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Miss u newspapers

[Image via lookbook]
I saw this picture of a tween posing in front of newspapers, and it kind of reminded me of how obsolete physical copies of newspapers are. Newspapers were created to be recycled. I'm not an environmentalist, but it seems like a big waste of time+paper+people standing at corners selling newspapers and making u feel sad inside that they are only making like $20-50 per day. Sort of wish all newspapers would 'go online' and stop their paper-based operations.

Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen until the 'old folks' die. We are 'the young folks' [via Peter Bjorn and John]. Don't rlly care about 'saving our earth' but just have always thought newspapers were kinda awkward. Like they are big, and u have 2 fold them, and there are no hyperlinks on the page to read about related stories or issues. Also kinda sux cuz newspapers don't come with an 'archives' section. Just kinda want a meaningful experience that can also play videos+audio sometimes.

I went through a phase where I only used the internet to myspace+facebook+steal music. I kinda didn't use it as a tool 2 'stay in touch with the world. Then I kinda grew up and realized that 'the world'+'current events'+'opinions on those current events' are more important than a minifeed of my friends, acquaintances, and bros who sat beside u in Organic Chemistry. Just want to stay relevant and on top of things. Don't want to feel 'left behind' when I talk 2 important ppl.

Do yall know what I mean?
can yall relate 2 this?
Should HRO publish itself to a zany newspaper?
Do yall wish public libraries would be consolidated in2 a series of computers + a laptop kiosk in a public space?
Do yall know if 'the rain forest' is running out of trees?

Do yall ever use the New York Times skimmer 2 pretend that ur 'reading the newspaper' on ur computer?

Is it authentic to read the NYTimes everyday and send ur friends+family 'relevant articles' to connect with them and let them know that ur an interesting person?
Is visiting for mainstreamers?
Should I just follow a bunch of relevant newsmakers on twitter, and follow links to news stories?
Just want to create an accurate version of 'the world' according 2 my internet experience.
Might decide 2 only subscribe 2 tastemaking and coolhunting blogs, and not worrie so much about the world. Might also read some 'technology blogs' so I can stay on top of relevant products that I am supposed 2 want. And I think I'll also subscribe 2 a few 'guilty pleasure' celeb gossip blogs. t00tally h8 myself 4 following that--but s0 fun.

This is actually a picture of my desktop. I like 2 have all of my lil widgets on my toolbar to stay connected to various social media tools.

Do yall like 2 digg/stumbleupon/delicious? Is 'stuff going viral' authentic when it happens on those sites, or is it kinda like Newspaper moguls when they 'controlled everything'?
Do u believe that u can create ur own internet, and within that context, cultivate meaning + an appreciation of 'the world' according 2 u?
Should every site on the internet be a .gov?
Should I only use my computer to google questions about life?
Is google the 'anti-christ'/God?

My life takes place
on the internet
And then sometimes
real life happens
but I come back to the internet
to reflect on it
and record it
and 2 make it

kinda weird how we're all the same
cuz we all use the same tools 2 express ourselves'

When I die, will my social network accounts be deactivated?
do I need 2 leave my password 2 my email account in my will?
Or is that how hackers get in2 ur account?

Watch some old, uncool New York Times writin' honkies talk about EDM and festivals

From what I understand, old men have to eat a snack during the middle of the day. Usually something salty. Some nuts, some pretzels, some popcorn, maybe even yogurt covered raisins or pretzels. Maybe some trail mix. Maybe the wife that they cheat on packed them a Kirkland Farms product from Costco. So what if we took the Snack Time of a New York Times reporter/columnist/critic, and turned it into a digital content video segment?

These old NYTimes ass honkies decided to talk about the kewl new cultural trend of EDM. Did u know that raves are cultural events where young ppl go? Businesses want to make money off this new culture that kids r interested in. These old ppl have ventured into raves and lived to tell about it. They even think that electronic music might be the new rock n roll, but then realized that rock n roll is just a spirit, and times change, even though we get older, and the only joy we can experience as we get older is a midday smart snack.

Do u like Fritos?
Do u like Iced Coffee?
Do u like Pirate's Bootie?
Do u like culture?

There's nothing worse than honky ass honkies talking about culture. They talk as if they know everything because they've been alive, watching TV, going to events. That's what we all do. No1 knows anything. The industry of ppl who pretend 2 be 'cultural commentary specialists' is a huge sham, and every1 should be fired and paid no money. Hopefully it all 'goes under' soon.

R u interested in watching old squares talk about 'raves' and 'EDM'?
Did they totally explain how EDM is a big biz now?
Will all of these ppl get laid off from their 'high paying cultural commentary jobs' soon, or is the NYTimes a successful blogspot?
What kind of snacks do ur dads/granpappies eat? pistachios?
Is Pirate's Booty 'effing bullshit'?
Did this 'capture the spirit of EDM' or just look like some old honkies celebrating their perfect life, with their perfect job, in the NYTimes building breakroom where they get free snacks?
Have honkies ruined the internet?

NYTimes: EDM and raves under threat of acquisition by big business conglomerates

Did you know that raves, electronic EDM music, and rave culture are 'totally hot right now', and represent a lucrative industry that rich people are looking to make money on? Even though 'rave culture' is often affiliated with 'low + middle class society', the EDM scene has become more interesting than rocknroll because rocknrollers are all old, boring white men with fake hair. It sorta makes sense. So now every1 is trying to 'get in on EDM'. Magazines. Venues. Promoters.

Even 'big business' live event conglomerates like AEG, Live Nation, and the Corrupt Mainstream Music Machine are trying to acquire big name independent raves and RUIN them by making money off a 'hot cultural event'? Anyways, the New York Times wrote about it, and there are also some hilarious 'explaining DJs, raves, and EDM to old people' moments.

Did u know that DJs are the new rock'n'roll icons? Raves are here 4evr!

Long considered a marginal part of the music business that subsisted in clubs and semi-legal warehouse raves, dance has now moved squarely into the mainstream, with a growing circuit of festivals and profit margins that are attracting Wall Street.

For an industry increasingly reliant on aging headliners — like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and the Rolling Stones — the appeal of a genre with fresh stars and a huge young audience is undeniable.

“If you’re 15 to 25 years old now, this is your rock ‘n’ roll,” said Michael Rapino, the chief executive of Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s largest concert promoter.

DJs are scamming festivals and casinos for millions and millions of dollars. Wish I was part of that scene. :-(

Two weeks ago, 165,000 fans went to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami to revel in the pulsating bass and wave glow sticks in the dark. Similar numbers have turned out for events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas. With the boom, artist fees have exploded. Top D.J.’s like Deadmau5, Tiësto and Afrojack can earn well over $1 million for a festival appearance and $10 million for a Las Vegas nightclub residency, talent agents say.

Did u know that the mainstream concert promoters are about to steal/buy independent promoters, and basically 'ruin' the rave experience 4 every1?

Having developed on the margins, electronic dance music — high-energy waves of mechanized sound that, at its best, creates a communal experience for a sea of strangers — is dominated by a network of independent promoters.

They include Insomniac, which presents Electric Daisy Carnival; Hard Events, another nationwide promoter; Ultra, whose namesake festival in Miami has expanded to Brazil, Argentina and Poland; and Made Event, behind the Electric Zoo festival in New York.

Their success has attracted a clutch of potential investors from inside and outside the music world. The insiders include Live Nation and A.E.G. Live, the two biggest corporate promoters.

“It feels like the dot-com era,” said Joel Zimmerman, an agent at William Morris Endeavor who books many of the top dance acts. “There’s a little bit of a gold rush going on, with outsiders looking in.”

I thought Joel Zimmerman = Deadmau5, not a big business agent!

Did u know that DJs actually 'don't spin records' any more, they just control bleep bloop machines?

Electronic dance music, or E.D.M. for short, has been common in one form or other for decades, but only in recent years has its audience become big enough to sustain large-scale touring. Last December, Swedish House Mafia became the first D.J. act to headline Madison Square Garden. (D.J.’s do not spin records so much as command computerized sound systems, playing snippets of songs and using them to create their own protracted rhythms.)

This statement was written for honkies, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers to 'understand' just how popular EDM artists are:

This summer acts like Avicii and Kaskade are touring in some of the same arenas and theaters where fans can see Coldplay and James Taylor.

Whoa! EDM collab-ing with mainstream artists? Kewl!

At the Grammy Awards in February, Skrillex won three prizes and Mr. Guetta and Deadmau5 (pronounced like “deadmouse”) jammed with the Foo Fighters, L’il Wayne and Chris Brown.

Do u think the rave promoters should 'sell high', or 'ride it out' in the name of preserving the authenticity of the EDM music brand?

“I have been approached by all the big boys you can imagine,” said Gary Richards, the founder of Hard Events. “I’ve been working in this for 20 years and nobody cared. Now it’s so massive that everybody wants a piece of it.”

Is every1 giving up on indie?
Would u invest in 'raves', or are u afraid of druggies and teens dying on ur festival grounds?
Is EDM here 2 stay?
Are raves the new 'festivals' / 'concerts'?
Will this new dot-com bubble burst?
Do all of these DJs and promoters need to be 'saving money' 4 when the trend ends?
Will this trend last 4evr?
Which DJs will survive the EDM apocalypse?
Which 'raves' will turn in2 'mainstream festivals'?
Will old ppl ruin EDM culture?
Will big business ruin EDM culture?
Do u think old ppl 'get' rave culture after this article?

NYTimes calls Lana Del Rey 'a skinnier Adele'. Do they h8 fatties?

The New York Times is allegedly one of the 'last authentic content farms' in the game, writing long 'pieces' with serious words that 'sound important and authoritative', which is why they NAILED IT by calling Lana Del Rey 'a skinnier Adele.' It's a great moment for American alt music journalism, sticking it to 'the goddamn British' and hefty mainstreamers who <3 Adele.

Curvaceous and pretty in a dress, she brims with catchy songs, all a bit retro, ironic and modern. Without straying too far off the pop grid, she’s the perfect antidote to Rihanna-Gaga overload — dare we say, a skinnier Adele, a more stable Amy Winehouse?

Say what you will about the New York Times, but at the end of the day, fattie hating sells papers. Would u rather wake up every morning next 2 Adele or Lana Del Rey? It's just natural selection. Hopefully Lana Del Rey will become 'less stable' so we can have Amy Winehouse level memes. ("I do not actually wish death upon her, because she is good 4 hits and because she is a human being." -a blggr)

Say what u will abt Adele's body, but at the end of the day, she is one of the greatest chubwave artists in the history of the chubwave movement, and you can easily photoshop a chicken drumstick into any photo of her.

Should she ride post-chubwaves and become a 'half-ton' woman who cannot leave her house, but still performs at the Grammys [via Skype]? Many ppl say that we should not worry abt physical appearance when judging females, but it's just part of the game. Lana Del Rey dedicated herself 2 beauty, and she was rewarded fairly. She could even get a second round of enhancements for her second album. Only time will tell, but she will certainly have more access 2 better, high-priced surgeons.

Anyways, there was also an accompanying Terry Richardson photoshoot, but Lana did NOT get naked for it :-(

Cmon Terry... U gotta at least get Lana to show some nip 4 us, or take off her top.

Lana looks good, bb! They can NEVER take that away from u.

Does Lana look good, bb?
Should she gain more weight to sell Adele level albums?
Is it good 2 h8 fatties?
Are we all trying 2 battle obesity?
Would u rather ride slutwaves than chubwaves?
Did Terry Richardson let every1 down by not convincing LDR to 'get naked', show off some nip, and let us know more abt her BANGIN bod?

NYTimes PANS the eff out of 'retarded' Lana Del Rey, says Carles is a slutshamer & 'meme whoremonger'

It seems like every one is 'blowing their load' on the Lana Del Rey gang bang, as if it is a pornography film entitled 'Indie Gangbang: Can she handle 1,000,000 fresh loads #facialfest2k12'? Now it seems like the New York Times, who is like the biggest blogpaper on the planet, has finally decided to join in the slutshaming of Lana Del Rey. They do their best to 'pan the eff' out of Lana Del Rey, and also, pan the eff out of the internet, blogs, and any1 else who has ever mentioned Lana Del Rey in a tweet, blogpost, tumblog, or Myspace Bulletin.

They say that Lana Del Rey is a 'retarded special ed student' who can only return the scantron with one answer bubbled in the whole way.

On top of music like that, anything shy of full commitment would underwhelm, and over the course of this album, that’s just what happens. Ms. Del Rey has an idea about her presentation, which counts for something — to some it counts for everything — but her singing still sounds like a road test. “Born to Die” doesn’t solve Ms. Del Rey’s problems because it isn’t aware of them; it’s a multiple choice test with every answer scanned “C.”

I am not sure if they mean to say 'Lana Del Rey is a retard' in terms of her artistic vision, singing abilities, her marketing planning, or with her managerial decisions. I suppose they intend it to mean 'all of the above.' U have to wonder if likening her to a special ed/student with learning disabilities 'went too far' for the sake of sensational music commentary.

They also said that Carles was 'full of shit', and a 'disgrace' to the entire indie rock music criticism and cultural commentary community.

It has also resulted in a self-perpetuating apoplexy around her image and reception. A parody self-defense written in Ms. Del Rey’s voice was published on the Web site Thought Catalog, but was then removed after zealous, repeated entreaties from Ms. Del Rey’s publicity team, which insisted that fans were confused, even after a disclaimer was added. The satirical trend-thumping site Hipster Runoff, a frequent and happy agitator of Ms. Del Rey’s and others, reprinted it. Carles, the site’s author-proprietor-inventor, also went into self-examination mode, writing about the evolution of blogs from taste-making engines to traffic-generating tools of destruction, as if those weren’t the same thing to begin with.

It truly feels as if the mainstream media is beginning to turn on Carles just like they have turned on LDR. Today, maybe we are all slutshamed slutshamers, who can't help but continue to slutshame. In a way, maybe blogs are not traffic-generating tools of destruction, but instead, the craft of writing is truly just a dark mechanism of slutshaming. Perhaps today, we are all trapped. We are all slutshamers. We can only be the 'meme whoremonger' or the #mongered.

The writer offers the suggestion that Lana Del Rey should make up a new fake name and try to relaunch her career in a few years so that we can all blogbully her one last time.

There is hypocrisy all around: on the part of Ms. Del Rey, on the part of her various teams and enablers, on the part of her dissecters and executioners. A career founded on bad faith all around can’t be long for this world, but at this point what can Ms. Del Rey do? Not much. Her cultural stamp has already been affixed, her biography written in concrete. The only real option is to wash off that face paint, muss up that hair and try again in a few years. There are so many more names out there for the choosing.

Why has the mainstream media turned on the blogstream media?
Did Carles 'get effing served'?
Are u tired of all the 'Lana Del Rey hater' haters?
Is Carles nothing but a slutshamer + meme whore monger?
Is Lana Del Rey 'completely effed'?
Did they 'cross the line' with the retard/special ed metaphor?
R u tired of all the slutshaming on the internet?
Has LDR coverage 'gone too far'?

NYTimes writes 'massive takedown piece' about Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator is a horrorcore rapper who is being marketed towards indie white ppl. But I guess all rap is marketed towards white ppl, which is why Eminem is widely considered the #1 rapper of all time. Anyways, the New York Times had to 'profile' him bc they basically do that with any buzzworthy noun/entity... restaurants, humans, dogs, events... Sorta wish they would just 'chill out' and stop being a newspaper and just sorta 'riff' on news that other outlets reported.

Anyways, I don't think that this was a 'takedown' piece. Ultimately pretty neutral. Just talks abt how HARDCORE he is... and how polarizing he is with fans and blog sources. But he's just a young kid! Does he even know what he is going thru/saying? This is what rock n roll is ALL ABOUT, yall <3 <3 <3

On a recent Tuesday one of his managers was on the phone at her dining-room table, talking to a person making custom outfits for Tyler and his crew, Odd Future. (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, for the wordy.) The 666 was to be the number on Tyler’s baseball jersey. The hot pink made him laugh. And he likes to stand out.

For that he doesn’t really need the jersey. Over the past few months Tyler and Odd Future have been speeding from the margins of the Internet toward the center of forward-thinking music circles thanks to a barrage of self-released albums, mayhem-inducing live performances and an ability — at this point, it’s verging on desire — to instantly polarize listeners.

He's getting OFF THE CHARTS levels of buzz, yall.

In Real Life, Tyler's real name is "Tyler Okonma" and he likes 2 wear sillie clothes and curse. He's such a tender soul.

In real life Tyler Okonma is 20 years old, 6 feet 2 inches tall, lanky and sinewy and irrepressibly goofy, with a vibrant antisocial streak. He’s partial to flamboyantly patterned shirts, gym socks pulled up to the knee and desiccated Vans; loves bacon and doughnuts; says he doesn’t drink or do drugs; and can barely get a sentence out without a curse.

He is basically like a man child, and every1 around him (his enablers) are 'trying to keep him happy' by continuing to treat him like Peter Pan.

“I never want to grow up,” Tyler said later that day, in the backyard of his manager’s house, holding a long-coveted Burger King SpongeBob SquarePants toy watch he bought on eBay for $6.

He’s nurtured now, shielded. He wanted a trampoline for his birthday and got one. Keeping Tyler happy, and focused, is everyone’s priority.

One of the biggest storyline's of Tyler the Creator's career is 'beating asthma.' I feel like this is the 'gimmick' of a guy who was in my 4th Grade class and couldn't run a mile. In addition, 'rap is his therapy 2 deal with life.'

The last time that Tyler had a therapist of any sort, he said, was in fifth grade. “I made lists of who I wanted to torture and kill in the class. I was a really smart kid, so they didn’t understand. We had a GATE program” — gifted and talented enrichment — “there was seven kids in there, and I was one of them, it was just such a contradiction.”

For a time he was on Ritalin but went off it because it interfered with his asthma medication. (He often puffs from an inhaler onstage.)

“If I had a therapist,” Tyler said, “I wouldn’t be able to make the music I want to make, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing now.”

Here is a paragraph that describes how dangerous his ideas are, but then the writer distances himself from the ideas, in order to not compromise his future relationship with Tyler Okomo since he is going 2 be the next Kanye West.

Bigger questions loom, though. With imagery depicting rampant drug use, systemic violence against women, and any number of other distasteful things, Odd Future has become the flashpoint for reigniting the culture wars in hip-hop for a generation that hasn’t previously experienced them, that didn’t realize culture wars were still a possibility. No act in recent memory has engendered so many think pieces about music, think pieces about critics and think pieces about think pieces. Are the group’s lyrics reports of literal desires? The goofs of misguided kids? Does the difference matter?

“They don’t know me; they don’t get it,” Tyler said of critics. “Weren’t they 18 years old at some point, just having fun?”

Is Tyler the Creator the Most Interesting Man in Indie?
R u worried abt him, like he is gonna have a meltdown?
Is his music over-buzzed?
Will Tyler ever 'grow the eff up' and 'man up'?
Is this article a 'puff piece' or did u learn a lot abt Tyler Okonma?
Is he more creative than the Creator's Project?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Read more>>>>

The guy who uploads indie mp3s into Shazam gets an NYTimes Profile piece

shazam indie bands
Shazam is a popular 'app' that you have on ur phone, and when u hear a song playing and u wanna know what it is, u turn on Shazam, then u let it listen to the song, then it tells u which song it is. It works 'like magic.' One minute, u don't know who a buzzband is, then SHAZAM!... u know exactly who it is...

But have u ever wondered how they are able 2 catalog so many rare indie buzz mp3s? Sure it is easy to find mainstream and classic songs... but how do they stay on top of the rapidly evolving indie buzzosphere?
What if I told u that there was one man 'behind it all' who uploads rare indie buzz mp3s into the Shazam system?

Sure, Shazam, the popular music-spotting cellphone application, can identify that Rihanna track. But what about the new song from the Sandwitches, a Bay Area folk-rock band?

Before the Shazam service can find a song, Mr. Slomovitz or another sourcer must locate and input the recording. That is where Charles Slomovitz comes in.

Mr. Slomovitz was roaming the aisles of a record store here recently when he spotted a flame-haired clerk. It was Grace Cooper, one-third of the Sandwitches, which had just put out a single that was getting attention on music blogs.

“She’s got that sound that’s getting to be big,” he said as she handed him a copy of the song, “so I’ve got to have it.”

S00 jealous of Charles Slomovitz.... Wish I had his job... #alt_dream_jobs

So ur telling me there is a job out there where I can basically scan the Hype Machine and MP3 blogs and then upload them into Shazam, and I will be a 'relevant part of the music tech industry'? Feel like my parents would be proud of me if I worked for a 'startup' that was 'shooting for an IPO in _ years.'

The article really tries to take the angle like 'The music industry has totally changed yall [via technology]'

Mr. Slomovitz, a music industry veteran, spends his days tracking down hot new artists — but not for a big record label. Instead, he works for Shazam, maker of the application of the same name that can figure out what song is playing in a bar, a clothing boutique or a TV commercial.

“It’s like a scavenger hunt in real time,” said Mr. Slomovitz, 42. “It never stops.”

Mr. Slomovitz’s job is one of the more unusual in the new digital music era, as he and the dozen or so other “music sourcers” at Shazam try to ensure that any songs the app’s users might want to identify are ready and waiting in the company’s database.

Do yall listen 2 'internet mix tapes' and 'college radio'?

At Shazam, the music sourcers’ challenge goes beyond just getting a copy of the latest single from Kanye West. Shazam also wants the latest club tracks, Internet mix tapes and whatever is playing on college radio, anything that might inspire curious listeners to pull out their phones and fire up the app.

It seems like this job is rlly hard. Do yall think u have what it takes?

The hunt keeps Mr. Slomovitz on his toes. Every morning, he skims dozens of music blogs, checking for new releases he might have missed, as well as the iTunes, and Billboard charts, and blog aggregators like the Hype Machine.

Most weeks he also goes to local record stores to see if there is something in stock he has not heard of, or if older albums are being remastered or reissued. And he listens to local radio stations, especially near universities.

Really feel like this job fits in perfectly with my current lifestyle... Really angry at this Bromovitz bro.

Do u listen to mp3s + bootlegs that are way too alt 2 be Shazam-able?

Shazam executives say their mission is to catalog every song in the world. But it would be impossible to feed the machine with each and every song released by a tiny label or a bedroom studio.

Instead, Mr. Slomovitz has to try to think like a music tastemaker, guessing which songs might get attention and potentially stump Shazam’s servers.

“They’re our A.& R. to find anything that might be played,” said David Jones, a vice president at Shazam.

Is Shazam the ultimate entry level music discovery tool?
Has Shazam always found the bands ur looking for, or does it consistently let u down because ur too underground?
Do ur friends call u "Shazam" because you are able to identify every mp3 in the world?
R u more alt than Charles Slomovitz?
Do u think this bro is 'hella legit' or does he only listen to overground crap?
Does he deserve a New York Times profile piece, or should they save those 4 world leaders?
What do yall use 2 discover music?
What do u have to major in to work for Shazam? Do u think they drug test or can u blaze hard while u discover indie mp3s?

New York Times writes deifying profile piece on Girl Talk, compares Gillis 2 Warhol

The New York Times enjoys doing trend pieces, so it seems like the 'trend of the week' is Girl Talk aka Greg Gillis. They wrote some article abt him entitled "The 373-Hit Wonder" where they educate readers abt things like 'how alt is Girl Talk', 'how many samples does Girl Talk use', 'how famous is Girl Talk' and 'is Girl Talk way more innovative than Andy Warhol.'

Ultimately a piece intended for lamestreamers and uncool dads, but still kinda funnie when 'the mainstream media' tries 2 make an alt_wave/malstream artist seem 'kewl and interesting and innovative'.

Who the eff is Girl Talk? Did yall know he is totally innovative bc he uses samples and 'gives it away 4 free on the internet'?

Girl Talk is the stage name of the 29-year-old Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis.

In November, Gillis and his label, Illegal Art, released the fifth Girl Talk album, “All Day,” as a free download. Within 24 hours, several sites had posted annotations of “All Day,” cataloging the samples on the album —there are 373 of them. Download traffic was so heavy that MTV News ran the headline “Girl Talk Apologizes for Breaking the Internet” — hyperbole, but not far from the truth. reports that “All Day” was downloaded so often that the servers crashed. In Girl Talk’s honor, Pittsburgh declared Dec. 7, 2010, “Gregg Gillis Day.”

Kinda feel bad for Pittsburgh knowing that 'sample based music' is their #1 export and they are giving it away for free. Seems like they will be 'riding Detroit waves' pretty soon.

Tons of authentic pix of ppl 'partying hard.'

Here is a paragraph where they try to make Girl Talk's music 'sound beautiful', like it has universal appeal or something.

All this excitement is focused on a performer whose instrument is a laptop. Girl Talk songs are mash-ups: chunks of other people’s songs combined into new ones: the Rolling Stones and the rapper Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube and Devo. The mash-ups sound ironic to the ironically inclined and like pure joy to the joyfully inclined, and for both camps they’re fun to dance to. These are not just a collection of other people’s hooks; Girl Talk has created a new kind of hook that encompasses 50 years of the revolving trends of pop music. Sometimes cynicism is a hook, sometimes the hook is humor, angst, irony, aggression, sex or sincerity. Girl Talk’s music asserts all these things at once.

Did yall know that Gregg Gillis 'parties so hard' that he causes physical harm 2 his body?

Minutes before showtime, I found Gillis alone in a kind of abandoned break room. His baseball cap had been replaced by a sweatband, and his custom basketball shoes — Nikes that really do say “Girl Talk” — sat on a folding chair beside him. He wrapped athletic bandages carefully around both of his feet: for the next 70 minutes on stage, he would dance so hard that he would be sick to his stomach afterward, like a marathon runner. The intensity with which he dances occasionally makes his feet bleed. He can’t stop his feet pounding, his head bobbing. Before he found the right kind of table, adjusted to the proper height, he got dark bruises on both thighs from crashing against it in his trance.

Sorta wonder if this is true. Feel like maybe he should stop wearing basketball shoes or something. I feel like a healthy human being's feet would be pretty chill after DJing a show. He's gotta be doing something wrong/making this story up.

Wonder if this is a picture of Gregg Gillis' feet after a show.

Did u know that Girl Talk uses snippets of songs called "samples" which could be highly illegal if he wasn't so 'awesome'?

To secure permission to use the 373 samples on “All Day” would cost, Gillis estimates, millions of dollars. Some labels would refuse, others would draw him into endless negotiation. But he has never been sued. No one has ever asked him to stop doing what he’s doing. One of the acts he samples on “All Day,” the Toadies, proudly put a link to Girl Talk on their home page.

Did u know that Pitchfork Media is responsible for 'the success of Girl Talk'?

But by 2006, people were starting to take seriously what had started as Gillis’s avant-pop joke. Pitchfork, the influential indie-rock Web site, gave “Night Ripper,” Girl Talk’s third release, an out-of-the-blue rave review. Girl Talk was suddenly headlining the Mercury Lounge in New York. “I was weirded out,” he says of that night. “These people actually wanted to see this laptop show. I used to pretend that the audience was having fun. After six years of pretending, the audience was now actually having fun.”

Here is the part of the interview where the interviewer asks Gregg 'hey are u the new Warhol?' and Greggies is all like "Hell yeah I am, bitches. I shit on that dude's art."

I asked him if, in addition to the Pirates and the Steelers, he ever felt any identification with another Pittsburgh institution, Andy Warhol, who blurred the usual distinctions between shallow and deep, trashy and sublime (and who broke through with a “sample” of Campbell’s soup cans).

“I definitely see parallels,” he said. “He made work that was very visual. Very conceptually focused. But also art fans could easily dismiss it.”

Do yall have an easier time dismissing Warhol or Gillis?

Here is the closing paragraph where Gregg compares himself to a famous NBA player just because he gets free shoes.

It has grown into something absurdly bigger than Gillis ever dreamed. Something — his inner Pittsburgher, perhaps — keeps his focus not on the “big” but on the “absurd.”

“When the Jordan brand is sending you free shoes,” he tells me, “it’s pretty much the peak of success in my mind."

Is Girl Talk 'the ultimate frat boy DJ'?

Does Girl Talk 'come across like an a-hole'?
Is this profile piece 'a disgrace' 2 journalism?
Is Greggy Gillies 'the new Warhol'?
Is Andy Warhol 'spinning over in his grave' after this puff piece?
Is Girl Talk 'the ultimate mainstream DJ'?
R u worried abt the economy of Pittsburgh?
Do u think Girl Talk is jealous of DJ Pauly D for 'getting 2 date Chloe Sevigny'? [link]

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

Read more>>>>

NYTimes writes trend piece abt how effing hipsters use laptops in coffee shops

From what I understand, ppl like to go to coffee shops, open up their Macbooks, then 'pretend to work.' They 'take over' an alt coffee shop that isn't Starbucks, then become 'regulars' and just go 2 prove that they 'srsly have their own small business/freelancing job' that requires 'intense focus.' Really feel like every1 should work in an office just so they feel 'repressed by society' and work harder/feel like slaves.

Anyways, some NYTimes writer did some 'trend piece' abt how ppl go to coffee shops to drink coffee and 'work' on the internet. Trying to really deconstruct the concept of 'The_Office' and how young ppl need creative, energetic zones 2 evolve in2 a modern entrepreneurial vibe.

On a day when the cafe Internet connection had already been down for four hours, and the toilet had been blocked for even longer, I thought I had seen these worker bees pushed to their limit. But I had underestimated them. Nothing could stir these people. They were not in New York; they were citizens of Laptopistan.

For some reason the author of this article created a fictional world called LAPTOPISTAN 2 describe life inside of this coffee shop. Feels like this is some sort of high school journalistic tactic or something. Really took it to the next level acting like he was on a safari/expedition:

I was an interloper among them, an anthropologist of sorts, sent to untangle their odd society, to understand their mores and unwritten rules. How did the natives interact? How did the government function? What was the economy like in this land of bottomless cups and table hoggers? And what, oh what, were they all writing?

I was, admittedly, a profoundly skeptical observer. Though I had been a freelance writer for the last eight years, I had always worked at home, clad in pajamas and brewing my own fuel rather than paying $3 for someone to make pretty designs in my caffeinated foam. Whenever my wife suggested that I get out of the house, maybe take my laptop to a cafe, I shot back: “Real freelancers don’t work in coffee shops. It’s just unemployed hipsters and their unpublished novels, or screenplays, or Facebook stati.”

Here is some 'poetic' chunk where they say 'ppl were staring in2 their Macbook screens yall!'

Laptops had colonized every flat surface. No one uttered a word; people just stared into screens, expressionless. It felt like that moment in a horror movie when the innocent couple stumbles into a house filled with hibernating zombies, and they listen, in terror, as the floorboard creaks.

Really wonder if this person really 'sees the world' like this or if they are just 'pretending 2' 4 the sake of 'writing a beautiful article abt the state of the modern world.'

Wonder if I can open up a coffee shop called LAPTOPISTAN and transform it in2 a perfect microsociety/money-making scheme.

Here is another 'trying 2 hard' paragraph where the journalistbro talks abt how it is s000 hard to get thru the 'jungle of power cables'.

Entering Laptopistan is a task in itself. The floor presents an obstacle course of power cables snaking their way around coffee cups, over chairs, and around table legs, eventually finding a home in one of two power strips that look as though they came from a Soviet coal refinery. Whenever a plug is inserted, the outlet sparks, and certain movements can cause all the plugs on a given strip to simultaneously eject.

Glad I have a Macbook instead of a lame ass PC:

A quick glance around shows I have brought my laptop, a month-old MacBook Pro, to its nesting ground. Diversity here means the odd white MacBook or old black PowerBook scattered amid the silver MacBook Pros. Throughout the week I will see only a handful of PCs, each looking sadly out of place, like they have arrived at a black-tie affair in a corduroy blazer.

Here are just a few more dumb sentences that say LAPTOPISTAN:

Laptopistan’s is an entrepreneurial economy, driven by solitary thinkers.


My long-held notion that Laptopistan’s citizens were just sitting around e-mailing other writers in other cafes around the world dissipated as I got to know the MacBook Pro owners around me. Sure, there were aspiring screenwriters, novelists and people updating Twitter...


Laptopistan provides structure, and freelancers, like children, secretly crave structure. You come to work, for two or four or eight hours, and you take comfort in the knowledge that everyone else is there to work as well. There’s a silent social pressure to it all.



MOST Laptopistanis — Laptopistanites? Laptopistanians? — at Atlas are in their 20s, 30s or early 40s, split evenly between men and women. The dress is casual, with both sexes wearing T-shirts, sweaters and jeans, though a few women seem dressed for “work” with button-down blouses, blazers, even a dress or two. Most Laptopistanis work alone, though occasionally I spotted a group collaborating at a corner table. Socially, Laptopistan is a conservative society; outward displays of emotion are frowned upon. Most people hide behind their screens.

Really want to learn what it is like 2 go 2 work in a coffee shop every day instead of in an office. Wish I could be a creative entrepreneur and 'make my own schedule.'

The article closes by saying that LAPTOPISTAN created a perfect society because the journalist bro 'watched some other dude's laptop when he got up 2 take a piss':

After an hour or so, the guy next to me got up to go to the washroom, turned toward his laptop and looked at me.

With a nod, I completed the transaction. When he walked away, I smiled. It was not a big smile; most likely it was barely visible to anyone looking beyond my screen. Precisely the secret smile that citizens of Laptopistan allow themselves when no one’s looking.

Sorta want to move to Laptopistan.
Do u think 'ppl working in coffee shops' is a relevant trend?
Are ppl who claim to 'work' in coffee shops 'full of shit'?
Do ppl in coffee shops need 2 'shut the eff up' so that I can focus on facebook/twitter?
Is this the opposite of a 'hipster bashing' article, like some sort of 'hipster justice' piece where they 'correct' stereotypes?
Do u work on ur laptop 2 do rlly important stuff?
Is Laptopistan 'the perfect' society?

NYTimes writes article abt how chain franchises are 'invading' Brooklyn

Apparently Brooklyn is a 'super alt' place where 'tons of effing hipsters live' and every1 likes to be authentic, support local vendors and buy organic, but now that a bunch of poor/middle class ppl live there, they basically needs cheapness + convenience + decent quality so now Brooklyn is getting a bunch of chain restaurants/stores/everything.

Do u have chain stores in ur area?
Do u prefer the cost, convenience, and experience of a standardized franchised experience?
Do u support 'mom and pop' stores, or are they failures because they didn't have a business model to 'go national'?
Should Brooklyn get a Walmart?

For many residents it signaled that dreaded chain stores — symbols of all things corporate and uninspired — were about to breach the industrial neighborhood turned bastion of the young, do-it-yourself and arty. Bedford Avenue, which runs parallel to the waterfront for the entire length of Williamsburg, is a lively mix of the kind of retailers that have all but disappeared in Manhattan: independent coffee shops, record stores, drugstores, boutiques, jewelry stores, bookshops and even a local bank, Cross County Federal Savings Bank.

Do u think chain stores / restaurants / grocery centres / Whole Foodses are chill places 2 shop?
Have u ever moved 2 a relevant city and missed the convenience of

Now CVS is building a store in the Edge, another waterfront high-rise a block north of the Duane Reade on Kent Avenue. And it looks as if Starbucks may replace the ever-popular Bagel Store on Bedford Avenue when its lease runs out next year.

“Duane Reade is greed,” Jonathan Schmidt said after shopping at Kings Pharmacy. That store is directly across Bedford from the new two-story, 24-hour Duane Reade, which features aspirin, liquor, cosmetics, stationery, frozen food, cold cuts and produce, including three kinds of cherry tomatoes. “It’s becoming the East Village.”

Here is some Brooklyn Lady with a Baby. It seems like it is hard 2 be a parent in Brooklyn because they don't sell diapers in the bulk 4 ur baby since u r supposed to be 'green' and use cloth diapers or something

A newcomer to Williamsburg from Manhattan, Ms. Lind said she found the neighborhood to be very inconvenient. Many of the chic stores refuse to take credit cards. And, she said, the quaint gourmet coffee shops charge too much. She said she sent an e-mail to Food Emporium imploring the company to open a supermarket in Williamsburg.

“For some reason,” she said of her neighbors, “they don’t want corporate stores. They don’t want convenience.”

do yall <3 convenience, or do u want to 'stay authentic' even when ur a consumer.

Here is some guy who was quoted saying 'gentrification' just 2 try 2 sound smart:

“I guess you’d call it the gentrification of Williamsburg,” Mr. Winick said.

Wish I could be a landlord in Brooklyn who was 'getting rid' of the cheap mom-and-pop tenants and making 'big bucks' from huge corporate giants who would pay me whatever I want.

“Williamsburg used to be known for a type of idealism,” Mr. Rossillo said. “Williamsburg landlords have taken a different view. If they can squeeze blood from a rock, they will.”

His said his landlord wanted to double his rent to almost $15,000 a month when the lease is up next year. When he complained, the landlord said that Starbucks was willing to pay that much.

“I can’t pay it,” he said. “I don’t have Starbucks money. I’m a small business.”

But the landlord, Samuel Backer, said he was not trying to push out “the little guy.”

“I’ve given them every opportunity to renew the lease at fair market rents,” he said.

Do u think small shop owners think they deserve 'special rights' 2 keep them from having to pay 'tons of money' even though that is the current market rate?

Is Brooklyn the new suburbia?
Is it no longer 'alt' 2 want to move 2 Brooklyn bc there are just a bunch of chain restaurants?
Will this make Brooklyn 'more affordable'?
Do u hope Times Square moves 2 Brooklyn?
Now that Brooklyn is 'gentrified' / retailed-out, will there be a new alt city?
Does Portland let gimmicky franchises in2 their city?
Should I just move to Houston, TX and embrace The_Suburbs?
Is WalMart a new relevant alt hangout?
Do u think this is what Brooklyn will look like in 5 years?

Does this look like 'utopia' 2 u?

NYTimes writes article saying brands are the new record labels [via Converse, Mtn Dew, Taco Bell]

From what I understand the traditional record industry is 'going down the shitter' because people don't buy records any more. Instead, they use the internet to steal albums, mp3s, and youtubes viddies. Some New York Times article just 'profiled' the state of the modern music industry, and how so many lifestylebrands are trying to appeal to young adults by 'curating mp3s' / funding buzzbands / helping artists 2 'create art.' Really tried to make it seem like they are 'saving the music industry', and helping artists to 'do what they love--create mp3s.'

Do u buy into brands as the new record labels? I thought blogs were the new record labels [via the opinion of a pseudo-progressive journalist in 2k7]. Might have to start a brand to re-establish my position as a 'tastemaker'/'sharer' of music.

Here is the 'opening' hook, where they tell u that Converse is buying a studio space, and they are going to let bands record in there 2 seem 'kewl' with consumers.

RIGHT now it is just a shell, the peeling remnant of an old dry cleaner on a graffiti-covered block in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. But soon the 5,200-square-foot space will be transformed into a sleek new recording studio in the heart of the underground-rock capital. And in the latest twist in pop’s relationship with Madison Avenue, the struggling bands making music there will already be encountering corporate America: the studio is being built by Converse, which will let them record free.

A shoe company giving away studio time might seem peculiar. But with its new project, Converse — whose sneakers have been worn by generations of bands, from the Ramones to the Strokes — wants to become a patron of the rock arts. The company is not alone: lifestyle brands are becoming the new record labels.

Good think I am in a chillwave, lofi, bedroom-recordings based artist, and Converse can't really help my band.

Wonder if it is 'worth it' to record at Converse studios. Wonder if a 'recording studio' is a good investment by Converse, or if they should just 'open up a new sweatshop' in the same space in Brooklyn.

Seems like brands are just starting to buy the rights to albums instead of wasting money on tv/internet ads. Every time a relevant MP3 is released, a blog is forced to mention the name of the brand. Seems like they are 'winning' even if no1 really cares, the brand doesn't resonate with consumers, and every1 is just picking up some free MP3s.

Looking to infiltrate the lives of their customers on an ever deeper cultural level, they are starting imprints, scouting for talent and writing checks for nearly every line item on a band’s budget. And as the traditional record industry crumbles, plenty of musicians are welcoming these new rock ’n’ roll Medici.

Apparently, real record labels suck/take all of a band's money anyways, so buzzbands would rather just do a 'one and done' deal with a brand that has more money to pay them, and does't view them as some sort of 'golden calf' that they have to keep milking for 5-10 years, stealing money from it on the reg.

Artists and talent managers say that the music deals offered by brands can be fairer and more favorable than traditional label contracts. These days major labels want bands to sign so-called 360 or extended-rights agreements, which give the label a piece of nearly every dollar a band makes, from concerts to merchandise. On the other hand, most brands offer short-term deals with few strings.

Here is Best Coast being all defensive, and saying she hasn't sold out/isn't stupid 4 taking huge dollars from brands.

Ms. Cosentino’s band has existed for barely a year, but she is already a branding vet. Well before she signed a proper record deal, with the small label Mexican Summer, she released a single through a boutique headphone company. And when Converse asked her to collaborate with the rapper Kid Cudi and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend on a song that would be given away on its Web site, she didn’t hesitate. “It was an amazing opportunity,” she said by phone recently from a gig in Iowa. “If I said no it would have been stupid.”

Makes sense that she took a $500 gift card from Taco Bell [link].
Do bands just not make that much money so it is impossible to 'say no' when some1 just wants to give them money without claiming too much ownership over them? Are companies just 'cooking the books', investing in abstract goods + services to offer buzzbands, and not really doing much to help their brand?

Here is some 'expert' dude saying why brands are doing this record label bullshit.

“Indie-inflected music serves as a kind of Trojan horse,” Mr. Rabinowitz said. “Consumers feel they are discovering something that they believe to be cool and gaining admittance to a more refined social clique.”

Here's something I didn't know, Motel 6 offers free rooms to buzzbands:

Motel 6’s Rock Yourself to Sleep program, for example, gives free rooms to touring groups.

Might 'go on tour' and just show up at random Motel 6 locations, and say to the dude at the front desk, "Hi, I'd like the buzzband room. It is the 1 with the jacuzzi/whirlpool tub."

Seems like life as a buzzband is rlly lucrative.

They interviewed the CEO / CFO / CTO of Pitchfork, and he was all like, "Consumers need to effing question these brands instead of just taking their mp3s for free. So many companies doing shady ass shit, eff em all. U can't blind us with free MP3s."

Chris Kaskie, the president of the music Web site Pitchfork, noted a lack of debate about the implications of bands’ working with brands. When Nike makes a cool mix-tape, he said, there is little comment in the indie-rock world about the company’s labor practices, which have drawn criticism in the past.

“Young bands are growing up in a culture where there’s less off that discussion happening, less of those underlying issues being addressed,” Mr. Kaskie said. “But the experiment that these bands are doing is important to see where it goes.”

From what I understand, Mountain Dew, Converse, Nike, and Taco Bell are all created in sweatshops and hire 3rd world labor to create their products.

Are lifestyle brands saving the music industry?
Do consumers really 'respond' to this type of marketing?
Have u bought Converse / Mountain Dew / Taco Bell since they teamed up with ur favourite buzzbands?
Is this the type of thing that just 'gets the name of ur product written on a blog' and makes brands feel 'young' even though they are sorta just running in place?
Are buzzbands 'abusing' brands that have large budgets?
Is 'music' even supposed 2 make money?
Are brands 'saving' the music industry, or is this just some marketing fad that they will realize has lost them too much money/didn't return any finite results?
Should all these brands just buy a commercial during the Super Bowl instead of this buzzband bloggy crap?
Do yall h8 the blogosphere?
Should all blogs boycott mp3s that are commissioned by brands?
What brand will be the next to launch a 'record label' 2 appeal 2 alts?
Should HIPSTER RUNOFF hire a buzzband to write an mp3 just to get 'mad coverage' from other blogs?
Should BP release the next Vampire Weekend/AnCo album to 'get on the good side' of the blogosphere and re-brand after the oil spill?
Should I buy a Scion, wear my Converse, and wash down my Taco Bell with some Mountain Dew 2 prove I <3 buzzbands?

Green Label Sound

Record Label, Meme

GLS is the record label of Mountain Dew. They pay a buzzband to write an MP3, then release it to blogs in order to get buzz.

Read more>>>>

NSFW: Brooklyn 'effing hipster' entrepreneurs start a vintage porn zine, get profiled in NYTimes

Video may not be playable in ur RSS reader

Apparently, some couple from Brooklyn has started a porn magazine, except they are saying it is 'authentic, vintage porn' instead of just the modern digital smutty stuff. I feel confused by different genres of porn that are based on aesthetical vibes, and not based on 'content.' Feel like all porn should be designed to 'get u off' and people who want to J.O. to a 'vintage feeling' picture of people having sex should just build a time machine and go back to the 70s or something. Wish ppl could appreciate big fake titties and high-resolution digital close-ups of vaginas getting 'rammed' by 10 inch penises.

S000 pissed at this 'entrepreneurial couple' for getting an NY Times profile for selling smut. Guess porn drives hits though, and it helps that they look like huge 'effing hipsters.' They seem to be the 'modern Brooklynite couple.' Wish I could be in that relaish :-(. bet they have 'sick' swinger parties.

They got some NYTimes profile piece that keeps comparing them 2/referencing Am Appy. Here is the intro that really helps u 2 'dive in' 2 their world:

“HOLD it.” Jonathan Leder was standing behind a tripod on the porch of a musty, wood-shingle house in West Kill, N.Y., pointing his camera at a 19-year-old model, Britney Nola, who was wearing nothing but an unbuttoned pink shirt from American Apparel and a pair of slouchy blue socks.

Might start some sort of porn magazine so I can be relevant enough to get an NYTimes writeup. Kinda jealous/sad.

Thought I had to do something 'honorable' to get in the NYTimes, but I guess now I can start some sort of drug dealership/porn company/ assassination firm, and as long as I am 'based in Brooklyn' and have some sort of authentic gimmick, I can get blggd abt.

Do yall <3 vintage porn or the 'big tittied fake stuff'?

Mr. Leder is no ordinary pornographer. Along with his wife and editor, Danielle, the bearded, flannel-wearing Mr. Leder is the creator of Jacques, an upstart adult magazine in Brooklyn that reinterprets vintage Playboy in the age of 3-D porn and GPS hookups.

Joined by a small but influential roster of new pinup magazines — published in places like Amsterdam and the Lower East Side — Jacques is offering a self-conscious throwback to the magazines of the late 1960s and early 1970s, before the days of silicone implants, Photoshop and streaming HD video.

Do u h8 niche, limited-run magazines that pop up even though the magazine industry is dying?

Rlly just want to be in a modern porn relaish. Feeling sad. I thought porn was supposed to keep u from needing a real human, but this couple seems to prove that you can 'love porn' with ur significant other, watch it 2gether, make it together, cum 2gether.

Here is a part of the article where a blogger talks about how important magazines are even though they are a blog in another format.

“As magazines become more-premium objects, they use the paper and the physical experience as part of the narrative,” said Andrew Losowsky, editor of the Magtastic Blogsplosion, a blog that chronicles the global magazine industry.

When was the last time u bought a magazine?
Is Jacques Magazine 'mad authentic'?
Will Jacques Magazine become the new Playboy?
Do yall <3 or h8 'hipster porn'?
Will Jacques Magazine find the perfect alternative breasts?
Do u watch pornography with ur partner?

Might buy their next issue which is apparently 'all AZN'

I wonder if Jacques Magazine even really needs to exist, or if I can just find a free soft porn tumblr.

Nevermind. Just watched this video. Came super hard [via cum imagery].

I guess I was over-thinking it and all porn is good porn.

Kinda wet, yall.

Is all porn the same?
Are these people 'visionaries' or just 'horn balls' who are trying to out-gimmick the world?
Is Jonathan Leder the new Dov Charney?
Do u think they are 'full of shit' or authentic artists?
Is pornography the 'master art'?
What is ur favourite kind of porn?
Do yall h8 this era of magazines becoming 'vintage' things that we are supposed to 'support'/'keep alive' as an 'art form'?
Would u rather read a porn blog, porn magazine, or porn streaming video website?

Should I close this post with an excerpt about nipples 'going soft' + needing ice to get them hard again?

Back at the shoot, camera finally loaded, Mr. Leder took several shots of Ms. Nola, who seemed to gain confidence as the day went on. Her posture seemed more self-assured, her gaze more direct. The photos were coming together, but Mr. Leder found his eye drawn to an unfortunate side effect of the summer heat. Ms. Nola’s nipples seemed to be wilting.

“Ginger, would you grab some ice?” Mr. Leder asked Ginger Ralph, a hairstylist, who returned from the kitchen moments later with a bowlful.

“It’s always the small details, you know?” Mr. Leder said.

What do yall use when ur nipples go soft but ur shooting some vintage-feeling porn self-portraits of urself?

NYTimes writes sexist trend piece abt how women are ‘finally learning how 2 ride bikes’ 2 be fashionable

They say that riding a bike is one of the easiest things 2 do in the world since u learn how to do it when ur young, then u sorta never forget it, like when a lil babie spider learns how to spin a web from its mother. However, I just read a 'hip, kewl' New York Times trend piece that really tried to hype this concept of the modern, metropolitan woman starting to ride bikes to make themselves seem more independent / like they have a unique personal brand.

Basically, the article is saying like "Women are expected to get dolled up and look all pretty, but now bicycles are fashion accessories so women are more willing to ride them 2 look kewl and sexie." The article seems to say "Women are worthless and lazy, but in order to be a part of the trend, they are riding more bicycles even if it means they get sweaty and ugly and they don't have enough muscles to power the two wheeled mobile self-transport system around town."

Here is some intro 'personal story' abt some1 with a super important job who still rides a bike to work. Really helps u 2 connect with the spirit of the modern New Yorker / bike riding broad:

Sometimes she’s done up in sparkly necklaces and towering heels; other times she coasts to appointments, sans helmet, in a blazer and fresh-pressed jeans. “I get sweaty a little, but it doesn’t bother me,” she said. Her bike, after all, is a stylish appendage, “a kind of rustic enhancement,” she said.

She is one in an increasingly visible band of chic New Yorkers whooshing along the green-painted bike lanes that have proliferated in Manhattan, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Hudson and from TriBeCa to Harlem, clutching BlackBerrys and clad not in spandex but in fluttery skirts, capes and kitten heels.

Seems soo modern [via Blackberries] and relevant [via name-dropping townships in New York City]. I hope my bulky, ugly mountain bike will still help me look fashionable when I 'move 2 the city.'

Really feels like this article is kinda sexist, like women are 'just now discovering bikes' or something because they are the inferior sex.

Here is some paragraph that tries to be all 'beautifully worded', like sentences that used to exist before we could look at a picture and be like 'Okay. I get it. Laters':

Roadways are the new runways for these style-obsessed cyclists, their bikes no mere conveyance but a racy adjunct to their look. More than a few are infusing what used to be an athletic, or purely practical, pursuit with eye-catching glamour and sex appeal. Their style, a modish amalgam of fashion and function, is documented on blogs and emulated by like-minded sisters on wheels. Their enthusiasm is fueling an uptick in business among independent merchants.

Need 2 major in journalism at my local community college so I can write for the local news and try to come up with trend pieces / profile pieces that 'go viral.'

Here is a part where they say that women who ride bikes are just copying more famous people who rode bikes just to 'be green' and 'look kewl/famous':

Ms. Rose and her cycling cohorts began appearing in Manhattan in significant numbers a couple of years ago, influenced perhaps by a handful of early adopters, including local celebrities like Chloë Sevigny and Naomi Watts, who aimed to burn calories, not fossil fuels. Their example inspired Ms. Page-Green. “When I ride my bike, I’m not wasting rubber,” she said. “I’m not spewing exhaust fumes. And I actually keep myself fit.”

Must be a trend if a famous person does it.

They quote some lady who tries to say bikes are as sweet as cars, and tries to make it seem like New York is better than LA:

“A bike in New York City is sort of what a convertible is in Los Angeles,” said Bonnie Morrison, a fashion publicist who gave up her fancy mountain bikes years ago, preferring to scoot around the city on a boy’s Raleigh Chopper from the ’70s.

Honestly would rather just drive a hummer, be safe from the elements, and run over bikers who were trying to 'look kewl' / 'adopt trends.'

Here is the 'closing part' of the article where they have to name drop 'fixed gear' + 'hipster', which seems mandatory in any NYTimes 'trend piece':

Ms. Dares has her heart set on a Raleigh single-speed, once she settles in. “I know, that’s so hipster,” she said sheepishly, “but everyone in Brooklyn rides one.”

Is 'riding bikes' a legitimate trend?
Have ppl been riding bikes 4evr?
Is this trend piece sexist?
Should I move to Brooklyn / a relevant Manhattan subdivision and start a boutique bike shop that overprices 'kewl looking' re-assembled bicycles that are bedazzled?
Can u use 'faded jeans technology' to decorate new bikes to look 'vintage'?
Do u think all of these women ride their bikes like 2x per year, then they just sit in their apartment 4evr?
Do u ride a bike, and are mainstreamers beginning 2 ride bikes?
Do yall hope more hawtties start 2 ride bikes around town wearing sluttie clothes?

Tao Lin’s career/book is panned by some old bro in the New York Times

Tao Lin is a "Brooklyn-based" buzz-author who recently released the hit book Richard Yates. It seems like as an author, it is ur job to get ur book reviewed on 'huge websites' and in 'newspapers' that have a web browsing hyperlink to for readers to 'impulse buy' the book if the review is 'glowing' enough.

The New York Times 'reviewed' his book, and basically took a long log-form poop on it. Discouraged ppl from buying it, and Tao Lin's career is 'basically over.' Could see tons of 'returns' by people who purchased his novel, or maybe ppl selling it to Used Book Stores for cheap buyback dollars.

Seems like it was a real 'pan-fest.'

They pan the intro

The novel begins: “ ‘I’ve only had the opportunity to hold a hamster once,’ said Dakota Fanning on Gmail chat. ‘Its paws were so tiny. I think I cried a little.’ ” This opening will charm the innocent hearts of some readers; those less amused might find it cloying and gimmicky.

They pan his gimmicky voice / stylistic techniques

The novel’s voice is deliberately monotonous. Chats, e-mails, text messages, phone and in-person conversations — all are absorbed seamlessly into the body of Lin’s text, a smart way of portraying the world in which he’s come of age, where we’re connected all the time and, regardless of the device or medium, all forms of communication seem alike.

The reviewer bro seems to be an author named Charles Bock. Googled him 2 see what he was all about.

Wish he was just 'chill' with other writer bros, and helped their careers achieve 'mad sales.' Wish all media was positive, and every1 liked everything because everything was amazing. Can't believe he 'breathed so much fire' abt Tao Lin.

They say the book was a stupid idea and really boring.

This sense of a young writer finding his way makes it regrettable that “Richard Yates” is more interesting as a concept than as an actual narrative.

The reviewer bro closed the review by saying that the book made him feel like he wanted to kill himself.

In attempting to explore boredom, Lin recreates boredom. In attempting to write about obsession, he embraces narcissism. If this was his goal, mission accomplished. But the achievement is a low-hanging fruit, and its rewards are limited. By the time I reached the last 50 pages, each time the characters said they wanted to kill themselves, I knew exactly how they felt.

Is Richard Yates 'terrible'?
Did Tao Lin deserve to be on the cover of Time Magazine?
Was this reviewer bro 'mad unchill'?
Are yall on #TeamBock or #TeamLin?
Should Tao Lin 'commit suicide'?

NYTimes writes article abt how ‘effing hipsters’ are wearing zany, ironic basketball jerseys

Basketball jerseys have become a chill, alt look for bros in the summer. Whether you are going to a relevant music festival, grabbing a smoothie at Jamba Juice, or mowing ur parents' lawn in suburbia, the basketball jersey is a great way to stay warm with a breathable product and show off ur alt figure. Kinda an old trend, but I think mainstream sports blogs have been generating 'mad photo gallery hits' by posting 'effing hoopsters wearing basketball jerseys' photo galleries.

Really worried abt the state of modern journalism. Wonder if this bro can email his parents and say 'I was in the NYTimes 4 wearing that jersey you bought me before I was cut from the middle school basketball team.'

Mr. Haavisto, a 22-year-old aspiring filmmaker in Manhattan who wears tortoiseshell glasses and Vans sneakers, is among an unexpected breed of memorabilia collectors: 20-somethings with limited finances and unlimited nostalgia for the N.B.A. players — often obscure — of their childhoods.

Walk Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on a sunny Sunday, and you’ll spy any number of young men in vintage N.B.A. jerseys. It’s a safe bet none are headed to the basketball court.

Jesus Christ. None of them heading to basketball courts. Dear Lord. Vans sneakers. Holy shit. 20-somethings with limited finances. Unlimited nostalgia. Christ.

The article goes on to 'interview' a few alts who wear NBA jerseys, and they 'don't want to say where they found their authentic jerseys' because they are afraid of too many people finding out where 2 find relevant jerseys:

Both Mr. Keegan and Mr. Haavisto say they resent the new-found popularity of these jerseys among the fashion-conscious who are not basketball fans, and lament the rising prices for used and replica jerseys. Mr. Haavisto refused to name his favorite vintage store for fear of word getting around.

I wonder if vintage NBA jerseys are 'the new buzzbands' via not wanting mainstreamers to discover them/get their hands on them. Do u ever try to keep people from finding out about relevant bands/buzzworthy albums?

The article then goes on to admit that this article is just trying to 'get in on the hits' that all the blogs are getting by posting 'hoopster' galleries:

the sports blog asked readers to submit photos of themselves in their favorite jerseys for an online feature. A 75-photograph series from Lollapalooza had over 52,000 page views.

Does n e 1 know how much a page view is worth in internet dollars?
Do u wear vintage clothes/jerseys to connect with ur youth/the past?
Are retro NBA jerseys an 'authentic trend', or has the trend been around for a while, but the blogosphere is just 'figuring out the appropriate way 2 memefy this meme'?
Have u 'made it' as a human/trend/cultural movement when u end up in the New York Times?

Is this bro a 'hipster' or just a '20-something'?

Then they interviewed popular jam band singer Dave Matthews and he tried to be all deep:

David Matthews, a contributing editor to Deadspin, sees a possible psycho-social imperative behind the trend. “A friend of mine thinks that wearing an N.B.A. jersey is a way of showcasing your masculinity after years of figurative castration brought on by skinny jeans and the like,” he said.

Wonder if I should just tuck my cock between my legs, walk around with a mangina, and chill in a WNBA jersey.

Is the NYTimes 'relevant' or just a blog content aggregator?
What is the most alt retro NBA jersey?
Should Am Appy start selling vintage NBA jerseys 2 save their business?
Should I move 2 Brooklyn and try to 'start a trend' so that I can get a writeup that launches my career?

NYTimes does article on ‘effing hipster freegans’ who ‘go dumpster diving’ behind Whole Foods

Not sure what the New York Times is trying to do. I guess create 'compelling cultural content' that is sharable + can 'drive mad hits.' Anyways, they made another zany article about 'hipsters in Brooklyn' have 'started to' 'dumpster dive' behind high-end grocery stores. Feel like when I am hungry 4 food, I just go 2 the store and pay for it.

Can't imagine riding the freegan wave [via salmonella waves].

Not sure if this writing is 'real.' Maybe NYTimes is now just some sort of complex art piece/satirical commentary on modern journalistic techniques:

The Dumpster divers started their bicycle run just after nightfall on a summer Friday, rolling through the steamy streets of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, stopping only to dig through trash bags and pull out produce. They wore plastic gloves for the messier bags and used a flashlight on the darker stretches of sidewalk. Then they loaded their finds onto a cargo bike, retied the bags and cycled on.

The goal was to find enough food to supply an every-other-week gathering called Grub, which one founder has described as “a cheap, simple dinner for friends and co-conspirators.” It is a communal meal created from food that would otherwise have been wasted — and that many people might not deign to eat.

Feel like I'd rather go to a gathering called "Grub" if it was hosted at Golden Corral / Chili's / some franchise chain with quality control.

h8 freegans sooo much
Wish they were forced to get Costco memberships and just 'load up' in the bulk. Not sure how I feel about members of society who are happy to 'just eat discarded leftovers.' We really need a society filled with people who want to eat at fancy steak houses every night so that we don't lose 2 the Chinese in WW3.

Here is some paragraph where they romanticize the 'amazing items' that they found. Honestly feel like u have a 'better selection' when u go into the store and browse, instead of just looking in some trash bags:

So Jessie Martens grabbed a bruised cantaloupe and some shiny heirloom tomatoes from a curb in front of a supermarket on Union Avenue. Eric Levinson found bottles of organic juice being discarded outside a building near the Pulaski Bridge. And on Bedford Avenue, Phoebe Gray and Eric Lewis sifted through seven bags of trash before uncovering a bounty of kale, blackberries and peppers, as well as a punctured avocado that Mr. Lewis called “premade guacamole.”

Wonder if my local grocery store can start offering 'pre-made guacamole' by puncturing avocados in the fresh produce section.
Really just want to get 'more sustainable', live a 'greener life', and utilize

Is 'dumpster diving behind Whole Foods' a better solution than 'shopping at WalMart'?
Do yall prefer super-sized non-organic produce + meat + poultry?
Might just buy some non-organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts and make a meal.

Feel like this might have been some sort of 'produce placement' inspired advertorial. Kinda just want to buy some pita chips and TRIBE HUMMUS. Maybe I can dive in2 a dumpster and find a smart snack.

They tried to make it seem like they 'crafted a gourmet meal' out of the trash food. Not sure if I believe that they 'scored' all of that food.

Wonder if homeless people know how to make 'gourmet meals' after they dumpster dive, or if they just eat raw meat to stay alive, like some sort of authentic urban animal/savage.

Worried that they are portraying this place as some sort of indie/alt/crusty form of 'heaven':

Songs by Alex Chilton and Charlotte Gainsborough played through speakers. Ornaments and cardboard cutouts in the shape of stars and planets were suspended from the ceiling with ribbon, and a breeze blew through a skylight. Kale and sweet potato stir fry sizzled on a stove. Somebody made a jumbo salad. Somebody else uncorked a bottle of wine.

Should they open a restaurant and charge 'high prices'?
Do yall know people who 'do this kind of shit'?
Do u wish they'd just go vibe out at a pizza buffet?

Here is how the night/article ended. Seems deep.

The light faded. People took turns playing a mandolin as trucks rumbled in the streets below. As darkness fell, the dinner guests climbed back down the iron ladder, carrying empty plates and glasses.

Have yalll ever been dumpster diving?
What did u find? Did the food make u sick / give u food poisoning / 'the runs'?
If food is in the trash, is it safe to eat it?
Do u abide by a '10 second rule'?
Should dumpster divers 'be arrested'?
Do u 'call bullshit' on this event/trend?
Should I shop at Target, Walmart, or just dumpster dive?
Do u h8 how grocery stores and restaurants are required to throw away food?
Should we just create some sort of 'system' where that food is given to homeless people, alts, and freegans?
Does Whole Foods need to burn/cremate all of their old food so that homeless people + freegans don't have access to it?
Does 'trash' belong 2 no1, or is it the owner's right as an American to know that their garbage wasn't re-used or recycled in any format?
Did the New york Times write 'another brilliant article', or are you tired of 'hipster trend pieces'?
Do u think they should use the word 'hipster' more freely in articles/blog post titles, instead of trying to work around it?
Should I go dumpster diving behind Chili's and pick up some Fajitas, bottomless chips and salsa, and SXSWestern Eggrolls?
Should I go dumpster diving behind _________ and pick up some ___________________?

NYTimes does profile piece on buzz blog Gorilla Vs Bear, credits them as inventors of polaroids

Gorilla Vs. Bear is a popular lofi chillwave no-wave shitgaze wavewave fuzzy buzzy indie mp3 blog that posts some of 'the best undiscovered blog bands in the world.' Sometimes the bloggers from the blog go to festivals and concerts, and take intimiate, non-sexual photographs of buzzbands with polaroid cameras. For some reason, the New York Times did a 'profile piece' on Gorilla Vs Bear, talking to them about 'the sweet ass polaroids that they take'.

Do yall respect Polaroid photography more than 'ass hole photographers with DSLRs who want to be paid $1000 per .jpg?'
Is concert photography 'bullshit'?
Are photographers 'artists', or just ppl who want to 'buy back' their investment in a DSLR?

Seems like Radiohead's Thom Yorke wasn't 'alt enough to 'get' polaroids:

Mr. Bartholow, 30, takes many of the photographs for the Gorilla vs. Bear music blog and is also its creative director. His camera gets noticed because it is a plastic Polaroid. That tends to disarm and surprise his frequently photographed subjects. “A lot of times they’re really intrigued by the Polaroid,” Mr. Bartholow said.

Some — like Thom Yorke of Radiohead — are downright incredulous, as Mr. Bartholow recalled about a 2008 show. “My wiry arm emerges with this plastic camera that looks like a toy, something out of 1982, and I vividly remember him looking at me like, ‘What are you doing here, kid.’”

Damn. Thom. Cmon bro.

Do yall appreciate mp3 blogs with a 'stunning, visual, engaging aesthetic', or do u like blogs that try to look 'professional in a forgettable way'?

Music blogs tend to rely on stock images of performances and on scans of vinyl album covers. So the use of original artwork on Gorilla vs. Bear means that visitors frequently come across photos of artists they’ve seen nowhere else.

Should I start a buzzworthy mp3 blog, discovering unsigned, unheard artists?
Should GVB 'expand' into nude alt polaroids, marketed as high-end, barely legal alt porn?
Was it a bad idea that the ALT REPORT HQ just invested in $20,000 worth of polaroid camera technology to start a better blog + get an NY Times writeup?

Did Polaroids die, or was that just a marketing gimmick/rumor?
Is Gorilla Vs Bear the best 'pound for pound' mp3 blog on the internet?
Does Gorilla Vs. Bear 'transcend' the concept of the 'professional photographer'?
Did GVB 'invent' polaroid pictures of buzzbands?
Do photographers deserve to be paid, or should they just 'let go' and upload that shit 2 the internet?
Is .JPG capturing a unique service that humans should be paid 4?
What mp3/alt/music blogs do u read? What makes u like them?
Is 'concert photography' 'art', or should robots be installed in venues so that photographers don't 'take up spots at the front' from authentic fans?

Gorilla Vs. Bear


Gorilla Vs. Bear is an influential MP3 blog that blogs abt lofi, fuzzy buzzy, chillwave, and authentic African American music.

Read more>>>>

NYTimes writes new culture piece on “zero-something” hipsters who opt to skip kindergarten 4 self-discovery

Not sure what the deal with the NYTimes is--is it a news paper, a blog site, or a cultural documentation resource center? Didn't live in NYC as a kid, so I am not sure if they have always published 'cultural trend' pieces that try to explain sociological + generational trends, or if this is just like a modern traffic hoarding technique, like a 'smoke and mirrors' form of a photogallery. Anyways, it seems like after their hit article about 'twenty-somethings' who are in no hurry to grow up, they decided to take it to a new extreme and write a trend piece on 'zero-somethings.' Basically just 4 or 5 year olds who are about to start kindergarten, but then due to their own free will, or based on the assessment of their parents choose to 'stay home' instead of starting kindergarten.

Not sure what's so difficult about kindergarten. Isn't that just where they teach u to 'color inside the lines' and to 'wipe ur own ass'? Seems like parents need to stop babying their kids at such a young age, or else they will grow up to be 'twenty-something hipsters' who have achieved/excelled within the American educational system, but cant' really contribute anything to society/earn income.

Kinda seems like both twenty-somethings and zero-somethings are both super lazy, 'redshirting' the option of growing up:

AFTER all those attentive early childhood rituals — the flashcards, the Kumon, the Dora the Explorer, the mornings spent in cutting-edge playgrounds — who wouldn’t want to give their children a head start when it’s finally time to set off for school?

Suzanne Collier, for one. Rather than send her 5-year-old son, John, to kindergarten this year, the 36-year-old mother from Brea, Calif., enrolled him in a “transitional” kindergarten “without all the rigor.” He’s an active child, Ms. Collier said, “and not quite ready to focus on a full day of classroom work.”

“Redshirting” of kindergartners — the term comes from the practice of postponing the participation of college athletes in competitive games — became increasingly widespread in the 1990s, and shows no signs of waning.

Sorta wish my parents considered whether or not I was 'ready 'for social interaction before they enrolled me in public school, and made me ride the bus every morning. Seems like they just thought school was a 'public baby sitting program' or something, so they just kinda abused it to keep my busy.

Kinda wish I could take 'transitional years' regularly, finishing college at age 45. Do u think my parents would be chill with that? Feel like people think they can only 'take a year off' during college, but I guess u can do it before kindergarten too.

Did u take a year off during school? Were u 'held back'?
how old were u when u started kindergarten? Were u an older class bully, or a young, smart bro who deserved to be there?

With the wide age spans in kindergarten classrooms, each new generation of preschool parents must grapple with where exactly to slot their children. Wiggly, easily distracted and less mature, boys are more likely to be held back than girls, but delayed enrollment is now common for both sexes.

“Technically, Lillian could go to kindergarten,” Ms. Tayse Baillieul said. Moving her up from part-time preschool would allow Ms. Tayse Baillieul to return to work and earn income. But Lillian’s preschool teachers counseled her to hold Lillian back. “They said staying in preschool a year longer will probably never hurt and will probably always help, especially with social and emotional development.”

If u had the chance, would u 'delay growing up', and start kindergarten at age 10-15?
do u feel like u would be a natural, free, authentic spirit if u didn't get ur vibes crushed in a public/private educational institution?
Should we all just be homeschooled?

Seems like parents don't want their younger kids to be influenced by the bullshit consumer trends of older kids in their kindergarten class:

Still, it bothers her that children in the same class are as much as a year and a half older than Clare. “She has friends who are 11 who are going to get their periods this year, and she’s still playing with American Girl dolls.” Another mother complained that her 4-year-old became hooked on Hannah Montana by her aspiring-tween classmates. A 6-year-old wielding a light saber can be awfully intimidating to a boy who still sleeps with his teddy.

Did yall have ur first period in kindergarten?
Were u worried that u were gonna die?
Wish all humans could mature at the same rate and never die.

Sorta wish my parents started me in kindergarten 'right out of the womb' so I coulda gone to Harvard/Yale/The New School/Pratt/something more prestigious than community college:

“Among parents here, there’s a tremendous demand for kindergarten earlier,” said Eva Moskowitz, founder of the Harlem Success Academy Charter School, which pushed its cutoff back to Dec. 1. “If these parents could start their kids at 2, they would.” Not everyone, alas, defines academic privilege the same way.

Wish we could just come up with a rule that solved this societal problem, instead of using the age-old excuse that 'every1 is different.' We rlly need to fix this problem before zero somethings become ten-somethings, then those ten-somethings become twenty-somethings.

Is the NY Times 'killing it' with progressive journalism, or is this article just made for parents who are taking 'internet breaks' to catch up on relevant websites so they don't feel so isolated from the world in their American dream?
Do u think zero-something kids are 'ass holes'?
Are they worse than twenty-somethings?
Are parents 'over-parenting' and just need to let kids make their own mistakes, even if they are 2-7 years old?
Do parents help to create worthless kids at a young age?
Did u learn everything u needed to know about life in kindergarten?

R u gonna enroll ur zero-somethings/toddlers in school, or just buy them a condo in Brooklyn and let them 'figure out life on their own'?

NYTimes writes article abt how worthless 20-somethings can’t get jobs & try 2 stay young 4evr

Just read another article trying to figure out the 'social forces' that have constructed Generation Y as they have 'grown up', graduated from college, and chose to neglect their standard duties as functional members of society. For some reason, every1 is trying to figure out 'hipsters' / 'twenty somethings' / 'college grads who can't find work' / college grads who are 'above' working entry-level jobs that aren't 'fulfilling.' Seems like 20something just know how to chill hard, and realize we don't have to 'fucking conform', except we have 'the balls' 2 follow thru cuz we can just chill on our laptops all day 2 escape from society without actually giving up 'being social.'

Are u 20something?
R u unemployed?
Did u graduate from college, but not really digging ur options/career path(s) available?
Did u move back in with ur loving parents because they are 'upper middle class'?
Do u feel pressure to get a 'real job', 'get married', and 'have some kids' asap?
R u a free spirit who is in no hurry to 'start real life'?

It’s happening all over, in all sorts of families, not just young people moving back home but also young people taking longer to reach adulthood overall. It’s a development that predates the current economic doldrums, and no one knows yet what the impact will be — on the prospects of the young men and women; on the parents on whom so many of them depend; on society, built on the expectation of an orderly progression in which kids finish school, grow up, start careers, make a family and eventually retire to live on pensions supported by the next crop of kids who finish school, grow up, start careers, make a family and on and on. The traditional cycle seems to have gone off course, as young people remain un­tethered to romantic partners or to permanent homes, going back to school for lack of better options, traveling, avoiding commitments, competing ferociously for unpaid internships or temporary (and often grueling) Teach for America jobs, forestalling the beginning of adult life.

Worried. I thought Teach for America was a 'legitimate' option for jumpstarting my career. Worried that the on-campus recruiter I talked to last week was just 'blowing smoke up my ass' to meet recruitment quotas.

Are yall glad that ur not like ur parents, and u haven't felt pressure to start a career that would probably 'peak' with a job in middle management? Is ur life meant for 'so much more' than such inhumane desk work?

Forty percent move back home with their parents at least once. They go through an average of seven jobs in their 20s, more job changes than in any other stretch. Two-thirds spend at least some time living with a romantic partner without being married. And marriage occurs later than ever. The median age at first marriage in the early 1970s, when the baby boomers were young, was 21 for women and 23 for men; by 2009 it had climbed to 26 for women and 28 for men, five years in a little more than a generation.

Seems like they also asked 20 year old ppl to document their lives' with their iPhones to make the story 'visually captivating'

The New York Times Magazine asked 13 young photographers to capture the identity of their generation using iPhones. They brought back photos of friends, family members, strangers and themselves. See each photographer’s work, organized by row, below.

Here is a sample 'photo'. Seems kinda like the vibe is some1 taking a myspace pic even though they are about 10 years too old.

Do u feel pressure to 'get pregnant' or do fertility drugs mean that you can pop out 7 identical babies when ur 45 years old?

Among the cultural changes he points to that have led to “emerging adulthood” are the need for more education to survive in an information-based economy; fewer entry-level jobs even after all that schooling; young people feeling less rush to marry because of the general acceptance of premarital sex, cohabitation and birth control; and young women feeling less rush to have babies given their wide range of career options and their access to assisted reproductive technology if they delay pregnancy beyond their most fertile years.

Not sure why this beardbro is in this story. Seems to just be an 'effing hipster' who represents a zany 20something who doesn't care abt society's standards. Seems chill that he is 'living strong, wearing yellow'.

It seems like there is 'no official age' where society calls u an adult, so 20something bros can just delay 'growing up' as long as possible.' Wish local + federal governments who get their shit 2gether:

Our uncertainty about this question is reflected in our scattershot approach to markers of adulthood. People can vote at 18, but in some states they don’t age out of foster care until 21. They can join the military at 18, but they can’t drink until 21. They can drive at 16, but they can’t rent a car until 25 without some hefty surcharges. If they are full-time students, the Internal Revenue Service considers them dependents until 24; those without health insurance will soon be able to stay on their parents’ plans even if they’re not in school until age 26, or up to 30 in some states. Parents have no access to their child’s college records if the child is over 18, but parents’ income is taken into account when the child applies for financial aid up to age 24. We seem unable to agree when someone is old enough to take on adult responsibilities. But we’re pretty sure it’s not simply a matter of age.

So confused. Wish u were just considered an adult right after the first time u grew a nice bush of pubes / share an intense orgasm with a a member of the opposite sex.

'Age is just a number n e ways... All we are is flowers in the wind.'

Do u think that ur gonna live to 100 years old, so there really isn't any worry about 'wasting ur 20s' banging as many ppl as possible? Do u feel pressured to 'get married' to form a collective identity with another human, or are u focused on 'finding urself'?

The more profound question behind the scholarly intrigue is the one that really captivates parents: whether the prolongation of this unsettled time of life is a good thing or a bad thing. With life spans stretching into the ninth decade, is it better for young people to experiment in their 20s before making choices they’ll have to live with for more than half a century? Or is adulthood now so malleable, with marriage and employment options constantly being reassessed, that young people would be better off just getting started on something, or else they’ll never catch up, consigned to remain always a few steps behind the early bloomers? Is emerging adulthood a rich and varied period for self-discovery, as Arnett says it is? Or is it just another term for self-indulgence?

Might just get a job at my local Hot Topic / Pac Sun

Seems like in ur 20s, u can' believe u can do anything'. Seems like an empowering outlook on life. Hope it lasts forever, so that even after my life 'turns to shit' and I have to 'take care of kids + a naggy, annoying life partner', I will always know that my life will pan out:

DURING THE PERIOD he calls emerging adulthood, Arnett says that young men and women are more self-focused than at any other time of life, less certain about the future and yet also more optimistic, no matter what their economic background. This is where the “sense of possibilities” comes in, he says; they have not yet tempered their ideal­istic visions of what awaits. “The dreary, dead-end jobs, the bitter divorces, the disappointing and disrespectful children . . . none of them imagine that this is what the future holds for them,” he wrote. Ask them if they agree with the statement “I am very sure that someday I will get to where I want to be in life,” and 96 percent of them will say yes. But despite elements that are exciting, even exhilarating, about being this age, there is a downside, too: dread, frustration, uncertainty, a sense of not quite understanding the rules of the game. More than positive or negative feelings, what Arnett heard most often was ambivalence — beginning with his finding that 60 percent of his subjects told him they felt like both grown-ups and not-quite-grown-ups.

R u a 'grown up'?

Seems like we are all trying to deal with 'getting old' or something, even comedic dads. For some reason, the Gen Y struggle seems 'more special' because our collective identity is more unique.

Good 2 know that when ur parents are rich u r in a better position than if ur parents are poor, since they can't really offer u money 2 help u. 'Relieved' that my parents are rich, and I can just 'piss away my twenties' instead of actually having legitimate responsibilities.

This dependence on Mom and Dad also means that during the 20s the rift between rich and poor becomes entrenched. According to data gathered by the Network on Transitions to Adulthood, a research consortium supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, American parents give an average of 10 percent of their income to their 18- to 21-year-old children. This percentage is basically the same no matter the family’s total income, meaning that upper-class kids tend to get more than working-class ones. And wealthier kids have other, less obvious, advantages. When they go to four-year colleges or universities, they get supervised dormitory housing, health care and alumni networks not available at community colleges. And they often get a leg up on their careers by using parents’ contacts to help land an entry-level job — or by using parents as a financial backup when they want to take an interesting internship that doesn’t pay.

Not sure if this article offered any job tips, like 'upload ur resume' to / or anything like that. Really hope Gen Y bros just chill hard, have no money for retirement, and are forced into virtual homelessness.

Why are 20somethings not willing to 'get real jobs' like Gen Xers + Baby boomer + every other old ass person before 'us'?
Why won't 20something hipsters 'grow up'?

Did u ever move back in with ur parents, and feel a lot of weird vibes because of their expectations for ur life, and ur lack of conformity to society's antiquated norms? Do your parents truly 'love you for YOU' or do they just love the person who they think u r?

Is ur mom chill, or do u feel a lot of 'disappointed' vibes from her?

Did this article 'uncover' anything 'insightful'?
Do 20somethings need to 'get their shit together'?
Will Gen Y 'retire' without a retirement fund?
Should we all just continue trying to be bloggers/social media gurus/buzzband members, instead of getting jobs as teachers/insurance agents/bank tellers?
Will there be some sort of "Recession of Chill" when 20somethings don't accomplish their dreams?
Will u land ur dream job, or is ur head in the clouds?
Do parents have a responsibility to get their kids' head out of their asses, even though their children now 'look like grown ups'?
What is more interesting: the era of articles abt Gen Y 'using the internet a lot' or the articles abt Gen Y 'growing up and not having real jobs'?

Should I get my life together before it is too late?
Should I just go to 'grad school'/law school to extend my youth?
Am I 'above' 98% of the job opportunities that are available for me?
Does n e 1 know if it is true that every human on Earth will die one day?
Am I 'living in a goddamned dreamworld' because I believe that within my lifetime, scientists will find a way to make us live forever?

New York Times admits it utilizes ‘bloggy tactics’ by using word ‘hipster’ in headlines to get hits

It seems like the New York Times are trying to 'rebrand' and be 'more than a crappy blog' that turns every article about young ppl/culture/technology into some sort of 'hipster expose' / 'hipster bashing' piece. Feel like 'hipster' headlines get 'mad hits', since so many ppl want to find out 'what makes a hipster tick' and/or 'wtf is a hipster?'

Do u think blogs 'force' hipster memes to get pageviews from mainstreamers who want to figure out how to be more alt by learning abt hipster/alt trends?
Do u think the modern media has crafted the image of Williamsburg being 'alt heaven'?

According to the NY Times robot statistician, they used the word 250 times in the past year, up from 19 times in 1990. Seems like maybe the word just 'means more' in 2k10.

We try hard to shed our old image as stodgy and out of it. Perhaps too hard, sometimes.

How else to explain our constant invocation of the old/new slang “hipster”? As a colleague pointed out, we’ve used it more than 250 times in the past year.

Can't believe they've used the word 'hipster' so much. Seems like 'cheap journalism.' Sorta wish there was a new blog/magazine/newspaper that wasn't in it for money/pageviews, and only care about the purity of reporting 'exclusive scoops':

Our latest infatuation with “hipster” seems to go back several years, perhaps coinciding in part with the flourishing of more colloquial (and hipper) blogs on our Web site. In 1990 we used the word just 19 times. That number rose gradually to about 100 by 2000, then exploded to 250 or so uses a year from 2005 on.

In addition, every time an article is written about Brooklyn, writers must feel pressure to use the word 'hipster' in it, because that is where tons of 'effing hipsters' live.

Then there’s the Brooklyn connection: our archive confirms that Kings County is the very center of hipsterdom. Ninety-six Times pieces in the past year that included the word “hipster” also mentioned Brooklyn, edging out even once-hip Manhattan, which had 87 overlapping mentions. Queens trailed badly with 33, while the Bronx merited only a handful and Staten Island just two.

In any case, hipster’s second life as hip slang seems to have lost its freshness. And with so many appearances, I’m not sure how precise a meaning it conveys. It may still be useful occasionally, but let’s look for alternatives and try to give it some rest.

Can u replace the word 'hipster'?
Is it 'cheap journalism'/'crappy writing' when
What does 'hipster' even mean, yall?

Is 'hipster culture' dying or evolving?
Is the 'hipster' culture fighting to live on forever, avoiding cultural natural selection?
Did 'hipsters' die in 2k_?
Do yall know any1 who calls themselves a 'hipster'?
Are newspapers 'the original blogs'?
Is the NY Times the biggest 'hipster basher' in the world?
Should newspapers get more bloggy, or deactivate their blog websites and exist only in paper format?
Will blogs ever be 'as relevant' as newspapers?
Will blogs ever go to 'print format', or is that part of the business just a 'huge financial burden'?

NYTimes writes profile piece on MIA making her look stupid, MIA gets pissed & tweets writer’s phone number

The NY Times recently wrote a 'profile piece' about M.I.A., and basically 'panned the eff out of her', not only as an artist, but as a human being. It wanted to make sure we understood she was a 'contrived bitch' who was just doing things for memes / press / coverage. Even though she has an 'artistic vision' or whatever, she still just tries to 'be all sensational' and lies about stuff she doesn't really fully understand. Really pans her. (Bloggable excerpts posted below).

Seems like the article had 'an agenda'/the 'holes in M.I.A.'s character thesis are kinda obvi.' Wonder what 'the truth' is.

Anyways, M.I.A. got pissed at the writer of the article, Lynn Hirschberg, and tweeted out her phone number.

Seems like M.I.A. has 'gone insane' possibly. Like she is living in a world that no1 else lives in.
Seems like a 'very unchill move' that might get her 'press' for 'being so rock n roll', will probably just send her deeper into a spiral of inauthenticity.

Wonder if this article effectively 'killed' M.I.A.'s career. Worried. Feel like M.I.A. has 'a lot of shit up her sleeve', and it will be sorta like watching some1 having a mental breakdown right in front of our eyes.

Breakdown of 'meme-worthy' highlights of the article:

Made her seem like she cared more about her own fame than having her own child:

Although her publicist had a wheelchair ready and a midwife on call, Maya, who has a deep and instinctive affinity for the provocative, knew that this Grammy moment was not to be missed. It had everything: artistic credibility, high drama, a massive audience. The baby would just have to wait. The combination of being nearly naked, hugely pregnant, singing incendiary lyrics and having the eyes of the world upon her was too much to resist.

Her whole life is basically a huge contradiction because she is 'rich' but pretends to be 'from the streets':

In one of many contradictions that seem to provide the narrative for Maya’s life and art, Ikhyd was not, as she had repeatedly announced he would be, born at home in a pool of water. As usual, she wanted to transform her personal life into a political statement. “You gotta embrace the pain, embrace the struggle,” she proclaimed weeks before Ikhyd was born. “And my giving birth is nothing when I think about all the people in Sri Lanka that have to give birth in a concentration camp.”

Made her seem like a bitch for eating olive bread:

Maya’s tirade, typical in the way it moved from the political to the personal and back again, was interrupted by a waiter, who offered her a variety of rolls. She chose the olive bread.

Went to a smart guy to explain how M.I.A. 'abused' the imagery of a Sri Lankan terrorist group:

In the press, Maya was labeled a terrorist sympathizer by some; others charged her with being unsophisticated about the politics of Sri Lanka. “People in exile tend to be more nationalistic,” Kadirgamar said. “And Maya took a very simplistic explanation of the problems between Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese government and the Tamils. It’s very unfair when you condemn one side of this conflict. The Tigers were killing people, and the government was killing people. It was a brutal war, and M.I.A. had a role in putting the Tigers on the map. She doesn’t seem to know the complexity of what these groups do.”

Srsly. She made the situation in Sri Lanka even worse. She doesn't even know what she is talking abt.

Her rhetoric rankles Sri Lankan experts and human rights organizations, who are engaged in the difficult task of helping to forge a viable model for national unity after decades of bitter fighting. “Maya is a talented artist,” Kadirgamar told me, echoing the sentiments of others, “but she only made the situation worse. What happened in Sri Lanka was not a genocide. To not be honest about that or the Tigers does more damage than good. When Maya does a polarizing interview, it doesn’t help the cause of justice.”

Made sure to make her seem like a 'contrived bitch.'

“All of what I’m wearing is American,” Maya said. “If I was a terrorist, I wouldn’t be wearing American clothing.” She paused. This may have been a joke, but Maya rarely laughs. She speaks carefully, slowly, with a kind of deadpan delivery. Like a trained politician, she stays on message. It’s hard to know if she believes everything she says or if she knows that a loud noise will always attract a crowd.

She is a hypocrite, yall.

What Maya wants is nearly impossible to achieve: she wants to balance outrageous political statements with a luxe lifestyle; to be supersuccessful yet remain controversial; for style to merge with substance.

Called 'bullshit' on the status of her father:

Her father remained in Sri Lanka (whenever they saw each other, he was introduced to Maya as her uncle, so that the children wouldn’t inadvertently reveal his identity). Maya claims that she has not seen him in years. Diplo told me a different story. “I met her dad in London with her,” he said. “He was very interested in sustainable living and was teaching in London. But he wasn’t a good father.” Whatever the truth is, Maya has gone from trumpeting her father’s revolutionary past in order to claim that lineage to playing down his politics to support a separate narrative. “He was with the Sri Lankan government,” she now maintained, when I saw her in Los Angeles. “He’s been with them for 20 years. They just made up the fact that he is a Tiger so they can talk crap about me.” (Her father could not be reached for comment.)

M.I.A.'s husband hates Diplo because he was a better lover, doesn't let Diplo into their home studio:

Diplo wasn’t allowed to work at the house (“Her boyfriend really hates me,” he said)

Threw in a Gaga bash just 4 shits:

Maya feels that Gaga is not original, that she mostly borrows from the Abba playbook, and she gets annoyed when Gaga is compared to Madonna. “You can’t really say that Gaga is culturally a change,” Maya said. “Madonna was truly unique.” Gavras nodded. “And Madonna was pretty,” he said. “Pop stars should be pretty.” Maya flipped open her computer. “Do you want to see this amazing parody of ‘Telephone’?” she asked. “It’s brilliant!” Gavras stood behind Maya and watched. “This parody has three million hits,” Maya said. “That’s way more than I’ve ever had.”

Do u think M.I.A. is 'bat shit crazy'?
Do u feel bad for Lynn Hirschberg for getting her phone number 'trolled out'?
Is M.I.A. 'inauthentic'?
Will M.I.A.'s album 'swirl down the shitter'?
Will Pitchfork be forced to 'stand up for M.I.A.' since she took over their twitter for a day to promote the "Born Free" video?
WIll writers be 'afraid' 2 write negative press about M.I.A.?
Is M.I.A. 'the blogosphere's #1 meme generating artist'?
Do yall feel excited that indie music coverage is starting to get 'really scathing/troll-like' and more interesting than just writing about how awesome every artist in the world is?
Did u call our homegirl Lynn just to say 'sup'?
Can M.I.A. be sued?
Is M.I.A. a bad person?
Is M.I.A. just a 'rich, entitled' fame whore?
Does M.I.A. know 'exactly what she is doing'?
Do u feel like M.I.A. has an inferiority complex regarding white women + white pop stars?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

Read more>>>>

New York Times ‘pans’ new LCD Soundsystem album

I am not sure if any1 listens to the New York Times when it comes to music reviews, but it seems like they 'took issue' with the new LCD Soundsystem album. Feel like even though James Murphy has alternative tenure from most websites, they decided to 'pan his shit album.' I am not sure why the NY Times did this since it is a local paper, and they should probably just support local musicians.  Maybe u get 'more hits' for saying something 'blows' as opposed to praising it.

What was ur least fave part of LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening?

This music sounds fantastic, as usual — clean, tight and separated in the mix — but songwriting inspiration is in short supply. The aah-aah vocal chorus in the first track, “Dance Yrself Clean,” is not amazing enough to bring back again for the last one, “Home.”

Worried that they are 'taking down an indie legend.' Wonder if they believe that LCD Soundsystem should be part of the Buzzband Euthanasia process, where we collectively 'strip away' the credibility of formerly authentic buzzbands.  I feel like LCD Soundsystem probably have another 2 more albums/flops before buzzband euthanasia can be seriously discussed.

It seems like they called James Murphy a 'totally shitty song writer', like he sort of just poo poo-ed on the microphone for the whole album:

A lot of the words in and of themselves on “This Is Happening” — yowled, crooned or muttered as if he’s making them up on the fly — aren’t very good, except to engage you with the music. You wonder how he could share lyrics so half-baked. And paying that bit of attention brings you into the momentum and the particulars, a dry snare drum curiously low in the mix, overmodulated vocals, and extra elements brought up loudly: synth percussion, high-hat cymbals, conga drums.

But you can’t ignore those words, and the more they come to feel like branding, the more irritating they can be. Mr. Murphy specializes in circuitous or fake deep-thoughts — “complicated people never do what you tell them to” — or a kind of dopey metalanguage : “from this position, I can see both of them/from this position, I totally get how the decision was reached.” Sometimes he writes reveries that start strong but peter out, as if he wanted to rewrite David Bowie’s “Heroes” but suddenly found something better to do

is LCD Soundsystem 'still relevant'?
Did this album 'disappoint' u as a consumer/music fan?
Is there is a 'backlash' forming against LCD Soundsystem?
Will their next album be received in the same way that MGMT's album was received if they don't 'write songs like the old 1s'?
Does James Murphy need to go to songwriting classes?
Is the New York Times more influential than Pitchfork?
Will LCD Soundsystem's new album end up being the #1 album in America?

NYTimes writes article about Christian counseling 4 female porn addicts, includes photo of hipster porn addict

I don't think this post is even really that relevant. The NY Times wrote an article about female pornography addiction counseling. I don't think they really 'care about' porn addiction like it is a real problem, but it seems like something that could get a lot of hits, since it involves religion, females, and pornography. It also really helped that they had a photo of an entry-level alt girl as the physical representation of female porn addiction. Do u think she uses her keffiyeh as a cum rag?

I wonder if the journalist who wrote this had 'a laugh riot' when he/she attended one of these counseling sessions. Seems like it must have been crazy to go 2 Kansas 2 see this go down:

LENEXA, Kan. — It was the final session for the women at Westside Family Church’s Victory Over Porn Addiction group, and the youngest member, a 17-year-old named Kelsie, had not had a good week.

“I slipped two nights this week,” she said, to nods of support from the other women in the group.

“I decided that every time I’m tempted I’ll just let everything out to God,” she said, “then pray specifically for someone else, do selfless acts, to get away from being selfish.”

Damn. R u a Christian?
Do u watch porn?
How do u know if you are addicted to porn?

For the graduation ceremony, Ms. Renaud passed out balloons and asked the group to write down the things they were giving up. Out came the bad stuff: Porn, Masturbation, Lustful Thinking, Cutting, Feeling Useless, Dad’s Bad Choices, Self-Gratification, Self-Mutilation, Unhealthy Thoughts.

They finished by popping the balloons and hugging. Ms. Renaud allowed that the culture’s forces were against them.

“This group should be much larger, but they’re afraid to come forward,” she said. Even after seven years without pornography, she told the group, looking at it too long it might attract her. Recently, she said, she watched “Titanic,” including the nude scene, without a relapse.

Is this 'kinda like a Daily Show segment' except in written format?
Have u ever masturbated to the nude scene in Titanic?
What's the most amount of times u masturbated in 1 day?
R u addicted to porn?
Have u ever written all of ur problems on a balloon, then popped it to metaphorically represent 'overcoming' personal demons / problems?

Are all entry level alt girls from Kansas addicted 2 porn?
Can God help u get over any addiction?

NYTimes does ‘humanizing’ profile piece on the bros in MGMT

Since the NYTimes is the ultimate blog aggregator, they were forced to cover the hit buzzband MGMT, who will soon release their leaked album Congratulations. I am not sure if they had some sort of agenda with this article, but I think it was sort of just a 'mailed in' profile piece about young people in a band maturing. Maybe the metaphorical equivalent of 'moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan' to 'grow up & get serious about life'

I think the article brands the two MGMT bros as being 'mavericks' who only care about being artists, and not pleasing the masses. They are aware that they 'peaked' in college when writing "KIDS":

“It’s like the only songs we have that have really been noticed on widespread levels are songs that we wrote in college,” he fretted.

Mr. VanWyngarden piled on. “We should really be listening to, like, the masses,” he said, “instead of making an album that no one is going to like.”

The NYTimes also asked an MTV Vice President for his opinion, because he probs knows a lot abt music + the music industry + buzzbands. Prob chills at tons of industry parties and hands business cards 2 buzzbands:

“There was an incredible amount of curiosity for this album,” said Joe Cuello, a vice president at MTV. “We were all waiting for the prerelease from the label and sat down and listened to the whole thing in my office when we got it.” Their response was that the record was “challenging,” said Mr. Cuello, who oversees music licensing for MTV shows. “They’re certainly asking for something from their audience, an investment and a perspective that doesn’t fit the marketplace completely.”

They talked about how the album wasn't critically accepted, so they had to re-brand the whole album as a "grower" and try to make it seem like this was really MGMT's artistic vision:

But the response has recently shifted as more people have heard the album, and as the label’s marketing campaign, which urges listeners to take it as a whole and spend some time with it, has sunk in. “Congratulations” is now categorized as a grower, earning praise for its bravery if not always its artistry. (Mr. Cuello said that after considering it, he was a fan.) Whether it will sell is another question.

“Different’s not bad,” said Steve Barnett, the chairman of Columbia Records. Asked if the album was commercial, Mr. Barnett said: “Listen, I think Andrew and Ben are very smart, creative guys, and I think they understand the right path that MGMT should take, and from our perspective we’re happy to support that. Sometimes I think we have to sit down and talk to them about consequences — if you do this this way, this is going to happen — and we’ve had that conversation. And at the end of the day I think their approach is really refreshing, where art leads, and commerce follows.”

Wonder if some1's head is gonna 'roll' at Columbia Records if this album flops hard.

Really enjoyed this paragraph where they tried to describe the essence/personal brands of the MGMT bros utilizing architecture + fashion:

Though the duo spent their early 20s living as any young transplants to Brooklyn do — giving and going to loft parties and goofing off, amping it up when they became successful, cavorting with groupies and acting debaucherous — now they seem rather sedate. Mr. Goldwasser recently moved from an apartment with roommates in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to a one-bedroom in Lower Manhattan with his girlfriend so that her commute to dental school in New Jersey could be shorter. Mr. VanWyngarden is a furniture and design buff, and his apartment is expensively and eclectically decorated, with a zebra-skin rug and point-of-conversation art (some of it scavenged from the street). Across from the vintage brown leather sofa in the living room is a wooden sleigh bed covered with throw pillows. Beside surfing books are copies of the magazine Art in America and the I Ching. In a plaid shirt and Doc Martens (Mr. VanWyngarden) and a gray hoodie and jeans (Mr. Goldwasser), neither would pass for rock stars. They barely pass for hipsters. They seem more like bookstore employees, and not even the judgmental kind.

The journalist probably asked them the entry level question 'r u hipsters' so that he could produce this quotable, made to get 'tons of hipster blog headlines':

“We’re like yuppie Brooklyners,” Mr. Goldwasser said. Mr. VanWyngarden listed his nonhipster credentials: “I don’t blog. I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never done cocaine.”

So many great blurbs. Here is the part where they talk about how they snubbed tons of mainstream artists who wanted to work with them. Does this make u respect them more?

At the height of their popularity, they said, they were inundated with requests to work with major artists but declined. “We said no to Coldplay, U2, Lady Gaga, Pink, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots,” Mr. VanWyngarden said. “It’s not a judgment on them. We didn’t feel comfortable opening up for them.”

They did agree to a collaboration with Jay-Z for his album “The Blueprint 3.”

“We talked to him on speaker phone, and he’s like: ‘I want you to do whatever you guys want. Do your MGMT thing,’ ” Mr. Goldwasser said. “I think he was eating crackers or something.”

They eschewed the beats that Jay-Z’s camp sent over and made their own, a “vampire-pipe-organ, chromatically descending, really weird beat,” Mr. Goldwasser said. Jay-Z, they said, responded by asking them only to sing on the track’s chorus. They passed.

Does this make u say, "wow. they told Jay-Z to go fuck himself. Gotta give em props for saying screw u." I feel like I kinda do, only because I think that rappers are just looking to hijack anything that is mildly cool just to build their personal brands. Not really into rappers.

Did u read this article?
Did it help u to relate to the band?
Do u feel like u 'get' MGMT now?
Are they just two bros trying to grow up and be in a buzzband at the same time?
Are the MGMT bros playing some sort of Joaquin Phoenix type of practical joke, and the Columbia Records PR department is just trying to 'cover up the biggest mess' in the history of mainstream indie record releases?
Were the bros "off message" during this interview (and pissing off their PR team to be rebellious etc) or does their Sony/PR team just have no idea how ________ they sound?
Did MGMT create a 'cult classic' or will this album just be forgotten?
Did MGMT create the greatest record of all time?
Is MGMT the ultimate indie band?

Do u feel pissed that MGMT had the forum, the funding and the technical ability to create one of the most important albums of all time, but treated it like it was some sort of joke, totally afraid of 'taking on the beast'? Maybe this is why Animal Collective is 'unconditionally loved' even if they make something that is too weird/unapproachable.

Are unpaid internships a new form of modern slavery?

The New York Times did a story about how unpaid internships might be illegal. They basically say unpaid internships are ways for companies to scam young people looking for opportunities into working for free. Even though most companies exist 2 make money, they often try to 'cut costs' and exploit the efforts of young people who don't know any better/don't have better career opportunities.

“If you’re a for-profit employer or you want to pursue an internship with a for-profit employer, there aren’t going to be many circumstances where you can have an internship and not be paid and still be in compliance with the law,” said Nancy J. Leppink, the acting director of the department’s wage and hour division.

Wonder if employers feel sad that they can't hire optimistic college students who are funded by federal loans or their rich parents to do some free labor. Did u have an unpaid internship during college where you learned a lot / were treated like shit?

Many regulators say that violations are widespread, but that it is unusually hard to mount a major enforcement effort because interns are often afraid to file complaints. Many fear they will become known as troublemakers in their chosen field, endangering their chances with a potential future employer.

Do u feel like u have to get an internship in order to get 'real experience'? Has an employer ever treated u like shit as an intern?

The story also featured a picture of a girl who did an unpaid internship for a company that booked musical acts. I think she is supposed to appear as a 'victim' because she goes to NYU, but still has to do 'unpaid bitch work.'

There were tons of unsourced examples of 'unfair employers' who treated their interns 'like janitors', minorities, and miscellaneous unskilled laborers. If u had an intern, would u make them do 'bitchwork' or try to make them more employable?

Many students said they had held internships that involved noneducational menial work. To be sure, many internships involve some unskilled work, but when the jobs are mostly drudgery, regulators say, it is clearly illegal not to pay interns.

One Ivy League student said she spent an unpaid three-month internship at a magazine packaging and shipping 20 or 40 apparel samples a day back to fashion houses that had provided them for photo shoots.

At Little Airplane, a Manhattan children’s film company, an N.Y.U. student who hoped to work in animation during her unpaid internship said she was instead assigned to the facilities department and ordered to wipe the door handles each day to minimize the spread of swine flu.

Do u have an internship horror story?
Have u interned at an alt company?
Are employers 'ass holes'?
Will u get screwed over more if you intern with a Fortune 500 company or if you try to get alt cred by working at a boutique company?
Do u have any work experience, or do u just think u'll live at home with ur parents for the rest of ur life?
Are unpaid interns 'victims' or should they 'shut up' and get to work / clean the bathroom / run to get the office some coffee?
Are young adults too entitled these days/think they can achieve their dream job?
Are internships the same thing as 'slavery'?
Should the Alt Report hire 5-10 unpaid interns?

NYTimes writes about some ‘Williamsburg Hipster Party Bus’

The New York Times recently wrote some 'puff piece' cultural insight article about a 'party bus' that transports 'hipsters' that 'live in Williamsburg' to other relevant parts of New York City. Even though the party bus is a mainstream idea, this 'innovative business idea' some how got featured by the NY Times. This is indicative of the recent demand for 'cultural exposes about hipsters.'

Seems like a chill bus, where you can drink some Bud Heavy and chill with ur bros on the way to a bar.

Here is 1 of the journalistic quotes from the story:

The bus runs on irony as much as diesel. The basic premise is a cultural inversion: Manhattan tastemakers once sneered at the "bridge and tunnel" crowd overrunning their night spots. Now, they haul them in by the busload.

In addition, they 'glorify' the city of New York, talking about how 'the scene' used 2 be back b4 'everything changed':

“This bus is a little bit like going back to the New York of the ’70s or ’80s, when it wasn’t about the money, it was about the spirit,” said Richard Mark Jordan, an actor from Bushwick who was gyrating in the aisle with friends and high-fiving strangers.

Wonder how much it costs to buy a retired bus from Greyhound / a miscellaneous regional carrier.

Might make a 'party bus' that brings tweens and lost alts from suburbia 'into the city' while allowing them to drink and do drugs.

I did a google image search to confirm that the party bus is a mainstream concept, and found this flyer.

Are 'party buses' innovative if they happen in Williamsburg?
Is a trend 'more meaningful/relevant' if it happens in Williamsburg?
Should I move 2 Brooklyn 2 meet ppl that I finally have something in common with?
Have yall ever been on a party bus in a Mexican City/during college?
Is the New York Times a relevant website, or are they just trying to get hits from ppl not from NYC who r trying to be 'cultured'?

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