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Tyler the Creator spotted bronoodling with 'this nigga' Kanye West. Are Big Thangs Poppin?

Tyler the Creator is some buzz rapper that ppl think is 'kewl', but I figured he would have imploded in the same James Blake bubble era that he was hyped in. I guess rap is a more viable mainstream option than drone bass music. I really know know anything about rap, nor do I understand why I should appreciate it, so I don't really think he is cool or anything, but I guess if I were some 'swag tween', I would listen 2 him and go to Odd Future popup shops in the greater Los Angeles area.

Anyways, this is a picture of him bronoodling with Kanye West. It seems like they want u to know that BIG THANGS are poppin. I think that's what rappers just try to do all the time. Say what you will about Drake, but these days, it truly feels like Tyler the Creator is the softest rapper in the game.

Can Tyler the Creator ever reach 'Kanye Level' or is he more of an M.I.A. type of character who will just provide overhyped shocking pop culture moments?
Are big thangs poppin?
Do they look swag?
Do they look cray?
Do they look trill?
Should Tyler the Creator stop using the n-word, or is he allowed 2 bc he is a black rapper?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Kanye West goes 2 Occupy Wall Street

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye BB! U look like a hottie hipster blipster lumberjack in ur plaid shirt, bb!

What are u doing going 2 #occupywallstreet? Honestly, if u should be occupying anywhere, it should probably be my vagine, which has been craving you ever since ur first album when u sang thru the wire bc u were involved in a car accident that was actually very similar to a car accident that I was in when I crashed my Toyota Tercel into a GAP clothing store. Yes, it was part of a robbery, but my boyfriend forced me to do it. Unfortunately, I was trapped in the car, and they required the jaws of life to save me. The mean men made jokes about how my mouth probably required the jaws of life to get as hefty as I am.

Honestly, I am on #TeamOccupyWallStreet bc my boss is a TOTAL DICK. If the system was different, I would have fair benafits and maybe even a free gym membership. I honestly believe that if school children deserve free lunches, all humans deserve free lunches. I wouldn't mind a few coupons to Taco Bell every day. Amirite? #Groupon

I really believe we need to SHUT DOWN big businesses and give ppl like me a chance 2 be ourselves and make $$ for it. EFF Wall Street.

Kanye is HOT! Don;t get arrested, bb! Ur a true artist!

I LOVE the new Kanye West and J-Z music viddy!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye West and Jay-Z are true rapper icons! Instead of killing eachother as rivals like Biggie and 6pack, they CAME TOGETHER to collab on a BRILLIANT song

The video is FUN. It reminds me of a Tommy Hilfinger commercial because they are lookin hot in front of American flags. they also ride around in a convertible. I think convertibles are fun, but I was involved in a rollover accident in one that actually ended up with me in the hospital because I lost a significant amount of skin as my body slide along the asphault.

They are HAVING FUN. I used to have a bff, but she ended up dating my ex. They are having a baby, and didnt invite me to the baby shower. I am kinda pissed bc I want some free cake, but I am not sure if i am prepared 2 deal with the psycholical implications of seeing her life, and thinking that her baby could be mine.

Jay-Z and Kanye are HOT. I am DEFANATELY gonna listen to this hiphop banger IN DA CLUB.

Pitchfork PANS Kanye West, drops 1.5 points from 10.0 glory. Is his career 'tanking'?

Kanye West's last album scored a prestigious 10.0 from the popular music rating content farm Pitchfork Media. Kanye decided to let Jay-Z on his album, even though Jay-Z only cares abt selling shit and making money and hasn't been 'fresh' 4 years, and every1 is only nice 2 him bc he is married to Beyonce but ultimately he is just a 'corporate ass sellout.' The move was a HUGE disaster, as Kanye downgraded to an 8.5, which is basically like a 1.0 on the Kanye scale.

Have yall heard "WATCH THE THRONE"?
Is it any good?
Is Kanye's career 'in a free fall'?

This paragraph says that they are 'at the top of their game.' Kanye is 'more respected' than Jay-Z, though.

The album comes hot on the heels of career-landmark albums from both artists, but the few months they spent recording it on multiple continents were practically vacations compared to the way they usually work. Kanye's opus My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, still less than a year old, won across-the-board critical raves for its lush, prog-rap expansiveness; to create it, Kanye sequestered himself in Hawaii and flew in an endless stream of creative-peak collaborators. Jay, meanwhile, is still cruising on the momentum of The Blueprint 3, an artistically flat but commercially massive grab for continued relevance that did everything he wanted it to do. Watch the Throne brings little of Twisted Fantasy's boundary-melting ambition or The Blueprint 3's commercial acumen. It's just two of rap's biggest figures and best friends getting together to make some of the swollen, epic music that comes so naturally to them.

Basically, the album is like 'the Ocean's 11/12/13' of rap.

Listening to it is sort of like watching George Clooney get all his movie-star friends together for a party at his Italian villa, and, along the way, maybe dream up Ocean's Twelve. (I liked Ocean's Twelve.)

Do yall prefer Scott Caan in Entourage or the Ocean franchise?

They are also 'humble' even though they are really rich and considered 'the best rappers alive.' I guess they are just trying 2 appeal 2 'the common man' or something.

But one of the striking things about Watch the Throne is how often Jay and Kanye address matters beyond their bank accounts. On "Why I Love You", it's Jay's dismay at past crewmates' betrayals. On "Murder to Excellence", it's black-on-black crime and the scarcity of people of color at society's highest seats. On "Made in America", it's the hardships of youth and coming of age. "New Day" is framed as a letter to the pair's imagined sons, a device that mostly gives them a chance to soul-search and self-criticize. On "Welcome to the Jungle", Jay, never a tortured pop star, actually says, "I'm fuckin' depressed." Despite all the triumphant bravado these two bring to practically everything they do, they work overtime here to bring a sense of empathy to this enterprise. Once in a while, they even sound vaguely humble.

Apparently there is a song called "Niggas in Paris." I wonder what that song is abt. Seems unchill... Maybe it should be called "Bros hangin out in Paris, eating some baguettes."

Yay! So exciting! 2 heavy weights! Let's enjoy and cherish these 2 gifted and talented humans coming 2gether to give us something 2 rate.

So: two long-reigning titans make a relatively quick album which, despite their best efforts, still winds up being a monument to their own grandiosity. Should we care? Well, yeah. Kanye doesn't have a cruise-control switch, and when he's around, neither does Jay. On Watch the Throne, they push each other and have fun doing it, and the result is a stadium-sized event-rap spectacle that still sounds like two insanely talented guys' idiosyncratic vision. That's worth celebrating.

Is this a 'massive disaster' for Kanye West?
Should Kanye West blame Jay-Z for this step backwards?
Is Jay-Z a 'lamestream Kanye West'?
IS this album 'amazing' or 'just any other rap album'?
R u watching the throne? What does it look like?
DO u miss the 10.0 era?
Will we ever see another 10.0?

I love LOVE LOVE the new Kanye West video! S00 artsy!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye West is NOT JUST A RAPPER, he is an artist! Like the Lady Gaga as rap, except maybe not as inspiring 4 women.

He is a SEXY HOTTIE with his shirt off. I would LOVE to be in bed with him. Honestly, I haven't felt a man's touch in years, except at the grocery store when people have to squeeze by me to get thru an aisle. I miss my ex, but at the same time, I am happy to be FREE and SINGLE. But at the same time sometimes I am only free to binge eat entire bags of DOVE Chocolates. I know, I know. I should eat dark bc it is good for u, but milk chocolate is TOO YUMMY

This new video is ARTSY and AMAZING. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have Nicky Minaj's butt. People say she has a big butt, but u should see mine. It is really, really wide and not sexy at all. Also lots of cottage cheese (too much info, sorry)

kanye is AMAZING and is truly the #1 artist in the world who is a black male!
JAy-Z who? #TeamKanye

Kanye West totally looks like Hootie, yall!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Hootie, is that u? (better known as Darius Rucker, the sexy Hootie and the Blowfish frontman)

Oh wait! It's totally Kanye West! BB! Ur goatee makes u look eggzackly like Hootie! I was s0 confused as I watched the Coachella livestream on youtube.

I actually had a boyfriend who a lot of people said looked like Conway West. He was a sweet man, but like Kanye, he had a dark side. Unfortunately, he wasn't an artist, so he didn't really have a creative outlet for his anger at the world. It ended badly, to say the least. #sad_stories

Kanye LOOKS GOOD and HOT. But in the end, I 'only wanna be with' Darius Rucker :-)

Kanye West wears a lot of gold chains! U look rich as heck, bb!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye BB!

U look good and handsome and #Swag... But that's SO MANY GOLD CHAINS! It I ever owned that much gold, I would probably melt it down and make a sculpture or something! #lol #but_Srsly

No but honestly the only gold I could afford would be fake gold out of a quarter vending machine. I srsly love to get a handful of M&M's every day out of the 25 cents vending machine at my office, but it runs out after about 2 weeks. It's a good pick-me-up at the middle of the work day.

Kanye looks good, though! Keep rappin ur heart out, bb! Kanye and I are a lot alike because we both overcome hard stuff. #stay_strong

New Katy Perry and Kanye West Music video for "E.T."! Loves it!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this new song and music video by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West called "E.T."

Katy Perry has OFFICIALLY outdone Lady Gaga! She is truly the #1 alien slutwave of all time! She looks good, bb! (Even as an alien bb!)

But seriously, I was abducted one time, and the aliens WERE NOT as beautiful as Katy Perry. People think I am crazy, but I swear to God it happened. They stripped me naked and humiliated me, which actually reminds me of the time I was detained after shoplifting and the creep rentacop did a strip search even though he isn't even a REAL police officer. #shady

I LOVE Katy Pery, and I am FINALLY starting to forgive Kanye for what he did 2 Taylor Swift. #such_a_dick

This song is OFF THE CHAIN and I will definitely burn it on a CD and listen to it in my car <3
I LOVE Kanye's Gold Digga because it is #So_TRUE

<3 u Kanye BB
Gaga Who? #AliensExist

Kanye West and Jay-Z totally rap together at South By Southwests

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye and Jay look S0 SWAG rapping 2gthr like #realfriends

They are bringing the house down, probably singing some really AWESOME club jams like "Gold Digga" and "Jigga what??" I don't like to say the n-word, so i defanately prefer the term 'jigga.' #TeamJigga

I actually witnessed racism first-hand when I was at McDonalds last week and a black employee took too long to get a white customer's fries out. Unfortunately, the white person DID use the n-word, and it was COMPLETELY WRONG, so u have to give Jay-Z props for inventing the word 'Jigga.' #TeamJigga

Yall look good!
I hope Kanye can find a wife as cute as Beyonce <3

Busy P and Kanye West spotted bronoodling at Paris Fashion Week

Photo via Flavor Magazine

Every year, Kanye West goes to miscellaneous Fashion Weeks to try to pretend like he is all cultured and cares abt 'art.' It's chill with me because it is just another Kanye West meme to throw up on my dying blog, but sorta wish I had a totally inspiring tween fashion blog where I could be 'moved' and think that 1 day I would be blog famous enough to be sitting front row at a relevant fashion show. I've never really been 2 a fashion show, but I do go to the mall a lot.

Anyways, in the above picture, u see Kanye West seated next to Busy P (aka Pedro Winter). They must be collabing, or talking about Kanye West rapping over a Justice song or something. Sorta wish I could be young, and think that they are '2 great minds meeting' or something, but realistically they probably just talked about McDonalds and Subway or something.

Here he is with La Roux at some other fashion show. Not sure who likes her music, probably just 'girls' and 'gays' like most female indie dance musicians.

Do yall <3 that Kanye West is 'inspired by fashion'?
Is Kanye West 'hella fashionable' or does he look like he shops at a mall on the 'urban' side of town?
Do yall 'get' Fashion, or do u just watch Projjers Runny + Ammy Top Model?
R u inspired by fashion?
Why do ppl care so much abt high end fashion when most ppl are poor/middle class?

Kanye West wearing women's clothing? huh??!!? #whoworeitbetter

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

kanye west givenchy
Yall! Kanye West is a #swag rapper...

But what if I told u he started wearing women's clothes and he wore the exact same shirt as Aero Smith's daughter Liv Tyler.

U gotta feel bad for Kanye because he is such a man's man... but at the Givenchy Paris fashion show he looked like he god #punkd, but Astin Kutcher was NOWHERE to be found.

Uh oh: Kanye West and Liv Tyler were stuck in a style pickle when they both appeared at the Givenchy Paris fashion show while wearing the same sweatshirt, a serious fashion no-no.

Both Kanye and Liv wore a Givenchy sweatshirt with a massive snarling dog painted onto the front. Kanye paired his dog sweatshirt with leather pants and a black knit beanie while Liv (who is the face of Givenchy’s cosmetics line) paired the sweatshirt with a short miniskirt.

The same thing actually happened to me last Girl's Night Out with this spaghetti strap top I bought at Ann Taylor Loft. One of my girlfriends wore THE EXACT SAME ONE, and we LOLed when we saw one another because we are very similar, but decided not to be roommates any more because it negatively impacted our friendship. #sheneverwasheddishes

Anyways, I went back up to my apartment and changed into something else, and I got a guy's number that night, so maybe not so bad, eh?


Kanye West sits courtside at Chicago Bulls game, gets booed by his home crowd

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye is back sitting courtside at his hometown Chicago Bulls game...
but maybe the fans didn't want him there even though he is famous and got a 10.0 from indie rap site Pitchfork.com!

Fans booed 'Ye' when he arrived. Oh Kanyeezy.... :-( I hope ppl understand u 1 day... #KeepRapping

The Chicago rapper, who arrived at his courtside seat late in the first quarter of the Bulls-Miami Heat game, was booed when he was introduced to the crowd, according to TNT analyst Kevin Harlan. West appeared on the jumbotron at the end of the first quarter as his latest single, "All of the Lights," played.

West was also booed at the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee in 2008 and Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York last November, but Thursday's cold reception was likely harder to swallow. After all, West -- once considered the pride of Chicago -- rapped about his love for the city on "Homecoming."

#TeamChicago! Stop killing ur unborn children, Kanye!

It looks like he was chilling with that blipster on the far left.

OMG where do u get ur friends? They dress s000 weird, Kanye!

Would YALL boo Kanye?
Or would u throw dimes at him [via 10.0 cents]?

Kanye West had to pay a gold digging skank $100k to abort his unborn child!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

One time Kanye West sang, "I ain't saying that she is a gold digger, but she is not messing with a broke negro man..."

It seems like maybe he was right after he tweeted that he has to pay $50-100K for every abortion that he wants 2 go down. Even though he claims that the skanks are 'gold digging', u kinda wonder who is right and who is wrong...

I know I have a list of men who I wouldn't mind getting impregnated by (as do most women) for the sake of 'being rich' and having a spawn
1) Mark Zuckerberg
2) the King of Egypt
3) Warren Buffet
4) Howard Hughes
5) the guy who owns all of the Panera Breads in town

Oh Kanye... Be careful... Plz wear condoms so that ur peen doesn't rot off and u don't have 2 kill more humans that are just chillin in their first trimester. U never know... those babies could grow up 2 be the next U, and ur robbing the world of at least 12 Kanyes per year :-(

Part of me wants 2 call Kanye a #baby_killer, because I believe that every1 has the right 2 live... but at the same time I also believe that women have the right 2 choose. Kinda confused, yall! Who is right? I guess only God can judge us as humans <3

#strapup_with_condoms, yall!

IS Kanye a baby killer?
Is Kanye West an a-hole?
Should Kanye be a proud father to numerous children per year?
Do u think u could make more money off aborting a Kanye Baby or selling a Kanye cock pic to TMZ?


Kanye West releases new music video featuring Rihanna's sweet ass sideboobs

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye West released a totally kewl new video 4 "All of the Lights" off his latest album. U always know Kanye is gonna bring the effing house down because of his infiniti swag and blipster kewl trendspotting vibes...

But what if I told u Rihanna's outfit totally stole the show...

U gotta give Rihanna props for her sexi outfit and those ridonk sideboobs.

I mean, if I had a body like that and a voice like that... I'd show the whole world.

Chris Brown made a huge mistake! <3 <3 <3 <3 He shoulda made her feel like she was the only girl in the world :-*


U go Kanye!
10.0 for this video if u ask me!

Kanye West sits courtside at an NBA game to remind ppl of his 10.0

kanye west courtside nba knicks lakers
I just saw this picture of Kanye West sitting courtside at a relevant NBA game. Not sure when this happened, but if I had to guess, he did this bc he was really jealous of the Arcade Fire winning "Album of the Year" at the Grammys, so he sorta just wanted to remind people that he is one of the only artists in history to get a perfect 10.0 from Pitchfork Media. He is probs like "Any1 can get a Grammy... Talk 2 me when u break the 9.6 barrier."

It looks like he went with popular tween singer Selena Gomez.

Here he is talking 2 some rich white bro who probably kill himself if he only made as much money as Kanye makes per year

Do u think he was for the Knicks or the Lakers?
Is he 'jealous of the Arcade Fire' or 'proud of them'?
Do u think he will purchase the stems to "Wake Up" so he can meaningfully rap over its anthemic sounds?
Will Win Butler sing background vox on an upcoming Kanye song?
Who is 'the King of Indie'?
Who is 'more overrated' (by the mainstream & by alts): Kanye West or the Arcade Fire?

Pitchfork boringly names Kanye West 2 be album of the year [via 10.0]

Kanye West got a 10.0 album. [link]
It was only a matter of 'time' before he was named 'album of the year' by Pitchfork.

50. Wavves – King of the Beach
49. Wild Nothing – Gemini
48. Forest Swords – Dagger Paths
47. Women – Public Strain
46. Matthew Dear – Black City
45. Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here
44. Kylesa – Spiral Shadow
43. Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
42. Drake – Thank Me Later
41. Delorean – Subiza
40. Abe Vigoda – Crush
39. Best Coast – Crazy For You
38. Rick Ross – Teflon Don
37. Zola Jesus – Stridulum EP
36. Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?
35. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach
34. Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles
33. The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
32. Tyler, the Creator – Bastard
31. Woods – At Echo Lake
30. The-Dream – Love King
29. The Fresh & Onlys – Play It Strange
28. The National – High Violet
27. Four Tet – There Is Love in You
26. Twin Shadow – Forget
25. Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz
24. Hot Chip – One Life Stand
23. Das Racist – Sit Down, Man
22 Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP
21. The Walkmen – Lisbon
20. Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal
19. How to Dress Well – Love Remains
18. Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh
17. Caribou – Swim
16. Sleigh Bells – Treats
15. Robyn – Body Talk
14. Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
13. No Age – Everything In Between
12. Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid
11. Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
10. Titus Andronicus – The Monitor
9. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today
8. James Blake – The Bells Sketch EP / CMYK EP / Klavierwerke EP
7. Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me
6. Vampire Weekend – Contra
5. Beach House – Teen Dream
4. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
3. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
2. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening
1. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


  • Arcade Fire disappointing 2 finish out of top 10, but probs cuz of Regine
  • Kanye West and Big Boi in the top 10 are 'further proof' of the negrofication of Pitchfork [link]
  • WAVVES at 50 and Best Coast at 39 prove that indie critics don't really 'respect' those bands as artists
  • Ariel Pink has a 'solid showing' at
  • Vampire Weekend has the opportunity to hit 10.0 status since they are both 'mainstream' and 'critically respected.'
  • Deerhunter may or may not be 'overvalued' by Pitchforks
  • Twin Shadow placed at a 'very respectable' 26
  • Joanna Newsom is still respected 4 some reason even though her songs sound all insane and long.

How do u feel abt this list?
Are there any disturbing/controversial trends that manifested themselves in 2k10?
Which artists 'don't belong on this list'?
Which artists 'deserve HIPSTER RUNOFF coverage'?
Did they 'crush it' or 'totally eff up the legacy of 2k10'?
Who had the #1 album of 2k10?

Is this Pitchfork's 'last year' as a relevant indie tastemaker?
Did they 'give up' their indie cred by selecting Kanye West #1
Do u want more Pitchfork coverage in 2k11?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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BREAKING: Kanye West gets perfect 10.0 from Pitchfork. Have we finally found 'the perfect album'?

Pitchfork.com is a popular indie music website that does reviews of CDs/albums, and the highest score is a 10.0. In one of the most newsworthy events/memes of 2k10, Pitchfork has given Kanye West's new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy a perfect 10.0. Not sure if there is some sort of gimmick/conspiracy behind this. Few albums have received a perfect 10.0 upon first release. Not sure why p4k gave them a 10.0 when he is an African American rapping negro artist. They usually focus on white man's indie music, so maybe they are trying to 'break into' hip hop markets.

Did this album receive a 10.0?
Did u even know Kanye West had a new album out?
Does this mean 2k10 has been 'saved', or is this like some sort of nuclear bomb being dropped on 2k10?
Do u think p4k reviews have been losing relevancy/traffic, and they sort of wanted to remind ppl 'hey. we are relevant, controversial, and get ppl talking. Please feel free to re-blog, FB share, and tweet this link'?
Should every album get a 10.0 for the sake of getting 'mad hits'?

Anyways, the review seems like the kind of thing where they 'tried rlly hard' to make it all 'amazing' because people will look at that review until Pitchfork dies, so they wanted to really 'capture a moment' in history or something.

They really try to sell the angle that we are 'watching greatness' and Kanye is one of the best of all time:

To be clear, Kanye West is not Michael Jackson. As he told MTV last month, "I do have a goal in this lifetime to be the greatest artist of all time, [but] that's very difficult being that I can't dance or sing." He ended the thought with a laugh, but you get the impression he's not kidding. Unlike Michael, he's not interested in scrubbing away bits of himself-- his blackness, his candidness-- to appease the masses. And while Jackson's own twisted fantasies of paranoia and betrayal eventually consumed him whole, West is still aware of his illusions, though that mindfulness becomes increasingly unmoored with each newspaper-splashing controversy. The balance is tenuous, but right now it's working to his advantage. On Twisted Fantasy, Kanye is crazy enough to truly believe he's the greatest out there. And, about a decade into his career, the hardworking perfectionist has gained the talent on the mic and in the control room to make a startlingly strong case for just that.

I think the whole gimmick around this album is that it is 'really bold' and he 'tried shit that no1 else would' so he is really 'an artist' or something.

With his music and persona both marked by a flawed honesty, Kanye's man-myth dichotomy is at once modern and truly classic. "I can't be everybody's hero and villain, savior and sinner, Christian and anti Christ!" he wrote earlier this month. That may be true, but he's more willing than anyone else to try.

Does n e 1 know what the last album 2 receive a 10.0 was? Do u think Kanye West is better than Wilco?

Many alts and pitchfork experts say that this is 'really fishy' and tons of conspiracy theories are developing abt this 10.0

Conspiracy Theories Developing....

-Kanye West played Pitchfork Offline [link] and had a handshake agreement with Pitchfork to receive a 10.0 from them in exchange 4 playing 4 free
-Kanye West promised miscellaneous Pitchfork writers 'exclusive content
-Pitchfork is attempting to break into 'hip hop blog markets' and this is a meme that will get 'random black ppl on twitter's attention'
-Even though Kanye West is more of a celeb gossip blog meme, a 10.0 was the only way to get ppl to treat him like he is a cover-able indie artist
-Pitchfork is 'giving up on indie' because 2k10 was a 'huge let down'
-There is a large-scale ad campaign that is running concurrently to this 10.0, and they are just driving mad traffic
-Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber grew up in Chicago with Kanye West, and they were childhood friends

Do u have a conspiracy theory?
Is this the biggest moment in the history of modern indie music?
Have we finally found 'the perfect modern album'?
Do u h8 how white indie blogs are all like 'black ppl are kewl'?
Is this 'indie affirmative action'
Did Kanye West deserve a 10.0?
Is Kanye West a real artist or just some1 who makes memes?
Did u listen to this album? Is it 'good' or 'just another rap album abt how the rapper is great/dark/deep etc'?
Have we finally found 'the perfect album'? Can we stop searching for relevant buzzbands bc we finally have a perfect product?

Is this the album of 2k10?
Is this the album of the decade?
Is this the album of the century?
Is this the album of the millennium?
Is this the greatest album of all time?

Jared Leto and Kanye West 'collab', proceed 2 'crush it'


Jared Leto is widely regarded as the most alternative man alive. He is the front man of the popular dramatic alt rock band "30 Seconds to Mars Yall are we there yet plllzzz hand me a granola bar I gottta go to the bathroom, daddd!" He is known for being 'really epic' on stage, so it was rlly appropriate that they invited Kanye West on stage to 'effing crush it' at some European MTV Music Awards gimmick.

Kanye didn't really seem to take it seriously. He just wore a t-shirt and half-assed a song. Jared seemed to treat it like it was 'an epic Super Bowl halftime show.' I think my fave part of this video (besides Jared 'just bein Jared') is when Kanye comes on stage and does his thing, and Jared Leto is acting as 'hype man' behind him, running around, spinning in circles, really raising the energy level 4 the fans.

<3 <3 <3 Jared Letbro <3 <3

Jared closes the set by saying, "Gracias, Madrid", proving he knows how to speak Mexican/Spanish, really connecting with the 'commonfolk' of the local city. So sweet that he knows multiple languages/connects with the local plebeian-wave humans.

Do u think this collab was 'effing terrible'?
Is 30 Seconds from Mars some 'weak ass shit' or 'mad alt'?
Should Jared Leto start a rapegaze sound project 2 gain indie cred?
Do u think Kanye + Jared are 'brilliant minds'/modern artists?
Does Jared Leto need to retire from 'alt rock' and focus on his indie acting career?

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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George W. Bush confirms he is racist, says he h8s Kanye West

George W. Bush is the former President of the United States from before Obama took over and gave every1 "HOPE." He was tearing shit up in Iraq, Afghanistan, and kicking terrorist ass all over the world. Now Obama effed our economy, and we are 'picking up the pieces.'

Anyways, George Dubbies has been chilling hard, but is about to 'cash in' on a sick ass book deal/tour that is going to make him tons of money. In order to 'be relevant', his consultants probably told him not just to talk about 'serious stuff' like how he felt when 9-11 went down, but also stuff that blogs will talk abt, like "that 1 time Kanye West called u a bigot racist."

Remember when Kanye West was still learning how to make bloggable memes/be controversial, and he said "George Bush doesn't care abt black people" after Katrina went down? It seems like George Bush took some time to respond now that Katrina is over because the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

He called me a racist … And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, “I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.” It’s another thing to say, “This man’s a racist.” I resent it, it’s not true.

It seems like George W. Bush is probs angry because he 'actually does h8 black ppl' but doesn't want ppl to think he h8s every race. I'll bet he has a few Mexi bros, some chill AZNs, and even some people from Europe who arent' American blooded white. I give him props for accepting that he doesn't like Kanye

Do yall remember Condolleezza Rice?

Do yall think George W. Bush is a racist?
Does he h8 or <3 black ppl?
Do yall remember that time he vibed out with that Mexi bro, but the mexi bro let him down?

Do all old white men in power secretly want to 'bring back slavery' and pass a law that outlaws the rap genre?
Do u think Kanye West is better at making memes now than he was in 2k5?
Is it sillie when Presidents waste their time talking abt Kanye West?
Should they be curing cancer, fighting terrorists, and putting computers in schools that poor ppl attend?
Has George W. Bush had the ultimate chillwave post-Presidency life?
Now that George W. Bush is gone, do u think he was 'way more chill'/'bad ass' than ppl gave him credit 4?
R u pissed that the Republicans / Tea Party bros 'stole the House'?
Is America going 2 end soon?

NSFW: Kanye tweets pic of his peen, tries 2 ride slutwave

From what I understand, tons of blogs are posting pix of Kanye West's peen. Feel like this content is 'way more interesting' than most of his mp3s and live performances. Never really 'get' why people try to say he is a great rapper or artist. Seems like he is 'just as worthless' as a slutwave singer, and it seems good that he finally embraced that role, and let us see his peen.

Feel like now he will be a sex icon, and anytime u see him on stage, u will just think about him helicoptering his peen.

Wonder how these pix emerged. He probs sexted them / accidentally tweeted them. Maybe a bitter ex-lover. I don't know. Always seems like a bad idea to send any1 cock pix [via Brett Favre].

Black peen
so much 'bigger' than white peen
Larger than life
Kanye's shaft

Inside of this peen
is where the magic happens
the swagger is stored
A small child will be created by this peen one day

This post is not sexual
it is safe for work
it is natural
Kanye West is an artist

This .jpg is art

R u hornie?
Does Kanye West have a 'sweet peen'?
Is his peen better than his most recent album?
Do yall feel jealous of this peen 4 getting 2 bang some haute broads?
Would u rather have ur peen or Kanye West's peen?
Are cock pix a relevant modern trend?
Have u ever sent some1 a picture of ur cock/vag/body/butt hole?
Do u think 'the media' should pressure Kanye West 2 do an anti-sexting PSA 4 tweens?

NSFW? Kanye West's album 'art' features interracial porn

Kanye West is 'just another rapper' who sings abt 'banging chicks' and 'being the greatest', except every1 likes to pretend that he is a 'great artist' just because he utilizes gimmicks that are 'artsy' and dresses like a blipster. Not sure why ppl 'love' Kanye West so much. S000 boring 2 me. Not just because the rap genre is lame, but maybe I just resent products that lamestreamers utilize as a symbol of their multiculturalism / how they 'love' pop music as art, not just bc it is what is playing on the radio as they drive to their shitty job in their Honda Accord.

Anyways, he has some new 'album art' for some album that every1 is gonna say is 'awesome' because it is sooo shocking and graphic. It seems clear that he knew how it would be received, it would get banned [via The 'U Can't Sell Porn in WalMart' theory]. Now every1 gets to talk abt how 'He's just trying 2 be an artist, mayne. The human body is natural. Painting shit is artsy.'

Not sure how to feel about interracial pornographic album covers. Know this is 'art' or whatever, but I feel like maybe he should play it safe and put a picture of his face on it, maybe wearing some shuttershades or something that lamestreamers will wear so he can sell it as 'merch.'

Anyways, just wanted to post this picture of interracial art sex. Wonder if that is him + Amber Rose, or just some other random white broad. Do u think black ppl should be allowed to be in relationships with white ppl [via segregation]? Do u think Kanye West will lose the demographic of 'racist fans' who h8 black people but are chill with rappers?

Is this cover 'bullshit' or 'art'?
Is this cover 'genius'?
Is Kanye West an 'effing genius'?
When u were in elementary school, were u put in detention for fingerpainting pornographic images?
Do u want a white curvy white broad 'riding' ur black peen?
Is this album art 'shocking'?

Kanye West spotted canoodling with Solange Knowles

Kanye West is a highly controversial rapper who does artsy fartsy things and every1 creams their pants abt it, saying that he is the next PDiddy or something. Nnot sure if I believe them. Feel like there can only be one Puff Daddy.

Anyways, Kanye loves women, and probably 'makes love' 2 one every night. I'll never forget the time he made love to that curvaceous woman named "Amber Rose" [link]. Anyways, just saw Kanye West hanging out with some female. If I had to guess, would say she is Solange Knowles, the alternative sister of the popular rapper Beyonce Knowles.

It seems like they make a good couple, like they are all being blipsters, chilling around town in modern fashion, writing buzz mp3s, trying to appeal to mainstream audiences and.

Hope they do a sick duet, invite some indie singers on stage to riff on guitar, then get a 9.8 from Pitchfork.

Will this hip hop royalty couple work out?
Are they the new 'Jay-Z and Beyonce'?
can they make more money than Jay-Z and Beyonce if they get a 10.0 of Pitchforks?
Does Kanye West deserve 2 be married in2 hip hop royalty?
Will this be 'Mr. Right' 4 Solange Knowles?
WTF is 'canoodling'?

Kanye West plays more boring songs on SNL, uses ‘smoke & mirrors’ 2 make ppl take him srsly


Saturday Night Live is a sketch show and they have musical guests that come and play. They usually have a stage with a boring ass band, but this time Kanye West was all like 'nah. gonna have a white background yall.'

Kanye West was on the TV, and he made it all different because he wants u 2 believe he is a 'real artist.' Sorta like the same 'BS' that Lady Gaga pulls, except he is a rapper, and she just rolls around on the stage humping the ground and letting her boobies pop out. Sooo over this whole modern artist pop icon gimmick. Like 'we get it, yall. ur more than just a singer... okay, kewl. Don't care. Lemme just listen 2 u on my iPod or something instead of having to hear boring people shape their identity around taking ur seriously as an artist.'

S000 annoyed, yall.
Was really hoping Kanye West was going to stay retired 4evr, but now he is back and every1 has to cream their pants over him.
Do yall think Kanye West peaked 5-10 years ago?

Here is some other dumb performance where he brings out a bunch of ballerinas or something. At the beginning he 'pretends he is playing a synth/sampler' 2 make himself seem more authentic.


Not sure why ppl are creaming their pants over this stuff.
Totes another boring rap performance
Smoke and mirrors
boring ppl saying Kanye is 'interesting'
and just because he is 'more interesting' than honky white dudes playing guitar, he gets 'mad cred'
Feel like he should at least try to be more like Will.I.Am or something.

Is all rap the same?
Is kanye ovrrtd as an 'artist'?
Do white people try to seem 'chill' with black culture by <3ing Kanye West and Jay-Z?
Did Kanye 'fix' Daft Punk [via strongers]?

Kanye West performs SLAM POETRY for white Facebook employees

I have always wondered what it will be like to work at a cutting edge Web 3.0 company. I would have a chill office with tons of zany toys and gadgets on my desk. I would have free food and drink, free dry cleaning, and maybe even a 'happy ending' tug job lounge. It seems like Facebook Inc is a sweet workplace, except they also book 'buzzbands' and 'famous people' to come in and talk to their employees so that their employees feel 'special' and 'in touch' with famous human memes. Feel like maybe they should build a glass isolation cell for Lindsay Lohan in the middle of their office, and let employees feed her animal crackers and raisins.

N e ways here is some video of Kanye West in the facebook offices, doing some 'slam poetry.' I'm not sure what the definition of 'slam poetry' is, but I think it is just 'emotional rapping without music.' Might start a slam poetry club for the ethnic kids at my local high school.


A few facebooks employees got out their iPhone 4G phonecams and recorded this bro rapping on a table. Can't really tell if this is a 'good' performance, or if it is just the same as every other hiphop rap song. Feel like I would be mad annoyed if Kanye West strolled into my workplace. I would be like, 'listen bro. I don't have time for this bullshit. I need to work on enhancing the POKE functionality [via Poke 3d].'

Anyways, Kanye West seems like he is 'coming back'. I feel like he is probably going to make his brand seem 'raw' and 'humble' this album cycle, so it will probably be boring. Themes of 'redemption' and 'overcoming demons.' Sorta hope he just melts down again, for the sake of the blogosphere.

Do u wish u worked at Facebook Inc?
Is this where they filmed the popular edgy film THE SOCIAL NETWORK?
Do u think Myspace Inc employees only get to see screamo bands?
Do u think Twitter Inc employees only get to see Justin Bieber?
What is ur workplace like? Do they book buzzbands to help improve employee morale?
Is Kanye West one of the top 5 human memes living right now [via autoblog content]?

Kanye West does soft porn denim photo shoot with curvy assed Amber Rose

A lot of blogs were buzzing that Kanye West had 'broken up' with curvy ass white girl Amber Rose. She was spotted canoodling with NFL player Reggie Bush [link], but that was probs just a '1 night stand', and staying with Kanye West was probably better for her career long-term. Tons of blogspots love 2 cover Kanye memes.

N e ways, they did some photo shoot that seemed 'mildly pornographic' [via Terry Richardson]. Not hardcore stuff, but just super soft stuff. Some people really 'get off' 2 soft porn since it leaves more 2 the imagination.

Do yall like the 'dark, hard, snuffy stuff' or the 'soft porn' type of stuff?
Do yall like public displays of affection?

Not even sure what is happening in this pic. It seems like he thinks she is some sort of 'popsicle', or perhaps he will lick her from her head 2 her toes [via that 1 Ludacris song].

I think this pose 'turns me on' the most. Used to use this one all the time against the lockers in high school/at the movie theatre.

Will 'denim jackets' be a new blipster trend?
Will Kanye West's new album be the album of the year?

Are Kanye West and Amber Rose the #2 couple in music? (behind Jay-Z and Beyonce/Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel)

Some NFL player steals Kanye West's curvy ass girlfriend from him.

Kanye West was apparently in some sort of relationship with a curvy ass, short-haired blonde woman named Amber Rose.

N e ways, now she is with Reggie Bush, some professional football player in the NFL. I wonder what it is like to move on from Kanye West. Maybe she thinks he is 'a lil artsy bitch', or that he 'only cared abt himself.' Maybe they were never 'official' and just 'fuck buddies.' Sorta feel sad for Kanye, but I guess maybe rappers have the same social status/identity as NFL players. Big dudes with 'mad swagger' who 'overcame' and got out of 'the hood.'

Here he is 'whispering sweet nothings' into her ear, probably stuff like
a) Let's cum
b) I love that big ol curvy white ass
c) I am more artsy than Kanye
d) other sweet nothings

Have yall ever whispered 'dirty stuff' in2 some1's ear to try to 'turn them on'?

Do u think they are dating?
Are yall sad for Kanye West?
Should Reggie Bush have stayed with Kim Kardiashians' 'big ol ass'?

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