tiny Asians. We swag in the face of poverty. We swag until swag swags in a swaggy McSwagSwag.

Perhaps we can blame the sneaker freaks, the ass holes who wait in line for days to purchase Air Yeezies. Their desire to #swag is troubling, and sneaker designers are desperate to create meme #swag that causes shockwaves on the internet.

#Swag may very well be what causes our society to eat itself.

Now, swag has crossed the line. #Swag has ruined many blipster, Asian, thug ass, white, upper-middleclass, middle-middle-class and new-money communities. Perhaps it is #swag itself that has our society shackled. Maybe when we find a way to break free from the shackles of consumer-wave #swag, we will finally be in a better place. A place where children can read, and eat healthy lunches. They value the lessons of their elders.

If only these youngbloods would learn. #Swag is not everything.


#Swag must be stopped, before it is too late.

Are these shoes racist?
Do they conjure up unchill racist images?
Are they #swag?
Is #swag bad 4 society?
Would u vibe out in shackles?

I won the Mega Millions Jackpot. I am not a poor any more.

I did it.

I finally did it.

I'm not poor any more. I won the Mega Millions jackpot.

I'm not just some 'effing schlub' any more. I'm rich. I can buy 'kewl shit.' I can go to the mall and buy swag ass shit. I will buy a 'sweet car' so that ppl know that I am 'effing rich.' I will construct a mansion that is too big for me, invite my friends, family, and posse to live with me. We will party so much that we 'effing trash' the house, and it will be condemned by the city after it degenerates into a crack den.

So many poors standing in line. I used to be like you. Sad. Overweight yet starving. Craving carbs. Craving money. Craving a 'way out.' I got mine, bitches!

I can't believe I won the MegaMillions jackpot. I had a feeling when I purchased the ticket. I knew that things were going to go my way because I am special. I knew that forces like God, karma, and other shit like that were 'on my side', looking out for me, and at the very least I would win a significant cash prize.

I did it.
I'm 'on top of the effing world.'
I am no longer a poor.

When I was young, I used to dream that I would be able to make a lot of money by doing nothing, adding no value 2 society, but just being able to partake in consumerism without the commitment of 'hard work.'

I am the ultimate VIP. There is nothing that I can't buy now. Maybe I will donate some money to charity. Maybe I will launch a company where people do 'cool shit' to make me famous. Money is cool, but I could honestly go for a little bit more fame.

It feels good to have won. I remember when teachers used to tell me that I was 'stupid' and 'not applying myself.' While they might have been right, now I multiplied their lifetime income hundreds of times over.

I no longer have to worry about 'fulfilling' character traits like humility, perseverance. Societal values like 'education', 'honor' and 'integrity' no longer matter to me. I am a new person, defined by my money.

I did it. I purchased a 1-way ticket out of my lower-middle-class prison.

Sufjan Stevens wears black face on new album cover, has he crossed the line?

sufjan stevens blackface
Sufjan Stevens is one of the hottest indie hunks in the game, winning over MEN and WOMEN based on his amazing physique and also his banjo-tuned jams. He recently released an album called Age of Advertizing that was released to negative reviews because it featured GarageBand bleepy bloops that were not very vibey. Many said that he lost his way, and needed to get back 2 his 'writing whimpy banjo songs' roots.

Anyways, here is his new album cover, and he is wearing BLACKFACE. This is a dark day for the indie icon, stooping as low as he could go just to 'get buzz' [via controversy]. I'd expect this type of behavior from a new buzz act like Odd Future. But from the soft Midwestern man? Sufjan Stevens is out of his league, and it will be hard for me to listen to his songs without thinking about his face in black paint.

Right now, all we can do is pray that Sufjan does not release a blackface music video.

Has Indie 'gone blackface'?

R u offended?
Will Sufjan lose any of his blipster fans?
Has Sufjan crossed the line?
Are indie bands trying 2 hard 2 be controversial?
R u gonna wear blackface 2 the next Sufjan Stevens concert?

American Apparel sells racist AZN rice farming hat. Have they crossed the line?

Are u into trendy alt foreign fashion trends? It seems like Am Appy is trying to kill the Palestinian scarf, and instead are moving East... Far East, into AZN markets. Apparently it is now totally alt and relevant 2 be a Chinese rice harvested. U have to wear a huge conical hat 2 keep the sun out of ur eyes. That's why Am Appy is starting 2 sell this AZN RICE HARVESTING HAT. Sorta just want 2 mimic the vibes of poor AZN rice farmers.

A traditional Asian "Rice Hat" originating in East and Southeast Asia, a stylish accessory that has throughout history been used to shield from the sun and rain.

Are these the new hot summer fashion?
Are 'baseball caps' no longer relevant except with dads who wear cargo shorts?
Is Am Appy 'being racist' against AZNs or are they just finding foreign influence in our evolving fashionsphere?

Sorta just wanna vibe out on my relevant rice paddy space with a QT hottie. This broad knows what is up.

Many blogs are being all like 'Am Appy is racist and sexist and Dov Charney is a pig!' But it seems like a really chill fashion 2 me. I am definitely going 2 be wearing 1 of these hats at Lollapalooza 2 keep my skin from getting sun cancer.

This bro is riding chillwaves in his paddy, too.

Has Am Appy crossed the line?
Are they providing commentary on AZNs who are trapped harvesting rice 4evr?
R u gonna buy 1 of these rice hats?
Will Unchill AZN Bro be spotted in a rice hat?
Is this 'effing racist'?
Should they start selling 'Mexican Sombreros'?
What is the next big hat trend?

Tyler the Creator makes racist viral video, continues to use hateful 'n-word'


Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore rapper who tons of indie blogs are buzzing. Even though he makes hateful content, repeatedly uses a hateful slave-era black slang insult ("N*****"), and repeatedly 'tries 2 hard' 2 be controversial... Every1 is eating it up, and at the same time, the world is becoming a worse place.

Previously, he made a skit about an African American golfer named Thurnis Haley [link]. Now he is back with more juvenile, puerile bathroom humor and hate words to throw around on the internet... As if we didn't have enough of that already.... Sigh...

It's a real shame... Real shame. I remember when indie used to be an 'exclusive club'... but now... they'll let any1 in...

Is this video 'funnie'?
Is this video 'racist'?
Is Tyler the Creator 'the next Kanye West'?
Is it 'alright' for black ppl to say 'the n-word', but when white ppl say it, it kinda gives off slave master vibes?
Do white people enjoy hearing black ppl say 'the n-word' because it reminds them of slavery & black self-hate?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Read more>>>>

Tyler the Creator makes 'funnie' viral video that is racist against black ppl


I am not sure where Tyler the Creator's spot in the American music marketplace is. Even though the Odd Futures are getting 'tons of indie buzz', u have to wonder who his target market is for the upcoming release "Goblin." Will it achieve a 10.0, or will it sell mad albums to people who like listening to Eminem rap about burying his wife and his mom after murdering them and having sex with their dead bodies?

In this 'web short skit', Tyler plays Thurnis Haley, who is a golfer. It seems like this video is trying to provide commentary on 'the state of African American comedy' in the post-Tyler Perry / post-Steve Harvey era. There appears to be some sort of 'loathing' of African American culture within his tone, which will probably appeal to 'white people who use the n-word when talking about n-words.'

Was this skit 'funnie'?
Can Odd Future really 'make it' as a sketch comedy troupe on Adult Swim?
Do u think Tyler the Creator 'hates his own people'?
Would this explain his excessive use of 'the n-word'?
Will 'Goblin' flop?
Is all of the Odd Future buzz 'for lamestreamers' now or do alt ppl still 'like rap' this month?
Can he become 'the next Eddie Murphy / Dave Chappelle'?
Is Steve Harvey an original king of comedy?
Is Tiger Woods an authentic African American?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Read more>>>>

Miley Cyrus pisses off Hindu ppl by pooping on their culture 4 fashion

Just saw this picture of the popular slutwave artist Miley Cyrus wearing some sort of 'Hindu third eye red dot' kind of thing. I automatically assumed it was racist because she is a dumb tween and probably just does everything 2 be kewl, even if it offends people or if she has no direct/spiritual connection. Had to google 'red dot on forehead' and got a few wikipedia results.

Apparently it is either called a "bindi" or possibly a "Tilaka." Here is some woman vibing out, being sexie, but I think she is allowed to do it because she is actually from that part of the world.

Just looked up 'bindi' on wikipedia:

Bindis are worn throughout South Asia, specifically India, Bangladesh, Nepal,and Sri Lanka, by women and girls, and no longer signify age, marital status, religious background or ethnic affiliation.[2] The bindi has become a decorative item and is no longer restricted in colour or shape. Self-adhesive bindis (also known as sticker bindis) are available, usually made of felt or thin metal and adhesive on the other side. These are simple to apply, disposable substitutes for older tilak bindis. Sticker bindis come in many colors, designs, materials, and sizes. Some are decorated with sequins, glass beads, or rhinestones.
Outside South Asia, bindis are sometimes worn by women of Indian origin. Some Western women who have converted to Hinduism, such as in the Hare Krishnas, also wear bindis. Sometimes they are worn as a style statement. International celebrities such as Julia Roberts,[3] and many others have been seen wearing bindis.

Maybe Miley is trying to look 'enlightened', like she did some sort of summer program at Harvard / Yale / the University of Tween Superstars.

Are the 90s 'coming back' [via Gwen Stefani punk rocker]?

Bindis were a trend for teenage girls in the U.S. during the mid 1990's. Gwen Stefani, of the band No Doubt, popularized bindis as well as mehndi on the hands.

Yall... How can I be mad? She's just bein' Miley. She can do whatever the eff she wants. <3 tweens blossoming in2 women <3

U know the old saying...
'U can never say No 2 a slutwaver.'

Is Miley Racist?
Do u h8 when cultural trends from a diff part of the world become part of American pop culture?
Do u think she should just wear a lil bikini around like Lady Gaga?
Do u h8 when white women adopt foreign trends for the sake of branding themselves as 'spiritual' + 'cultured'?

TTYL gotta go chill in my Kabbalah bracelet with Gwyneth "Coldplay" Paltrow

TTYL gotta go vibe out in my Palestinian scarf [link]

Will.I.Am wears futuristic blackface costume, pisses off Afro-American Community

From what I understand about American History, African Americans weren't allowed to be 'famous performers', so white people would just put black makeup on their face, and pretend to be black ppl. They would basically 'mock' black humans, resulting in a 'hella racist' display. It seems like at the VMAs, a pretend awards show/meme generating event, Will.I.Am wore a 'blackface costume' even though he is already black.

Sorta weird how African American artists are more successful than white artists [via hip hop music]. Still confused by Mikey Jax going all 'white face' before committing suicide, but still seems like Will.I.Am is 'mad controversial' [via already being black]. Do u think he 'understands what he is doing', or is he 'just trying to look cool.'

Feeling kinda confused. Maybe some sort of 'self-aware' commentary on how he is a black performer, and he is 'in black face' according to white people. Maybe he just got off some sort of 'time machine'

Wonder if Will.I.Am is 'the ultimate blipster.'

Think he is probably just from the future or something. Seems to have brought back a futuristic black woman who is 'trying to ride the slutwave of the future.'

R u pissed at Will.I.Am?
Is what he did 'unchill'?
Do u think he is a 'pure artist' and h8rs just don't 'get' him?
Does this mean 'blackface' will be a chill Halloween costume?
Should the African American community 'banish' him from their clan, and make him wear white face?
Will MTV ban African American artists and force Justin Bieber to wear a blackface costume?
In the future, will all 'black people' merge with robots, and have post-black skin?
Will Will.I.Am ever top his hologram appearance during Obama's election?

Should Obama wear post-blackface to win the 2012 election?

Buzzworthy 7-year old blipster rapper gets profile piece on local news


Sorta wish I could work at my local news station instead of being a blogger. I would make about $22k per year, and have the opportunity to 'express myself' using telejournalistic techniques. Would have 'huge dreams' of either being 'called up to the big leagues' [via network/fox news/cnn], or maybe if I made post-ironic enough pieces, I would be recruited by the Daily Show.

This is the story of P-nut, a Memphis rapper who is 'tearing up the game.' He seems mad alt, like some sort of blipster. His swag is unbeatable, and the pain he has been thru in life is so complex that his rhymes really have multi-layered emotional depth. U really feel like he has already achieved 'greatness' even though he has only existed for 7 years. Depressed that I wasn't on the local news giving heavy interviews at age 7.

Do yall like P-nut?
Does he seem like a 'legit star'? Is he a good rapper?
Do u think his dad should end his rapping dreams and just sign him up for youth soccer?
Do u think his dad has a 3rd grade reading level, so they get to 'collab' on writing lyrics?
Do u feel bad for the adult 'journalist' who put this piece together/did a 'serious interview' with a 7-year old?
Do yall ever have to 'blow off steam'? What do u do? Rap?
Does P-Nut have mad skills?
Will u be happy when the local news 'dies', or will u be sad that they can't produce 'heeelarious internet meme videos' any more?

Might adopt a child and make sure he does mad viral shit.


Would "David After Dentist" have been as successful if David was white? Would we have laughed at him for being a 'dumb and drugged up' if his skin was black? Would we see his father as an 'irresponsible black man' who cared more abt drugging his son than 'driving him 2 safety'?


Do u prefer white memes or black memes?
Are memes abt black people 'inherently racist'?
Will P-nut become the next Jay-Z/Kanye West?


Does racism still exist, or does the memesphere make every1 equal?
Will Antoine Dodson enter rehab in the next 2 years, kinda like Tay Zonday?

Is the internet a Ameri/Euro-centric world where we can laugh at every1 who is a minority/from a different part of the world?
Will 'The Bedroom Intruder Song' be remembered as 'the only bloggable mp3 of 2k10'?


What is the frontrunner for mp3 of the year: P-Nut or Bedrom Intruder song?
Wish more ppl in 'the projects' vlogged. Guess maybe the local news is a liason between the white world and the "poors" + minorities.
Do ur parents/grandparents still watch + value the local news?

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Racist Ice Cream Truck Driver Runs over a Blipster Bro, kills him


Not sure what is happening in this video, seems to be going viral. 2 social media loving blipsters are just trying to film a lil vlog, but then some unchill ice cream bro is like 'aw hayl nah' and runs that blipster over and kills him. Bet they just wanted to post that shit on youtube and get 100ish hits, but I guess now maybe it is sweet that they can get a million hits, since their video involves 'racism' and 'violence', something that appeals 2 white people who still have lingering vibes of the slavewave era in their bloodline.

Sorta was vibing out to the blipster as he did the shuffle, like it was 'mad alt' to be gettin his dance on in a busy intersection, but then chillwaves thawed when the ice cream truck bro 'honked at his ass' and then 'hit the shit out of him.'

Have to believe this blipster 'died' on impact.

Who do yall think is at fault for this blipster death?
The ice cream truck driver for driving a hate wagon?
Or the blipster bro for being 'so alt' that he didn't want to dance in a club?
Are yall mad bummed about all the blipster hate going on in the alt community?
Have yall ever run over some1? What did you do with the body? Is it easier to get away with murdering some1 with ur car if they are an unemployed minority?

Unchill AZN bro wears Black Panther shirt, Africa hat, ruins chill post-Obama vibes

What are you doing Unchill AZN bro?
Ur not Afrikan
Why are you dressed in this black people gear?

U've got ur Africa hat
and ur black panther shirt
not sure if ur allowed to wear that
Feel like the African American community would probably be pissed at u

ur lucky ur not throwing down a chill in a Burger King parking lot
or else there would be tons of fighting/tummy kicks [link]

Not sure what ur trying to do with ur look
Seems like ur 'making fun of the blacks'
ruining chill vibes that united the country
after the election of Obama bro

Not sure what ur deal with the 'black power' fist is
Why r u making it?

Seems like u don't have black skin
And u didn't just win a gold medal in the Olympics

Just wish u'd chill
and stop being so unchill
really just ruining vibes for every1
moving into new racial markets

Hope African Americans aren't too pissed
Because no matter what colour ur skin is
every1 is born with the right to chill equally

Pitchfork ‘gets ethnic’, gives the non-Andre 3000 bro from Outkast a 9.2

Some rapper named Big Boi is in the popular rap group Outkast. Outkast used to be two bros, one artsy blipster named Andre 3000, and another bro named Big Boi. Big Boi was more of the traditional rapper, and Andre 3000 was a 'far out, cultured, deep bro.' Think they sorta drifted apart, but they realized they could make tons of money, so they just started releasing double albums.

Not sure if I will even bother listening to Big Boi, but will probably just jam out to the song "Hey Ya" over and over again.


N e ways, this review is basically trying to say that Big Boi is a genius, too, and u shouldn't just keep attributing

Virtually every OutKast review of the past decade and a half has posited Big Boi as the earthy, street-level anchor to André's spaced-out visionary, the guy responsible for securing the group's cred when André was trying to invent new colors. Expect Sir Lucious Left Foot to change those conversations. We haven't heard a major-label rap album this inventive, bizarre, joyous, and masterful in a long time, and it's almost impossible to imagine André putting out a solo album this strong anytime soon.

Wonder if Big Boi is gonna be an 'album of the year'. Seems like they are trying to brand it as 'something more' than just another Kanye West/Lil Wayne/Jay-Z album. Feel like people are starting to 'see thru' those rappers, so they need a more 'authentic rapper' to accept in2 the high-level cultural criticism sphere.

Probs just gonna chill out, listen to old Outkast songs that are heavy on the Andre 3000. Sorrie Miss Jackson...


No real time to try to 'wrap my head around hiphop/rap.' Feel like I have accepted my 'white skin color' and will probably just try to listen to white indie bands 4 the rest of my life.
Conceptual bleepy bloops, indie guitars, Arcade Fire-ish dudes wailing meaningful lyrics.

Will Big Boi ever get out of Andre 3000's shadow?
Is 'Hey Ya' the best song ever written?
Is it 'more alt' to be in2 the Speakerboxxx or The Love Below?
Is Andre 3000 'the original blipster'?

Can Andre 3000 get a 10.0 from Pitchfork if he makes an album that sounds like AnCo, soul, and authentic hiphop top40 music?
Should Pitchfork only review 'white albums', or should they make a sister hip hop site and make tons of money off street wear advertisements?
Will white people ever 'fully understand' rap/hiphop/black people?

That sad guy from Bright Eyes tries to revive career, writes angry letter 2 Arizona

I'm not sure whatever happened to the dude from Bright Eyes (His Name Was Conor Oberst). I feel like he is either 'already really rich' or maybe he is messing around in a less popular genre of indie music now that the sad/post-emo/folk stuff had been weeded out. Maybe he just appeals to that genre of Wilco fans or something, older cool dad alts who want to listen to indie folk music.

N e ways, Arizona did that thing where they don't want brown people & illegal Mexicans to live in their state any more, so they can kick out whoever they want. It is now 'cool' to h8 Arizona, since they are racist ass holes, and every1 is supposed to do their best to boycott all Arizonian products. The goal of the boycott is to try to make their state 'go under', and possibly float away into the Pacific Ocean if they don't have enough local revenue from buzzband MP3 and merch sales.

Seems like it is 'the alt thing to do now' to h8 Arizona.

Bright Eyes' mainman Conor Oberst has been an outspoken advocate for Zack de la Rocha's Sound Strike effort, joining fellow musicians and artists in a campaign to compel the state of Arizona to repeal its controversial immigration law

Sorta wanna bro down with Zack De La Rocha, rap about some guerrilla governmental anarchist shit, and then jam out with the rest of Audioslave.

N e ways. Conor Oberst seems like he is just trying to 'ride the wave of memes'. Not sure if he really should care about colored people, because I'm sure 90% of his fans are white, but I feel like 'standing up for a cause' is a good way to get urself an extra headline meme. There are just so many buzzbands in our modern world that u gotta do what u can to get ur name in the headlines.

He wrote some 'deep letter' arguing some points, proving that he is 'smarter than the usual bro in a band.'
Not sure if he wrote this letter to a Congressman, a local mayor, a Governor, or maybe just a local blogger.

Dear Charlie,

I read your letter and I do understand where you are coming from. You bring up valid points. I personally regret any of the collateral damage the boycott is causing you, other like-minded arts promoters and the fans in Arizona. A boycott is, inherently, a blunt instrument. It is an imperfect weapon, a carpet bomb, when all involved would prefer a surgical strike. I agree with you in part, and the radio host you quoted, that the authors and supporters of SB1070 could give a shit whether or not my band, or any other Artist, ever plays Arizona again. The only thing, clearly, that these people care about is Money and Power, that and the creation and preservation of an Anglo-Centric Police State where every Immigrant and Non-White citizen is considered subhuman. They want them stripped of their basic human rights and reduced to slaves for Corporate America and the White Race. They are engaged in blatant class warfare. It is evil, pure and simple.

I have on many occasions spoken my mind from stage. I have offered organizations table space by the merch booth. I have donated a dollar-a-ticket, or the entire guarantee, to different causes. I have registered voters. I have played on behalf of political candidates. Sadly, this time, I fear none of that is enough. If I return to Arizona to pay lip service to a roomful of kids at the Marquee it will do absolutely no good for anyone. What I can do is to help organize, and play my small part in, what I hope is the largest and most effective boycott this country has seen in a long time. To work it will have to involve members from all sectors of society. The Sports Industry, the Entertainment Industry, the Tourism and Convention Industry, other State and City governments, private businesses and individuals from around the country and the world---all of whom, by the way, are already participating in the boycott. Much of the Artist end of the boycott is symbolic, I acknowledge, and no real threat to the economics of the State. But it is an important part none-the-less for awareness and messaging. The Boycott has to be so widespread and devastating that the Arizona State Legislature and Governor have no choice but to repeal their unconstitutional, immoral and hateful law. It has to hurt them in the only place they feel any pain, their pocketbooks.

What I would encourage you to do, if you haven't already started, is to organize with all the local businesses you can to put as much pressure as possible on your State Government until the Law is repealed. An economic death rattle is the only cry of outrage they will hear.

I realize that the people of Arizona did not vote on SB1070 and I empathize with the anger and frustration you all must feel. I applaud what you are doing with Viva Arizona and do wonder if there might be a way to reconcile both our efforts while maintaining the integrity of each. After all, we are trying to achieve the same thing. But just as you may feel the boycott is an empty gesture, I fear that if we return to business as usual (under the guise of some civic movement) that this will all devolve into the typical grandstanding that is political activism in music. It might make us feel better but won't do a damn thing to change the minds of the radical, racist minority that seem to have controlled Arizona politics for decades. In short, it will lose its teeth.

Just this past week, the little town of Fremont Nebraska passed a very similar, almost more radical, city ordinance. It was co-authored and championed by Kris Kobach of Kansas who helped write SB1070. I was outraged, saddened and embarrassed for their town and my state. I am already in the process of organizing a fund-raiser for the NE chapter of the ACLU who is suing the town of Fremont. Our situation requires immediate legal action and a campaign for public awareness (there has been very little press on this). Charlie, I promise you, if this Fremont law had been passed Statewide instead of in a rural town of 25,000 people, I would be the first to call for a boycott of my home state. This way of thinking and legislating is so dangerous, and such a threat to our basic ideals as Americans and Humans, that we cannot stand by and do nothing. We cannot play on as if nothing is wrong. This is not just about Arizona. I am not just skipping a tour date. This is not going to be easy for anyone.

Charlie, I consider you a friend and you have always been great to my bands and me. I have played for you many times and I hope to do so again soon in New Mexico or anywhere else. I sincerely look forward to the day when I can return to Arizona and this will all seem like a bad dream. But I can't come back now. I'm sorry. I hope you will understand.

Your friend,
Conor Oberst

Do u think that bro 'really means it' or is his PR agent just trying to get his name back on blogs?
Is Bright Eyes 'fucking dead'?
Do yall remember when people listened to sad emo indie music where Conor Oberst just cried a lot?
Is Bright Eyes authentic/brilliant, or is it just overglorified indie music from before the modern competitive indie era?
Would Bright Eyes even get 'blog coverage' in our modern blogosphere?
Are yall pissed about Arizona?

R u gonna boycott products + buzzbands from there?
Do u feel sad for Arizonian buzzband fans who won't get to see buzzbands play in their state?
Will New Mexico see an influx of buzzbands in 2k11?
IS Arizona a backwards state, or are they on the path towards creating the 'best state in the Union'?

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