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Kickball Katy 'goes solo' from Vivian Girls, shows off her BANGIN BOD on new La Sera album cover

Kickball Katy is known for showing off her AMAZING BOD on last year's Bruise Cruise [link]. As a member of the Vivian Girls, she continually showed off her indie keutness with fiery red hair (without the downsides of traditional gingers) and AMAZING bangs. Even if her music 'totally sucks' and is worse than Best Coast, we can still count on her having a very buzzworthy year based on looks alone.

Apparently, her solo buzzband's name is La Sera, which is probably Spanish for 'The Red Head With Bangs with a BANGIN Bod.' It seems like she is vibing out in a vintage Wednesday Addams dress on the cover of her new album. I wonder if she got that at a thrift store, and if she sent it to the dry cleaners b4 she put it on because it smelled all funky, like a grandma's saggy vagine.

Did she make a good decision 2 'go solo' from the Vivian Girls?
Are the Vivian Girls 'nothing' without her?
Which Viv Girls off-shoot will have a better buzz year: La Sera or The Babies or Coasting or that girl who got unfairly fired from Best Coast?
Does Kickball Katy have the BANGINGEST BOD in indie?
Will she become a 'top tier indie diva' in 2k12?

Vivian Girls look BANGIN on cover of some magazine I have never heard of

The Vivian Girls have been back in the headlines this week because their former drummer, Ali Koehler, was 'mysteriously removed from Best Coast and replaced by a middle aged white guy.' You have to feel bad for her, because at the end of the day, even alt celebs are humans who are hunting and gathering for not just buzz bucks, but actual dollars in order to stay alive, and you get the feeling based on her tweets that she was 'ruthlessly kicked out.' I'm sure there will be some sort of revelatory interview where she throws Bethany under the bus when she launches a new project. Needless to say, this is another bad moment for Bethany Cosentino's personality, especially after she 'went mainstream', signing with Capitol Records in order to try to canoodle with more B-List celebs like Drew Barrymore.

Enough abt that drama.... The Vivian Girls were on some magazine cover. Even though I've never heard of it, I'm always willing 2 'become metaphorically erect' whenever some premium buzzband alt baguettes are on a magazine cover. It's just what blog bros do. I don't even know if they have an album out or something, but I think this means that they will end up on the cover of SPIN Magazine soon.

Does Kickball Katy 'look good', bb?
Do u vibe 2 Cassie Ramone?
Does Ali Koehler wish that she had stayed in Vivian Girls?
Despite potentially 'making more $$$' on tour with Best Coast, did she learn the hard way that u can't trust maniacal figures who are only interested in building their buzz brands?
Remember when the Vivian girls were all sad, but then they got all girly?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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Kickball Katy spotted canoodling with Black Lips frontman Jared Swilley who bronoodled with Ryan Gosling

Kickball Katy is known as one the QTest BBs in the entire indiesphere. Jared Swilley is known as 'one of the bad boys of indie.' What happens when they get together and pose 4 a Gorilla Vs. Bear polaroid? The are TOTES canoodling, but most importantly, they both LOOK REAL GOOD, BBs.

This is great news, especially after the death of Zooey Deschanel and Benjamin Gibbard. We need more of the world's alt celebs producing 'canoodling moments', even if they are just 4 us 2 blog. I hope that JarBear gives Katy a chance, even tho he seems to be canoodling/bronoodling with RyGos, who is totesally a hauttie.

Who would u rather canoodle with: Kickball Katy or Ryan Gosling?
Is Jared Swiley 'hotter' than Win Butler/Bradford Cox?
Can Kickball Katy 'go solo' and release an album that sounds halfway between Best Coast and Lana Del Rey?
Who is the #1 couple in indie right now?
Is Ryan Gosling 'the poor man's Leonardo DiCaprio'?
Is Ryan Gosling just 'the new James Franco' [mean that as an insult]?
What indie celeb do u want 2 canoodle with?

Jared Swilley

Alternative Celebrity

Jared Swiley is the frontman bad boy of the Black Lips. One time he beat up WAVVES.

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RECAP: Alt Celebrity Halloween Costumes [from Best Coast 2 Skrillex 2 Kickball Katy 2 Chrissy Owens]

Were u wondering what ur favourite alt celebs were 4 Halloween?

Sorta wish I coulda gone to a relevant Halloween Partie where I saw tons of alt celebs, DJs, and CEOs of buzzbands :-(

At least I can look at pix of them on the internet and pretend they are my friends and pretend we went out and had fun and ate candy. :-)

Indie hottie Kickball Katy shows off her ginger pride!

Several blog years ago, M.I.A. made a video about how she hated gingers and wanted 2 kill them all. Obviously, MIA's career went into the shitter and no1 cares abt her. Kickball Katy seems to be PROUD 2 be a ginger, even drinking beverages that promote gingerdom. In this picture, we see Vivian Girls hottie holding up a beverage called 'Ginger Life', which I cannot confirm is a lifestyle beverage that she is launching.

Kickball Katy continues 2 win over the indiesphere's heart, ever since she showed us her bangin bikini bod [link]. Say what u will abt the state of women in indie music, but as long as every1 looks like Katy Goodman, color me TOTESALLY INTERESTED.

Is Kickball Katy the hottest ginger in indie?
IS she an authentic ginger or does she dye her hair 2 be ironically ginger?
R u glad MIA's career died?
Who would yall rather vibe with: Katy BB or MIA?

Vivian Girls finally act girly and sing about boys in their new music video


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy girl buzzband with 3 hautties in the band... They've had a lil bit of trouble breaking free from the fuzzbuzz lofi-osphere, but now that they are being girly and showing off their bangin bikini bods, they are finally 'getting some coverage' and ppl aren't afraid of their dark souls any more.

In the new video for 'Take it as It Comes', Kickball Katy sings abt how she wishes she had a BF, but then Cassie Ramone is all like 'Take it ez, bb! With a bangin body like urs, it is only a matter of time b4 u have a premium alt peen in ur hands.' Cassie is right. With Kickball Kary's amazing bod, bangs, smile, gaze, and musical talent, she needs to be patient and wait 4 a bf. No need 2 be desperate, bb! No man is worth ur tears, and the 1 who is will not make u cry!

It's good 2 see the Vivvy Girls 'being girly' bc that is really the only reason girls still listen to music. If u want to reach mainstream girls, can't be all sad and dark like Fiona Apple. U need to be more like Kreayshawn/Feist or something. Now that Besty Coastyy lost all her buzz, the female lofi-osphere might belong 2 the Viv Girls.

DO u <3 this video?
Who is the hottest Vivvy Girl?
Is this song 'dumb'?
Should they stay 'dark'?
Should Katie 'go solo'?
Should Bethany Cosentino join the Vivian Girls?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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Kickball Katy spotted bronoodling with Chloe Sevigny

Kickball Katy is potentially 'the most famous human' in the fuzzy buzzy genre of lofi girly music, so it's not a surprise that she was spotted bronoodling with indie icon Chloe Sevigny. Every time I see a picture of Chloe Sevigny, she looks different, but I guess she is a 'premium indie hottie.' What she doesn't have in mainstream looks, she makes up 4 in alt attitude and sass.

I honestly can't tell who looks prettier... Kickball Katy's fire red hair and voluptuous build has turned my eye... but there's just something abt Chloe. Ever since Brandon Teena [via Hillary Swank] made love to her with a prosthetic penis in "Boys Don't Cry", I have just been really into her. A lot of people always talk about the Brown Bunny blowjob scene, But I am just more into 'dark role playing' and girl-on-girl as opposed to gonzo POV oral.

Who looks keuter?
Does this mean Katy Goodman is a relevant VIP alt?
Is Chloe Sevigny still relevant?
Who will have a better alt career?
Can Kickball Katy become the next Zooey Deschanel and attempt to launch a lifestyle brand?

Chloe Sevigny

Alternative Celebrity, Alternative Entrepreneur

Chloe Sevigny is an alternative actress and model. She is famous for 'being alt hot' and giving Vincent Gallo a BJ on camera.

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Kickball Katy looks effing keut as she jimmy jangles a tambourine

Oh Kicky Katy...
U look REAL good, bb...
and ur doing the best thing a QT BB gurle in a buzzband can do


I know u know how to play guitar
probably the bass and drums too
and probably a secret synth Postal-Service-wave project
But boy, do u know how 2 jimmy jangle

Better than Regine [link]
Better than Zooey Deschanel [pt 2]
Better than Zooey Deschanel [pt 1]

Right now, ur probably the best jimmy jangler in the world
The tambourine can't even handle u rite now
Keep being u, Kick Kat...
Nvr change 4 any 1

Do u <3 kickball Katy more than evr?
Who is the best tambourine jimmy jangler of all time? Stevie Nix? Mama Cass? Carnie Wilson?

Vivian Girls sleep in a tipi to cut down on tour costs.

The Vivian Girls are 'getting tons of buzz', and fighting with Cults for the top spot in fuzzy buzzy music, especially now that they both 'took down' Best Coast and got 'revenge' on their old drummer. Anyways, totally hot alt celeb Katy "Kickballin'" Goodman tweeted out this picture of the Vivian GIrls standing in front of a tipi, which is a place where Indian ppl used to sleep.

As yall may or may not know, it's a hard life as a buzzband. Sometimes u sleep on ur friends' couches... Sometimes u drive to a cheap motel on the outskirts of a buzzworthy city to sleep. Perhaps the Vivian Girls are effectively 'cutting costs' by sleeping on a tipi for incredibly low rates, even better than ur local La Quinta Inn. Even though u don't get a free continental breakfast, maybe staying in tipis will help buzzbands return higher margins per show.

Pictured: Artist's rendering of a Vivian Girl 'checking in' 2 her tipi,' meeting with regional shaman.

U have to give the Vivian Girls 'props' for being so buzzworthy, 'beating' Best Coast, and finding new, innovative ways 2 make more money 4 each and every show. It's harder 2 be a buzzband than u realize, but after years of sleeping in tipis, on couches, in motels that run prostitution & human trafficking rings.... it can pay off 1 day....

Do they look keut in front of the tipi?
Are the Vivian Girls 'winning the Battle 4 Lofi'?
Do u think they ever argue abt 'who is the prettiest' and who gets the most money per show?
Has a buzzband ever stayed at ur apartment?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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Vivian Girls bombshell Kickball Katy spotted canoodling with Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes

kickball katy albert hammond jr
Kickball Katy is the 'frontwoman' and #1 sex icon in the hit 2k11 buzzband Vivian Girls. She has recently been spotted Canoodling with both Michael Cera [link] AND Tyler the Creator [link] AND some random altbro [link] AND some guy in the Black Lips [link]. IT seems like her canoodle fest has moved on to one of the Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr.

Upon further investigation, this is actually a 'cropped pic' of the entire band. It seems plausible that Albie Hammond had 'his pick' of the Vivian Girls for a 1-on-1 canoodling sesh.

Which member of the Vivian Girls is the keutest?
Who should Albert Hammond 'shack up with'?
Should Kickball Katy 'go solo'?
Are the Vivian Girls likely to break up after their 'disastrous P4k Review' or can their brand stay strong?

Do u think Kickball Katy is a 'step up' or 'step down' from Agyness Deyn?

Right now, Kickball Katy's stock is HOT, so it makes sense that Albert Hammond Jr might try to get some of her buzz...

I still dream
of ur
perfect alt jugs, Katie BB <3 <3 [link]

R u on #TeamVivGirls or #TeamP4k?
Is Albert Hammond Jr still the 'hottest' Stroke?
Who had a more disappointing year: The Strokes, the Vivian GIrls, or Radioheads?
Is Kickball Katy way prettier and more talented than Best Coast?

Albert Hammond Jr.

Alternative Celebrity

Albert Hammond Jr. is the guitarist from The Strokes. He used 2 bang former it-girl Agyness Deyn.

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Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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PHOTO: Michael Cera spotted canoodling with Kickball Katy?

This picture of Michael Cera was recently snapped, and u can't help but notice the bombshell lofi red head hiding behind Mikey... who happens to look a lot like Vivian Girls front woman Kickball Katy. While we can't jump to any conclusions about their relationship, u can't help but assume this picture was taken 'paparazzi style' via post-coital canoodling. This would be a GREAT career move for both of them. Kickball Katy would get 'more mainstream exposure', helping her band to get more buzz, while Michael Cera would get more 'indie cred' as an indie musician and lofi artist.

Do u think they are in a relationship, or have bloggers 'overblown' this photograph to 'memefy it'?
Which indie frontwoman should Michael Cera date 2 help his indie cred?
Which indie band could be helped the most by recruiting Mikey Cera 2 play bass 4 them?
Should Michael Cera join the Vivian Girls?
Should Vicki LeGrand replace 'that dude in Beach House' with Michael Cera?
Do u want 2 go 2 college and major in 'canoodling analysis studies'?
IS Mikey Cera an indie hunk?
Do yall still have a crush on Kickball Katy after her sexie Bruise Cruise photo shoot [link]?

Michael Cera

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Michael Cera is an alt actor whose movies flops and he basically plays himself ovr and ovr again in every movie.

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Kickball Katy spotted canoodling with ANOTHER random altbro. Who is this mystery man?

kickball katy vivian girls boyfriend
Best Coast once sang the song "I wish I had a boyfriend", but what if I told you it was the Vivian Girls' front woman Kickball Katy who was spotted canoodling with a random altbro in the VIP bathroom area of the late night Vice Party at SXSW? Earlier this week, she was spotted canoodling with Tyler the Creator [link], and before that, with a member of the Black Lips on the Bruise Cruise [link].

It seems like this strategy is a good one for the Vivian Girls, since Kickball Katy is the only one generating compelling memes that can get the band relevant coverage. U gotta give her props for looking good and doing her thang, trying to empower indie women.

Who is this mysterious altbro?
Do u think they are in a relaish?
Is it better to be in an alt celeb couple relationship OR to just 'play the field' and canoodle with as many bros as possible?
R u falling in <3 with Kickball Katy?
If u dress fuzzy buzzy crusty enough and go 2 a VivGirls show, do u think u will have a chance with her when she comes 2 ur local town?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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Kickball Katy spotted canoodling with horrorcore rapper Tyler the Creator

tyler the creator kickball katy
It seems like Kickball Katy has really been on an alt rampage after a rumored relationship with a member of the Black Lips on the Bruise Cruise [link]. Now this picture of her canoodling with Odd Future rapper Tyler the Creator. I am not sure if he is 18 yet, so it seems pretty 'pimp' of him, but it might be 'against the law' via her side.

I wonder if this buzz couple is going to 'work out', and we will see some sweet Best Coast + WAVVES style collabs, and possibly some decent memes, and most importantly the first alt couple sex tape.

Do u hope they 'stay 2gthr'?
Will they be happy 4evr?
Should they write some fuzzy buzzy rap?
Is Gorilla Vs. Bear turning into some sort of alt paparazzi?
Is Kickball Katy officially 'the most desirable woman' in fuzzbuzz rock?
Do u think they are 'canoodling', 'in a relaish', or just had '1 krazie nite 2gthr at South-Bi'?
Does true <3 last after SouthBySouthwest?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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More Sexi Photos of Kickball Katy pouring champagne on her breasts emerge

The Bruise Cruise happened about 2 weeks ago, but the only thing that really emerged from it besides pictures of crustwavers taking baths in swimming pools were pictures of VIVIAN GIRLS GONE WILD: KICKBALL KATY'S WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE BREASTS. Anyways, some new photos came out, and there is more Kickball Katy 2 feast upon.

do yall <3 her? Is she a good role model?


Should more relevant alternative celebs pour champagne all over their breasts?

"What about me?" -another viv girl

Do u think the Vivian Girls should wear bikini tops on stage and sing abt fun in the sun?
Is it time for Kickball Katy 2 go solo?
Will the Vivian Girls be able to release any sex new memes at relevant pool parties this summer?
Does Kickball Katy have 'the perfect alternative breasts'?

VIVIAN GIRLS GONE WILD: More sexi photos of Kickball Katy's wild Booze Cruise antics emerge

Photos by Rebecca Smeyne for the Village Voice

The Booze Cruise was some event where a bunch of weirdo punk fuzz buzz bands went on some cruise then a bunch of ppl paid to go on the cruise with them. Overall most of the bands were boring, but the only real meme that can be extracted is the Vivian Girls' member Kickball Katy wearing a sexi swim suit, and her 'wild partying antics.' Kinda jeal of the blipster in this picture. I have always had a 'licking champagne off titties' fantasy, but I always thought it was a mainstream fantasy, but I guess maybe it can be alt.

Here she is getting buzzed on Franzia.

Photos via Brooklyn Vegan by Gabi Porter

Getting buzzed with the other Viv Gals

Spotted 'canoodling' with some guy in the Black Lips

Hardcore Vivian Girls 4some with John Norris.

Really hoping that the Vivian Girls are 'okay', but u can't help but wonder if they finally got over their sadness abt Best Coast's career 'taking off' and maybe they have accepted that they are a fun loving fuzzy buzzband and that they still have a reason 2 be happie and party hard to get more blog coverage.

Will the Vivian Girls 'provide more quality memes' than Best Coast, or was this just a fluke event because they were on a party boat?
Do u wish this boat sank? [via the Titanic]
Has Kickball Katy 'gone too far'?
Should Kickball Katy 'go solo'?
Even though the Vivian Girls make forgettable music, can they still be bloggable if they 'continue 2 show skin'?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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The Vivian Girls show off their banging bikini bodies (2 prove they hotter than Best Coast)

Apparently some thing happened called 'the Booze Cruise' where a bunch of those punky fuzzy buzzy bands went on a cruise with a bunch of people who like those bands/that pseudo-lifestyle. Not really any relevant bands... U sorta wish that every1 who was on that cruise 'got Titanicked' so that we'd lose some of the crusty population.

Anyways, the only thing that probably happened on the boat was the Vivian Girls showing off their 'bangin bikini bods.' U gotta give them props for doing more than just 'playing a boring show with their boring songs.' They gave the fans what they wanted: some skin.

The red head really 'brought her A-game', ready 2 become a Charlie Sheen Goddess. Her name is apparently 'Kickball Katy', which sounds funnie.

Kickball Katy has some ample breasts. U can't help but wonder if she is utilizing the strategy of 'being hotter than Best Coast' 2 steal headlines from her.
best coast in a bikini snacks
I sorta would like to see the Vivian Girls wear skimpier outfits instead of just the weird dresses for women in polygamous marriage. 'Glam it up' 4 us, girls... Let men have a lil peep of ur goodness <3

Also here is a picture of an intimate moment on the Booze Cruise where Kickball Katy is making out with one of the dudes from the Black Lips. Might be the other girl in the band, though. Can't really tell.

After seeing the Vivian Girls in bikinis/tankinis/sexi alt 1pieces, u gotta say that maybe there is 'hope for them' ...
Maybe they can stop being 'so Brooklyn', show off some California skin..
Maybe they will stop acting like they are brainwashed cult members and 'make some noise' [via riding fuzzy buzzy slutwaves]...
U gotta think maybe it's not a bad thing that drummer Ali Koehler left the band if they are gonna be all about 'showing skin'...

Do u think u would be willing to care abt the Vivian Girls if they 'showed more skin'?
Do they look sexi in their bikini bodies?
Do u wish u were on the booze cruise?
Do u wish the captain had sank the booze cruise and the whole weirdo indie punk/fuzzy buzzy scene?

Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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