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Are Step Dad Jeans Coming Back?

Are stepDad jeans/Standup comedian jeans coming back, yall? I thought they were something that was only popular for like a 1 blog month, but maybe they are gonna have some 'staying power' after all. Kinda like POGS and X-Men cards and 'The Harry Potter Twilight of the Rings' Series.

Should I go to design school to become a FactoryBro who is in charge of strategically fading denim? I've always wanted to 'make something beautiful' and/or be the creator of trends. Is this my chance?

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If I'm gonna work in a factory, it's definitely gonna be an AmericanAppyFacty. Or should I work for a company that doesn't give me benefits & works me 2 death? Is 'working abroad' the same as 'studying abroad'? Will I 'find myself' + 'meaningful adventures'?

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Are 'normal people' jeans going to be fashionable in 2009?

Normal people jeans are typically worn by people who are not trying to be cool. They have just had a pair of jeans for the past 5 years... kind of faded, pretty loose. Bought them a couple of years ago, so the fade may or may not be natural.

Most people who buy normal people jeans would probably try to find their jeans on sale for less than $20 at a department store or popular retailer at an aging mall that is about to be shut down since a gimmicky modern mall just opened several miles away.

I wonder if 'normal people' jeans are going to be the next mom jeans?
If I want to have my 'normal people' jeans ready by the time that they are big, do I have to start wearing them now to get them worn in?
Does any one have an Old Navy gift certificate leftover from the late 90s/early 00s?

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