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Prince of Dubstep

James Blake re-emerges with Bieber hair swoop, LASHES OUT at aggressive American dubstep once again.

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James Blake was one of the most buzzed artists of early 2k11, playing one decent song that was actually ripped off from a song that his dad produced/wrote, except it had dark authentic dubbysteppy bass vibes. Every1 was like 'OMG he's the next big thing', then Skrillex basically 'blew him out of the water', winning the great Dubstep War [link]. Now it seems like journalists can only really ask him to 'talk mad shit' about Skrillex and aggressive American dubstep, or else there isn't anything interesting about him or his music [via Bon Iver zzzz snoooze waves].

(BTW his Bieber hairswoop is back)

You'll NEVER guess what the slowstep frontman said now!

I've been asked a lot about the state of dubstep in America, and everyone wants me to say something controversial, but I have no negative feelings toward anything really. There's a weird question you have to ask when you're talking about sexuality in music. Not sexuality, but gender in music. At the time I had this misconception that girls wouldn't go for that because it was so aggressive, but I was wrong.

While James Blake did not say much, he certainly said enough... He has finally accepted his loss in his title race for the Prince of Dubstep.

Has James Blake lost it all?
Is he sidestepping the hard questions?
Do journalists even 'actually care' abt the hard hitting questions, or are they just trying to 'start shit' and 'go viral' based on a blurb?
Does he look good with his Bieber swoop? or do u miss his school boy look?
Does he need 2 get over his problems with American dubstep?
Will he ever not be jealous of the fame, well-earned critical adoration, and album sales riches of Skrillex? [link]
Do u <3 or h8 the dubstep wars?
Whose team r u on?

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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