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NSFW: My Marketing Internship with a Relevant Adult Alcoholic Beverage Brand

Photos by LNP

Things have been going pretty well for me lately. After so many false starts, I've finally decided that my passion lies in business and marketing. I recently obtained a marketing internship with a relevant liquor/adult alcoholic beverage brand. I was told by the man who interviewed me that I had the opportunity to grow within the company, and even the regional manager started on the LIVE Events Marketing Street team. Basically what I do is go to events and try to raise brand awareness, getting people PUMPED about the brand. It's been very fun, rewarding work, and I am excited to add a line of premium professional experience to my resume.

On top of all that, I adore the girls that I work with. Sometimes we have so much fun that it doesn't even feel like work.

The camaraderie actually reminds me of my short stint as a stripper when I initially turned 18. Although the stripper locker room eventually led me to a meth addiction, and I ended up in an emotionally abusive relationship with my 43 year old manager, I still miss the way the girls all took care of one another. It also helped to familiarize me with 'pasties,' and how to effectively cover your nipples/areolas.

I love marketing and advertising. I love #interfacing with people and customers, leveraging my knowledge to get them up to speed with the brand. I work with a product that I ACTUALLY consume, a product that I am passionate about.

The only time I ever worry is when I think that people might be able to see my cooch.

It's actually the perfect job for me. I understand that SEX SELLS, so I have the BRAINS and the BODY to really be the best brand ambassador that I can be.

Have I mentioned that I love the girls that I work with? The body paint artist Julio has also been amazing to work with.

It's been a really exciting era of my career, and I'm certain that before I know it, I'll be wearing a suite and marching into a huge office in the Big City. Right now I'm young, and I'm trying to have fun and build a career for myself. I love brands, sponsorships, and partying on the job. I know that sometimes men sexually harass me, but I am fortunate to have a BANGIN BOD where I can have this dreamjob.

After we are done tonight, me and the girls are gonna take a shower, wash up

Have u ever had a relevant marketing internship?
Do u <3 alcohol girls?
Do u <3 branded street teams?
Do u <3 body painted broads with BANGIN BODS?

The Impact of Sports Marketing on Regular Bros: This Bro is a Witness

Photo via BallDon'tLie

It's kinda weird how we're all 'witnesses' 2 marketing, and we are impacted by the stuff that is around us. I noticed this bro from Cleveland Ohio who had actually 'converted his garage' into some sort of tribute to his favourite African American athlete in the world, an NBA basketball player named LeBron James who plays in the same city. It seemed weird 2 me, mainly because sports don't really mean anything, and I thought every1 realized that sports is just some sort of intense marketing + branding experiment for males.

Sorta wonder 'why' this bro felt moved to convince his parents to let him turn their garage + old ppl convertible into a LeBron James Tribute Zone. I understand 'being a fan' since I am theoretically a 'fan' of a bunch of indie bands, but I feel like this would be the equivalent of painting ur car to match the Merriweather Post Pavvy cover. It seems 'extreme', like instead of living ur life, you are getting too emotionally attached to the characters + brands that 'sports' create.

I am not sure why LeBron James would 'inspire him' to architecturally alter his property. From what I understand, LeBron James thinks that he is a 'chosen one' when it comes to life. Maybe he 'convinced every1 in Cleveland' that he is some sort of God. (seems like a tattoo that only 'an ass hole' would get/only 1-4 people in the world are 'actually qualified to receive').

I am not sure if this tattoo means that he thinks he is 'better than every1 else at everything' or just at basketball. From what I understand, LBron has not won an NBA Championship and Michael Jordan won 6 of them. Kinda feel like that makes Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong's brands 'legit', since they 'won stuff.' Seems like Nike possibly 'jumped the gun' on branding LeBron James, or perhaps he is the only athlete 'simple enough' to go along with an 'over-the-top' campaign in our modern world where people feel 'shitty' after seeing some1 rub their greatness in ur face.

I feel like the entity 'LeBron James' is some sort of propaganda to save the psyche of people who live in Ohio. From what I understand, living in Ohio is 'a very depressing experience', since u are 'trapped in ur life. I feel like Nike probably recognized the opportunity to 'trick the people of Ohio' into thinking that their life would be improved if LeBron James won more basketball games.

This billboard seems 'insane.' I feel like I would understand why some1 had a 'warped sense of self/the world' if they 'green lit' this sort of billboard.

Nike understood that it was important to reach the white t(w)een bros, and lure them with the 'opportunity to co-brand with 'greatness.'

I am an advocate of children participating in sports/following a favourite team for a 'sense of belonging.' It seems way more healthy than letting your tween 'get into the Disney brand'/Jonas Brothers/Twilight books/etc. The spirit of 'sports' seems positive 'on the field', but I am scared of 'how warped shit can get' when it comes to uppermiddle class male teen bros who 'think that they are the shit.'

Worried that these types of bros are the ones who 'actually fall for sports marketing campaigns.'

Nike even paid Warren Buffet to be a 'witness' to this marketing scheme.

Seems like important African American artists who white ppl think are 'kewl' even participated in this whole 'witness' marketing gimmick. [via Kanye Meme]

Damn. Worried about athletes/rappers/African Americans/Nike and how they brand 'greatness.' I feel like the 'zeitgeist of greatness' is something that white males are pretty into, but I am not sure if it is a healthy concept to explore before a male is truly mature enough to understand his place in the world.

TeenBros who believe that they are 'great' pride themselves' in having the latest expensive shoes.
TeenBros who believe that they are 'great' are never 'team players.'
TeenBros who believe that they are 'great' often have bad fathers who are not grounded in reality.
TeenBros who believe that they are 'great' often reach their physical peak during their sophomore year in high school, then go to a subpar university in order to 'continue playing their fave sport' and major in some field that they honestly believe will 'enable them to stay close to the game that they love', including 'sports medicine', 'sports business' and 'sports marketing.'
If my son is a sports bro, I will monitor the influence of marketing on his psyche. Mainstream Teens are impressionable too.

I don't want my son to evolve into a TeenBro who thinks he is 'great.' I just want him to be happy 4 the right reasons, even if that means he 'plays in the High School Jazz Band'/a local ska band (maybe not).

Should I convince my parents to convert my garage into a tribute 2 ______________?

This post is intended to appeal to the sportsbro and post-teensportsbro demographic.

Is Adidas Effectively Marketing 2 Alts?

Yall. I recently attended a show by the 'crossover' faux-indie band The Ting Tings because I heard that they were giving away free Adidas track suits, and all alcohol for free [via Bud Light]. Apparently the event was some sort of 'marketing' project by the Adidas viral + alternative marketing division.

Here is a picture of me and my friends after we got free tracksuits. Totally 'rockin it Tennanbuam style.' (that's me in the shuttershades.)

Photos via ampradio

'Score! Free adidas tracksuits + Bud Light... i gotta feeling that 2nites gonna be a good nite...' -my fb status sent via iPhone

I think that the party was meant to 'get artistic' since they handed out free 'glow in the dark' paint. I think that the ppl attending the concert were supposed to create some sort of SPOOGEFEST that could be captured on camera. This is a member of the Ting Tings.

From what I understand, the amount of paint on u is directly related to the amount of fun u had at the event.

It was really a blast...can hardly remember that nite! Here's a picture of me 'n' the gang. We have all just recently moved to LA trying to find our place in the entertainment industry, and I feel like the first time, we all felt like we were a part of a micro-social network like the ones we see on TV [via Friends/Seinfeld/Sex and the Citys].

It seems like this was the perfect alt experience. It's sad that bands can't create memorable experiences like this on their own bc they don't have enough money. I feel sad that Adidas had to fund the most meaningful live experience of my life.

Here is a slideshow that I made abt my nite. Posted that shit on my facebook.


Overall, it was a kewl ass nite. I wish more of my fave bands would collab with mnstrm brands on marketing gimmicks, but I am not sure if the bands that I like are 'mainstream enough' to be worthy of name brand mrktng synergies. Seems like this is 'the future of marketing.' U can't rlly get much ROI when it comes to banner ads, but u can 'create memorable, blggble experience' if you do something that seems artsy and meaningful (and photographs well).

I am scared that some of the best moments of my life (music festivals, the Super Bowl, serving in Desert Storm, graduating from high school) were just marketing gimmicks created by Corporate America.
Do u think this kind of marketing is 'authentic' or 'dangerous'?

Have u ever participated in a 'spoogefest'?

'peace out, bitches. My life is so WIN! Best...Concert...Ever....' -the spirit of this pic

I work in marketing. I work on the streets. I represent a brand. This is my job.

Photo via Ivan Rodic

I have always wanted to be involved in 'grassroots marketing campaigns' that reach real people. It seems like the best way to do this would be to become 'a bro holding up a sign on the side of the street.' I feel like this strategy might have been stolen from homeless people, usually using their lil sign to let people know that they are 'hungry' or that they would 'welcome any sort of cash donation' towards their survival fund.

The truth is, online advertising might not even work--mainly because not every one uses the internet. Did you know that only 10% of the world uses the internet (uncited). Did you know that only 1% of the world has a 'smartphone' (uncited)? Did you know that only 10K units of iPhones have been sold (uncited)? Did you know that only 34% of the world has an email address, while 100% of the world has a physical street address (uncited)? So while you may think that the whole world is a savvy consumer just like you, the way the world works is completely different. While 'banner ads on websites' might reach 'stuck up Gen Y a-holes from all of the world', a more effective marketing campaign on a microscale might involve 'holding up a sign on the streets telling consumers about your product.'

For example, these bros have a lemonade stand in their suburban neighborhood. They are letting drivers know that they have Lemonade and Bottled Water for sale, and that proceeds will help to clean water in Liberia. They utilized graphic design, computers, markers, and laserjet printers to break through society's 'noise' and enable potential customers to 'get their message.'

This pizza parlor is letting consumers know that they have 'cheap ass pizzas', possibly between the hours of 4-6 pm, when moms are driving their kids home from school and need a 'cheap dinner option.' Sometimes, u have to have a cheap product to tap into the 'impulse buy' economy.

If you do the math, you basically have to hire some 'poor person with minimal pride/awareness of the world' to stand outside with the sign, possibly for $10 per hour. I would avoid hiring young people, since they tend to 'look ashamed'/'disinterested' in holding up the sign, since they unintentionally outsourced their brand. It seems better to have a 'serious old person' who thinks they have a real job, or possibly a 'crazy old man' who will wave to people and be a jovial extension of your brand. It is important not to hire a krazy homeless man, since he might scare customers away, even if he has tons of experience in professional sign holding.

It also seems like the seasonal tax services industry also utilize the gimmick 'having some person stand outside in a Statue of Liberty costume.' It reminds poor people driving by that they are 'too dumb' to do taxes, and need to get them done for a small fee at their local tax office.

Always remember that you have to 'go to the streets' to reach real people. While internet advertising 'looks kewl', sometimes u have to reach low-end consumers with your low-end product. I believe in the power of holding up signs on the side of the road.

'Know your customer.'
-Warren Buffet, CEO of Chili's Fun Foods Corp

Previous 'shitty marketing jobs' coverage: Guy sitting at a table representing a brand

Hello. I am a guy sitting at a table. I represent a brand. I want to sell you something that you are not interested in buying.

Photo by the cobrasnake

I saw you walk by me. You pretended not to see me so that you didn't have to talk to me. I understand. I hate having to deal with you, as well. Sometimes I half-heartedly make a pitch, attempting to sell you phone service/Direct TV/TimeWarnerCable/any other sort of service that you are not interested in. It fails 99% of the time. People run away from me. I am trying to sell you something. This is my job.

You are not interested in listening to me. I am just a bro, sitting at a table, wearing a polo shirt that is branded with my company. My job does not pay well. I am paid [via commission]. I have made 2 sales in 6 months.

Do u want to sign up? It's really a great service. I could tell you all about it. Are you interested in listening to me? You are not interested in me, nor are you interested in the product I represent. You are already satisfied with your service.

Maybe if I look 'pathetic' enough, you will sign up, after feeling bad for me. I am not sure if members of the opposite sex find me to 'not be very attractive' since I look like a 'tool.' Just want you to feel guilty. You did not come to this location to sign up for my company's service--you came for an entirely different reason. There is no way you will purchase this service from me.

I am a bro. I lurk around a table for my company, trying to increase sales + brand awareness. My regional manager sends me to the worst locations. She is always pressuring me to 'talk to more people.' She doesn't understand. I will never make a sale at the places she sends me to. I am embarrassed. I hope that no1 I know sees me. Wearing this stupid polo shirt. I will pretend to 'text' the entire time I am here. I will look disinterested and unapproachable. Some1 will come up to me who already has our cable service, and ask us why their ESPN channel is 'blurry.' I will tell them to contact technical support. This is my only contribution to the company today.

I am an adult. It seems like I always thought I would have a better job than this when I grew up. I will convince myself that I am 'starting at ground 0', and 'moving up the corporate ladder.'

I am a bro.
Sitting at a table
making a difference
Representing a brand.

Do u want 2 sign up for Comcast/Time Warner/tMobile/Sprint/a credit card with a 'generous' 'rewards program'?

I am sitting at a table.
This is my job.
I am going to send another text message.

This is me 2 hours later.

In 2 minutes I will close. I am about to close up for the day and go home. I will stop at Quizno's and get a sandwich.

This is me tomorrow. I am sitting at a table. I carry around the branded table cloth in my car.

I am employed. This bro is me. Do you want to sign up? You will receive a seat cushion if you sign up.

How about if I just give you this informational handout and my business card, and you can call me if you're interested.

Do you want to sign up?

Please do me a favor and just don't make eye contact if you're not interested in signing up.

I am a vessel of brand awareness. My personal brand has been outsourced.

Gotta stop drinking bottled water // I feel guilty abt stuff

Yall. I'm not sure if this is a product improvement, or just some sort of marketing gimmick. I drink at least 8 bottles of water per day, 3 bottles of soda per day, 2 cans of Sparks per day, and 4 aluminum bottles of Bud Light per day. Maybe it is time I start thinking about my personal impact on 'the environment.' Might have to start drinking boxed water, boxed milk, and possibly even boxed beer. Just want to 'lower my carbon footprint.'

Sometimes I don't 'get' why ppl care about 'the environment' so much... It's like they think that we're 'going to be around 4ever' and 'we should care about ppl who live after we die.' I think we should do everything we can 2 find pleasure in our lives' while we can. We don't have much time, and if we start worrying about 1 person can't make a difference, so don't make a 'sacrifice' if not every1 else will.

N e ways... might start a company where we bottle the tap water from our local aquifer and market it to people not from our region bc it is s000 g0000d.

Photo via Tap'd NY

I don't rlly 'get' the Bottled Water Industry. It seems like every1 has 'the same product', but for different reasons, ppl tend to 'like' one type over the other. I feel confused. I feel like I am being manipulated to align my personal brand with a lifestyle brand. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to be one of those people who carries around the 'cheap kind' of bottled water for poor people who buy in the bulk.

but srsly... do yall know if some1 has scientifically proven that 'recycling is bullshit'? If I were mayor of a city, I would give ppl recycling bins, but just take all of that trash 2 the landfill.

ughh... h8 all of these mrktng initiatives to try to 'make me feel guilty' about how fortunate I am. Went shopping the other day at Target, and this lil black kid was chilling in my cart asking 4 handouts.

Photo via WebUrbanist via Tumbledore

I feel guilty for being so privileged and having a world of opportunities at my finger tips. h8 when ad gurus create these design/advertising/marketing memes that challenge my reality just bc they are trying to 'sell something.'

Leave me alone /
Let me 'be wasteful' /
Stop reminding me abt /
the 3rd world /
And other sad shit /
like mortality /
and global sustainability /

h8 when memes are mrktng gimmicks

I was recently browsing the internet, and I saw this meme being blogged/blurbed about in multiple outlets. In the video, a group of free-spirited moms without kids who formed a band instead play the song "Kids" by MGMT on multiple iPhone applications.


Is this just some sort of 'marketing gimmick'? Did some ad agency pick 'girls who look interesting' to promote Apple/applications/the band MGMT? Should MGMT sue these people for using their song without their consent? Am I supposed to think that this is 'cool' or that it is 'oddly entertaining'? Should part of me want to 'cum' with these broads because they are 'talented and beautiful'?

N e ways... their cover is pretty poopy. It sort of sounds like 8 year olds who just got a 3 octave keyboard 'learning that they love music and want to make it for the rest of their livez bc they did a cover of a popular song.' Makes me kinda sad. Just wish there wasn't this space on the internet where products could be showcased in what appears to be 'an organic cauldron of buzz', but it's really just people looking 2 sell u something.

Is "Kids" by MGMT going to be used for the next 200 years in the background of commercials that need 2 be 'upbeat'?

Previous MGMT mainstreamer moment

h8 our modern world.
I can't tell if videos like this are 'real moments of beauty' or just gimmick marketing.


Do yall know if this act of puberty is authentic, or just something designed by marketing firms?



To uniquely brand any product or entity today, all you really need to do is pick a consonant-heavy word, then remove the vowels.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the blog/record label named RCRD LBL. Then there's even Ocelot's answer for his OCELOT myspace-backslash-unique URL being taken,

While browsing myspace, I was pleased to find that myspace shifted their 'Brooklyn Style pizza' to the BRKLYN pizza.

It's an important day for MRKTNG teams across the world.

What are some other good VOWEL-less products/bands out there?

Please feel free to take this test to prove your vowel-less word recognition skills.

(Identify the following bands)
2. FST
4. DJ M
8. NRK
10. R

(Identify the following music blogs)
20. PND TS
25. ASN DN

(Identify the following Web Service)
30. FCBK
31. LST.FM
34. ELB.WS

The person who passes this test will receive a McDonalds Arch Card worth $20.

Paste Magazine = the 'In Rainbows' of Magazines

Paste Magazine seems like a quality publication, even though I've never read it. I respect the fact that they seem to focus their attention on music that is mainly played from the speakers of leather-interiored cars. This means featuring the best singer songwriters + stuff that could have been on the Garden State soundtrack + other artists that are a step to the left of 'buzzworthy.'

I wonder if their decision to let the customer name their own price for a subscription comes after getting data about how IN RAINBOWS performed with customers in their target audience.

Or maybe this poll on their site showing 16% approval of Radio head was the only market research that they thought was necessary:

They already have a great business model where you get a sampler CD per magazine, so this is pretty interesting/hilarious. I'd like to see a copy of their financial statements to see how much revenue they get from each part of their business (magazine subscriptions/ advertising/online music store).

Go to their website just to experience their initial AJAX popup encouraging you to name your own price.

Best Coast and WAVVES signed to Taco Bell's Record Label

From what I understand, every retail/food brand no longer finds traditional marketing to be effective, and instead they have to pay &#39;super users&#39; on the internet/in culture to convince people that their product is authentic/worth stuffing ur face with. Taco Bell seems to have launched a record label to sell to people who like both mp3s and tacos. From what I understand, Taco Bell is sorta like &#39;slop food&#39;, except u put it inside of a tortilla, on a crunchy shell. Then u put &#39;hot sauce&#39; on it, and it taste &#39;good.&#39; Anyways, Taco Bell &#39;announced&#39; an &#39;innovative new project&#39; where they are giving touring bands money to eat at Taco Bell. I don&#39;t really understand how/why this is worth it for a band, or maybe it just shows how bleak life on the road is, and you will take any free handouts possible.

Over the past month, we’ve been listening to all of the submissions to select our one hundred artists and we couldn’t be more happy with the quality of musicians that love Taco Bell. Every touring band can relate to eating on the road and Taco Bell has become essential to keep artists rocking while on tour. Taco Bell’s late-night menu offers a variety of items to conquer any band member’s appetite. Recognizing this, Taco Bell began Feed the Beat to fuel bands with $500 in Taco Bell Bucks per band so they can focus on their true passion: music.

$500? For real? Know that is like $3000 in Taco Bell currency, but still. Not sure if this is really worth it. Feel like a buzzband member should make at least $10k for lending their name to a brand. Wonder if there are any &#39;strings attached&#39;, like u have to tweet 10 links, twitpic taco pix every week, and play a live set inside of a Taco Bell somewhere in the Midwest. Here is a list of the bands that &#39;sold out&#39; just to eat tacos. I think basically all of them blow hard, so it is just funny that they all decided a $500 Taco Bell gift certificate was &#39;worth it&#39;:

2AM Club A Rocket To The Moon Adam Haworth Stephens After The Burial Allstar Weekend American Bang American Fangs Anamanaguchi Anarbor Andrew W.K. Artist Vs Poet Atom Smash Atreyu Bad City Bad Rabbits Best Coast blessthefall Boys Like Girls Breathe Carolina Cady Groves Chiddy Bang Chiodos Christian TV Chuck Ragan Circa Survive Cobra Starship Colour Revolt Cults Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Dead Confederate Dr. Dog Emmure Everest Every Avenue Every Time I Die Fake Problems Four Year Strong He Is We Hellyeah Hey Monday Hot Chelle Rae In This Moment Iron Thrones It Boys! Jukebox the Ghost Knights of The Abyss Les Savy Fav Let Me Run Let’s Get It Look Mexico Maps & Atlases Mariachi El Bronx Math the Band Mayday Parade Memphis High Miniature Tigers Neon Trees Never Shout Never New Found Glory New Politics Passion Pit Phosphorescent Pigeon John Plug in Stereo PMtoday Polaris at Noon Portugal. The Man Revocation Runner Runner Shinobi Ninja Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers Stick To Your Guns Suckers T. Mills Tennis System Tera Melos Terrible Things The Acacia Strain The Almost The Black Angels The Cab The Chariot The Downtown Fiction The Gay Blades The Girlfriend Season The Hood Internet The Ready Set The Summer Set The Swellers The Sword The Wonder Years This Will Destroy You Tokyo Police Club Travie McCoy Unearth Underoath VersaEmerge War of Ages Wavves We The Kings

Gonna go see a few of these bands and just throw $500 worth of Taco Bell at them, screaming "WAS IT WORTH IT? WAS IT REALLY WORTH IT YALL? TACO TACO YO QUIERO TACO BELL TACO SUNDAYS .69 .79 .99!" I wonder if they are going to make all of these bands tweet tons of pix of them eating Taco Bell on the road. Wonder if there is any sort of real &#39;service&#39; that Taco Bell is offering them besides giving them an amount of food that is actually valued at like $20. Feeling sad about this &#39;record label.&#39; Makes me wonder if Mountain Dew paid their ppl in soda pop. Do u think these bands will have to do embarrassing advertising / advertorials? Maybe they will make them do commercials/viral video shorts where they talk with a Mexican accent. Yo Quiero Buzzbands, yall


R u gonna start shopping at Taco Bell? Is this progressive marketing that will get u buzzing abt their brand? Was a $500 gift certificate rlly worth it? Is Taco Bell &#39;slop food&#39; 4 poor ppl? Will Best Coast + WAVVES just &#39;get danked&#39; and spend their combined $1000 in less than 3 days? Did Taco Bell revolutionize the Mexican food industry? Does Taco Bell taste &#39;just like&#39; real Mexican food? Is Taco Bell &#39;California style&#39; or &#39;Tex Mex&#39; Mexi food? What is Taco Bell&#39;s most innovative / alt product? Should I just eat a bunch of double decker tacos while I listen 2 buzzbands? Should McDonalds launch a &#39;rival&#39; record label, giving buzzbands free McDonalds for a month, and we can monitor their health every day and film a documentary called &#39;SUPER BUZZ ME&#39;?

That band who wrote a song for Converse performs it live, sounds ‘terrible’


Best Coast, Rostam Batmanglij, and some rapper named Kid Cudi 'wrote an indie jingle 2gether for Converse.' They are really milking the meme for blog coverage, making a music video and making sure every alt/afro american who likes one of these bands is 'aware' of the song.

They seem to have had some 'party' where the song was performed live. Some1 took this video, and it seems 'bad.' Not sure if it was because they wrote the song in the studio and never intended to play it live, or if it is just 'a bad song.' Maybe Converse should have rented them a practice space, or possibly made them 'lip sync' the song to make sure it didn't sound so poor. Feel like their brand managers 'really let them down.'

Feel like the Vampy Weeks bro is just chillin, playing some guitar, but the rapper dude sounds terrible (maybe that is how all rappers sound live. Best Coast's voice seems 'under stress'. Might be a bad night, but might be 'exposed.' Rapper just keeps mumbling all over the song then tries to sing with Best Coast.

Does the song sound 'bad' live, or is it just a bad sound rip?

Here is some blog's writeup, trying to 'kid' readers into thinking the performance was 'good'/'worth taking seriously'. Not sure why some blogs can't just let performances/bands 'suck':

We all know that music is fragmented these days—a different venue, CD, subculture, genre for every type of person in the world. And we definitely know that that those different musical worlds don’t often collide with each other either. That really sucks, too, because when they do, like they did last night for the Converse: Three Artists, One Song show, the friction is pretty real and pretty beautiful. Kid Cudi, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, and Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend don’t seem to have much in common, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Their performance of the song last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg highlighted that while the whole isn’t necessarily better than the parts, it might be just as good. Plus it’s kinda awesome to see all three of them on stage at once.

N e ways, seems like this meme is over. As a blogger, I felt a 'huge internal struggle' during the whole thing, since I 'didn't want to be a pawn in a marketing scheme' but just wanted to give people the opportunity to discuss and analyze a 'modern product marketing initiative.'

What brand + buzzbands will be the next to collaborate on an mp3 release?
Will Mountain Dew + Converse 'keep striking out'?
Will this collab be a 'blemish' on all of these humans' careers?

BRANDING STRATEGY EXIT INTERVIEW: Do yall feel 'more or less likely' to buy Converse shoes now that this is over?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

Read more>>>>

BREAKING NEWS: Washed Out releases new MP3, enables us 2 keep riding chill waves

Washed Out You and I

One of the chillwave genre's core competencies is the fact that mp3s can be rapidly produced on demand. Washed Out seems to have made this mp3 'just in time for the summer', enabling us to ride a 'reflective ass chillwave' back to 2k9, vibing out hard, as if we are feeling it all around again.

KIA seems to have co-branded an 8 song EP with Adult Swim, a cartoon company for adults. Instead of just taking out 'boring ass banner ads', they are associating the brand with buzz mp3s, trying to construct a complete lifestyle brand, enabling artists 2 create art. Sorta feel like we are supposed to listen to this song while we drive around in KIAs. I'm chill with that, just as long as I get to listen to some new Washed Out. Wonder if the next album will be released 'exclusively' to KIA Soul owners.

Wonder if it is 'too reflective' to be a summer jam.
Maybe it is more of a 'post-Spring' jam.

Do u like Washed Out's new MP3?
Is this a successful marketing gimmick by Adult Swim / KIA?
Is it cheesy when brands claim that they 'launched record labels'?
Should more brands commission MP3s?
Will Washed Out ever 'top' his hit song "Feel It All Around"?
Is wavechill dead?
R u gonna buy a KIA Soul?
R u gonna start watching Adult Swim?
R u down with any brand that gives you a free mp3?
What is your favourite car that is marketed to alts who read blogs?
How hard/chill r u vibing 2 this mp3?


Arcade Fire tries to cultivate ‘organic buzz’ by planting their vinyl single in obscure record stores

Apparently some bro who was just getting his record hunt on at a local record store found a copy of Arcade Fire's upcoming single "The Suburbs"/"Month of May." Not sure where Glasgow is, but that's where he found it. Feel like this story is probably 'some contrived marketing bullshit.'

Seems chill that u can see the bro's reflection in the record. Feel like that makes the meme 'more personal' and 'organic' even if it is just trying to be tactile viral marketing as presented by the internet.

Arcade Fire have been teasing us with vague news about a new 12" single, "The Suburbs" b/w "Month of May". They've even offered some short, distorted snippets of those two songs on their website. And now, it looks like the single is out.

Chris Ward writes in to tell us that he found the single, a white label double A-side, in a Glasgow record store. (Pictured above). Keep an eye out!

I feel pissed that Arcade Fire didn't plant any singles at Best Buys, Circuit Cities, Blockbuster Musics, and Virgin Megastores. (Not sure if these stores are still in business). Maybe they h8 America, and they are protesting Arizona / Obama / George W. Bush.

Wish Arcade Fire would 'cut the bullshit' and just give us some leaked mp3s/iTunes links where we could just impulse buy some of their mp3s. Worried that by 'being all quirky', they are isolating the Walmart rock Kings of Leon markets who 'just want to buy an album and play it in their car CD stereo.' Feel like it might be time for them to stop 'being indie' and start getting their mainstream brand together. They might have to hire Jay-Z to wrap over one of their breakdowns.

Wonder if 'physical leaks' hurt sales as much as 'digital leaks.' Hope that Arcade Fire is ready to 'assume fiscal responsibility' for their leak. Seems like they 'shot themselves in the foot', unless this is part of a larger gimmick.

Have u heard the new song "The Suburbs"? Did it change ur life?
Did Arcade Fire 'peak' with their hit song "Wake Up"?
Was "Neon Bible" overrated since they were sorta just victory lapping "Funeral"?
Do u wish u uncovered a physical leak at a relevant, foreign record store?
Should I go look for a leak of the Arcade Fire in my local record store?
Does Arcade Fires need to 'cut the shit' and start buying some generic banner ads all over alt/mainstream websites?
Will Arcade Fire beat Vampire Weekend for the #1 mindie band charting of 2k10?
Di u wish the Arcade Fire still wrote poppy songs like "KIDS" and "Electric Feel"?
Can some1 please take a picture of themselves' holding up a fake vinyl with plausible Arcade Fire song names written on it so I can turn it into a rumor meme since the indie blogosphere doesn't really have to do any 'fact checking'?

Progressive Marketing? M.I.A.’s marketing push begins by taking over Pitchfork’s twitter

Pitchfork media has close to 1.5 million followers on the popular lifestreaming service, twitter. In a progressive marketing tactic, M.I.A.'s marketing firm must have paid Pitchfork to let her tweet from their account. I am not sure if this is 'innovative marketing' or if it is something that will 'backfire' for both the Pitchfork brand and the M.I.A. brand. M.I.A. has been known to say controversial things, usually about how she hates the United States government, or she will post graphic images.

It's an exciting day here at Pitchfork. We've turned our Twitter over to Maya Arulpragasam herself!

That's right, all day, M.I.A. will be Tweeting from Pitchfork's account. So head over to to follow the madness. Who knows what she'll post-- we sure don't! Every one of M.I.A.'s Tweets will be marked with the hashtag #miap4k, so you can more easily keep up.

It seems like they are trying to make the hashtag #miap4k 'go viral' / become a trending topic.

I feel like M.I.A.'s goal is to try to crossover into mainstream markets with her new album. I am not sure if targeting the same internet indie fans will 'do her any good.' I think she just needs to write Paper Planes 2.0, and hope that the tweens will purchase it.

Do u think this is 'progressive marketing'?
Do u think other blogs and music magazines will 'be pissed' that they weren't used for marketing purposes, and sort of 'hold it against her' when they evaluate / cover her album?
Since M.I.A. and Pitchfork are now co-branded, can we expect her to receive a 10.0?
R u going to unfollow @pitchforkmedia?
Is Pitchfork Media 'in bed' with M.I.A.?
Will M.I.A. tweet a picture of a person having sex with a dead body?
Does marketing ruin everything authentic?
What can we trust in if we can't trust in Pitchfork ratings?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Did Green Label Sound buy too many Neon Indian ads on alt websites?

I have been browsing the alt internet, and noticed a lot of ads for Neon Indian's Green Label Sound single "Sleep Paralysist." It seems like Mountain Dew / Green Label Sound has a 'huge' advertising budget, taking over 2 of the largest music sites in the world, Pitchfork Media and Stereogum.

Wonder if any1 got 'tricked' and thought the banner ad was part of Pitchfork content.

Just trying to read a blog but Neon Indian bro keeps looking at me, telling me to download his single even though I already downloaded it on the day it came out.

Is Neon Indian a tier 1 alt band? Does Neon Indian really need branding / exposure on music blogs since they basically depend on him to create bloggable memes?
Does it make sense to take out huge advertisements on sites that will already blog about your product?
I am all about overexposure and creating memes / getting attention for your personal brand, but u can't help but wonder if this was like 'paying rent on a house that you already own' or some equivalent analogy.
Is a blog blogging about your project in their content stream better than any banner advertisements?
Should they have focused on mainstream gossip and tech blogs to reach new markets of fans?

Is Green Label Sound the future of internet music?
If you owned a soda pop company and ur soda pop company started a record label, how would u advertise?
What is the point of banner ads on websites: to get people to click, to 'brand' or to just annoy readers?
Will there be a backlash against Mountain Dew / Neon Indian?
Should Mountain Dew just give more money 2 Neon Indian Bro for 'making art' instead of making 'huge' advertising purchases?

Green Label Sound

Record Label, Meme

GLS is the record label of Mountain Dew. They pay a buzzband to write an MP3, then release it to blogs in order to get buzz.

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Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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