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The Most Meaningful Metaphors of Our Young Lives’

Some metaphors stick with u forever. I need 2 spend more time reflecting upon how these metaphors have constructed who I am 2day. In the hit film GARDEN STATE, Zachary Braff's character stands in front of a mirror. He looks into this mirror and he sees himself. He is wearing a zany t-shirt which his zany relative gave to him--he then finds out the zany print on the t-shirt is the zany wallpaper in the zany relative's zany bathroom. Yall probably see where this is going:

This scene is a metaphor for searching for meaning in a zany world.

The truth is that we are all searching for a way to express our individuality. It's difficult though, because we spend most of our time reflecting within ourselves--u will notice that the shot is kinda like he is looking in a mirror. This represents searching within urself 4 meaning. However, u can barely 'find yourself' when u can barely even see yourself, cuz ur kinda just another brick in the wall.

Have yall ever felt a little bit Braffy? (this post is just an excuse to post these zany people. srry. laters.)

[meme via weburbanist]

Do yall ever feel overwhelmed by the other 2 billion people on this Earth? Kinda hard 2 feel 'unique', in my humble bropinion.... But who am I? Just a bro with a blog. Goodnight, yall.

This has been a post about movies. I am going to start blogging more about cinema like The Mall Cop Movie or Ashton Kutcher's "What Happens in Vegas, Yall!." Is that kewl with yall? Who is gonna win one of those Movie Grammy MTV Video Award Thingies?


Do yall know any other metaphors/symbolism that I should analyze so we can get to the 'root' of who we are? How about the Che Guevara meme?
Do yall know if Garden State is in the Criterion Collection or has only Armageddon made it in?

Do yall know if they let blogs into the Criterion Collection?

Great moments in beautiful photography

[Photo by thecobrasnake]
This is a beautiful photograph. U can't really see what's happening, but that is kind of a metaphor. We need more metaphors which will help us to reflect in 2k9.

I can't be 100% certain what is happening in the picture. Is it a house party? Is it a meaningful electro concert? Is it a picture from the Running of the Bulls? Is it a group of bros being executed as a group? Is it a group of people singing the song "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.? Is it a group of bros trying to go viral via their youtube channel? We'll never know, yall.


"I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try" -The R.E.M.s

But part of me kinda likes not knowing. While I usually yearn for certainty, this time I feel at peace without knowing an answer to all of my questions. I know I'm not the only one.

There's more to photography than yall think.
Beautiful Photographs Make U Think About Life.

(Maybe it was just an artistic decision 2 try to hide the Shuttershades bro)

miss u 2k_
As we move forward in time, are we realizing that 2k_ was the best year in the history of the world?

I am the ringmaster.

So this is the new year,
and I don't feel any different.
I am the ringmaster,
in a world of zany zaniness.

This world is like a circus
kinda like the Britt Spears song/album
and I am in the middle
and every1 is looking @ me
and things are crazie

Circuses are metaphors
for when
the world
getz 2 zany 2 handle
and the whole world
is watching

I want the whole world
2 watch me
bc my prsnl brnd
is worth watching

What will I do next?
What will I wear next?
What will I say next?
What will I be next?

This was a poem that I wrote to support uniforms + dress codes in public school.


This bro lives in the forest, free from society, and free from design/fashion norms. His life is simple, yet conceptual, and he has a clearer state of mind than you.

[via lookbook]
In 2k8, there was the electro jungle, populated by entry levels in Am Appy headbands + neon/Afrikan leggings & altbros in oversized graphic print tees. Now that we live in a less-electro era, we will venture into the Conceptual Forest. In this forest, we can hear songs more conceptual, open-ended songs. The Conceptual Forest is an incubator for authentic expression and progressive techniques of recording sounds.


In the Conceptual Forest, our minds are free, and we seek 'meaning' that we cannot find in a major metropolitan area. We are alone in this Conceptual Forest, allowing us to get in touch with who we truly are.

Will u leave a major metropolitan area 2 find urself [via the Conceptual Forest] in 2k9? (At least maybe take a weekend trip?)

/// We are living in a Post-Merriweather Post Pavilion World
/// And I am a Conceptual Bro

Even though I have a crappy job, I attempt to integrate art & expression into my daily routine

[meme via zoomdoggle]
I am self-aware enough to know that my life is insignificant. Furthermore, my menial job is insignificant. I have no direct impact on society as a whole. My job is not important because I have no relevant skills that are beneficial to society. I am 'just another brick in the wall. (without a functional college major).' A few of the other employees who share my same job title are mentally challenged, and perform the job better than me.

The most exciting part of my day is when I put on my iPod and round up shopping carts from the lot. It gives me an opportunity to express myself, and challenge the norms of society. By transitioning my job from 'just a job' to 'an opportunity to be a concept artist', I can save face with my self-concept. I never saved up to go to art school after dropping out of community college. That does not mean I cannot be an artist. That does not mean that I cannot express myself.

I have a memory bank of meaningful connections with 'real people.' You can find out a lot about people by bagging their groceries and helping them to their cars. You must be willing to dig deep inside of yourself and let yourself be 'you', no matter the context.

You can be more than just you.
"Think outside the box."
Think of ways to challenge mainstreamers' concept of reality.
You are more than just an 'oddly enough' design meme.
The circle of shopping carts is a metaphor for _____________.

Do u ever do anything 'a lil conceptual' at ur job?

Bangs + Mullet + Teet Sucklage = the Holy Grail of Party Pix?

-Carles in the year 2k9 writing in the HRO circa 2k8.1 tone

A lot of ppl tell me 'Carles--the party pic thing is s00 old. Find a new gimmick cuz ur just ripping off _______.' These people do not understand the deep level of sociocultural analysis that HIPSTER RUNOFF provides on a daily basis. I will be the first to admit that there is more to life than partying, perfect alternative breasts, and 'snark blogs'--however, every1 needs a gimmick.

Without a gimmick, life is a journey without a goal. (goals = personal gimmicks)

Life is not easy. 'Meaning' is not auto-assigned upon birth.
You have to find it. You have to seek it out. You cannot be afraid of failure.
Keep searching.
Because one day, you will walk into a bathroom and find a keut girl 'hangin out' waiting for u 2 swoon her/suckle on her meaning-filled teet.

This is a metaphor. There's more to photography than just taking digipix of keut/interesting/controversial nouns. What does this picture represent 2 u?
[Photos by LNP]

I'm lil and I smoke weed, yall!

[Photo by TheCobraSnake]

I think aligning your personal brand with marijuana is always a bold choice. It is an illegal product that is often associated with 'the underworld + underachievers', so any1 who wears indicators of 'being a bro who chills on weed' is a truly free spirit who does not care about society's 'rulez and regulationz'. Being a lil bro in a 'metaphorical graphic tee' indicates that u have a lot of swagger (aka 'swag') kinda like Vern Troyer.

Lil People can do the same stuff that 'regular people' can do. Smoking weed, tugging off to internet p0rn, or even 'going 2 clubz and bein on party pic sites then looking at urself the next day and finding life to be a lil bit more meaningful.'

Is 'smoking dope' authentic? Or is it an 'entry level' gateway drug towards a mainstream alternative lifestyle? Or is it for people who 'can't handle the real world' and 'aren't creative enough to do anything other than watch movies/eat/go to concerts because they think they appreciate music'? Or is marijuana kinda like 'giving urself a morning tugjob'--it's just not a big deal.

Is marijuana too 'entry level' 4 u?
Do u get blazed and read HRO?
What is it like 2 get 'lifted'?
Remember the first time ur parents found 'ur stash' and u thought it was the end of ur life cuz weed is so illegal?
R u gonna move 2 Canada where they legalized PCP?
Does 'grass' make u 'more intellectual'?
How do u feel about mainstreamBros who morf into weedBros and have 'bromantically meaningful conversations about life' 2gether then go to Taco Bell/Wendy's Late Nite?
Have u ever listened to Bob Marley or just kinda heard his personal brand talked about a lot because he sang vague songs about 'freedom', 'peace' and 'enjoying life'? (a model implemented by Dave Matthews)

My Middle Finger is a Metaphor

While many people are left to pose for pictures with the typical 'peace sign' or 'thumbs up,' this broad took her pose to the next level by tattooing an exclamation mark on her middle finger. Instead of just saying "fuck you," her middle finger shouts "FUCK U!" While it's always great to be an individual 364 nights a year, she is required to wrap her finger in medical tape during Thanksgiving dinner.

It's always important to remember that tattoos are art. Even though sometimes people think that doodling, tattoos, and graffiti are not art, they are important methods of (self)expression.

[Every Is Famesies]

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