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multiple choice test

Orange U Kinda Keut!

[GINGER ALERT] (possibly NSFW if u work in an anti-ginger environment)

[Photo by JustGlitterLust]

My favourite part about fashion is that it is a word that describes when people wear clothes. That means every1 is fashionable, kind of like that one party pix site ( It doesn't matter who u r or what u look like, u have the ability to put on clothes. Life is beautiful, yall.

Whether u r young or old, u can put on clothes and have dreams of being fashion blogged about. There is hope for every1. Let's start watching Project Runway every week and think seriously about attending design school in a major metropolitan area.

Which of the following is true about old people?
a) they don't know what the internet is
b) they think cameras can capture souls when they take ur pic
c) they don't believe in homosexuality
d) they call blogs 'websites'
e) they call websites 'internet explorer pages'
f) they only eat in buffet-style restaurants
g) they demand excessive service at restaurants
h) they will be eliminated in the electro wars
i) Choose.Your.Own.Response

[The Street Walker]

Mainstream Vs. Alt Quiz

Having an IN RAINBOWS poster above ur bed is
a) mainstream
b) alt
c) mnstrmlt
d) maltstream
e) FGGT-core
f) xx goth xx stream x
g) he's probz gonna start a party pic site in 2012
h) a poster of 'Kid A' would be more authentic
i) He probz made a radiohead rmx for marketing purposes
j) entry level scene
k) entry level hipster circa 2002
l) he's probz friends with Thommy Yorke
m) he could only earn my respect if he was covering a Che Guevara poster with his IN RAINBOWS poster
n) Remember Radiohead? Weren't they an 'internet meme' in 2007/2008?
o) this poster is something a recently-divorced 'cool dad' would invest in to authentically connect with his entry-level-entry-level 11 year old future alt
p) Choose.Your.Own.Response

[The Selbie]

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