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Do u remember when concerts used 2 be meaningful?


Do u remember back when you used to be 'totally pumped' 2 see a meaningful buzzband live? You listened to their mp3s/CDs so regularly that you wanted to know how their music would sound 'live.' You could stand in front of the stage and marvel at the buzzband, realizing that they are actually 'human', not just some foreign voice that sings to you in your iPod.

You used to get to the venue early, back before you had to hover at the bar to get 'completely tanked' to enjoy the experience. You'd stand at the front of the stage, watching everything that was happening on stage, even before the opening band came out. You'd search for members of your fave band lingering around the sidestage.

Perhaps you were alone, looking to network with other ppl who must be the same as you because they listen to the same music. Finally, ppl who live in the same world that you do. Maybe you came with friends who all 'mad hyped' the concert for weeks in facebook wall posts. You've been waiting so long to see this buzzband. You are so lucky that they came to your market. FINALLY, your scene is getting some cred, booking some REAL bands that are what music should be all about.

The show is amazing. Emotion. Lights. Movement. Dancing. Sweating. Chaos. Beauty. Losing yourself in the music. They play your favourite song. Then they play your other favorite song. Then you think their show is over, but your hometown crowd chants so loud that they play an encore. Second encore, too? You've been reading reviews from other cities, and there is no way that the band rocked out so hard in other markets. This was a once in a lifetime experience.

Yes. I grabbed the set list. I feel authentic, because I know that this is the ultimate collector's item for a true fan.

The show is over. Wow. Let's go buy some merch. I need a t-shirt to brand myself as 'into this buzzband' when I walk around my high school/college campus.

Could this be the moment where you would actually 'get to meet' your buzzband idols? You couldn't believe they were talking to you. There they were, talking to fans just like you right by the merch booth and/or behind the venue as they loaded their van/bus. So many ppl want their picture taken with the buzzhuman. So do you. Will you ever get your turn?

The buzz artist comes up to you with a smile. Immediately, you compliment them on their latest album. You let them know that their previous discography means a lot to you. You just purchased their vinyl LP although you don't have a record player...yet. But if you get it signed, it will be more authentic than a poster. The entire band comes over. You are standing in an effing circle with a relevant buzzband. They have accepted you. You look like you fit in with them.

Maybe they are going somewhere?
Maybe you can hang out with them?
Are they gonna invite you to a nearby bar where you can have a drink?
Will you get their contact information?
WIll you keep in touch via text, email, or twitter?
When they come back to town, will they remember you?

I have a feeling that I actually connected with the band. They 'accepted' me. I am not just another fan. I am a friend. We even talked about [something random abt their perception of the region that I live in]. He also complimented me on my [something 'fashionable' that I was wearing]. I have their autographs. I will not be putting them on ebay. They mean something to me, even more than the autographed Babe Ruth baseball that I hit over the fence of my neighborhood sandlot one summer before a dog ate it.

What is the 'end game' for being an indie music fan? Does every1 want to 'be friends with a band'? Hit up the 'afterparty' before the buzzband drives away?

I never. Want. This. Night. To. End.

I went to a concert.
But I experienced so much more.

R u jaded by the VIP experience?
Do u have any meaningul stories abt buzzbands?
Do u miss the excitement that came with 'going to shows'?
Do u still get pumped 4 live music, or is the experience 'less special' than it used to be?
Were u ever entry-level enough to get the setlist, have it signed by every member of the band, then purchase a frame 4 it?
Do u miss the days when buzz shows were 'meaningful' and 'special'?
Do u <3 or h8 the spirit of entry-levelers?
Is 'live music' special, or just a sponsored experience now?
Do we live just to broadcast how VIP we are?
If we can't be 'in the band', do we just want to be 'friends with the band'?

Do we authentically respect relevant artists/famous ppl for the art and media that they create, or do they just exist 4 us 2 commodify?
Do we have a warped/misguided perception of our connection with musicians & alt celebs?

Do u ever miss the days when u used to feel VIP without actually 'being in VIP'?


U, Me, And Every Concert We Attend: How We Grow Older With Concerts

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Is the buzz drought over?

Indie Gods?
R u there?
It's me

We've been in a really buzzless drought
reduced to posting really mediocre memes
Uninspired content
Hollow buzz

Sometimes I miss my youth
When I felt excited abt relevant mp3s
Am I too entitled now?
Am I jaded by the VIP experience?


I just want authentic buzz
I'm not going 2 lower my standards
I'm not just going 2 'hype' any mp3 that has weird owl hoots in it
just because it is by 2 famous-ish ppl

My thirst 4 buzz hasn't been quenched
in so long
our buzz crops have dried up
Our content farm that produces buzz no longer makes $$$


Can the spirit of authentic buzz save us?
Are these all 'solid ass tracks' from the recent past?
Will the buzz drought last 4evr?
Was there nevr a buzz drought?
What mp3s have u been vibing 2 lately?

Do u <3 the new Neon Indian album?
R u excited for the 'new sound' on the next Toro Y Moi album?
R u totally surprised that Glass Candy 'came out of nowhere' with new MP3s?
What relevant music have u been illegally downloading lately?
Is the buzz drought 'over'?
Is this the buzz we've been praying 4?
Have we found our authentic buzz again?
Who will 'win' 2k11?


Who is the frontrunner for 2k11 album/song of the year?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Glass Candy


Glass Candy is a buzzworthy authentic electro disco buzzband from Portland Oregon.

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Are Chillwave Bros Depressed?


I was looking at some pictures of chillwave artists in SUP MAGAZINE. I feel worried about them. It looks like they have a lot going on in their minds. Like maybe stressed out, or something. You might recognize Ernest Greene, the lead singer of Washed Out. But if you saw him on the street, would u think he was one of 2k9's most successful new musicians?

Even Neon Indian bro seems like he has been going on a lot of long walks. Looks like his mind is cloudy, overwhelmed with worry.

Photos by SUP Magazine

Probably a lot of pressure. So many people want to 'get at u', offer you money so that they can take your brand to the next level. But you're just one bro. You just made some songs on the compy. Asking yourself, "Why is there even a backlash against me?" Being in a buzzband must be a post-absurd experience. Pretty isolating. Like very few people would even be able to understand the problems and pressure in ur life.

Going to just chill. Free my mind. Drink an iced coffee.

Still feel empty, even after the barista made me the perfect iced coffee. 'My Glass is Half Empty.'

2k10 is here, and most artists have a lot to think about. There is so much pressure on all musicians and mp3 blogs to stay 'now.' Ultimately, there is a new meme + trend cycle on the horizon, and we are all scared of being left behind. The more we openly talk about the state of the modern alt scene, the better equipped we are to move forward and help one another stay relevant. We cannot be paralyzed by fear. We must confront our issues and become better humans.

Life isn't easy. Even the most successful people have a stress. Sometimes u just need a friend. Sometimes u just need some1 to talk 2. Never be afraid to ask 4 professional help. Just be U. We will <3 u no matter what. U'll always be a part of us.

Is chillwave dead?
Is stresswave the new chillwave?
When will the first 'good' new band of 2k10 come out?
Why do u think they are so bummed?
Maybe we can't 'just chill' n e more... maybe it's time 2 want something more out of life...

Has Chillwave Gone TweenStream?

Yall might be familiar with the popular tween Disney sensation 'Demi Lovato.' She is basically the 'latina Miley Cyrus', meant to appeal to the Disney tweens who have minority bloodlines, giving them a reason to 'dream' that one day they can be kinda white & famous, just like Miley/HannyMontanny.

Recently, I saw her tweet about her new favourite song, Neon Indian's "Deadbeat Summer", possibly the feel-good hit of the former year '2k9.'

It seems like she massively approves of this former indie-'it'-buzzband, and Neon Indian will soon be on iPods of tweens all across the country. For all we know, she might 'throw down a sweet collab' with Alan "NeonIndianVegaBro" Palomo, then they will have an on-again-off-again relaish that plays itself out in the tweenbased tabloids.

Because of these new fans, Neon Indian's next album may or may not outsell any AnCo debut, and prove to be 'music that tweens use to experiment with drugs.' As we learned from the 2k0s decade and the success of Radioheadian legacy, it is important for the legacy of a band to be 'music that an entire generation listened 2 when u first started experiment with _________(drugs/alcohol/handjobs)' so that it can leave ur fans with a bloated legacy. People will associate ur band with positive memories of 'feeling alive/free/open-minded' 4 the first time.

Feel like I h8 the 2k10s already. Like I'm losing everything that once belonged to me. Next thing u know, Lance Bass/Moby will join AnCo. Next thing u know, the XX will be tweeted about by Ashton 'PUNK'd' Kutchers. Next think u know _________(band that I haven't heard yet) will be blogged abt on pitchforks.

Wonder if she and the Jonas Brothers will team up to write some chillwave influenced songs in 2k13. (h8 this decade already)

Seems like Demi Lovato already lives a 'chillwave' lifestyle.

Recently watched her music video, "La La Land", a song about tween alternative individuality. In the song, Demi Lovato sings, "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress ....Well, baby, that's just me..."


The song has become an anthem for girls who 'wear tshirts' instead of 'short skirts' [via Taylor Swift metaphor abt the spirit of individuality].

'Guess we lost another 1, yall guys...' -indieBro after the Kings of Leon went bro-stream


Chillwave music
So 2k9....
Afraid of losing everything
that once made me 'me'

2k10///losing my edge
to all of // the tweens ///
in Hot Topic // post Nappy Dynny ///middle America // outdoor mall

Are old ppl 'the future of music journalism'?


I recently watched this video of some old broad interviewing the popular 2k9core buzzband Neon Indian. (Note: Neon Indian has also been lumped into the now defunct "chillwave" genre by web pundits and blogzines.) It's kinda weird to see this old lady in a position that so many younger alts would love to be in. I feel like since MTV created the VJ (video jockey), there has been a demand for 'a person who looks like they are kewl/'in a band'' to interview the actual band. The interaction of two 'interesting/kewl' personal brands are meant to create synergy, making the interview seem 'really kewl', like two inherently-fascinating people who genuinely respect one another interacting to build a scene/brand.

Feel like this ceremony of bros between Bradford Cox (indie musician) and John Norris (MTV alt journalist) is sort of 'the gold standard' in two bros simulating a stimulating convo, inspiring 'common-folk' to connect with their brands.


2 bros // laughing // sharing // being relevant
makes me yearn /// 2 be close to 'the music'/'scene'/'city'
becoming bros with musicians // and learning the stories behind the music
///creating the stories behind the music ////

I have always read that being a 'music journalist' is sorta a coping mechanism for not being a talented/buzzworthy musician, therefore you should always take any sort of reviews/widely-read opinions with a 'grain of salt.' Music Writer Bros use the opportunity to let the world know that they understand what makes a 'great band', even though they don't necessarily have the technical skills or personal connections to legitimize a music career on a level that they would find to be respectable. Fortunately, in our modern world, the music journalist/blurber/blogger has an important role in 'creating content', and sometimes can be more (self-)important than the actual musician. I am not sure if it is still 'romantic' 2 be connected to artists, since most of them end up being shitty/uninteresting/boring/strategic/simple people, and the ones 'worth getting to know' usually end up talking about charity/global causes.

I wonder if the old_hag interview is more/less 'compelling' than if some other alt person interviewed Neon Indian. It seems like when some standard alt 'talking head' interviews a bro, it sort of takes away from the artist for participating in such a hokey procedure just to get 'press' ---> get attention from lesser-connected people. I possibly find the old_lady+neon_indian_bro video 'refreshing', because it shows how disconnected and lost old people are. Maybe it kinda says 'Interviews are rlly stupid and no1 asks original questions', so it might be a better format to have clueless old ppl

Worried about growing older, losing relevancy, but this sorta gives me hope that I can still find a way to be appreciated by young, trendy ppl even when I am old. Worried about getting dementia/alzheimer's and losing all of my memes/memories. Going to start taking life more seriously, appreciating NOW. There is no guarantee that the dementia-core genre will take off when the Neon Indian bro turns 72 and releases his 24th EP.

Wonder if AnCo will still be able to 'show growth' as musicians past age __, or if they will plateau?
Will we live 2 experience alzheimer-core unintentionally lofi retirement community bedroom rock?
What do u look for in a 'good interview'?
Who is the greatest living music journalist/indie-writer/weblogger/zine-page-creator?
Do u want to be a music journalist 2 get closer 2 the music?
Is it kewl to 'stand in the front' at shows since u r legitimately 'close 2 the music'?

What's ur favourite lyric of 2k9?

After listening 2 a year's worth of music, what is yalls fave/most meaningful lyric?

2K9: a 'sampled' lyrical poem by Carles

There isn't much that I feel I need
A solid soul and the blood I bleed
But with a little girl, and by my spouse,
I only want a proper house
cuz I gotta feeling
that 2nite's gonna be a good nite...
I'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
Are u... also...frightened?
The sun was high...
and so was I...
Go slow
Go slow
Go slow
(shoulda taken acid with u)
(take our clothes off in the swimming pool)
(wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wine)
::feel it all around:::
after all that we've been through
i know we'll make it after the wait
the question is a truth
there is nothing we can't do
i'll see you along the way baby
the stillness is the move
I could use some body
Told u I would stay....
Just dance, it'll be okay.....
Chillin with my brother sport
We'll die alone 2gether
Cause I'd get a thousand hugs
From ten thousand lightening bugs
As they tried to teach me how to dance.
A foxtrot above my head,
A sock-hop beneath my bed,
The disco ball is just hanging by a thread.
Ya.... ur sex is on fire....
(like social status)
Don't mean 2 seem like I care abt material things
Think less but see it grow
Like a riot, like a riot, Oh!
I'm not easily offended
It's not hard to let it go
From a mess to the masses
(like social status)
U know that I could use somebody
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly.
It's hard to say that I'd
Rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
Cause everything is never as it seems.
(When I fall asleep.)
Basic space
Don't look away
When there's nothin'
Feel it all around
Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten
I'm setting us in stone
Piece by piece before I'm alone
Airtight before we break
Keep it in
Keep us safe
I could nvr belong 2 u
Just a deadbeat summer
Sleepy head.... Sleepy head....
In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
Theres nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new,
The lights will inspire you,
Lets here it for New York, New York, New York
While yall are waiting for the others
:::the piano jingle to 'Two Weeks'::::::
Go slow
Go slow
Go slow
Oh shelia...
Here comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten....
Meet me at the Equinox
I'm s0000 b0000red
Chillin on some Horchata
I told u ur dreams would come true....
(a deadbeat summer taking acid with u on adobe slats)
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly.
It's hard to say that I'd
Rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
Cause everything is never as it seems.
(When I fall asleep.)
I told u ur dreams would come true....
I just want
Four walls and adobe slats
For my girls
(u know that I could use somebody)
(some1 like u)
(whoa oh oh... whoa oh oh....)


What is the most meaningful lyric of 2k9?
Which lyric will we sing for the next 40 years and think 'that was back from 2k9... back when everything was pure and authentic'?
Is 'the end of the year' the most meaningful time cuz u get to reflect on 'shit that went down' throughout the year?

The Evolution of the Chillwave Genre: What's Next 4 'chill wave' artists.

As yall know, in the 2k9 post-AnCoGrizzPhoenixBear world, the indiesphere generated a new genre of music to love/follow/listen 2 called 'chillwave.' Most authentic alts were there to watch the chillwave genre 'get off the ground', getting 'tons of mad blog hype buzz' from relevant mp3 blog tastemakers. Now that chillwave has grown up a lil bit, chillwave artists are required to 'tour', and take their band/brand to the next level.

A key element of the chillwave era was that the members of your band/project were required to be unknown/from an obscure place. Sorta weird how these bands consisting of 'Jim Nobody from Nowhereville USA' are now becoming 'must-see' acts on 'the festival circuit', etc. Sorta feel pressured to see them before 'too many people know about them.' I honestly feel like the first time I see a blogbuzz band live will be the last time I see them. I guess the Arcade Fire was right when they said, "Funeral."

These are the three 'largest' chillwave artists, and an analysis of their live performances.

Live Performance: Washed Out (A much 'hyped' CMJ debut in NYC).


As you can see, WASHED OUT bro went with a '1 man band behind a Macbook' setup, utilizing some 'sweet visuals', and also doing some live singing. It seems to be a good representation of the music, but how can Washed Out convert his show into a 'touring machine.' Maybe he could 'only play concerts in water parks [via wave pools] or something. I am not sure if WashedOutBro will have enough money to purchase a 'daft punk pyramid.' Maybe he could rent it while Daft Punk is not touring.

I sorta wish all bands had some sort of megastructure, similar to the Daft Punk Pyramid. It seems like concerts might be more exciting that way.

Photo via rez avissar

I have heard live reviews calling Ernest Greene 'very attractive.' It seems like he has the opportunity to brand himself as 'one of the most handsome men in indie music', sort of attracting tons of females to his shows, and building up alternative resentment [via untalented/angsty altbros]. Ultimately, this model was 'very successful' for Panda Bear's live show. I think Washed out should 'build solid visuals', and then protect his brand by 'only playing relevant shows where he can make mad bank.'  Possibly try to crowd out the 'generic DJs' and steal their potential earnings.

Live Performance: Neon Indian


Neon Indian was apparently '1 bro making an album in his bedroom', but his live performance consists of 3 additional band members. It seems like the '4 person band' model is 'very cross-over-able.'  This is important to capture the attention of mainstream bros, etc.  Most mainstreamers can really only consume live music if there is 'a band of 3+ members' or if there is a rap crew milling around on stage.

I am not sure what my expectations of Neon Indian are. Did I want them to 'be a band', 'be 1 bro on stage', or maybe just 'be the next AnCo.' It seems like it might be 'economically feasible' to lay off one of the band members and work towards a mainstream+conceptual textural live show.  It seems like they really 'look like a band.'  I feel like the Neon Indian bro might be implementing a boy-band-esque formula, where the members of the band are disposable & constantly feel pressure to add value/'look like a member of an alt band'/understand their role in the overall project.


Seems like Neon Indian might become one of those 'bands that plays at every festival'/comes to my local alt scene 2x per year.  Has the genre of 'sorority girls who go to music festivals' already caught on to Neon Indian?

Live Performance: Memory Tapes/Memory Cassette

Apparently, this 'chillwave' band does not perform live. I feel like this band was actually 'pre-chillwave' but sort of got 'lumped in afterwards' just cuz they had a few chillwave characteristics, but didn't really make pure chillwave music. I will probs download free MP3s by this band 4evr, but won't buy their vinyls until I am a rich bro in a meaningful loft with a shelf of vinyls.

Which chillwave band has the best/worst live model?
Which chillwave band will 'make it'/'go mainstream'/be 'the most authentic'?
Which chillwave band will u see first?
Which chillwave band will lead to the implosion of the chillwave genre?
Which chillwave artist will escape/out-live the chillwave era?
What's ur #1 musical memory of 2k9?

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ChillwaveGate--Do u feel violated/misled by sample-based music?

You might have heard of the recent genrefication of the 'chillwave movement', which was basically a non-collective effort by producers around the world who created mp3s that were lofi, chill, electro jams. Because all of this music was released within a 2 month period, the music media was fortunate enough to be able to 'group it together' in order to 'make it seem more meaningful/coverable.'

I was kinda sad when I found out that some of my fave chillwave hits were actually 'sample-based songs.' Apparently this is a 'problem' that has caused many indie music purist bros to 'shit down upon' much of the conceptualcore era music and chillwave music. I am conflicted. I feel like the music is 'good' and 'chill', but something inside of me 'wants 2 believe that all artists are responsible 4 coming up with their own riffs/melodies/ditties. Not sure how to feel about this 'epic chillwave scandal.'

Original Chillwave Hit: Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer
Sampled Song: Todd Rundgren - Izzat Love?


Original Chillwave Hit: Washed Out - Feel it All Around
Sampled Song: Gary Low - I Want You


Do u feel like a metaphorical rug has been pulled out from under U?
When u find out that music is 'sample-based', do u 'respect it less'?
Or do u say that 'finding a sample to use is an art that few musicians can master'?
Is chillwave 'bullshit' or 'legitter than ever'?

I know that rappers and mainstream artists use samples, but it makes me sad to know that 'indie musicians' aren't 'creative enough' to come up with their own melodies. Feeling misled, like it might be more authentic to

Seems like you can become 'a very lucrative artist' if you sample shitloads of artists from the past. Seems like Kanye West made 'a shitload of money' by ripping off songs that were already good.


I feel like I am supposed to consider Daft Punk to be 'authentic' even thought their entire albums are electro-fied reinterpretations of classic samples.


Maybe the best musicians in the world aren't actually 'original.' Maybe Girl Talk is a chill bro after all, since he only 'mashes up' songs, and doesn't 'rip them off.'

Hope that the chillwave era wasn't just a sham. Feeling naked (metaphorically), not sure who or what 2 believe. Just thought I was listening to good/chill/relevant music, but I guess that it is no longer just 'buzzworthy mp3s.' Seems like the mainstream has 'finally found out' about chillwave, and we might have to 'say goodbye' 2 those artists now that Rolling Stone 'wrote a profile on Washed Out.'

Chillwave was a genre created by the internet, 4 the internet?
Do u support sample-based music?
Is ur life a sample-based life?
Should there be some sort of indie music standards committee that limits the extent to which samples can be used in 'our scene'?
Should CDs/MP3s make it more clear that a song is sample-based, kinda like how products must list nutritional information/cigarettes must tell u that they will kill u?

Searching for a 'new aesthetic' now that summer is over. Want a new 'movement' to 'get jacked up about'/listen to on my iPoddy.

Previous 'Chillwave' Coverage

Miss u Remix Economy.

Photo via HRO, October 2k8

Au Revoir Simone Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)

Does n e 1 remember the glory days of 2k7-2k8, back when 'remixes' were something to get 'fucking pumped up about' with your bros. Now that they have become such deliberate marketing strategies, it is more difficult to 'get wrapped up in the spirit' of two semi-related artists coming together to create one mp3 that would unite their fan bases, usually in some sort of dancey lil fun thing.

I am feel 'happy' about the opportunity to download this mp3. It seems like NeonIndian/Vega bro might be 'poised' to take over Classixx currently assumed position as 'most bloggable remixer of the era.' Fortunately, he is also a 'live band' so he can overcome the limitations of many 'bedroom producers/synth collectors' who tend to dominate the Remix Economy. It seems like Neon Indian will soon enter the 'Passion Pit' phase of getting 'over-covered' and possibly 'resented', but NeonIndian's potential for non-gimmicky longevity seems 'high.'

Wonder if we are watching another 'legitimate scene member' as he eventually ascends to being covered like 'a real alt celeb who people take seriously.' Kinda weird when altcelebs make 'the leap' from buzzband to 'relevant alt celeb who is covered by blogs even when they take a lil poop.' Might be wrong, and there might be a 'huge ass' backlash against the chillwave era. Artists who were tied to chillwave should 'distance themselves' from the label if they are interested in long term internet sustainability.

Another important thing for a blogger to 'muse about' is the existence of Au Revoir Simone. It seems like after this remix, we can definitively say that the band is best consumed in remix/electro form. While their 'free spirited' girly aesthetic appeals to lil indie girls and altbaguettes who live in an 'alt dream world', it seems hard to consistently empathize with the tone of their songs. This analysis might be 'null and void' since the voice of HRO is 'a huge misogynist' and finds women 'close to impossible' to authentically empathize with.


Have u heard any bloggable mp3s lately, or is the scene 'fucking dry'? (sorta like a college campus during finals when I am trying 2 score some adderall) Ugh. Can't study/concentrate without it. :-(

Should have taken acid with yall...

Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Grade: 7.267 out of 10 runoffs
Review: Neon Indian is apparently a new band that 'might cross over into the internet mainstream.' Have heard some of their songs, and they seem 'sort of electro' but also 'modern in a way that isn't 'predictable bloghouse bullshit' that 'people frown down upon.' Sort of like the 'lofi authenticity required to take Ariel Pink seriously' and 'authentic sampling that proves a band from myspace is more than just some electro altbros.'

Think that their song SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ACID WITH YOU is probably the best 100% 'new' song that I have heard this year. It is short and pleasant, which is probably 'what more songs should try to be' in the modern world.'


Download more Neon Indian Songs

Have yall heard n e good [bloggable] tracks lately?

Group of relevant ethnic alt celebs search for ethnic alt bread

I just watched this trailer for 'Dosa Hunt', and thought it was going to be one of those weird music videos where an artist like M.I.A./Diplo/etc exploits a foreign ethnic culture just 2 have an 'angle' for an album's 'sound.' It turned out to be some sort of documentary where some relevant ethnic alt celebs went on some search for some sort of bread. I don't really know what Dosa is, I've only heard of 'naan' and 'pita' and 'hot pocket' bread. Also Panera has chill bread. Not sure why they just don't drive the van there.


Starring: Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend), Vijay Iyer (Vijay Iyer Trio), Ashok Kondabolu (Das Racist), Alan Palomo (Neon Indian), Amrit Singh (Stereogum), Himanshu Suri (Das Racist), Anand Wilder (Yeasayer)

Produced by Amrit Singh.
Created by Amrit Singh & Himanshu Suri.
Co-Produced by Sam Carroll & Zoe Schack.

Does this look like a 'Who's Who' of relevant ethnic alt celebs, or are they missing a few miscellaneous brown colored alternative celebrities?

"They were looking 4 bread... but what they really found was themselves... and they realized that maybe all cultures are the same, except that they eat different types of bread."

Will ur fave type of bread always be altbaguette?
Do u wish u were an ethnic alt celeb so u could be featured in a cultural documentary?
Does n e 1 know if Alan Palomo is Indian or just Neon Indian?
What is the alt-est kind of ethnic bread?

Does n e 1 know if all alt celebs pride themselves on eating ethnic food while they are on tour so that they can be more cultured?
Should we launch a search for the most authentic Sweet N Sour Chicken?

Was Neon Indian great on Fallon?

Neon Indian went on Fallon at around the same time that he received a 'controversial panning' from Pitchfork. It seems like Jimmy Fallon is really adopting Neon Indian as 'one of his fave buzzbands', and he will form a relationship similar to the one between David Letterman and Ryan Adams which lasts 4evr. </embed>

The performance seemed chill. The 'backing band' members of Neon Indian looked 'cooler', and 'more professional' than ever. They all played some synths, twisted some nobs, made some noises. We got to see indie hottie Leanne Macomber jimmy jangle some maracas instead of a tambourine. Boy, can she jimmy jangle.

Was Neon Indian 'great on Fallon'?

Did the Creators Project 'waste more money' on a buzzband lighting rig?
Did Alan look good, bb?
Did Leanne's body look BANGIN?
Is Jimmy Fallon winning the buzzband war?

Pitchfork claims Neon Indian's new album isn't as good as his first one. Do u agree with the SHOCKING 7.9?

Neon Indian is one of the most buzzworthy artists of the post-2k9 buzz era. Riding the chillwave vibes to the indiestream, the expectations were higher than evr 4 his sophomore release. For some reason, Pitchfork gave the album a 7.9. In my book, this is a CRAZY CONTROVERSY. Maybe the album is flawed, and is more ambitious than Psychic Chasms, but it feels like indie has agreed that there are some artists who are 'in the club', and other artists who 'aren't', and it always seemed like Neon Indian was 'in the club' or something. This is just a SHOCKING lowball by p4k, and might set a future precedent for score. No longer are relevant buzzbands guaranteed above an 8.35.

Do u agree with this score?

The review is one that 'stays flattering', but doesn't really point out the flaws in the album, even though the score is 'alarmingly low.' Is Neon Indian 'getting blackballed'?

The first sentence mentions 'chillwave' of course.

Some people laugh at chillwave precisely because so many of its practitioners lack a sense of humor. But Alan Palomo is an exception.

The review basically just 'describes how song sound', and doesn't really say anything negative.

The music itself is intricate and accomplished, with dizzying layers of synth arrangements and stray sounds crammed into even the most big-tent cuts-- we're talking rocket-ship noises, phone conversations, lasers, and visceral video-game samples. Despite the kitchen-sink arrangements, the results are taut and defined.

Here is the 'closing' mild backhanded pan, without being a complete pan.

Two albums in, he remains a compelling songwriter. The scrappy charm of Psychic Chasms was hugely appealing from the jump and its brilliant initial flash faded just slightly over time. This is a far more serious record than its predecessor, but Palomo isn't always as assured in rendering the darker material.

R u shocked by this score? Did it 'at least' deserve an 8.0, out of 'respect'?
R u confused abt P4k's 'agenda' with Neon Indian?
What could have earned him a higher score?
Was this album better than Washed Out's "Within & Without"? (8.3 BNM)
Was this album better than Toro Y Moi's "Underneath the Pine"? (8.3 BNM)
Did Neon Indian deserve an 8.3 (BNM)?
Did St. VIncent + Girls 'really' deserve 2 break the 9.0 barrier?
Are they trying to kill chillwave?
What were the flaws/strengths of ERA EXTRANA by Neon Indian?
Is Neon Indian 'over' or does this just mean he should 'go mainstream' and stop writing for 10.0s?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Neon Indian releases new music video for "Polish Girl." Is it the 'song of the year'?


Neon Indian's "Polish Girl" is a frontrunner for 'song of the year' depending on the branding + ubiquity of the song. It has some new video, and there are robots, cybords, cute bitches, other stuff. It seems alright. It is one of those 'Creators Project' thingies where is is being all deep or something, then they build a website to talk abt how deep and innovative it is. I guess that's just modern marketing.

Do u <3 the new Neon Indian album?
Is it a step backwards or forwards?
Has Alan Palomo entered the top tier of indie musicians/alt celebs?
Chillwave chillwave McChillwave?
Do u vibe to this video, or do u get scared when ppl have shaved heads and wires connected 2 their brains?
Have u ever had sex with a Polish girl? How did she style her pubes?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Neon Indian's QT synth player is back with sexi fierce alt bangs!

Alan Palomo is the mastermind behind Neon Indian, but when the band is touring, he enlists the aid of a keut alt synth player named Leanne Macomber. Neon Indian is planning 2 release LP2 soon and he has been 'hitting the road' 2 beta test new material. I'm sure n e thing would sound good if I got 2 watch such a fierce set of bangs playing them.

U have to give acts like Neon Indian and Twin Shadow props for hiring some talented eye candy for bros 2 oggle at. Passion Pit should probs hire 1 rlly hot girl and I would like them 35% more.

Do u <3 her bangs?
Are bangs still 'in'?

Cann Leanne Macomber reach Vicki LeGrand status, or is she just an indie role player?
Do u prefer when backing band members are 'douchey looking bros' or 'qt altbaguettes'?
Did Dave Longstreth hire 2 many QTs 2 join his band, or can u nvr have enough hot alt females in ur buzzband?

BREAKING: Neon Indian returns to the buzzosphere, teases new album, + 'new sound'

Neon Indian 'is back' after his immensely successful initial first album "Psychic Chasms." The sophomore album pressure is on to be successful with critics, but also scale your brand to achieve sweet album sales and get more fans at ur concerts. The footage features Alan Bralomo 'hanging out in Helsinki', being 'deep' and stuff.

Here’s our first glimpse at Neon Indian’s forthcoming LP, in the form of this short video shot in Helsinki — where Alan Palomo recorded most of the album — by Austin filmmaker Sean Lopez. Featuring an excerpt from “Heart: Attack,” the first of a “three-part instrumental movement” that appears on the new record:

What is ur IMMEDIATE REACTION to this important indie news?
Are we entering the post-chillwave era?
Will this be the 'Album of the Year'?
Can Neon Indian avoid 'pulling an MGMT' and totally 'tanking' on his second album?
Should he have 'pulled a Washed Out' and hired Animal Collective's MPP producer to 'help produce' the album?
Will Neon Indian lose its buzz charm on his sophomore album, or will it 'only get more authentic'?

R u 'pumped' abt this new album?
Is the buzz drought of 2k10 finally over?

Can the chillwavers 'save' 2k11, much like they saved 2k9?
Has chillwave morphed into a new genre?
Will these artists have 2 deal with questions abt 'moving away from a chillwave sound', sort of like how Toro Y Moi had to answer all of those questions on his 'Underneath the Pine' album cycle?
Does this sound 'promising' or is it 'just more bleep bloops' marketed as buzz by bloggers who are desperate for content?
Can Neon Indian make 'the leap' into Tier 1 of authentic indie respected eternal artists?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Neon Indian and Das Racist get modeling contracts

I just saw these pix of miscellaneous buzzbands 'modeling' for some fashion brand's 'lookbook.' It is called Mishka. Unfortunately, I only shop at JC Penney's, Mervyn's and Solo Serve, so I probably won't be seeing any of these brands coming my way any time soon.

Not really sure if these bands are 'professional models', but I guess u gotta do what u gotta do 2 get 'online buzz' 4 ur brand, whether u r a brand or a fashion label. Most of the clothes just look like 'generic retro bro gear' and 'homeless veteran camouflage jackets.'

Here is Das Racist, the popular post-Weird Al indie rap ethnic crew.

Jared Leto looks keut

Here is some wanna be Crystal Castles band

Alan Palombro looking as 'free and uninhibited'

Girl Talk and his backing band

Here is Salem's Jack Donaghue. No, he's not a model for a brand, this is just a picture of him looking kewl and getting blaaazed.

Do u think all of these models 'crush it'?
Were they paid multi-million dollar lump sums, or were they just given a duffel bag filled with 'homeless person camo jackets'?
Have u ever bought a super authentic vintage-looking jacket from a homeless person?
Is Forrest Gump's #2 bro Lt. Dan 'the future of fashion'?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Das Racist


Das Racist is some sort of post-ironic rap group.

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Neon Indian guitarist 'quits band', tries 2 launch new buzzband

I just read this article abt some guitarist bro who used to be in Neon Indian who 'went solo'/'quit the band.' Here is his song so u can analyze it while u read the 'article'.


Sultan Flower by Ronnie Heart

I dunno bro... I know I only care abt alt fame, relevancy, and the perks of being buzzworthy... but I woulda stayed in Neon Indian, continuing to feast on the on-the-go pussie that is available to most members of buzzbands.

It seems like the writer 'had an agenda', trying 2 make it seem like Neon Indian is 'totally screwed' without their guitarist.

Neon Indian, for all intents and purposes, has always been an Alan Palomo-helmed project -- at least in the studio. In live settings, however, Palomo's always relied on some help.

Turns out, though, that he's lost a big part of his backing team this week. Neon Indian's flashy guitar player, Ronnie Gierhart, whose muscly licks have gone a long way toward propelling that band's live show, tells DC9 that he has formally left the band, having returned home to Dallas-Fort Worth, both to finish college and to start work on his own musical project.

R u 'excited' abt the new Neon Indian album?

"I guess I wanted to pursue a little bit of my own passion," says Gierhart, who confirms that his departure from Neon Indian comes just as Palomo has started working on that band's newest crop of material. "It wasn't anything weird or anything bad with the band. I just wanted to blaze my own path."

Will this bro 'blaze his own path'?
Do yall think this new buzzband will be 'mad relevant'?
Will Neon Indian 'be nothing' without this guitar bro?
Will Neon Indian's upcoming album 'save 2k11'?
Will Neon Indian's upcoming album be better than Radioheads?
If u were the supporting member of a buzzband without any equity in the business model/creative vision, do you think you would keep 'trucking along and loving buzz life', or would u 'quit' and pursue ur own life/creative vision?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Lamestreamers on Facebook sing Neon Indian's "Shoulda Taken Acid with You"

Neon Indian is a 2k9 buzzband who is preparing his hit followup sophomore LP in order 2 enter the great chillwave/indie war of 2k11. However, some ppl still really <3 the first album, and have moments on facebook where they are like "I'm going to submit a vague indie lyric as my status so that I seem deep." However, some mainstreamers aren't familiar with indie songs, so they can get confused.

You'll never guess what happened this time...

The Lamestreamer was like "SHOULDA TAKEN ACID WITH YOUUUU."

Then a mainstreamer was like "NOOOOO! Don't take acid! It stays in ur spine forever. Plz don't. Acid is bad 4 u. Please don't take it."

Then the lamestreamer is like "chill out bitch. First of all, ur not my mom. Second of all, it is just a lyric by the chillwave buzzband Neon Indian. Get the eff off my facebook if ur gonna be a bitch 2 me. I know all of ur secrets/dark problems"

******END SCENE *******
Should I have taken acid with yall?
Do u h8 it when ppl leave 'deep lyrics' as their status?
Are 'lyrics' overrated as a form of facebookian/twitterian expression?
R u tired of lamestreamers and mainstreamers?
Should I have taken acid with lamestreamer?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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BREAKING: Toro Y Moi releases new MP3 to overshadow new Neon Indian MP3

It seems like we are 'already in 2k11', getting ready to see which buzzbands will have 'the biggest metaphorical cock' of 2k11, washing away the remnants of 2k10 so that we can live in the glory of "2k9 pt 2" forever and evr.

Anyways, Toro Y Moi released a new hit MP3 from his hit album Underneath the Pine. It seems like this is the second relevant mp3 of 2k11, right after Cut Copy's "Where I'm Going" [link]

Toro Y Moi Still Sound

Do yall <3 "Still Sound"?
Did Chazzbro 'crush it'?
Is it time to make the '2k11 albums/songs of the year' list'?

It seems like Neon Indian also released an MP3 today, but it is some cover of a pre-existing song. Not sure how I feel about it. I guess it is 'good 2 have', but I feel like right now all memes are 'worthless' unless ur offering me a transcendent Xmas song, or a 'new album teaser info' meme. 2k11 is abt 'rebirth.' Don't want anything that reminds me of the past. Rlly need 2 look forward so that I don't 'off myself' as I think abt 2k10.

Neon Indian Children of The Revolution (T. Rex Cover)

Which of these songs do u like more?
Is Toro Y Moi's "Underneath the Pine" the frontrunner for 'album of the year' or were u 'let down' by this mp3?
Is Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi 'rebranding' his sound/aesthetic/vibe?
Is 'chillwave' dead, or just 'rebranding' itself?
Do u think Toro Y Moi released this MP3 to try to 'kill off' Neon Indian in the Great Chillwave War of 2k11?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Neon Indian has some new video but still doesn't have a new song/album


This is the new video for the Neon Indian song "Mind, Drips" from the hit 2k9 album Psychic Chasms. I think this is like the second or third 'artsy fartsy' video that Neon Indian released, so it is just pretty 'whatever.' Wonder if the next Neon Indian album is going to 'pull a Beach House' and release a special edition DVD with the album. Maybe it is an effective strategy to get 'album of the year' from Gorilla Vs Bear.

Anyways, think this video is chill, but any time I see an alt girl who is being all artsy. I don't really focus on the song/the 'art' of the video, but instead I focus on the altbaguette. What is she all abt? Does she want a career as an 'it girl'? Does she have a sexi backbone? Do I have a chance 2 start a buzzband then convince her to get naked in my video?

Feel kinda sad hearing this song, in a bittersweet kinda way. Sorta just reminds me that 2k9 'killed it' but now 2k10 sux, but we are a month away from 2k11, so that is all like 'yay.'

R u 'inspired' by the technology used in this video? [via p4k]

According to the IFC website, which debuted the video, the clip uses a new device called the LZX Visionary, "an analog video synthesizer that manipulates images in the same way an audio synthesizer does for sound."

Is this video 'great'?
Is this video 'pointless'?
do u just want new buzzworthy mp3s?
R u excited abt 2k11 so Neon Indian, Washed Out and Toro Y Moi will all go 'head2head'?
R u excited abt the #chillwave_wars?

"Chillwave will live 4evr...
Chillwave never was..."

-a wise man

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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BREAKING: Neon Indian Bro gets a haircut, does he look totes keut?

Neon Indian Bro, known in the real world as "Alan Palermo", is known for his hit 2k9 album Psychic Chasms. It seems like he has 'toured around the world', becoming a relevant indie musician, and now every1 is all like "What is 2k11 going to be all about?" cuz Neon Indian will probably have a 'sophomore album.'

In order to 'rebrand himself' and start anew, it seems like he 'chopped off all of his hair.' This is probably to help him 'focus' on nothing but the music, and let fans know that he is 'rebranded.' Sorta reminds me of when a soldier 'enlists' and they make him get a buzz cut in order 2 'give up their personal brand' and every1 looks the same so they can focus on fighting terrorism.

Do u think Neon Indian bro chopping his hair off is the beginning of the end of the chillwave era?
Is chillwave dead?
Do u miss his curly locks?
How much money would u pay to own his chopped off hair?
Do u think any crazy fans stalk him, and tried to make a wig out of his hair?
Do u <3 his new personal brand?
Would u bet money on Neon Indian to write the 'Album of 2k11'?

Tween Idol Demi Lovato goes 2 rehab because she did coke at a Neon Indian show

Demi Lovato is a popular Disney Tween star who recently went to rehab because she is a teen junkie [via the Lindsay Lohan model]. One time she tweeted abt how awesome Neon Indian was [link], and many were worried that she would ruin the Neon Indian brand. It seems like maybe Neon Indian ruined the Demi Lovato brand by partying hard with her & sending her into a 'complete tailspin'

Recently, Demi Lovato 'checked in2 rehab', and insiders have begun 2 say that her night really fell apart when she did tons of blow at a relevant Neon Indian afterparty.

The intense pressure on Demi Lovato reached a breaking point when reps for the young star announced she "left her tour to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time," issues such as cutting and eating disorders.
Now, new eyewitnesses confirm to Life & Style those problems are only exacerbated by the teenager's heavy drinking and partying. Texas college student Brian Payne clearly remembers the night he spent hanging with Demi in North Richland Hills, Texas, where he saw her firsthand doing cocaine at a mutual friend's house party on Dec. 28 last year. "She was doing line after line like a pro - and she was 17 at the time," he tells Life & Style, recalling the wild party they attended after a concert by the band Neon Indian at the Granada Theater in Dallas. "I just remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn't seem like something new to her."

Damn. It seems like this is 'great news' for Neon Indian's brand. Like they 'party so hard' that they send tween sensations to rehab. Feel like this is a great storyline for their upcoming album cycle, like something that will give them mainstream press. Instead of answering the question "HOW DOES IT FEEL 2 BE CHILLWAVE?" they can answer "DID YALL REALLY PARTY HARD WITH DEMI LOVATO?"

Sorta wanna go to a relevant Neon Indian afterparty now so that my life can 'totally fall apart' from doing line after line like I'm an effing pro.'

Wonder if Demi Lovato is going to sue "Texas college student Brian Payne" for snitching so hard on her blow habits.

"This is a young girl who got caught up in the fame and fortune of Hollywood and couldn't see straight anymore," says another insider. "She had eating issues and emotional issues, and everything else got hitched along with that."

Is there anything wrong with being skinny and having fun?
Do u think she really needed 2 go 2 rehab?
Is her disney career ovr?
Should Miley Cyrus do more blow with relevant buzzbands?
Will Demi Lovato re-emerge as a relevant indie star?
Do u think she got tired of partying with the Jonas Brothers [via drinking diet soda pop, eating pizza, and watching 3D movies]?

R u proud of Neon Indian?
Does this put them in a great position 4 their 2k11 album cycle?
Is it unchill that Neon Indian is being blamed 4 her rehab, or is it a good meme 4 them?
Have yall ever done line after line of blow at a relevant buzzband afterparty?
Have u ever done illegal drugs with some1 famous / alt-famous?

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Neon Indian calls Carles a ‘ball buster’, debuts new MP3 in live studio session

In an interview with Sirius XMU, Neon Indian's Alan Palomo is pressured by some 'shock jock' to talk more abt chillwave. It seems like every artist who was 'unfairly bundled' in2 the chillwave genre has to answer 5-10 questions per day abt their chillwave existence. Even when they go to McDonalds to buy a cheesyburger, the human behind the counter probs asks them 'what's the deal with chillwave? U want extra cheese on that burger?'

The interviewer bro goes on to 'pan' Carles, calling him a ball buster. He goes on to say that Carles is a 'shitty journalist' and should 'stay the fuck away from scene.' Should Carles 'quit' being a blogjournalist?


R u relieved that Carles is still credited as having invented 'chillwave'?
Do u h8 the
Do u remember the time he baited Best Coast into 'talking mad shit' abt Carles / the HIPSTER RUNOFF brand? [link]
Is 'radio' still 'relevant' [via satellites]?
Does Neon Indian/Washed Out 'h8' Carles 4 ruining their lives'/artistic existence?

Anyways, sometimes u just gotta accept that as a blog, ppl are gonna hate u. Might just tweet at all my h8rs/give out their phone numbers.

Feeling relieved that Neon Indian 'debuted a new song.' We really needed this 1 after the great buzz drought of 2k10. Sufjy really let us down. Pandy lets us down every week. Really feel like I might put all of my buzz hopes + expectations behind Neon Indian 2k11.

Neon Indian I Really Didn't Need You Anyway (Live Sirius XMU Session)

Will this song 'save' 2k10/2k11?
Is this 'the first relevant mp3 of 2k11'?
Is this mp3 'breaking away from the chillwave genre'?
Did chillwave ever exist?
Will it take 2.5 albums for chillwave artists to evolve beyond chillwave/for uninspired local journalists 2 stop asking abt 'chillwave'?
Did Carles invent chillwave?
Does Carles 'bust balls' or 'eat dicks'?
What would Neon Indian/Washed Out/Toro Y Moi's careers be like without a 'loaded' genre term?
Do all indie/chilwave musicians h8 Carles/the HIPSTER RUNOFF brand?
Did I really need yall anyways [via not taking acid with yall]?

Neon Indian adds cute new female band member?

Just saw this picture of some cute indie alt baguette singing on stage with Neon Indian at some relevant NYC show. At first I got pumped, because it looks like she is wearing some 'blouse' that looks like the Psychic Chasms album cover...

But then I got bummed, and realized it was one of the 'premium altbaguette' sings from the indie bang Au Revoir Simone named Erika Forster. Also realized her blouse probably wasn't 'abstract enough' to be an official Psychic Chasms tshirt (probably just from Forever 21).

They played the Neon Indian Remix of Au Revoir Simone's "Another Likely Story" live. Was this a fun/authentic move? Should more bands be willing 2 play remixes live?


Worried about the other cute indie girl who 'plays keyboards' in Neon Indian named Leanne Macomber. Feel like she might be getting 'phased out' if Neon Indian chooses to 'upgrade' for a seasoned veteran, but u gotta understand that's 'part of the indie business' cuz every1 is just trying to craft an "Album of the Year" and/or "Decade."

Every buzzband is trying to 'make it', managing both critical + commercial success. U really just have to find members who are 'talented' and 'marketable.' Kinda feels like professional sports. Wish bands could 'trade' members so Animal Collective could trade Avey Tare and the rights to Panda Bear's Second Child for Ed Droste + cash considerations.

Which girl would u rather keep in Neon Indian?
Should the Neon Indian bro 'kick out' the bros in his band and hire some 'hot alt girls' 2 chill on stage?
Should former chillwave projects just try 2 acquire female members and 'ride the slut wave'?
Do women still wear 'blouses'?
Should more indie band members 'migrate' between projects to get more buzz + indie fame?
If you could join/leave a buzzband in 2k10, which 1 would u join/leave?
What 'indie trade' would u pull off?

XX BONUS alts 'painting themselves like Neon Indians' at a Neon Indian show XX

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Some altbro wears a “SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ACID WITH YOU” shirt

I remember the first time I heard the hit song "Should Have Taken Acid With You" by Neon Indian, I felt like I was standing at the forefront of a new cultural/indie movement. It seems 'so krazie' to have grown another year older, while that song has grown another year older. Kinda weird how 'definitive indie' songs don't necessarily 'get old', but instead 'exist forever as a placeholder 4 a moment in alt cultural history.' Even though buzzbands can grow into 'indie legacy bands', we will never forget the spirit of buzz that they buzzed when they were first buzzbands.

Always gonna dream of that night when I shoulda taken acid with yall...

N e ways... Some bro is wearing a 'should have taken acid with you' shirt. Not sure if this is official Neon Indian band merch, or if this bro made the shirt to wear to Pitchfork Music Festival just so the band would see him in the crowd and invite him for free brewskies in the VIP center. Maybe he is actually just a random bro who laments passing on the opportunity to take acid with a bro, and has never even heard the hit song "Shoulda taken acid with u."

Does this bro seem chill?
Would yall rather wear a Washed Out shirt or a Neon Indian shirt, or a Toro Y Moi shirt?
What type of shirts should Neon Indian make?
Should Neon Indian 'sell acid' at their concerts?
How about branded Neon-colored Indian headdresses?

What is the most authentic kind of band merch?
Is it authentic to wear the shirt of a band to their concert, or does that make u a 'buzzband n00b'?
Should u have taken acid with u, me, & every1 we know?

True or False: "BUZZ MP3S NEVER DIE"

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