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Some Bros cover the XX & MGMT at their High School Talent Show


Did yall go to a community high school? Was there some sort of annual talent show where every1 participated in a contest to prove who was the most talented/funniest/could throw down the sickest cover of a relevant music hit? Was the Talent Show the opportunity to prove how 'relevant'/'authentic' u were, just 2 prove 2 people that u were gonna 'make it' in a creative arena 1 day? Did ur local community have a 'battle of the bands' that tried to find the most authentic band in the city?

Just watched this group of high school bros cover the XX's "Intro." Seems like a pretty minimal song. The dude on the microphone does some weird rapping stuff at the beginning. Not sure wtf his deal is. Then they guy on the left plays his guitar/bass with a bow, like he's in Sigur Ros or something. Anyways, they try to 'crush it' and it seems like all of the high schoolers in the crowd respond. Seems kinda deep 4 high schoolers.

Then they came out and 'crushed it' with the universal mainstream hit "KIDS" by the MGMT. Seems like every1 in the crowd knew the song, and they were all hopping around like entry levels. Really think the lead singer bro 'ruined' the eff out of this song by singing like a Nickelback honky bro. Sorta made me wish Andrew VanWynGardens.


Does this seem like a 'nightmare'?
Do u know how these high schoolers found out about indie buzzbands?
Are these songs 'hella easy' to play?
Do u wish they had 'indie' when u were in HS?
Did these bros 'crush it'?
Did white hat lead singer bro ruin it all?
Is MGMT's Kid's the greatest song ever written?



MGMT claims they weren't peed on, calls British Media + bloggers 'full of shit'

Pitchfork Magazine is one of the leading online American websites for indie rock, and they basically have the skype phone number of every relevant artist across the world. After MGMT got piss thrown at them when they were playing in the UK, Pitchfork was like, "No way did they actually get piss thrown at them. That was just blog fodder. We're going to get the real story instead of just posting a zany blog headline about peeing on humans." They basically email chatted MGMT and were like, 'Did ppl rlly throw piss at u?' The Andrew VanWyngardens was like "No. That was just the British media getting to make up a bunch of shit because they are butt holes.

Based on his email, he seems like a zany, far out bro. He seems to be 'self-aware' abt his band's identity, but at the same time, 'insecure' about the critical perception of Congratulations.

Message from Andrew VanWyngarden:

What's up dude!?

All accounts of this alleged piss-throwing/shirt-piss-catching incident as well as the "label not giving them as much freedom" are false and maliciously embellished, as an indirect result of the Malicious British Journalistic Freedom Act (1666) which entitles gobshot writers for shitty British tabloids to make up whatever the fuck they want about whomever they choose (citation needed).

Although we're sure everyone's life could go on just fine without an "official clarification" of something that happened to that band MGMT somewhere in England, things have gotten to a point where we feel obligated to defend our selves and tell people the real story: witches, this: At the start of "Kids", MGMT's most popular song to date and the second-to-last song in the set, a celebratory cup of hearty Manchester ale, NOT URINE, was hurled into the air in the direction of the stage, thereupon landing in the lap of William Berman, the current world's best drummer. As we understand, thrown cups of beer are a sign of affection over here, whereas thrown bottles of urine mean the opposite. So, thank you Manchester for your affection.

Will Berman then left the stage to dry off and the band **finished the set without him, a nice non-percussive version of MGMT's current smash single "Congratulations." EVERYONE then returned for a steamy full band encore of "Future Reflections" and "Brian Eno", the latter of which induced a moist circular moshing type pit in the center of the floor. Johnny Marr was in attendance, the Dum Dum Girls sounded great, plenty of clotted cream and fresh berries in catering, Liverpudlian youths with dandy style, and no one got hurt. All in all it was a great show, and, on a scale of one to ten counting by tenths, I would give it a strong 7.1.

As for the whole label-not-giving-them-artistic-freedom thing, we aren't even close to starting the process of making a new album, label-relations are currently quite friendly, we are very proud of "Congratulations" and the new videos, looking forward to making more music on Columbia, and the (mostly sold out) world tour has been going splendidly THANKS FOR ASKING. Don't believe everything that you read (even on
taking the piss=bad idea in interviews,



**MGMT realizes its slow wit in not playing "Someone's Missing" when Will left the stage. IT APOLOGIZES.

Really confused. They seem chill, shouting out other buzzbands, saying that the UK is a 'shit hole', letting people know that they are making 'mad bank' as they tour around the world playing (mostly) sold out venues. Just wanna chill out with Andrew VanWynBrodener, smoke a spliff, and write some concept rock.

Should more buzzbands write direct letters 2 blog websites so we can see what they are all abt?

Is MGMT chill?
Do u believe them?
Do u think their tour is sold out?
Do u thin it is chill that they 'shouted out' buzzbands in their email?
Is MGMT rolling around in mad buzz dollars?
Should MGMT be proud of "Congratulations"?
If they can lie 2 our faces abt Congratulations being a good product, would they lie 2 us abt being peed on?
Is this just the tipping point of a huge USA vs UK buzzband + alt media outlet war?
Do yall prefer unfounded rumors on the internet because they provide better content/sharable memes than bands can actually produce themselves?
Were u at the show and do u take responsibility for peeing on them?

MGMT storms off stage after being pelted with urine bombs, losing creative freedom from label on next album

MGMT has has 'a terrible 2k10' after their hit album Congratulations 'flopped' both critically and commercially. They basically 'effed up royally' and now no1 likes them and their record label is gonna put them on a tight leash to try to make up some of their investment. Doesn't help when ur playing a gig, and people are so bored that they pee in bottles

MGMT's drummer Will Berman walked off stage during a gig in Manchester after he was hit with a glass full of urine.
The musician refused to come back even when his bandmates Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser pleaded with him to come back.
Berman was soaked when the glass, hurled on stage by a fan, hit him in the chest, reports Ace Showbiz.

I remember one time a bunch of birds shat on the Kings of Leon and the newsbit meme went viral, allowing blogs to write to snarky headlines that said "poopy musicians got poop in their moufs." [link] Wonder if 'human excrement memes' will still go viral, or if it is unchill when pooping and peeing are done by humans and flung at buzzbands.

Did MGMT deserve this treatment?
Have u ever thrown pee or poop at MGMT / any other buzzband?
Did MGMT throw pee and poop at us when they released Congratulations?

The group, who play as a five-piece live, were halfway through an extended jam of the track The Handshake when Berman stormed off.
The band only noticed as they started playing their hit Kids and were forced to ask the crowd: 'Where's Will gone?'
They were forced to play the last song of their set, Congratulations, without percussion.

Cmon bro. Be a professional. This is show biz. People are gonna throw batteries, rotten fruit, and human excrement at you. U gotta play thru it, bro.

Anyways, seems like MGMT's career is falling apart and their record label is gonna be like, "Nope. Not gonna let u release that consumer-unfriendly shit again. We're going to put u in the studio, and ur gonna write 10 "KIDS.mp3s." Your band + ur art is our property and we will get what we want out of u.

The album -- released in April this year -- omitted the type of big hits that could be found on their previous album, 'Oracular Spectacular,' and as such hasn't sold quite so well.

And now the band have revealed their label bosses are likely to have more control over the making of their next album.

Frontman Andrew VanWyngarden said: "I definitely think our music will change in the future because 'Congratulations' is almost two years old now. We have some ideas and have been talking about possible directions of where to go next. We are just in much more positive mental states than when we wrote 'Congratulations.'

"We're less anxious. We've been looking at relationships with the label during the recording process and it's quite different this time. They'll be more involved and not give us as much freedom."

Will MGMT 'recover' and win over indie hearts again?
Will MGMT go 'mainstream'?
Will MGMT's label 'save' their career?
Do u ever pee in bottles/water balloons and throw them at subpar buzzbands?
Did MGMT deserve to be peed on?
Does urine help ur skin?
Will u ever forgive MGMT?
Are buzzbands 'humans' who deserve to be treated with respect, or are they products we can violently discard when we are done with them?

Lamestreamers on facebook discuss how MGMT's music has 'gone down the shitter'

Many indie music fans are 'divided' on the state of many buzzbands as they evolve into mainstream bands, but no band is more divisive than MGMT. Their first album AnalBro Spectacular was hella chill, with tons of blogworthy hits like "KIDS", "Electric Eel" and "It's Time 2 Pretend, yall." However, their sophomore album "Congratulations" really let down the entire blogosphere.

It seems like a few bros on facebook had a really progressive discussion about the artistic merits of MGMT.

Bro #1 throws down a sweet youtube of the song "Electric Feel", and is all like 'this song is the shit.'

Another chill bro 'likes' the status, aligning his brand with the song.

Then another bro comes along and is like 'This song is fucking awesome.  Gonna check out this band.

Bro #1 'gloats' and is all like, 'Yeah. I know.  They are the shit.  I am the shit.'

An authentic bro then comes out of nowhere, and makes it clear that MGMT 'sucks' now.  He says "Listen, MGMT used to be OKAY, but now KIDS is overplayed by tons of lamestreamers, and their new album is fucking bullshit poop stains.  However, I love what the band is all about, and they have had their moments.  I have a true love hate relationship with MGMT.'

It seems like facebook offered some sweet bros the opportunity to reflect on MGMT. Facebook is a great place where humans can really unite and talk about common interests, relevant issues, and buzzbands. Peer-to-peer connxns really 'beat the shit' out of even face-to-face encounters because u get to really think about what u say before u type it out and submit the form.

Is MGMT 'awesome'?
Is talking abt MGMT on facebook 'authentic'?
Which bro do u agree with?
Do u talk abt buzzbands on Facebooks?
How many years will it take the blogosphere to 'come to terms' with MGMT's career arc?

Lamestreamer on facebook discovers kewl new song by MGMT called “KIDS”

Facebook is an unlimited goldmine for finding excerpts of humans 'connecting' on facebook. U can get vulnerable about anything--life, love, relationship status, and even connecting with other humans while u talk abt buzzbands. A lot of people find out about kewl bands and kewl songs using the 'embed' function on facebook.

In this lame wall to wall minifeed status convo, some entry-level alt 'discovers' MGMT's hit song "KIDS." The facebook historie.

At first, an entry level embeds MGMT's "KIDS", and is all like "I know I am going out on a limb cuz this is way different and unique... but I kinda like it. Might look more in2 this kind of music.  PS: My sis told me abt it.  She's so alt."

The 4 people 'like' it, making it clear, "Yeah, I've heard that song, bitches."

Then some1 is like, "Yeah, I've been vibing 2 this song for soo long.  Saw them live, it was weird, but just wanted to put it on the record that I have known abt this song 4 so long.

Another alt comes along, and is like "Oh shit! This song is amazing! thnx 4 posting.  UR the effing best.  OMG jammin out hard."

Some other banter /inside jokes are thrown down, but then out of nowhere the ultimate alt shows up.

The bro really 'drops the hammer' on the convo, and says "If u like MGMT, try pashy pit and the postal services, yall! Both effing sleigh/kill it.  U will not regret downloading their mp3s from iTunes.  Ur gonna like the way u look--I guarantee it!"

Really feel like I just 'connected' with the spirit of rock n roll. So many people say that the modern indie music sphere is 'rotten' and 'despicable', but they don't witness this human-to-human interaction where bffs can recommend bands and share music so easily.

Really want to check out all of these bands.

Have u heard MGMT -KIDS.mp3?
Are these fans gonna be 'pissed' when they hear MGMT's album "Congratulations" in 4 years?
Do u miss the "KIDS" era of MGMT?
Does Pashy Pit sound like MGMT?
Does Pashy Pit sound like poop?
MGMT = Pashy Pit = poop ?
Is Pashy Pit the ultimate mainstreamer indie band?
Is it still authentic to 'recommend' ppl 2 the Postal Service?
Are all of these bands 'the shit'?
Do yall know of any other kewl bands I should check out?

MGMT comes out of retirement, makes video abt how they died as a buzzband


Not sure why MGMT made a new music video. Had totally forgotten about their disappointing 2k10 album Congratulations, but then they went ahead and released this video for the title track of the album. Not sure what is happening in this video. Feel like

It seems like they went to their local animal shelter to adopt a dinosaur/animal, but then they ended up in a desert, and shared a death march together. Feel like the din-animal is a metaphor for MGMT and the desert represents their 'dried up' status as a buzzband. They are searching 4 some sort of well/oasis,but they are kinda screwed (this is a metaphor 4 album sales + critical acclaim that might never come again). Can MGMT be saved?

I guess they had extra money on their mainstream record deal, so they keep making these MTV-ready music videos, but I'm not sure if these songs will rlly appeal to the MTV 'teen mom on the Jersey Shore' generation. Really just confused, wishing MGMT and 2k10 would just go away 4evr.

Was MGMT's Congratulations the most disappointing album of 2k10?
Does this music video make u sad?
Is this song 'terrible', or has it 'grown on u' after 5 months?
Has the Arcade Fire 'won' 2k10?
Did MGMT 'blow their chance' to achieve Arcade Fire status?
Should MGMT be put thru the Buzzband Euthanasia process?
Have yall ever walked thru a desert with a creature, watching it die?
Does MGMT continue to 'strike out'?

Just found this video of a bro who 'made his own music video' to this song that features him walking around a local strip mall holding up quirky/inspirational quotes.


-Van Wyngart

Entry Level Alts have fun facebook convo about Pashy Pit, Vampy Weeks, MGMT

Facebook is a popular social networking site where humans connect to share their lives' together. In addition, conspiracy theorists say that Facebook is a datamining experiment constructed by the CIA. N e ways... facebook is mainly a place where sweet people share their thoughts, consumer interests, and personal information. A lot of people like to talk about new indie buzzbands on facebook to make their personal brands seem like they are 'fun', 'in-the-know' human beings who are on the bleeding edge of culture.

It seems like a few free spirited entry levs had a kewl convo about a series of indie buzzbands. Have yall heard about any of these bands? Do u want to be a 'hippie' and listen to them at a music festival or what?

At first, some bro is like '<3 Pashy Pit... wanna be a hippie and listen 2 them.'

Then some other alt is like 'yea! let's wear tie dye... Gonna put this on our bucket list!'

Then they vow to listen to Vampire Weekend, MGMT, and some band called 'Neon Trees', which must be some sort of Neon Indian for mtv2 tweens band.

NOTE: Just listened to the Neon Trees, they sound 'hella gay'


N e ways, then 1 alt is like 'check out this band called Natalie Portman's Shaved Head.  effing loves it!'

Then the other entry lev is like 'huh? what a weird band name.  Cannot be forreal.'

The alt has to be like, 'no, forreal, look it up on wikipedia_space/music.html because they are a real band.'

At the end, every1 seems mad pumped to be alive, sharing buzzbands in the modern indie era. One day, we will all go to a music festival together, drop acid, and listen to synthy, whimsical indie bands while wearing 'hippie' gear.

Do yall talk about buzzbands on facebook?
Have u heard of MGMT/Neon Pit/Passion Weekend/ Vampire Trees / Indian Passionate Weekend?
Do u h8 when entry levelers 'ruin' once-relevant buzzbands, or is it a natural part of the band life-cycle that u have accepted?
R u pissed at 2k10 and the lack of authentic buzzbands?

N e ways, gotta go listen to some Neon Trees. Hope they collab with Passion Pit and write 'the queerest synth pop alt song' in the history of the world.


See yall later,
the neon tree bro's haircut

MGMT: were they great on Fallon?


MGMT is a former buzzband whose latest album "Congratulations" has become the laughing stock of the entire alt internet, with many alt music websites taking 'huge shots' at them for being 'a massive disappointment/failure.' Even websites that were once neutral enablers of bland indie bands have pounced on the opportunity to 'pan' MGMT. Anyways, they went on Jimmy Fallon last weekend, since he 'loves to harvest blog bands' and try to brand his show as being 'young, kewl, and down with anything that gets twitter buzz.' Not sure if I vibed to these performances. He let them sing 2 songs for some reason.

Worried that MGMT bros look like the are just sorta 'half assing it', like they realized they have let every1 down, and don't even want to be there any more. I would expect this type of heartless performance from a mainstream artist/athlete, but seeing a former indie buzzband 'go down so hard' just 'breaks my heart.'

Should MGMT's staff 'quit their jobs'?
R u disappointed in MGMT?
Does MGMT like their own album?
Does MGMT even like 'being a band'?

After the show ended, Jimmy Fallon seems to have made them play one of their old songs, just cuz he probably didn't really like their second album. Just wanna live in the past, and pretend "Congratulations" never happened.


Is MGMT 'too big time' for Jimmy Fallon?
Is MGMT 'too small time' for Jimmy Fallon?
Has 'the world' crushed MGMT?
Can u look MGMT straight in the eyes and honestly tell them, "Yall were great on Fallon"? [via the XX]

Jimmy Fallon

Alternative Celebrity, Actor

Jimmy Fallon hosts his own late night talk show and competes with Conan O'Brien 2 try 2 book the most indie buzzband guests.

Read more>>>>

MGMT rises from the dead, releases new video


MGMT released one of the 'biggest flops' or 2k10. Their album Congratulations had mad expectations, but then every1 got all pissed at them for not writing buzz songs like they used to write. Not sure if their music sounds better now that we have had some time to deal with the 'bursting of their bubble.' Wonder if their music is 'timeless' and 'more than just bloggy mp3s', or if it is 'just plain forgettable music.'

N e ways... they have a new music video. Not even really worth figuring out. Just gave it a power skim. Seems like they are building some machine, then they have sex with women, then the machine gets out of control. Probs just the usual metaphor abt society/technology/consumerism/etc. Really not vibing at all. Maybe it was a metaphor about the treatment of buzzbands by the bloggiasphere when there is no more 'buzz' to hype/milk out of them.

It seems like they are probably just utilizing the rest of their budget before their mainstream record label cuts their funding and they have to go back to their cheap, lo-fi green screen era videos. Will people jump back on the MGMT bandwagon if they seem 'less corporate' and 'more organic'?


Wonder if MGMT will rebound from 'Congrats' or if they will just quit being a band. Maybe they are grandfathered into a 5 album record contract that guarantees them mad bank, so they will just keep producing unblogworthy MP3s.

Will MGMT's album see a 'bounce' after this music video?
Will this music video get mainstream airplay on MTV/MTV2/MTVU/MTVtres/VH1/FUSE?
R u still pissed at MGMT for 'letting u down' or have u forgiven them/forgotten about them?
Is 'Congratulations' kinda like fine wine, and it tastes better as it gets older?

MGMT attempts to revive brand, books a show at Merriweather Post Pavillion

Merriweather Post Pavillion is a popular album by the popular buzz band Animal Collective, but a little known fun fact is that the name of the album was actually inspired by the name of an amphitheatre in the greater Baltimore metro area. The real MPP has a 'brand' that is super free-spirited, in touch with nature, and 'perfect' for live music.

Wonder if MGMT 'purposely' booked a show their to try to catch some of the positive vibes / critical acclaim that is associated with the MPP brand. It seems like MPP is probably 'the best / most positively hyped album' of the last 3 decades, so maybe they are just trying to do their best

Learn more about Merriweather Post Pavilion (the venue):

Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead played here! Merriweather Post Pavilion is one of the world's most beautiful and storied amphitheatres – nestled in 40 acres of forest, smack between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. If the backstage walls could talk, they’d echo Roger Daltrey and Robert Plant trading some wicked stories about when the Who and Led Zeppelin played here in the ‘70s. Now Animal Collective has ensured its legendary status, by naming its genius CD “Merriweather Post Pavilion” in homage to the band’s favorite venue.

A concert season at Merriweather Post Pavilion is like putting your iPod on shuffle: the calendar features the best in rock, country, rhythm and blues, pop, jazz, hip hop, alternative, electronica and classical.

Thanks to Billy Joe Armstrong, Merriweather ripped out the first 15 rows of seats to build a mosh pit for Green Day’s American Idiot Tour. But it was for superstar Tom Jones that the loge sections were added, and in the early ‘80s, the lawn was regraded with 700 truckloads of dirt to form its current slope, allowing for great sight lines.

Originally built to be the home of the National Symphony Orchestra, Merriweather was designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry, who is best known for defying architectural conventions. The natural outdoor setting is one that can’t be matched. The fantastic sound system and large video screens make this amphitheatre a favorite for bands and fans.

Inspired by troubadour and environmentalist Jack Johnson, Merriweather implements a range of efforts to protect the environment, including installing solar panels that power the house lights, composting and building new structures using Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.

Every year the beloved concert venue sets out to improve. Recent enhancements include building an enormous kitchen that prepares the most delectable cuisines from all over the world, a Music Pinball Arcade, award-winning sculptures and the tripling of restroom facilities.

Merriweather is music, but so much more. It’s a gorgeous walk in the park.


Conveniently located in the Baltimore/Washington corridor off Route 29 in Columbia, Maryland, Merriweather is nestled within the 40 preserved acres known as Symphony Woods. The natural, outdoor concert setting is one that simply can't be matched.

For more than 40 years, Merriweather has hosted a diverse range of artists and events, offering the area's absolute best in contemporary entertainment. At Merriweather, we are committed to delivering a concert experience that is the top-notch in every way.

This place really seems like 'heaven.' Maybe it is a worm hole, and some sort of portal opens up when relevant musicians play there.
It seems like so many people 'hype up' venues in the greater New York area, along with music festivals like Coachella. However, it seems like they don't integrate architecture, nature and music quite like Merri Post Pavvy.

Does it seem like a progressive seating chart?

Should I start a club and have a progressive architect design the building/space?

Is Merriweather Post Pavillion a 'special place', or is it just the same as every outdoor amphitheatre that has a 'general admission' section in the grass where every1 smokes weed?

Feel like I need to blog from this venue in order to truly 'connect' with music.
Have u ever been to MPP, or have u only experienced it in album format?
Will MGMT turn into the next AnCo after playing at MPP?
Is Merriweather Post Pavilion an architectural marvel, or just another crappy live venue?
Is Merriweather Post Pavilion the greatest album of ur lifetime?
Are all outdoor amphitheatres built for artists like Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson?
Will this move 'save' MGMT?
Should we go on a spiritual visit to MPP, kinda like how some Jewish people have 2 'visit the Holy Land' in Israel?

Some article about 'how to pronounce hipster band names', such as the Ex Exes & mannagments

I have always wondered how u r supposed to pronounce the names of certain bands when they have phonetically challenging names or when they are from foreign lands. It is so weird existing on the internet, and reading the name of a band so much, sometimes without knowing how 2 say it. Was kinda pumped when this guide came along, but then I realized maybe there's no right way to pronounce a band name

This article doesn't seem very helpful. Think they just threw 'hipster' in the headline, then used a 'snarky' voice.


Yes, smart arse, they were originally called the Management, but no more. And, no, it isn't the same as MSTKRFT. SAY Em-Gee-Em-Tee

Does n e 1 know how 2 pronounce 'arse'? Confused by British writing/slang.

The XX:

Simple? So the Guide thought until we mentioned them one day and were met with a blank stare. You know … kids, all wear black … went to the same school as Hot Chip. "Ah," says our clearly much better educated friend, "you mean The 20." Uh!? "The 20, as in Roman numerals." Cue, cautious back-tracking. Could she possibly be right? No, laughs the man at XL. SAY The Ex Ex

Lykke Li:

Having assumed, for ages, that "Likely" was the most likely pronunciation of Lykke Li, the Guide was staggered to hear, on Radio 1, that it's definitively "Licky Lee". For shame! Corrected by Jo Whiley. Still, could be worse. One online sage had it pegged as "Leaky Lee". SAY Lick-E Lee

Toro Y Moi:

Here, the chillwave dude combines Spanish (for "the bull and") with the French word for "me". As in pretentious, moi? SAY Toh-roh E Mwah

Sigur Ros:

When a band's official website ( includes a pronunciation guide, complete with MP3 tutorials read by their bassist, then, clearly, something has not so much been lost, as vapourised, in translation. If you are still blithely calling them Sigur (rhymes with Tigger) Rós (as in Ross-On-Wye), well get this … SAY See-Uhrr Rose

Not sure if I believe this guide.
Gonna keep saying 'The Dos Equises.'
Gonna keep saying Sigga Ross.
Gonna keep saying Too Rooo Why Moy.
Gonna keep saying The Managements.
Gonna keep saying Rateetattlestat.
Gonna keep saying Deaf Cab inside of Kewlies.
Gonna keep saying The Shims [via She & Him].
Gonna keep saying Neon Injun.

What are the most difficult band names to pronounce in indie rock?
Do u think there is a 'right way' to say a band name/word, or is communication open for u 2 interpret?
Should more newspaper websites dedicate their journalistic resources to covering buzzbands & hipster bashing?
Which indie buzz band has the greatest name of all time?
Which indie buzz band has the most confusing name of all time?

MGMT returns “KIDS” to their set list, closes set with ‘half assed’/uninspired performance


Recently, MGMT 'came under huge fire' in the blogosphere and the twitterspace for failing to play their hit song "KIDS" at their Coachella set. It seems like after their new album Congratulations, they wanted to 'break away' from their previous brand, and make sure that every1 appreciated their new vibes. So many entry level and die hard fans were 'pissed' that the song that put them on the map was no longer an essential part of their brand.

Do u think they seem distracted / uninspired / bored in this performance?

At Bamboozle Music Festival which is held somewhere in New Jersey, MGMT decided to 'close their set' with KIDS. I watched the video, and it seemed like they weren't very into it. Maybe like they are just 'sick and tired' of the song, and h8 the fact that they have to please their fans / acquire new fans by playing their 'poppy shit.'

Just watched this video of them performing 'KIDS' in 2008. Do u think they 'gave a shit' more back then, or can u already tell that they are tired of the song? Do u wish that they were just chill bros, instead of being so complex? Would u h8 them more if they were still excited about performing this song?


Is "KIDS" one of the most memorable songs of the past 20 years?
Should they just do something like 'perform a down beat cover' of it to satisfy their fans without completely satisfying them?
Do u have any solutions for MGMT, like a setlist/solution for 'playing their new songs' mixed with some 'old ones.'
When ur a buzzband, do u eventually 'get tired' of being a buzz band?

Should MGMT 'pull a Prince' and remove all of their video content from the internet?

Are yall on #TeamKIDS or #TeamCongratulations?

The MGMT bros look all fancie in GQ Magazine

it's me
Andy Van Wynny
chillin in GQ
wearin fancy clothes
with my #1 college bro
from the mannagements
(the buzzband)

Gq is a magazine 4 men
who dress all nice
but we don't give a shit
abt image, sound, pleasing the critics
we're the MGMT

eff it all
eff u 2
-mgmt bros

MGMT album sales drop 74% in Week 2. Fall from #2 to #18 on the Charts.

MGMT sold just over 18000 copies of their new album Congratulations in week 2, down 74% from their week 1 total of 66,000 albums. They 'free fall'-ed to #18 on the Billboard charts, losing to many mainstream acts like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, The Black Eyed Peas, and the Soundtracks to Glee and Iron Man 2. Does n e 1 who is a music industry insider know if this type of free fall is natural for indie bands, or is this 'a huge disgrace'?

Wonder if 'heads are gonna roll.' Maybe MGMT will be dropped from their label, and they will rebrand themselves as 'authentic independent artists making music 4 the right reasons.'

Is a huge decrease in album sales to be expected for indie bands?
Are you pardoned from a free fall in sales if your album charts at #1?
Is MGMT 'the biggest flop' of 2k10 since they got a lukewarm Pitchfork score, didn't go mainstream, and were chauffeured through a series of hollow profile pieces about 'the challenges of a sophomore album', etc?
Did MGMT 'blow their opportunity' to become the next Coldplay / the Killers?
What are your predictions for MGMT album 3?
How many albums is the Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem / Crystal Castles going 2 sell?

Did you see MGMT on SNL? Was it a snoozefest, or a transcendent performance?


I think Saturday Night Live is all about booking mainstream indie bands as their music guests. Sort of like the final step of the buzz process where you are branded as a 'kewl underground product' that even the laggards of American society will begin to think is 'super trendy.' MGMT was on Saturday Night Live and they played "Flash Delirium" and some song called "Brian Eno." It seemed like it might have been 'inaccessible' to mainstreamers who just want to watch the Kings of Leon / Nickelback / Ke$ha get their music on when they watch Saturday Night Live. Feel like maybe booking MGMT was a 'reach' for SNL to be 'trendy', like trying to appeal to the same blog viral buzz content consuming Americans who think Andy Samberg shorts are 'funny + cutting edge.'

Should MGMT have played "Kids" on Saturday Night Live?

Sorta feel like there is a zany bro in MGMT who 'stole the show' by making tons of zany faces at the camera. Maybe he was trying to 'upstage' Andrew VanWyngarden, preparing to go solo after MGMT 'dies' / 'goes on hiatus.'

Not sure if those are 'crazy coke eyes' or just regular eyes.

Did MGMT 'kill it' on Saturday Night Live? Do u like the conceptual jam at the end of this performance?


The crazy coke eyes bro also decided to get conceptual, and play his keyboard using his guitar.

I think they had the reality show star Precious host SNL. Not sure if she brought anything funny 2 the table.

Is MGMT continuing to 'kill it'?
Are MGMT memes drying up?
R u pissed that MGMT did not play KIDS on SNL?
Are MGMT the most authentic mainstream artists of all time?
How many albums will MGMT sell in week 2?
Is the latest MGMT album 'accessible' to mainstream audiences?

Hulu Embeds in case youtubes come down


Alan Palomo of Neon Indian kinda looks like Andrew VanWyngarden [via the MGMT]

do yall think that Alan Palomo of Neon Indian kinda looks like Andrew VanWyngarden [via the MGMT]?
Wonder which 1 will have a more fruitful, mainstream / authentic career?
Wonder if Neon Indian will learn from the mistakes of MGMT to have a better career?
Will MGMT join 'the chillwave movement'?
Will _____ join the _____ movement?
Did Andrew VanWyngarden invent the headband trend?

Alternative Celebrity Look Alikes compares the personal brands of alternative celebrities with other famous and microfamous humans. This ALT REPORT gimmick was inspired by the mainstream version of this meme at Please submit your alternative celebrity look alikes at the ALT REPORT TIP LINE.

MGMT has #2 album in America, loses to Justin Bieber

MGMT apparently sold 66,000 copies of Congratulations in its first week. I don't think that is 'very many' copies compared to Vampire Weekend's debut with 124,000 copies sold. Wonder if this is a 'huge loss' for indie music. MGMT was another chance for us to debut at #1 with one of our recommended artists, except they choked, and didn't 'represent.'

Is this album officially a 'flop' or is it more of a 'lukewarm success'?
Would other indie bands 'kill' to sell 66K albums in 1 week?
Is Justin Bieber's album better than MGMT's album?
Did MGMT fail to write the album that every1 expected them 2 write, both commercially + critically?
Does 2nd place = 1st loser? [via advice from an unloving, over-competitive dad]

Debuting at No. 2 this week is MGMT's sophomore album "Congratulations" with 66,000. It's the best week ever for the alternative act, as its first set, 2007's "Oracular Spectacular," never sold more than 17,000 in a week and topped out at No. 38 on the chart. So far, that effort has sold 606,000.

"Oracular" has been a consistent seller since January of 2008, and has continued to perform well into 2010 -- selling at least 2,000 copies per week. The album's long shelf life has been no doubt helped by its hit singles "Kids" and "Time to Pretend." They reached Nos. 9 and 23 on the Alternative Songs radio airplay chart, respectively, and were heard in in TV shows like "Gossip Girl" and films such as "21" and "Whip It."

Meanwhile, "Congratulations'" first single, "Flash Delirium," has yet to chart on any of Billboard's radio airplay tallies.

Damn. MGMT getting no mainstream radio 'love', therefore, they will probably just 'die out' and sell a very small amount of albums for the rest of time. Wonder if their mnstrm label will be pissed at them for not writing a radio friendly hit that at least could have made them some iTunes dollars.

In addition, Ke$ha seems to have received a sales bounce after her performance on SNL [link].

Ke$ha's "Animal" roars, as it climbs from No. 16 to No. 8 with 31,000 (up 39%). The album was featured in Best Buy's circular advertisement last week and discounted in iTunes' Music Store for $7.99. Additionally, she performed on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on April 17, perhaps spurring a late-in-the-week sales bump.

Is the MGMT album cycle officially over?
How do u feel about the journey?
Do u have enough energy/time to watch them on a few late night shows?
Will MGMT's third album sell more or less albums than their second album?
Should MGMT be proud of themselves, or disappointed?
Will more record labels stop taking risks with indie artists who seem 'too crazy/artistic' to deliver a commercial hit?
Is Justin Bieber the ultimate musician / marketable human?

MGMT doesn’t play “KIDS” at Coachella, pisses off fans.

MGMT recently released a 'controversial album' called Congratulations. Many fans were 'let down' because their new songs weren't as catchy / poppy as their old songs. Instead, they carved out some sort of conceptual space that isn't as approachable as Animal Collective.

At the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, MGMT opted not to play their first big song "Kids." In many recent interviews, the MGMT Bros say that 'Kids' was one of the first songs they wrote, so they are looking to distance themselves from their early brand, and prove that they can write better songs.

Well, now imagine the concert is the monster of all concerts (Coachella), the band one of the buzziest there is right now (MGMT), and the song (“Kids”) one that Rolling Stone named as among the top 100 songs of the decade. The Brooklyn-based duo played most of their less-accessible second album at the music festival today, yet chose not to play one of their three hits, angering tweeting fans and bloggers alike. Remains to be seen if fans will be getting another apology, or if, as they said about response to their second album, they just "don't give a shit."

Seems like tons of fans are 'taking 2 twitter' to let MGMT know that they are 'effing pissed off' that they paid $300 for a 3 day pass and didn't even get to hear "Kids."

Do u think MGMT did the right thing by not playing "Kids"?
Should they move forward with their sound, or should they make fans happy?
Are MGMT fans inauthentic if they just want to hear "Kids", "Electric Feel" and "Time To Pretend"?

Here is a video of MGMT playing "kids" before they were international rock stars. Just a couple of bros in college, really embodying the 'spirit of rock n roll', playing a cute lil song to a college party.


Is MGMT going to 'alienate' their core fan base, or will they force their core fan base to like their new sound?
Is "Kids" the greatest song that MGMT will ever write?
If you were MGMT's manager, what would u tell them to do? Make their fans happy, or 'stay true 2 their vision'?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

Read more>>>>

NYTimes does ‘humanizing’ profile piece on the bros in MGMT

Since the NYTimes is the ultimate blog aggregator, they were forced to cover the hit buzzband MGMT, who will soon release their leaked album Congratulations. I am not sure if they had some sort of agenda with this article, but I think it was sort of just a 'mailed in' profile piece about young people in a band maturing. Maybe the metaphorical equivalent of 'moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan' to 'grow up & get serious about life'

I think the article brands the two MGMT bros as being 'mavericks' who only care about being artists, and not pleasing the masses. They are aware that they 'peaked' in college when writing "KIDS":

“It’s like the only songs we have that have really been noticed on widespread levels are songs that we wrote in college,” he fretted.

Mr. VanWyngarden piled on. “We should really be listening to, like, the masses,” he said, “instead of making an album that no one is going to like.”

The NYTimes also asked an MTV Vice President for his opinion, because he probs knows a lot abt music + the music industry + buzzbands. Prob chills at tons of industry parties and hands business cards 2 buzzbands:

“There was an incredible amount of curiosity for this album,” said Joe Cuello, a vice president at MTV. “We were all waiting for the prerelease from the label and sat down and listened to the whole thing in my office when we got it.” Their response was that the record was “challenging,” said Mr. Cuello, who oversees music licensing for MTV shows. “They’re certainly asking for something from their audience, an investment and a perspective that doesn’t fit the marketplace completely.”

They talked about how the album wasn't critically accepted, so they had to re-brand the whole album as a "grower" and try to make it seem like this was really MGMT's artistic vision:

But the response has recently shifted as more people have heard the album, and as the label’s marketing campaign, which urges listeners to take it as a whole and spend some time with it, has sunk in. “Congratulations” is now categorized as a grower, earning praise for its bravery if not always its artistry. (Mr. Cuello said that after considering it, he was a fan.) Whether it will sell is another question.

“Different’s not bad,” said Steve Barnett, the chairman of Columbia Records. Asked if the album was commercial, Mr. Barnett said: “Listen, I think Andrew and Ben are very smart, creative guys, and I think they understand the right path that MGMT should take, and from our perspective we’re happy to support that. Sometimes I think we have to sit down and talk to them about consequences — if you do this this way, this is going to happen — and we’ve had that conversation. And at the end of the day I think their approach is really refreshing, where art leads, and commerce follows.”

Wonder if some1's head is gonna 'roll' at Columbia Records if this album flops hard.

Really enjoyed this paragraph where they tried to describe the essence/personal brands of the MGMT bros utilizing architecture + fashion:

Though the duo spent their early 20s living as any young transplants to Brooklyn do — giving and going to loft parties and goofing off, amping it up when they became successful, cavorting with groupies and acting debaucherous — now they seem rather sedate. Mr. Goldwasser recently moved from an apartment with roommates in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to a one-bedroom in Lower Manhattan with his girlfriend so that her commute to dental school in New Jersey could be shorter. Mr. VanWyngarden is a furniture and design buff, and his apartment is expensively and eclectically decorated, with a zebra-skin rug and point-of-conversation art (some of it scavenged from the street). Across from the vintage brown leather sofa in the living room is a wooden sleigh bed covered with throw pillows. Beside surfing books are copies of the magazine Art in America and the I Ching. In a plaid shirt and Doc Martens (Mr. VanWyngarden) and a gray hoodie and jeans (Mr. Goldwasser), neither would pass for rock stars. They barely pass for hipsters. They seem more like bookstore employees, and not even the judgmental kind.

The journalist probably asked them the entry level question 'r u hipsters' so that he could produce this quotable, made to get 'tons of hipster blog headlines':

“We’re like yuppie Brooklyners,” Mr. Goldwasser said. Mr. VanWyngarden listed his nonhipster credentials: “I don’t blog. I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never done cocaine.”

So many great blurbs. Here is the part where they talk about how they snubbed tons of mainstream artists who wanted to work with them. Does this make u respect them more?

At the height of their popularity, they said, they were inundated with requests to work with major artists but declined. “We said no to Coldplay, U2, Lady Gaga, Pink, Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots,” Mr. VanWyngarden said. “It’s not a judgment on them. We didn’t feel comfortable opening up for them.”

They did agree to a collaboration with Jay-Z for his album “The Blueprint 3.”

“We talked to him on speaker phone, and he’s like: ‘I want you to do whatever you guys want. Do your MGMT thing,’ ” Mr. Goldwasser said. “I think he was eating crackers or something.”

They eschewed the beats that Jay-Z’s camp sent over and made their own, a “vampire-pipe-organ, chromatically descending, really weird beat,” Mr. Goldwasser said. Jay-Z, they said, responded by asking them only to sing on the track’s chorus. They passed.

Does this make u say, "wow. they told Jay-Z to go fuck himself. Gotta give em props for saying screw u." I feel like I kinda do, only because I think that rappers are just looking to hijack anything that is mildly cool just to build their personal brands. Not really into rappers.

Did u read this article?
Did it help u to relate to the band?
Do u feel like u 'get' MGMT now?
Are they just two bros trying to grow up and be in a buzzband at the same time?
Are the MGMT bros playing some sort of Joaquin Phoenix type of practical joke, and the Columbia Records PR department is just trying to 'cover up the biggest mess' in the history of mainstream indie record releases?
Were the bros "off message" during this interview (and pissing off their PR team to be rebellious etc) or does their Sony/PR team just have no idea how ________ they sound?
Did MGMT create a 'cult classic' or will this album just be forgotten?
Did MGMT create the greatest record of all time?
Is MGMT the ultimate indie band?

Do u feel pissed that MGMT had the forum, the funding and the technical ability to create one of the most important albums of all time, but treated it like it was some sort of joke, totally afraid of 'taking on the beast'? Maybe this is why Animal Collective is 'unconditionally loved' even if they make something that is too weird/unapproachable.

Pitchfork gives MGMT’s “Congratulations” a lukewarm 6.8

On April 1, 2010, a fake blogger made up a fake joke that Pitchfork gave MGMT's hit album "Congratulations" a perfect 10.0. This prank went down as one of the Huffington Posts' Top 40 jokes of the year. It seemed so 'insane' that some one would give this album a 10.0 that it became a certified alternative meme joke.

Pitchfork actually gave the album a 6.8. It seems like they sort of just 'side stepped' any sort of harsh judgment of the album, but instead talked about the context in which the album was released:

If you're coming to the second MGMT album because you loved "Time to Pretend", "Kids", and "Electric Feel", there's the door. No such moments exist on Congratulations. Hell, there aren't even failed attempts at replicating those songs here. This time out, MGMT aren't crafting pop; they're Creating Art. The problem is that many of the half-million or so people who bought their debut, Oracular Spectacular, just want a couple catchy-as-fuck, ear-candy singles to blast in their cars or put on with their friends.

Here is the part where they say that the music is 'kinda okay', but still 'retarded and unorganized':

They're in love with 1970s art-rock, and they've immersed themselves in uncool subgenres like pop-psych and prog. And despite the lack of marquee songs, they've made, top to bottom, a more interesting and even better record this time out.

If their success granted them the opportunity to do whatever they wanted, MGMT took advantage of it, layering songs with a surplus of ideas when a few good ones would have done. Every track here has successful passages, but frustratingly, they too often turn out to be detours or trap doors. In general, the less cluttered and more focused their tracks are, the better they turn out.

In the last paragraph, they sort of apologized for MGMT, trying to let people know that it is hard to be a buzzband and release a 'sophomore album':

Few bands this year will release a record under more difficult circumstances than MGMT, and following a shock commercial success with a zig when your fans want you to zag has always been dangerous. MGMT aren't hitting the self-destruct button here, but the best-case scenario is that a cult, happy to shed the carpetbagger fans of OS, are willing to follow these guys around from idea to idea.

Are the most interesting/obnoxious Pitchfork reviews the ones where they talk about the context in which an album is released, or the ones where they try to describe what the album sounds like?
Did Pitchfork 'totally sidestep' the opportunity to 'pan' most culturally significant album of 2k10?
Did MGMT PR DEPT do a good job to re-brand this album and make it seem like they are 'artists' as opposed to pop song writers?
Will this album chart at #1?
Have u forgiven MGMT?
R u sad that MGMT only has 2 or 3 more good memes left now that the album has officially been released?
Has the album grown on u?
What score did this album really deserve?
Should Pitchfork give every album a 10.0 so that they can make tons of 'referral money' from ppl purchasing the songs thru their blog site?
R u ready for tons of articles about how 'MGMT did it their way, and we gotta love em for being artists--the true spirit of rock n roll-- sayin eff u 2 the man'?

Did MGMT 'fail to progress' from their last album?

Worried abt buzzbands plateauing...

Does MGMT’s “Flash Delirium” still ‘suck’ live? [LIVE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS]


Still trying to 'figure out' whether or not MGMT is good/relevant or not. Even though their debut mp3 was a letdown, I thought I should 'give them a chance' in the live setting, so I watched videos of them performing live on youtube to save money on concert tickets.

Is "Flash Delirium" meant 2 be heard live? Is MGMT better as a 'live' band?
Is the song getting better or worse each time u hear it?
Did MGMT deserve a perfect 10.0 from the Pitchfork Magazine?

Also saw this video of a live performance of 'Congratulations.' Still haven't really listened to the mp3 version of that song, but just trying to 'get' the vibes of MGMT.


Does this music sound 'good'?
Are they talented bros who made a beautiful album, or are they talented bros who made a 'crappy' album?
Are they untalented bros who made a beautiful album, or are they untalented bros who made a 'crappy' album?

I wonder what MGMT's optimal strategy moving forward should be. Will they 'crossover' and get tons of radio play?

Can they some how transform into a weirdo jam band?

Do tweens even know what jam bands are? Worried that strategy won't work if tweens grow with Justin Bieber / the Jonas brothers / Miley Cyrus.

Should I buy 7-day passes to a relevant music festival to see MGMT?
Will MGMT's 3rd album be 'the greatest album ever written'?

Pitchfork gives MGMT’s “Congratulations” a perfect 10.0

In the most shocking development of 2k10, Pitchfork Media has given MGMT's Congratulations a perfect 10.0 score. Their ratings are the ultimate barometer for the critical reception and the financial success of all albums in the modern world. The 10.0 will enrage the entire blogosphere + music criticism community, since the album has been perceived as a 'flop.'

Pitchfork really brought their 'a-game' when writing the review

MGMT has fooled us all. This is the true genius we've been waiting for since Animal Collective handed them the torch in 2009. Fans expecting the synth pop sounds of "Kids" or the electro disco vibes of "Electric Feel" ended up getting something a little bit different than what they were bargaining for. Fans that endured the initial shock of "Flash Delirium" found gem after gem on Congratulations.

Is MGMT 'genius'? Was it fair to mention AnCo in this interview, or is that offensive to AnCo?

The band chose to create their own art, instead of letting their major record label dictate many of their creative decisions. Even if the album isn't as commercially successful as the suits want it to be, we'll remember this MGMT rebellion as the quite possibly the most rock'n'roll thing we'll see all year.

Is MGMT the embodiment of the spirit of rock n roll? Is this some sort of anti-backlash stand? Is Pitchfork 'taking the bullet' for MGMT?

The choice is yours: Do you want to be laughing with MGMT or do you want them laughing at you? We'll stay on Team MGMT.

What is up with people saying that MGMT is 'genius' and they are 'playing a joke' on 'us' by releasing shitty music?

Feel more confused than ever. Like the world has been turned upside down and everything that I thought was relevant is shit, and everything that I thought was shit is relevant.

R u shocked by the MGMT 10.0?
Is this the most controversial rating in the history of Pitchfork?
Did Sony/Columbia pay Pitchfork to give MGMT a 10.0?
Is this album still going to flop?
Will MGMT's Congratulations end up at #1?
Is MGMT 'too genius' to even care about their Pitchfork rating?

New MGMT video leaves fans more confused than ever.


MGMT's new video for the new mp3 "Flash Delirium" has left indie music listeners more confused than ever. MGMT's new album Congratulations was one of the most anticipated mindie (mainstream indie) albums of the year, but has 'flopped' critically ever since it was leaked. Tons of music critics are either 'panning' MGMT, or sort of 'leaving the door open' to rate it at a later date.

It seems like this video/song is supposed to be 'commentary' on some sort of phenomenon that I can't even really put my finger on. Like 'coming back' home after becoming a relevant buzzband. Sort of feel like I want to 'get' the song now, but also feel like 'fuck this song.' I think maybe MGMT exists on a different plane than every other human, and they are just 'effing with the system' now that they have the financial backing of a major label. Wonder if they are 'afraid' of failing, so they just ended up being all campy.

Seems like they are trying hard 2 brand the song into something marketable. Honestly think I 'kept watching' the video, and possibly talked myself into the song 'sounding better', but then got angry at myself for 'watching the entire video.'

I feel like the overall goal of this video is just to be 'abstract' and keep people from listening to the song, and sort of just trying to create a weird, hazy experience. Wonder if MGMT will become the new Animal Collective for tweens, inspiring a new era of music criticism in which MGMT is used as the golden standard of albums/bands/musical brands.

How do u feel about MGMT?
Is the song 'growing on u' or do u feel like u should stay commited to the album 'sucking'?
Is this being marketed as an 'alt video' that will be in heavy rotation on MTV2 and MTVU?
Will MGMT top Vampire Weekend when it comes to record sales?
Does the MGMT album still 'suck'?

Pitchfork gives LCD Soundsystem ‘Best New Music’, remains silent on MGMT

Pitchfork Media is a website that rates and forecasts buzzbands according to their product. Recently, LCD Soundsystem came out with a new song "Drunk Girls" that was met as a 'mild letdown' according to indie fans who were expecting this album to save 2k10. Pitchfork gave the band 'Best New Music' status, meaning that they think it is an authentic mp3 / they are looking to preserve their long term relationship with the artist.

It seems like the review focuses on 'giving James Murphy props' for his song writing abilities, encouraging u 2 have fun with the song instead of trying 2 analyze it 2 hard:

"Drunk Girls", then, is a very good single, regardless of how it works in the context of the next LP. Like its first-single predecessors from the band's previous records ("Daft Punk Is Playing My House", "North American Scum"), it doesn't give much away, and focuses above all on having a good time. "Drunk Girls" revels in something Murphy does exceptionally well, which is to embrace hedonism while simultaneously maintaining a certain distance, leaving room for perspective inside the musical debauchery.

Many fans said the song sounded like Weezer or Cake. Something that is 'trying hard' to cross over and be used in some MTV reality show when girls are 'getting tanked' at the Jersey Shore / MTV Spring Break 2k12.


Pitchfork has remained 'curiously silent' regarding their opinion on the new MGMT album. We can only assume that they are 'saving up gun powder' so that they can 'pan' the album in an 'epic' way. Like something hovering around a 5.0, but possibly might dip as low as 2.0 if they really want to 'send a message.' MGMT might be the 'scapegoat' of the mainstream indie era due to the 'disgrace' that is the Congratulations album.

Is the new LCD Soundsystem authentic, or a let down?
What will Pitchfork give the new LCD Soundsystem album? 7.9-8.4?
What will Pitchfork give the new MGMT album? 1.9-3.5? 3.5-5.5? 5.6-10?
Is MGMT's career 'over' if Pitchfork pans them?
Is there any reason to believe that MGMT will ever create a relevant album again?
Has 2k10 been 'the worst year of music' since the 1990s?

MGMT album ‘Congratulations’ leaks, band forced to stream it 4 free on their website

MGMT's globally anticipated album Congrats, Yall has finally leaked. After it leaked, they were forced to offer a 'full album stream' on their website.
Can't believe another 2k10 heavy hitter finally arrived.

It seems like after this subpar product, MGMT might become the scapegoat of the mainstream indie rock era. A band who we can proudly say we turned our back on in order to stay authentic.

Have u listened?
Does the album 'suck'?
Do u 'get' the album?
Is this the biggest 2nd album flop in the history of indie buzzband maturation processes?
Will Pitchfork 'pan' the fuck out of this album since they provided no evidence that they might actually recover from this 'monumental disaster'?
Did MGMT ruin their opportunity?
Do we not 'get' MGMT?
Have u google for "MGMT + Rapidshare" or "MGMT + megaupload" yet?
Is the album leak more exciting than the official album release since it could happen any time, sorta like terrorism/natural disasters?

MGMT fan writes "MGMT" on her breasts on 4chan (NSFW)

In an effort to get message boarding bros to vote for MGMT in some meaningless poll, an indie music fan of the popular band MGMT promised to show off her alternative breasts to bros who were hanging out on 4chan.

Here is her proposition to the board.

Eventually, the message boarding bros got her to take off all of her clothes, and even show her vagina hole and the hole that she poops out of (but u can still have sex with that hole if u want 2 but u won't get pregnant.)

As of now, MGMT is losing in the meaningless poll that she wanted them to vote in.

Was it 'worth it' to see these sweet alt titties? [Also see: Picture 1]

Do yall 'luv MGMT' and 'h8 others'?
Are MGMT fans authentic or is it just sweet to get some titties on the internet any way possible?
Is 4chan 'the most beautiful' website on the internet?
Will 4chan replace music blogs an authentic incubator of buzz bands?
Will 4chan replace the government?
Is /b/ a chill place?
Is MGMT the new Grateful Dead, or is Animal Collective still the new Grateful Dead?
Was this just a marketing gimmick by the MGMT record company to 'generate' viral buzz for their upcoming album?
Will these breasts help fans to 'forgive' MGMT after the disappointing first single "Flash Delirium."

MGMT apologizes for how bad their first single is, makes zany viral video

After the complete disaster when they released the song "Flash Delirium", MGMT has gone on record as 'being sorry' about how terrible the song was.

"When we first wrote that song, we were laughing so hard," MGMT's Ben Goldwasser tells Spinner. "Andrew [VanWyngarden] just reminded me of that -- that we thought it was the funniest thing we'd ever heard. And then we got used to it, it started to sound more normal. It's not a single, but we thought it was a good way to entice people to listen to the whole record. I'm sure there are plenty of people who think it's completely weird and not what they were expecting. I'm sorry."

Wonder if they are authentically 'sorry' or if they are just bullshitting bc of 'pressure from their label.' Maybe their major label record company Sony/Columbia was 'totally let down' by the blog and twitter response to the song, and frantically made them issue a public apology, letting consumers know that this song is supposed to be the 'outlier' of their album. Worried they are micromanaging to achieve critical acceptance.

Is MGMT 'pissing away' their opportunity because they are too free-spirited and don't value consumerism enough to take their position as a well-monetized mainstream indie band seriously?

In addition, MGMT claims that they 'do not fit in with this world/society.'

"We're trying to come to grips with that world," he admits. "It's not our world. We don't feel comfortable in it. But we didn't want to make that typical second album either, about fame. So we're definitely observing it, as opposed to revelling in it."

The band bros recently made a zany viral video to prove that they don't fit in with this world.


Is marketing around some sort of drug brand a good way to reach tweens + the mainstream?
Is MGMT 'letting every1 down'?
Who is responsible for the failure of MGMT? Their record label? Their creative vision?
Will MGMT sell records if they don't release authentic pop songs?
Is MGMT's "Congratulations" destined to flop?

MGMT releases first single off new album, met with mixed reviews

MGMT's new album "Congratulations" is one of the most anticipated mainstream indie follow up sophomore LPs in the history of mankind. It seems like Columbia, their record company probably made them release the first song "FLASH DELIRIUM" for free download in order to 'get tons of internet buzz.'

In addition, they might be trying to 'give listeners' a framework by which to approach the album. Worried that it is going to be 1950s wave music, and I won't have the critical ear/attention span 2 appreciate it. Sorta just skimmed through the song, hoping that the riff from "KIDS" would come in.


Feel like part of me wishes this song is just a 'joke', but then part of me feels 'insecure' like I don't 'get' it.

After DLing their song at their sweet website, do u feel confused or do u feel pumped up?
Will MGMT be able to 'sell mad albums' with this aesthetic?
(After this first single, feel tempted to bet on Vampire Weekend to hold on to their debut week of sales record.)
Is MGMT trying to start a 'cult'?
Can some1 please analyze the lyrical / metaphorical brilliance of this song?
Will MGMT ever be able to top 'KIDS'?

MGMT tries to convince people to buy their CD by offering meaningful product packaging


Convincing people to actually buy your CD is one of the most difficult challenges that modern bands will encounter.  Really tough competing against the popular free mp3 distribution platforms rapidshare, mediafire, megaupload, and zshare [via the leak economy]. Fortunately, larger mindie and maltstream bands have strong tribes of followers who will 'buy into' any gimmick that the band utilizes to differentiate from other competitors. This zany video continues to set the 'buzz wheels' in motion for MGMT's Congratulations album release meme hype cycle.

In this video, MGMT attempts to 'sweeten the deal' by offering a kewl coin with your uniquely packaged CD. This coin seems to have some sort of Pagan / Satanic symbols on it. You are supposed to use the coin to scratch off the front cover of the album. Seems 'fun', but not sure if I want to scratch off something I paid mad bank for.

Also, they say that the CD booklet has 62 pages. It seems like they are trying to 'sell a book' or something like that.  I wonder if it has lyrics, or cool pix of the band, or kewl art, or something.  Maybe it lists place where u can use MGMT money to buy merch [via pagan coins].
It seems like this is a good strategy to help them 'cross over' further into the mainstream, charting in their first week between #1-5, depending on the competition. Not only will they use the 'gimmick packaging' technique, but they will probably also sell their album for 1.99 at the iTunes music store.

Is MGMT 'doing everything right'?
Is MGMT's album going to be critically panned?
Is MGMT's album going to be the #1 commercial indie album of the year, or will they 'fall short' of Vampire Weekend?

Should I buy a hardcopy of the MGMT album or just spend it on $11 worth of scratch off lottery tickets?

Is 'the album' dead?
Is 'the CD' dead?
Is 'the mp3' dead? [via live performance art economy]

MGMT debuts new album art on Boing Boing, shafts music magazines

In one of the most interesting developments of 2k10, MGMT decided to 'debut' their album art on boingboing, one of the largest generalist blogs in the world. As opposed to 'debuting' the album art on a mainstream music site such as SPIN, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, or Pitchfork, their strategy was to reach out to a massive amount of new fans. It will be interesting to see how hard the Sony marketing machine pushes MGMT for their new album Congratulations. Most likely, we will see them packaged as a Killers-type band.

Graph showing the massiveness of boingboing. So many readers who are probably only 'casually' into music, purchasing it from the iTunes music store.

Some are theorizing that Sony paid boingboing to feature it on their site:

The Boing Boing debut was disguised as a meaningful interview with the artist Anthony Ausgang in which he explained his 'concept' behind zany cartoon doodles.

How did you get hooked up with MGMT?
I met Andrew and Ben from MGMT through the experimental musician Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and Spectrum, for whom I had done album cover art in the past. MGMT was recording "Congratulations" at a mansion in Malibu so I went there a couple of times to hang out and watch the process unfold. Not being a musician I was occasionally left to my own devices so I would sit around and draw on pieces of paper then leave them there when I went home. I got along well with the band and gave them copies of my book, Vacation From Reality. Later, Josh Cheuse, the art director from Sony, contacted me once the recording was finished. The most important thing was that MGMT wanted the "look" of my style of painting and gave me only a few points that I had to hit. Naturally the process took some time but they were always cool with the criticisms. A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don't want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.

We cannot confirm that they did drugs together and formed some sort of deep bond.

Will the album be 'critically accepted' or will it become music sites' opportunity to 'pan' one band that is trying to go too mainstream in order to send the message not to abandon them? We can assume that music websites will grow bitter since they will be 'shafted' for larger outlets as the album release process/meme release cycle evolves.

Was KIDS the #1 song of the 2k0s?
Did this album art launch 'succeed' in reaching the mainstream?
Will indie / alt / mindie music sites be neglected in the future as their biggest memes will be debuted at places like Perez Hilton, Gawker, and the Huffington Post?
Will MGMT's album be more commercially successful than Vampire Weekend's?
Is MGMT the power house band of 2k10?
Will 'Congratulations' be a terrible album?
Are album art blurbs the most 'low level' blurbs in the music blogosphere?

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