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I went to watch a buzzband attempt suicide bc they wanted more attention. Goodnite LCD Soundsystem.

I have been pretty surprised by the 'swan song of memes' for this LCD Soundsystem final show. Really not sure how to comprehend it all, but here are some 'conclusions I have made about my relationship with LCD Soundsystem.'

-the majority of LCD Soundsystem's songs are 25-33% too long.
-Could argue that they were 'early entrants' into the indie electro scene, and critics have allowed a lot of indielectro pioneers to 'swirl down the shitter while still being deemed relevant' because every1 is just holding on to that idea of 'what fun used 2 sound like' [via Daft Punk career arc]
-LCD Soundsystem has branded itself as 'NYC's greatest local band'
-seemed to have really high peaks, low valleys when it came to their long ass repetitive songs
-they were never going to go 'that' mainstream because James Murphy's personal brand is too old, but if a band full of 24 year olds made the same much starting right now, they would have more opportunities to make more money. They had basically reached 'capacity' on their fan base.
-I could never really tell how 'good' I thought LCD Soundsystem was, but ppl seemed to think that they are supposed to like them.
-James Murphy probably isn't like most modern indie stars who hyperactively 'monitor their perception + instant legacy' based on Google Alerts and Twitter searches, but is probably psychologically worn out due to his desire to 'have a place in the Authentic Music Hall of Fame.'

Strategically, the gimmick of 'retiring' was probably their best move possible. First of all, most buzzbands release an album every other year, probably mainly motivated by financial purposes, since they need an album to tour 'in support of'. However, 'authentic buzzbands' get away with taking 3 years between an album because their fan base is willing to wait that long and not forget about them/they have to 'hit more cities' and can tour for an extended amount of time + get paid [via relevant festival headlining slots] + throw down solo projects. Every1 know that LCD Soundsystem will 'be back' to headline a music festival, but it is just a matter of 'when?' I think that 'retiring' is basically James Murphy admitting 'I am not gonna make a new album for 3.5+ years anyways, so I might as well milk the moment and make every1 pay attention to us. Not really pointing that out to 'call him a crook', because that is ultimately the point of being in a band: hoarding attention and tricking people into thinking that you are more important than u really are when 'music' is never really 'that' innovative.

Is James Murphy 'humble' or a is he doing the modern indie gimmick of 'acting like a humble person in the body of an obsessed, driven-to-be-relevant egomaniac?'

While I do think that 'retirement' was their best career move, it sorta seems like a white flag. Modern indie buzzbands have the opportunity to either achieve one of two 'career goals':

a) go after indie cred. Search for a 10.0. Screw mainstream analytics like sales + coverage. Brand urself as 'doing it all for the music.' Maybe not even 'for the music', but just a tireless struggle to create the music that is perceived as 'what defines the current relevant indie aesthetic' over and over again.

b) go after sweet sales, tap into emerging markets, become one of the most famous-est bands in the world just based on the demand for 'indie bands' marketed as 'rock bands' to lamestreamers, but at the end of the day, some lil buzzbands can shoot for 10.0s but u get to buy property, save 4 retirement, and even get to tour in a 'bus' and 'stay in hotels' instead of pursuing authenticity by sleeping on couches and in low-rate Holiday Inns on the outskirts of suburbia by the relevant city u just played.

Which 1 would u choose?

By 'retiring', James Murphy basically said "We'll just preserve our indie cred, help our brand to marinate, leave people with a positive memory of us instead of just analyzing us the way current buzzbands are analyzed as these entities who have to prove themselves 2 each and every consumer.' It seems difficult to be in any buzzband these days due to the complex expectations of the modern indie fan, and the brand management required to navigate effectively towards 'a positive reception' both critically and commercially.

Part of me already thinks their music 'sounds better' now that I don't have to analyze them within the current context of the buzzosphere. I can think of them as an 'old friend' who I never have to hang out with so I can just reflect on the positive vibes that we once shared, even if they had major flaws and I would never want to depend on that person now that we are both 'grownups'.

Do u think LCD Soundsystem 'quit'?
Is 'retiring' an obnoxious gimmick or is James Murphy just 'a grown ass man'?
R u gonna be pissed if they are 'back' within 2.5 years?
Did James Murphy screw over his backing band members in our rough economy?
Has this whole 'retirement' gimmick been 'too much'?


Anyways, here is my photo account of my trip 2 the final LCD Soundsystem show at Madison Square Garden... Basically, just a lot of shots of a 'humble looking man dressed in a suit' 'milking his time in the spotlight.'

Photos by Brooklyn Vegan

'He looks like he has a lot going on in his head... #pray4jimmymurphy.'

'Yes. I paid $49.95 for 4 hours of music. That is actually kinda a good deal.'

'No, we're not going to church. We are just celebrating in style.'

Win Butler, Win Butler's brother and Regine Chassagne showed up 2 help sing "North American Scum." Of course, Regine stole the show, and it sorta made me hope that when Regine retires, she has a going-away-show at Madison Square Garden.


Regine looks really good in her Wednesday Addams dress.

'I am just filming a documentary. Not really into the Arcade Fire any more.' -Spike Jonez, the world's #1 concert videographer

I really hope Sad LCD AZN has her solo project lined up so she can prove that James Murphy just 'used her like a Nike employee' to craft premium mp3s that he just talked and groaned over.

Watch the entire show.

Set 1:
“Dance Yrself Clean”
“Drunk Girls
“I Can Change
“Time to Get Away”
“Get Innocuous!”
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”
“Too Much Love”
“All My Friends”

Set 2:
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (ft. Reggie Watts)
“Sound of Silver”
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five (ft. Shit Robot)
45:33 Part Six
“Freak Out/Starry Eyes”

Set 3:
“Us V. Them”
“North American Scum” (ft. Régine Chassagne, Jeremy Garza, Win Butler, and Will Butler of Arcade Fire)
“Bye Bye Bayou” (Alan Vega cover)
“You Wanted A Hit”

Encore 1:
“Someone Great”
“Losing My Edge”

Encore 2:
“All I Want”
“Jump Into The Fire” (Harry Nilsson cover)
“New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down”

'We're still in mourning. We lost a really, really great buzzband, and I don't know if they are ever coming back. At least we watched the greatest concert of all time ever.'

Is it impossible to believe that this 4 hour James Murphy marathon could have been 'that amazing'?
Has James Murphy 'swindled' consumers?
Has James Murphy 'lied'?
Will he 'be back'?
What 'did' LCD Sounsystem mean 2 u?
Does James Murphy have a bigger ego than Avey Tare?
What is ur analysis of the LCD Sounsystem retirement gimmick?
Is it easier to romanticize your connection with LCD Soundsystem now that they are 'gone'?

Who is the frontrunner for 2k10 Album of the Year?

Can't believe 2k10 is 'flying by.' So many album cycles, but no real 'clear cut album of 2k10 fave' just yet. Feel like we are still waiting for the buzzosphere to 'officially cream their pants' abt 1 album, but no single album has been 'good enough' to warrant mass spoogage. Really wish we had a 'gold standard' of 2k10, because as of right now, it is like we are all worshiping different Gods, valuing different versions of 'divine truth.'

Maybe we took for granted 2k9. I feel like that was possibly the 'peak' of the blogosphere, back when we had tons of positive vibes to share, and we weren't looking to tear down old indie bands like we are in 2k10. 2k10 seems really 'defensive' like we are protecting some the idea of some era that might never have existed, and hesitantly waiting for a new album that transcends our existences. Every time an album fails to come thru, we can't help but have a huge meltdown, reflecting on better days.

Do u think 2k10 has been a 'good year' for music or a 'shitty year'?
What has changed between 2k9 and 2k10?
Will 2k11 be a better year because
What are the chances that these relevant albums will win album of the year?


MGMT - Congratulations

Seems 'impossible' that any website would mortgage their brand to 'take a stand' for this album. Even if people took the 'radical approach' and tried to make it sound like a masterpiece, it still wouldn't really be believable.

More than likely, this will be named the 'biggest flop' of 2k10, and it will enable websites to write overly in-depth articles about 'how and why' MGMT 'went wrong.' Like this album will be a case study on 'how not to manage sophomore release.' Feel like a lot of indie bands will study this flop, and do their best to make fans happy instead of writing a 'far out, trippy album.'

IS MGMT's album 'the worst album of 2k10'?


Beach House - Teen Dream

Beach House seems to have 'delivered', and will probably be a 'Top 5 lock' just because it is 'their time' to become Tier 1 alt celebs. I think their product is generally consistent, and they produce buzz mp3s on schedule, so they deserve to be rewarded. Much like we honor McDonalds with our business for providing a consistent product, we honors Beach House for serving us adequately every 2 years.

Does n e 1 know if Beach House is a 'band' or just 1/2 people?


Toro Y Moi - Causers of This

Wonder how this album will 'do' at the end of the year. I think Chaz Bundick probably needs to release another EP towards the end of 2k10 to 'remind every1 about his brand.' Worried that people might forget about chillwave era buzz mp3s by 2k10.9.

This album seems like it could 'finish anywhere.' Feel excited and scared. I think his brand has 'gotten stronger' since the album release, so maybe if he releases a few more music videos or EPs, people will still feel excited about the brand, and have a positive memory of his album.

Is the chillwave era 'dead' or just 'dormant'/'hibernating'?
Will formal music critics care about chillwave, or are they just looking forward to writing about Neon Indian in 2k11, and how he outgrew the chillwave genre?

The National - not sure what the name of their album is

People apparently 'really like this band' or something. Not sure what they sound like. I'm sure they will end up in some top 10 lists since people find them to be meaningful, but also those same people might just go with the Arcade Fire instead.

Is the National for Cool Dads?


Panda Bear - TOMBOY

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

Read more>>>>

Joanna Newsom

Alternative Celebrity

Joanna Newsom is some indie songstress who plays the harp and writes weirdo songs that some ppl say are 'amazing.'

Read more>>>>

Beach House


Beach House is a relevant buzzband who has 'tons of indie cred.' Lead singer Victoria LeGrand is known as 1 of the sexiest women in indie.

Read more>>>>

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

Read more>>>>

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

Read more>>>>


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

Read more>>>>



WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

Read more>>>>

What would u do if u met James Murphy?

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do if I met one of the most important alt celebrities of all time. I saw this picture of James "Jimmy" "DFAbro" Murphy with some bro taking a pic of him with his krappie digicam, and it made me think about what I'd do if I had the opportunity to shake the hand of one of me heros.

Photo by thecobrasnake

What would u do if u met James Murphy?????

a) shake his hand, and make a statement that proves u r 'a true fan'
b) make a joke that involves a lyric of a popular LCD Soundsystem song--'bro. just wanna be some1 great and not North American scum with all my friends daft punk is gonna play at my house.'
c) take out ur iPhone/shittie digicam and ask to take a picture with him
d) ask him to sign ur iPod
e) tell him that he means a lot 2 the history of electro, modern disco, and transcendental-bloghouse
f) hand him the demo from ur band so that u can get signed 2 DFA
g) write down ur band's myspace page
h) try to 'pick him up' kinda like that 1 SNL skit where Ben Stiller 'picks up' Glen Frey as played by Will Ferrell
i) tell him that ur in film school, and tell him that u made a short film using some of his music, and encourage him 2 search 4 it on youtube
j) Tell him that u connected with the song 'New York I love u, but ur bringing me down' and it inspired u to move away from NYC
k) Ask him if he has heard 'Justice'
l) Ask him if he wants to chill, cuz u know a place with good authentic Mexican food/late night snacks
m) Just try to be a bro
n) Choose.Your.Own.Response

Sometimes I wonder how 2 handle myself in front of people who are incredibly relevant. Do they exist in the same world as we do? I feel very 'normal' and I think the world would be different if I had made some huge contribution to alternative society.

Do u think part of being a 'modern fan' means feeling entitled to broship with ur alternative role models? Feel like I can really connect with my fave artists and personalities these days, especially bc of twitter. Just feel s00 close 2 famous ppl now.

Meaningful Quote of the day

Yall. Sometimes I read important people say important things that ppl need2 hear. I thought I should start keeping track of these quotes bc they will help me live a more authentic life. [I am also going to start posting more pointless stuff since I am making s00 much blog money that my memes don't even have 2 b HI LEVEL n e m0re. jk luv yall stay the same.]


"I write all my music in my head, I never demo."

-James "I Created Authentic Disco" Murphy

Does ur band/electroduo make demos or do yall only make 1 cut that is what u intended 4 it 2 b? Just want to make stuff that lasts forever just like DFA.
//want 2 make music @ a [high production value] that lasts from vans til infiniti ////

///Quote via NME // Pedestrian]

Just want to be some one great.


/// Some blog great ////
/////an HRO story //////


s000 tired of Halloween. It's like I've been blggng abt it 4 the past blog-decade. Just wanted 2 find authentic costumes.

not even sure if i'll dress up nxt year. this year took a lot out of me. Not evn sure who I am n e m0re. sux. kinda let down. nite didn't go as I had planned/envision. h8 it when things fall thru.



The Justices

Girl With a 3rd Nipple on her back

FGGT Indian from the Village People


AltWayne and AltGarth

HeartsRevolution PaintedMask Ninja Turtle

JokerAltMainstreamer Pack


Who Are The World's Best DJs?

Yall. I read at the Daily Swarm that some magazine called "DJ Magazine" came out with their top 100 DJs of 2k8. While I am not a big electroHouseDisco Music buff, I feel like I should know more people on this list.


I just don't understand why my BlogCentric view of electro music didn't make a bigger splash on this list. Does most of the world listen to guido+eurotrashCore 'techno' music? Am I an unEducated electroFan? Does the music that I listen to 'not matter' in the context of 'authentic electronic' music?

I have made the bloghouse/mainstreamLectro bands that appeal to me GREEN.
Everything is that is guidoCore/electronica/technoh0use/authentic techno is RED.

DJ Mag Top 100 DJs 2008
01. Armin van Buuren
02. Tiësto
03. Paul van Dyk
04. Above & Beyond
05. David Guetta
06. Ferry Corsten
07. Sasha
08. Markus Schulz
09. John Digweed
10. Infected Mushroom
11. Deadmau5
12. Carl Cox
13. Sander van Doorn
14. Paul Oakenfold
15. Richie Hawtin
16. Hernan Cattaneo
17. James Zabiela
18. Andy Moor
19. Eddie Halliwell
20. Axwell

21. Eric Prydz
22. Kyau & Albert
23. Gareth Emery
24. Sven Väth
25. ATB
26. Anderson Noise
27. Joachim Garraud
28. Bobina
29. Fedde le Grand
30. Dubfire
31. Aly & Fila
32. Judge Jules
33. Umek
34. Matt Darey
35. Ricky Stone
36. Ricardo Villalobos
37. Lange

38. Daft Punk
39. Benny Benassi
40. Bob Sinclair
41. Deep Dish
42. Mark Knight
43. Astrix
44. Marco V
45. The Thrillseekers
46. Laidback Luke
47. Danny Tenaglia
48. Menno de Jong
49. Marco Lenzi
50. Andy C
51. Offer Nissim
52. Martin Solveig
53. Adam Sheridan
54. Sean Tyas
55. DJ Feel
56. Yahel
57. Roger Sanchez
58. DJ Shah
59. Sander Kleinenberg
60. John O’Callaghan
61. Blank & Jones
62. Cosmic Gate
63. Steve Angello
64. Simon Patterson
65. Gabriel & Dresden
66. Richard Durand
67. Laurent Wolf
68. Matt Hardwick
69. Chris Liebing
70. Erick Morillo
71. DJ Hype
72. Signum

73. Justice
74. Dirty South
75. Wally Lopez
76. Magda
77. Lisa Lashes
78. Pete Tong
79. DJ Vibe
80. Bad Boy Bill
81. Tiddey
82. Greg Downey
83. Marcel Woods
84. Nick Warren
85. Solar System
86. Skazi
87. Mike Koglin
88. Mauro Picotto
89. Sébastien Léger
90. The Chemical Brothers
91. Steve Lawler
92. Fatboy Slim
93. Solarstone
94. Astral Projection
95. Leon Bolier
96. Nic Fanciulli
97. Ronski Speed
98. Tocadisco
99. Booka Shade
100. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody van Eyden

Doesn't the amount of red scare yall? I'm just tired of the guidoTechno house DJs getting all of the attention. They play music like this:


I feel like it's my responsibility as one of the world's leading sources for Trivial Electro and Blog House music to make a list that does a better job of representing the world's most Bloggable Electro DJs who appeal to People Who Read 2 Many Blogs and have an Alternative Perspective on the World.

HRO's Top DJs of 2k8.
These are the World's Best DJs

  1. Justice
  2. Acid Girls
  3. James Murphy
  4. Xavier De Rosnay Solo
  5. Fred Falke
  6. Guns N Bombs
  7. 2ManyDJs
  8. Paparazzi
  9. Harvard Bass
  10. HRO DJ set
  11. Girl Talk
  12. Erlend Oye
  13. Royal Rumble
  14. Red Foxxworth
  15. Local Hero
  16. Diplo
  17. DJ AM (post-escaping death)
  18. DJ AM (pre-escaping death)
  19. Alice Glass Solo DJ Set
  20. Passions
  21. Drop the Lime
  22. Simian Mobile Disco DJ set
  23. Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy)
  24. Them Jeans
  25. Mark Hunter DJ Set
  26. Busy P
  27. brodinski
  28. yuksek
  29. Crookers
  30. Bloody Beetroots
  31. Holy Ghost!
  32. Surkin
  33. Para
  34. Digitalism
  35. Jokers of the Scene
  36. Treasure Fingers
  37. The Daft Punk
  38. The Juan Maclean
  39. Pharrell (Fluo Kids)
  40. SoMe
  41. Cut Copy DJ set
  42. Steve Aoki
  43. Sebastian
  44. The Twelves
  45. DJ Skeet Skeet
  46. Perez Hilton DJ set
  47. Matt Lauer
  48. Katie Couric
  49. Al Roker
  50. Anne Curry DJ Set
  51. Samantha Ronson DJ Set
  52. DJ Mom Jeans
  53. The Teenagers DJ Set
  54. HeartsRevolution DJ Set
  55. McDonalds employee DJ set
  56. Animal Collective conceptual DJ set
  57. Miss Toats
  58. Chromeo Interracial DJ Set
  59. Radio Disc Jockeys with morning shows
  60. GorillaVsBear DJs
  61. Stereogum DJs
  62. PitchforkTV DJs
  63. Franki Chan
  64. dudes who take 'being a DJ' seriously because the 'emocore' bubble burst and their band no longer tours.
  65. female DJs who think they are awesome but kinda suck
  66. DJs who talk about music too much
  67. DJs who play too many obvious hits from 2k7
  68. FEADZ
  69. Uffie DJ Set
  70. Ed Banger Belligerent PuPuPlatter DJ Set
  71. Danny Mastersons brothers' DJ set
  73. DJ Set by a Chili's bartender
  74. Ben Gibbard solo DJ set in his Toyota Prius
  75. James Tambarello
  76. Postal Service UPS commercial DJ Set
  77. Ratatat DJ set
  78. Prince
  79. impromptu DJ set at a house party by an altBro with an iPod touch filled with bloghouse songs
  80. J.D. Salinger DJ Set
  81. Kurt Vonnegut's corpse DJ set
  82. TRV$ DJ AM
  83. local altBag DJ set
  84. Miami Horror
  85. miscellaneous guidoDJ who plays cheesy techno songs from your youth
  86. DJ who plays Killers/Coldplay mashups
  87. Wilmer Valderramma 'Yo Mama' DJ Set
  88. The Cast of The Office DJ Set
  89. Fan Death
  90. Ryan Adams (DJ set)
  91. A-TRAK
  92. Erol Akan
  93. John Mayer
  94. Jerry Seinfeld authentic disco DJ set
  95. Madonna
  96. Alex Rodriguez/JoseCanseco (2Many Steroids)
  97. Michael Phelps DJ Set after extending his brand too far outside of his core competencies
  98. Smarter Child (DJ set)
  99. Joe the Plummer (DJ Set)
  100. Panda Bear (Noah Lennox)

Please feel free to let me know how you feel about this list. I just want yalls input.
Who are blogville's most relevant DJs? Which DJs probably cost the most?
Are u tired of all of the guidoHouseTechno DJs getting all of the attention? (Are they more authentic than bloggy electro DJs who have capitalized on the entrylevel alt population growth spurt?)

But SRSLY, doesn't it piss u off when ur local DJ seems like he'd rather be any where else than playing at your local ElectroParty?

[Photo by Every1isfames]

If u could have a DJ set by n e 1 in the w0rld, who would it be?


DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

Read more>>>>

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

Read more>>>>

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

Read more>>>>

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

Read more>>>>


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Uffie is a French bloghouse rapper who is known for hanging out with her titties out.

Read more>>>>


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

Read more>>>>

Should I develop a 'man crush'? Is that what bloggers do? Am I ghey or just bi or straight?

I was thinking that a lot of the 'Alice Glass/Uffie/Aggy crushin-on' got kind of b0ring, particularly for my non-altBro readership, so I thought I should look for a handsome altPro to develop a crush on.

Should I start 2 <3 Johnny Jewel from Glass Candy?

I like his sequin tears.

[Photos by Domestic Fine Arts]

Should I grab a cup of coffee with James Murphy (lead singer of the LCD Brosystem).

Should I travel to Tibet with Girl Talk and grow a mashuppy beard?

Should I date an AZN?

Should I date a strong-minded, heavie-set girl and pretend she is a guy?

Should I try 2 seduce a member of 'THE RAPTURE'?

Maybe I'll just settledown with a masked DJ. I went 2 a palm reader once, and she told me that my future wuz dark.

I'll try 2 find an older man who truly loves me, and writes songs about me 'crashing in2 him.'

How about the guy with the kreepie moustache from CSS?

N e 1 from this band would be at the top of n e true alt's wish list. Ryte?

Hopefully I can be humble & meaningful and chill with the lead singer of Grizzly Bear and that Final Fantasy violin guy. They seem 'smarter than the typical dbag in an AltBand', so maybe we'll have meaningful late nite convos.

There are just s00 many hott altMen out there. Not sure what to do. Sux that girls like Natalie Portman get the best 1s.
SRSLY tho...who is the hottest male Alternative Celebrity?
Will I ever find 'tru luv'?

The new Arcade Fire is terrible

The Arcade Fire is easily the most annoying band in the world. I'm not sure why people are trying to make it seem like their new song "Reflektor" is anything more than another crappy, 4-minutes-too-long LCD Soundsystem song. Whenever the Arcade Fire releases music, they make it seem like they've taking a golden shit that we should all take a bite of.

Here is why I hate this song, and any1 who is authentic should 2.

Regine Chassagne is trying too hard to mask her 'baby weight.'

When I've watched this video, all I can think about is Regine Chassagne passing a baby thru her vaginal canal (or did she have a C-section?). I don't see a 'kewl, romantic indie couple.' I see a couple that is struggling to rekindle their physical passion after having a child. Conversations about her body image and when they will start being physically intimate again. But maybe they 'did it' a lot while she was pregnant, because from what I've read, the baby is safe from the penis hitting it, as long as it the penis isn't 12 inches. But also, you shouldn't 'cum' in ur wife when she is already pregnant, because if it is a boy, it will become 'gay' because of the taste of cum. If it is a girl, she will become a 'slut' because she tasted cum at such an early age.

Anyways, I guess I'm just saying that you can't be 'kewl' if you just created a baby, and instead you should write an album for kidz or something.

LCD Soundsystem and James Murphy are the most historically overrated indie product of all time.

Most of LCD System's songs were all about 3-4 minutes too long. Parts of their songs sound pretty good, and the percussion and synths created a 'sound brand' that lamestreamers could easily identify, but why does Arcade Fire feel like they need to change their honky ass pre-MumfordSonsWave indie sound?

Another annoying thing is that LCD Soundsystem got that whole 'NYC music writer circle jerk overhype.' I don't care that James Murphy ended his band to 'focus on producing kewl albums.' As far as I'm concerned, he only contributed about 2.4 aggregate quality songs and the rest was just :-/. Even though HOLY GHOST! is DFA, I've always considered their catalog of music to be better/more listenable/better executed than LCD Soundsystem.

Arcade Fire fans are all old people, and sensible indie fans have already chosen Vampire Weekend as the 'you know what? Those guys are alright' indie band.

I feel like the Arcade Fire brand is lost. They should just accept that all of their fans are old indie pieces of shit that are 'holding on to the past,' still thinking that the music websites that they still check have anything to do with 'relevant culture.' The types of old man indie fans that still go to music festivals and drink $100 worth of craft beer and end up peeing on their wives when they get home because they can't get erect.

In my book, the Arcade Fire are unAmerican. I will NEVER forgive Win Butler for growing up in Houston TX, but defecting to Canada and making it seem like it is his home. He's no better than a filthy Vietnam-era draft dodger. It just feels like after the release of Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend has finally 'won' the indie era, and they will be the chill bros that every one is okay with going forward. AF should have just accepted themselves as being the 'old mother fuckers' that appeal to Springsteen/Coldplay fans that they have ultimately always been.

"Indie" already happened, so it is just sad to see these bands trying to perpetuate the 'indie aesthetic' when they should just go mainstream.

"Having David Bowie sing backup" is lame.

I have no clue who David Bowie even really is. I think the Wallflowers covered him once for the Godzirra soundtrack. From what I understand, he is just a lamestream Halloween costume idea or something. I don't know why it matters that he muttered a few words on this song, other than giving 'music websites' another stupid thing to post about. Who cares? What about the red head dude in ur band? Is he not good enough?

Remember when he used to bang on shit emotionally?

"Reflektor" reminds me of a shitty Chromatics song.

I believe that Johnny Jewel (Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire) is the historically underrated producer of the indie [dance] era. Take this song "Cherry." Just feels/sounds way better without even trying so hard. Chromatics have a deep catalogue of great songs and also vibey songs that aren't trying to be lamestream AMEX commercial music.

I generally enjoy the Arcade Fire's music in the same way that I'll chill on Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" every now and then. I'm just not sure why they think this shit Reflektor shit is gonna fly.


It's because
a) they are a popular band
b) music websites no longer 'curate' music, but instead just post trends/popular releases without opinion to boost social media traffic & SEO
c) indie bands are all 'spoiled ass' brands that have just been getting their salads tossed 4 year, so they are caught in a lifeless charade and their music doesn't even mean anything any more.


Is 'Reflekor' effing terrible?
What are these old ppl doing?
If you cum in a pregnant woman, will the baby become gay/a slut?
Should Regine proudly show off her post-baby weight?
Is James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem overrated?
Should Arcade Fire just make the honky music that they are good at?
Is this some sort of post-EDM honky music?
Is Arcade Fire for uncool pre-dads?

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

Read more>>>>

Regine Chassagne

Alternative Celebrity

Regine Chassagne is wife of Win Butler. Many say she should be kicked out of the Arcade Fire because she has a terrible voice.

Read more>>>>

Win Butler

Alternative Celebrity

Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

Read more>>>>

James Murphy looks like an a-hole on his new movie poster 4 the movie abt how awesome he is.

Jimmy "Papa" Murphy is the founder, creator, and lead singer of LCD Soundsystem. However, he decided to 'put the band down' just to get more attention abt how 'the band retired.' They are regarded as legends, even though they were just a few bleeps and bloops away from being flushed down the toilet with tons of other bands from failed electro genrefication eras such as bloghouse, shitbleep, and 80s ravewave. I think because he is an older white man, critics found him to be relatable, like "This cool dad can effing rock" and the rest is history.

Anyways, he has some new movie about how awesome he is called "Shut Up and Play the Hits." Haven't seen it, but I'm sure it is just about how he is a genius, makes all the right business decisions, and provides insight into the mind of an aging rock star. But the thing is he didn't really retire. It was just a financial move to make more $$$$$ and do more famous-y things instead of having to go on tour and play in Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Oklahoma, and other 'ass crack' states in the USA. I guess u gotta give him props, but u also gotta feel bad 4 the people in his band that he fired.

James Murphy coulda gone out quietly, but instead he chose to make a documentary about his own awesomeness and continues to play solo DJ shows at RIDICULOUS booking fees (according to industry insiders).

R u gonna watch this?
Is LCD Soundy 'overrated'?
Does this seem interesting?
Is Jimmy Murphy 'an effing liar'?

James Murphy ended LCD Soundsystem 2 write crappy, sponsored song for Converse


So many blogs and websites try to turn James Murphy into this 'living legend', hanging on his every word because he has managed to 'stay cool' into his middle ages and music critics project their desire for 'eternal coolness' on to him. He recently 'retired' his band LCD Soundsystem instead of just saying 'we're not making an album for X years', just to build the brand of his band so that they can charge more for albums/tickets when they 'unretire' and go on a reunion tour. In many interviews, James Murphy is all like, "I just wanna do other stuff. Being in a successful band is a lot of bullshit paperwork and errands" or something like that.

Now it seems like we finally know what he wanted to do.

James Murphy recorded some song for Converse where they pay him in free shoes or something. This song called "Doyathing" is basically unlistenable. It is a 'collab' with Gorillaz, who are basically the 'fun happy band' for Radiohead fans who don't feel like 'being deep' that night while they are using sad, recreational drugs in their sad apartment in suburbia. They also threw Andre 3000 on the track because 'they needed a black guy', and rappers love picking up $$$$ by doing cameos where they just have to 'sound black' on it.

'I'd expect this kind of sponsored behavior out of a fringe lofi chillwave buzzband, but not James Murphy.'
-a true indie conservationist

Anyways, another terrible song by Converse that every1 has 2 blog abt because it is a pupu platter of moderately relevant/buzzworthy people who wanted some shoe $$$$.


Do u h8 Converse?
Does this make u not want 2 buy their shoes?
Is this song 'effing terrible'?
Is James Murphy 'wasting his talent'?
Are Gorillaz 'overrated', created by the same UK media that embraces Lana Del Rey?
Will we evr know why Jimmy Murphy REALLY retired?
Do u think they were paid in shoes or real $$$?
Is Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound 'pissed' that James Murphy was more willing 2 collab with a crappy shoe brand than with a green soda?

Young James Murphy is on the cover of The Fader

Dude James...
We get it...
Ur retired bc u want attn
We're still paying attention

U still play shows, do high-priced DJ sets
and whatever else makes u an easy dollar
U earned it--I'm not arguing
but dude, seriously?

U built a time machine, took a picture of urself
and put it on the cover of a magazine?
I mean, that's honestly pretty gnarly
but at the same time, it is hella unchill

I mean, alt magazines are supposed to be for 'up and coming' artists
Ppl who will never be on the cover of a magazine again
now look at u
looking all young, looking like u have the whole world ahead of u

C'mon, bro.
an effing time machine?
Just to be on the cover of a magazine?
What the eff is wrong with u?

Did Jimmy Murphy go too far by building a time machine to be on the cover of The Fader?

LCD Soundsystem releases documentary trailer abt the tale of their fake retirement

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy is one of the smartest men in the business. Instead of trucking his 40-50 year old ass around the country in a series of vans, non-private jets, and tour buses, he chose to 'retire', which every1 knows isn't true, just so that he can make more money when LCD Soundsystem 'reunites', or he can just play random DJ sets for more than you make in a year. The guy is even better at business and branding than he is at 'making music'. Look for an auto-headlining of Coachella in 5-10 years.

Anyways, they are releasing a documentary about 'the final show.' It looks sorta fake/staged, but I'm sure indiestreamers will eat it up, just because it 'debuted at Sundance', which should basically rename itself VimeoLive, or something. Maybe this is a mockumentary. I don't think James Murphy really lets any1 into his life, so it is probably pretty staged.

The name of the documentary is "Shut Up and Play the Hits". Who knows if it will actually go to theatres, and what sort of losers will go to a cinemaplex to see it. Hopefully it comes out in IMAX/3d, because those are the only types of movies I see any more.

Does this doc look meaningful?
Is James Murphy a 'wizard' for fake retiring?
Does James Murphy have it all?
R u tired of the LCD Soundsystem retirement branding party hoax?
Do bands die/go 2 heaven?
If James Murphy was serious about improving his band's legacy, should he have staged a plane crash with 3 other relevant indie celebs?

James Murphy keeps unretiring, plays another DJ set in Miami. WTF Papa Murph?

Photo via SPIN


U said that u were retiring from being a buzz human
Shutting down LCD Soundsystem
Cutting at least 10 jobs for band and crew members
Ruining indie by taking another premium buzzband off the market.

This isn't right
Ur doing this on purpose, aren't u?
U just want every1 to remember how much u mean 2 the scene
Ur never gonna really disappear, huh?

Jimmy Murphs...
May you have neverending success with ur take-and-bake Pizza Chain

"It's Not Delivery--It's Papa Murphy's!"

R u pissed at James Murphy for pretending 2 retire all the time, but then playing buzz shows?
What is his deal?
Is he still 'The Brett Favre of Indie'?

Aziz Ansari, James Murphy & alt_top chef David Chang brag abt their 'relevant epic bro trip' 2 Japan

david chang aziz ansari james murphy
There's nothing more/less interesting than reading about 'epic adventures' of famous/relevant/buzzworthy human beings. There was some article in GQ about a hang sesh in Japan with Aziz Ansari, James Murphy, and David Chang. Apparently, David Chang is a 'famous chef', who basically invented the high-end Chili's or something. GQ basically funded a trip with 3 geniuses of music, comedy, and food. Not sure if it was really THAT interesting, but at least they got a free trip out of it. I hope there were some really dark stories involving dead prostitutes and all-u-can-eat bukkake restaurants, because if I ever go 2 Japan, I'm going to try to get as dark as possible.

Anyways, if ur famous and u tweet that you have other famous friends that want to hang out and let a magazine write abt it, then u can get a free trip 2 anywhere in the world.

It began with a photo: three men, snapped from the waist up. On the left, Chang, rosy cheeked and grinning. On the right, Murphy, gray bearded and Zen, raising one hand in a gesture of mahalo. Between them, a head shorter, with one arm on each of the others' shoulders, Ansari, mouth and eyes wide open in his trademark "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" gape. The three were at The Breslin, at New York's Ace Hotel, for the afterparty of an Arcade Fire show; none were especially sober. Ansari tweeted the photo with a message: "David Chang, @lcdsoundsystem, and myself want to go to Tokyo and eat food. Can some magazine/Travel Channel pay."

To be clear: We are not accustomed, here at GQ, to acting as a celebrity Make-A-Wish Foundation. But something about this tweet captured our attention. The grouping was unlikely, yet it made an instant kind of cosmic sense, as though you had been waiting for the picture long before it appeared. The Venn diagram of their fame might have a small overlap—I found that most people knew two of the three—but that intersection was a particular pocket of smart, inventive, forward-looking cool. The destination, too, made a certain intuitive sense, Tokyo being both a fun-house mirror of pop-culture iconography and a place where generations of Western seekers have gone to feel both reverently awed and gloriously disoriented.

If any magazines/Travel Channels are reading this, I would like to star in a food-based television show where I take on food challenges across the world. It is tentatively titled 'Bro Vs. Food.'

Overall, the 'piece' is just filled with tidbits that try to make the writer seem like they 'wanted him around'/like he was a chill bro who was vibing with celebs. There are also tidbits abt AZN food. I've only ever eaten at PF Changs and Panda Bear Express. I've never even eaten sushi because I like cooked red meat.

Any ways, we hear that James Murphy has an effed up relationship with his father.

Murphy and Chang knew each other only slightly. But both had found themselves, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, responsible for large, sprawling businesses—Chang the ever expanding empire of Momofuku restaurants, which have been at the vanguard of casual/fine dining in New York, Murphy both the perpetually touring LCD Soundsystem and his independent label, DFA Records. Both wore their more obsessive, perfectionist neuroses on their sleeves, though Murphy projected the hard-won calm of a handsome, aging Irish barfly, while Chang, a decade younger, could seem as tightly wound as a taiko drum. Their kinship on this trip seemed instant.

"My dad would say like two things a year to me, and they'd be mean," said Murphy as we tucked into a delicate handkerchief of raw sea bream.

"That was very Korean of him," said Chang.

I wonder if James Murphy ever had a dark moment where he was like 'CAN'T U JUST SAY UR PROUD OF ME?' I know I have that every time I come home and see my distant father watching sports on TV. :-(

Anyways, they did Japanese things. Ate food. Sang karaoke. Seemed like a bro of a bro time. Maybe 1 day I will go somewhere with some1 famesies and it will be magazine-puff-piece-worthy.

Once we cram into the room, having picked up some of Murphy's friends from previous trips along the way, the other guys show off their own special powers, like some kind of ninja superteam: Whap! Power of Hyperkinetic Comedian! Ansari climbs up on a banquette and goes bouncing around on the upholstery, performing both parts of B.o.B and Bruno Mars's "Nothin' on You." Zing! Power of Lead Singer! Murphy dials up Lou Rawls's "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" and launches in with a rich, rolling, buttery vocal that brings the room to a dead halt. The Mrs. Claus girls appear in the door as somebody dials up "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Ansari wanders into the room next door and sings the Backstreet Boys to the shocked party. Their group joins ours. Or maybe we end up in the hallway. More Zima. Candy spills out across the floor. Somebody dials up A-Ha, and Murphy, Ansari, and Chang join arms:

Take on me

(Take on me, echo the rest of us.)

Take me onnnn

I'll be gone

In a day or two

Somehow it's become 4 A.M. We roll out into the wet, shockingly empty streets, still singing, and try to orient ourselves home by the blinking roof lights of the Cerulean. What began with a pleading tweet from Ansari ends with a triumphant one: #WeDominatedTokyoKaraokeTonight.

What a bunch of bros.

Does this seem totally fun?
Have u ever had David Chang food? Is it buzzworthy?
Are AZN chefs 'overrated' bc they just make fancy sushi ramen?
What is better in Japan: The prostitutes or the food?
Have u ever made love to a Japanese female and thought she was 'crying' but she was actually having multiple orgasms?
Should James Murphy 'retire' and stop hogging headlines?
Should Aziz Ansari launch a rap career [via Donald Glover]?
Who do u want to go on a relevant altbro trip with? Where would u go?
Should I go 2 Iran with Ethan Kath and Alice Glass?
Should I go 2 Afghanistan with Ezra Koenig and Bobby Flay?
Should I go 2 North Korea with Lana Del Rey and Guy Fieri?
Should I go 2 China with Chef Tom Colicchio and 'Padma' and Regine Chassagne?

Aziz Ansari

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Aziz Ansari is an indie comic who is often associated wit the hit show 'Parks and Recreation' or the now defunct MTV show 'Human Giant.'

Read more>>>>

James Murphy is on the cover of a magazine because he refuses to retire

Cmon man.
U 'fake retired' to fire ur band
bc u were tired of them leaching off ur buzztalents
and wanted to keep all of your buzz riches to yourself

Just be open and honest with us
Here u r on the cover of some magazine that I have never heard of
Vibing out with The Juan Maclean
U can't even let Juan vibe out on his own cover
James ALWAYS has to be in the spotlight...

U recently 'hijacked' that Holy Ghost! video [link]
And u just keep hogging the spotlight, bro
Who knows what SAD LCD AZN is even up 2...
Probably 'running the soundboard' for Kreayshawn
Or some other degrading job in 'the music industry'

Oh James...
Ur on the cover of a mag that I've never heard of
Just so u can capitalize on ur altfame
And milk the spotlight

When will u ever 'hang it up'?
Why r u doing this 2 us?
What do u want from us? U already achieved alternative tenure...
Oh Jimmy Jimbo JimBob...

James Murphy still doesn't know how 2 retire, plays a DJ set in Iceland

Photo via sgum


Jimmy Murphy 'back at it again'
One minute ur 'retiring'
Making the entire world celebrate u like ur God's Gift to Authentic BleepBloop Disco Music
and now ur back
Playing a G-D DJ set in Iceland

Why, James, Why?
Addicted 2 alt fame?
Groupie BJs?
The tight body of an entry-level alt in a tube top

I would be addicted, too.
But i am a man without VIP temperance
I thought u were better than that.
At least u were chill abt it.
Keeping it on the DL


Plz just make up ur mind
Retired, or unretired?
What abt Sad LCD AZN? Can she have her job back?
What abt the ginger bro from Hot Chip?
What abt the rest of the bros who u enslaved behind synth machines who are forced to dress in all white?
R u retired? Dunzo? EFfing OVER?
Or are u back4good?

I feel like a needy girl who was dumped by a bro
who is still 'holding on'
but I am just being misled by a TOTAL JERK
who just fingers me whenever he is hornie
Forcing me to give him an HJ in my Honda Accord

I don't like feeling this way.

Maybe find something else 2 do
maybe start a dubstep project, or something.
Or start some sort of mundane yet organic hobby

Why, Jimmy Murphy, Why?
Are u a member of this buzz society or not?
U cannot have it both ways, Jimmer.

Do u <3 or h8 Jimmer Murphy's reluctance to retire from indie?
Why do u think he is flipflopping?

James Murphy unretires to star in new Holy Ghost! video. Will he ever truly 'hang it up'?

Holy Ghost! released a video for their hit song "Hold My Breath." The album has managed to stay relevant & listenable in a pretty forgettable year where tons of other artists were over-buzzed. In the video, we learn that the 2 bros in Holy Ghost! were boyhood friends, destined 4 relevancy. I wish I knew some1 relevant from my youth, but they all turned out 2 be suburban lamestreamers. :-(

Anyways, the highlight of the video has to be James Murphy's starring role. The dude is all over the effing video. Remember when he 'retired', made a big deal abt his final shows, made mad bank on his final show, then just keeps doing stuff to stay in the indie spotlight? He is truly the Brett Favre of indie, the bro who cried wolf, 'using' retirement as an excuse 2 get our attention and overvalue everything he does. Don't get me wrong--the guy always knew how to record a deece mp3, rising to become an authentic indielectro legend... But u have to start to wonder if his legacy is in question.

Jimmy Murphy was hard 2 miss. As you can see, he was ALL OVER this video.

Always sticking his head in...

James... C'mon bro... Let Holy Ghost! do their thing...

Dude. James. We get it, bro. You created DFA.

Truth be told, I will NEVER forgive James for indirectly firing Sad LCD Azn. :-(

More effing Jimmy Murphy

SRSLY having James Murphy overload

The guy will NEVER step away from the indie game.

Archive Photo: LCD Soundsystem's retirement show at Madison Square Garden

Do u <3 this video/song?
Did Jimmy Murphy 'ruin it'?
Will he ever be able 2 'step away from the game'?
Is he 'addicted 2 alt fame' and 'blog chatter'?
Is he working on a totes relevant secret project right now, like producing a Beyonce album?
Does Holy Ghost! make the best videos in indie? [via family values]
Do u wish u and ur childhood BFF knew that your entire existence should have been dedicated 2 starting a buzzband?
Has lead singer Alex Frankel always been a Hottie McHotHot?

James Murphy wins a Webby Award even though he retired bc he is addicted 2 fame

James Murphy retired/ended the buzzband LCD Soundsystem, but for some reason he is still addicted to indie fame, buzz, the spotlight, getting blogged about, and being famous on the internet. He is truly the Brett Favre of indie rock, using the 'retirement ploy' in order to capture the entire world's attention and gratitude, but then continue to stay active in the scene. He made such a big deal about his retirement, and made every1 stand thru a 10 hour show at Madison Square Garden, u kinda wish he would stop showing up to promote his band, even at fake awards shows.

Next thing u know, he shows up at some awards shows called The Webbys trying to scrape up his last bit of alt fame and notoriety. LCD Soundsystem apparently won the award for 'Artist of the Year', which means they used the internet the best. Doesn't seem like that is true, but I guess they live in the greater NYC area and had nothing better to do, and all of the tech-bags who showed up 2 this fake awards show probably felt like they were special.


He even paraded out the old band, including the Hot Chip guy and SAD LCD AZN. I feel really bad for her. I just want her to 'go solo' and prove 2 every1 that she basically 'made' LCD Soundsystem, but until she moves past the psychological damage that Jimmy Murph did 2 her, I just don't know.

Which buzzband does the best job of 'using the web'?
Does LCD Soundsystem even use the internet 4 anything besides selling tix thru Ticketmaster then getting angry at Ticketmaster for not selling tickets to 'the right group of ppl'?
Did LCD Soundsystem deserve this award?
Does this mean they 'already unretired'?
Was it inauthentic of them 2 accept it?
Do u wish James Murphy would just retire and go away?
Is he addicted 2 fame?
Is James Murphy the Brett Favre of indie?


Nancy Whang

Alternative Celebrity

Nancy Whang is the alt AZN synth player from the band LCD Soundsystem. Many ppl hope she 'goes solo' to step out of Jame Murphy's shadow.

Read more>>>>

I met James Murphy.

Carles: Hey James. Do u mind taking a picture with me?
Jimmy: James is my father's name. My friends call me Jimmy. Call me Jimmy.
Carles: Jimmy! Jimbo! U mind taking a picture with me Jimmy?
Jimmy: No problem. We love our fans. Is that a Canon or a Nikon?
Carles: It is actually a point and shoot DSLR 40.4 megapixels. It is GREAT for on-the-go picture taking.
Jimmy: I love that. I could have really used one when I used 2 be in a buzzband
Carles: Yeah… I was wondering. What ever happened with that?
Jimmy: WEll. It was just time 2 call it quits.
Carles: Bummer dude! Loved the band.
Jimmy: Yeah. It hurts to say goodbye. It really does.
Carles: Hey can I get your cell number?
Jimmy: what for?
Carles: Well I was thinking I could do a phone interview with you for my new blog site
Jimmy: Cool what's it called?
Carles: BuzzBlog
Jimmy: Oh yeah! I love that site. That's YOU?
Carles: Yeah. Just me. Love it. In it for the right reasons. To showcase premium indie artists who are improving our scene. Our site loves you guys, and gave your record 4.9 out of 5 thumbs up/stars.
Jimmy: We really appreciate it. Your site is influencial and we saw a noticable sales bump when u blggd abt it.
Carles: Yeah!
Jimmy: Yeah!
Carles: Wanna go grab a bite?
Jimmy: U know what? I'm super hungry. But really unfamiliar with the area
Carles: Let's go ahead and hit up this GREAT new burrito place around the corner. U like Mexican?
Jimmy: Like it? My middle name is basically 'Flauta'!
Carles: Yeah! We'll get some flautas and guac as appetizers.


Jimmy: Holy EFF! This is better than Chipotle.
Carles: I'm not racist, but if ur gonna eat Mexican food, Mexicans better be making it.
Jimmy: YEah I feel the same way about fusion food.
Carles: So how ru for real?
Jimmy: Kinda sad
Carles: Why bb?
Jimmy: I am not sure
Carles: BB… Ur U. Never be sad. U were put on this earth for a reason… Not every1 can say that.
Jimmy: My ex-band hates me.
Carles: Why?
Jimmy: Because I ended their income streams
Carles: James. It's gonna be okay. If they are ur TRUE FRIENDS, they would understand.
Jimmy: Somebody left flaming poo on my doorstep.
Carles: U mind passing the peach salsa?
Jimmy: Holy EFF this is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, similar to the popular AZN sauce 'sweet and sour' sauce.
Carles: YEah! I dip eggrolls in that on the reg.
Jimmy: Hell yeah. Eff spring rolls.
Carles: LOLCAT
Jimmy: So tell me about u…
Carles: 22/m/nyc ~~single and ready 2 mingle~~~
Jimmy: Nice
Carles: Kewl
Jimmy: U wanna get some sopapillas?
Carles: The flan is really good
Jimmy: Tres leches milkshakes? Holy Effing EFF
Carles: Yeah let's get a sampler dessert, which is an appropriate sized portion so we can have all 3.
Jimmy: OMG perfect
Carles: So can I get ur gmail address?
Jimmy: Why.
Carles: Because Jame---JIMMY.
Jimmy: Cuz why
Carles: Bc ur my friend
Jimmy: You bet your ass you are.

Please use the comments forum 2 share ur personal stories abt meeting alt celebs.

James Murphy already unretires, is planning a solo DJ set in June. Has he betrayed us?

James Murphy recently 'retired' his band LCD Soundsystem, but he sort of made sure every1 paid attention to them for 1 week before they were finally euthanized. However, it seems like James Murphy is 'already scheming' a next move 'without' the band, so he unretired and is planning on playing Sonar Music Festival in Spain.

Do u think it is 'too soon' for him to be playing a show like this? Now that he 'retired' do u think his solo DJ rates are 'way higher'?

Dance-punk godfather James Murphy recently laid LCD Soundsystem to rest with a slew of farerwell shows, but the singer will be returning to the live arena at the Sonar festival in Barcelona this summer.

According to NME, Murphy will helm a DJ set at the Spanish festival alongside acts Four Tet, Dizzee Rascal and Cut Copy.

Oh Jameys... Ur already back, aren't u? I guess u just can't stay away from the buzzosphere...

Why did u quit LCD? Did u just want to give up the band?
Were u tired of sharing money with them?
Were u tired of collaborating with them?

I wish James Murphy would come clean, and let us know why he REALLY fake retired... Until then, we'll just continue to scrutinize his every move.

Does James Murphy have good intentions of cruel intentions when it comes 2 his retirement?
R u worried abt SAD LCD AZN?
Is James Murphy all about 'making bank' 4 himself?
Is James Murphy still the Brett Favre of indie rock?
Do u miss LCD or r u glad they are gone?

Tons of alt celebs went 2 the LCD Soundsystem exclusive VIP afterparty

LCD Soundsystem had their final show on Saturday night, and if you are a lamestreamer, irrelevant fan, you just went to the show and sat in some seats at a basketball arena. However, if you were a relevant VIP, you probably got an invite to the SUPER EXCLUSIVE afterparty at a relevant space in New York City....

You'll never guess who was there!

Aziz Ansari canoodling with some broad

Aziz Ansari bronoodling with Jimmy Murphy

Donald Glover keeps trying to be 'alt-er' than Aziz Ansari

Former 'it girl' Cory Kennedy

Cut Copy frontman Dan Whitford jonesing on an industry insider

Cut Copy bros

Dave 1 from Chromeo 'throws down his mack' on some broad

A-TRAK also there 2 brag abt their superior, relevant bloodline.

'Performance Artist' Reggie Watts

Sad LCD AZN installation

2 members of LCD Soundsystem who were basically 'fired'/'let go'

"U were amazing, Jimmy... We're really gonna miss u. Can we still be friends even though ur not in a buzzband?"

James Murphy's less successful brother, Timmy Murphy, who is the manager of a Quizno's in Manhattan

Do u wish u were at this VIP alt event?
Would u rather see 'the actual concert' or be invited 2 'the afterparty'?
Do u hope u r a relevant alt celeb / industry insider 1 day so u get access to these exclusive events?
Do u think Jimmy Murphy got 'mad hand jobs' after this show?
Do u miss LCD Soundsystem?

James Murphy tries 2 look like Brett Favre on his first night of 'Farewell Shows.'

James Murphy is on this huge 'look at me' retirement tour just to make his band more famous and then he is going to 'unretire', sort of establishing themselves as 'the buzzband who cried wolf.' Anyways, they had their first night of 'Last Shows' that are going to last all week. U can't help but notice that James Murphy strategically 'greyed his hair' and grew 'facial scruff' just to mirror Brett Favre, the popular 'bro who refused to retire.' It's sort of a mean move by James Murphy because he is basically 'cutting off the income streams' of every1 else in their band who tours with them. He should at least let them use the name 2 tour.

Will Jimmy Murphy unretire [via Brett Favre]?
Will he send peen pix to a keut Madison Square Garden intern?

It's so hard... 2 say goodbye... 2 yesterday....

Do u wish James Murphy would just 'stay retired' instead of 'unretiring' all of the time?

Is Brett Favre the 'James Murphy' of football?
Is Carles the 'Brett Favre' of indie/blogs?
Who is keuter: Brett Favre or James Murphy?
Is LCD Soundsystem 'retiring' a big deal, or had they peaked a long time ago?


Cheer up, LCD Soundsystem AZN QT...
This will be good 4 ur career
U will 'go solo'
get more 'blog famous'
No longer standing in the shadows of Jimmy Murphy
This is ur time, LCD AZN... Ur time 2 shine...

Nancy Whang

Alternative Celebrity

Nancy Whang is the alt AZN synth player from the band LCD Soundsystem. Many ppl hope she 'goes solo' to step out of Jame Murphy's shadow.

Read more>>>>

James Murphy makes racist comment about how the Black Eyed Peas suck

Recently, James Murphy tweeted from @LCDSOUNDSYSTEM:

That black eyed peas dirty dancing thing is worse than raping a cat. What is wrong with people? Do they hate ears?

He was commenting on the song by the Black Eyed Peas called "The Time (Dirty Bit)."


It seems like because the Black Eyed Peas have 3 members who are black/asian, we can officially label James Murphy as a racist who doesn't like 'black people music.' James Murphy is as little bit older than most members of the buzzosphere, so maybe he is kinda like Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino" or whatever that movie is where he fights a minority gang.

Maybe it's just me, but I think that the Black Eyed Peas and LCD Soundsystem sound very similar. They both have their fair share of bleeps, bloops, and humans singing over these bleepy bloops. It seems like James Murphy must be retiring from music because he never achieved the mass appeal that the Black Eyed Peas achieved, feeling inferior to Will.I.Am as a producer/singer/song-writer.

Shame on you, James Murphy. When it's all said and done, we'll be inducting Will.I.Am into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame for the positive pep rally vibes he brought to the mainstream... and we'll always remember James Murphy 4 quitting on us. Shame on you, James Murphy for implying that black people and Middle Americans don't have ears. We're all just humans, searching for relevant MP3s that are promoted in our content streams. If u want to do something about the Black Eyed Peas, you should attempt to go mainstream-ier, putting your CDs in Wal Marts and letting Ticketmaster scalp your tickets 2 lamestreamers with mortgages.

Has James Murphy 'crossed the line'?
Is James Murphy having a retirement meltdown?
Are the Black Eyed Peas 'the greatest band on the planet'?
Do yall have a feeling that 2nites gonna be a good nite?
Is Will.i.am more talented than James Murphy as a producer and singer?
Will James Murphy's legacy be 'a racist white indie rocker'?
Do think he is upset abt the Negrofication of the indiesphere?

James Murphy looks awkward and nervous on the Colbert Report


James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem just went on the Colbert Report to get more famous even though he is quitting/retiring from being a relevant electro overground buzzband. Not sure what this whole swan song gimmick is all about, but if ur serious abt retiring, u really need to just 'walk away' and not try 2 sell out a huge arena + do 5 shows + go on a media tour before u go. Anyways, James Murphy shaved his usual 5 o'clock shadow to be on TV, then he was all nervous because of Steven Colbert. He tried 2 be all funnie, and
james murphy colbert report

Did James Murphy 'crush it' in this interview?
Is Steven Colbert the ultimate overground/cool dad comedian?
Is the Colbert Report 'more alt' than both Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien because they interview the buzzbands?

Then they play the song "I Can Change." U can tell the band is really not into it, because they are probably mad pissed that Murphy is 'pulling the plug' on their income stream as a 'touring band' for the next 5-10 years.


Feel rlly bad for the AZN girl... Hope she goes solo...

Did James Murphy 'crush it' in this interview/performance?
R u glad LCD Soundsystem is dying?
Does n e 1 need tickets to the last LCD Soundsystem show? I have a few if yall wanna buy them at above market rate [via scalping]
Is James Murphy 'making a huge mistake' by retiring and leaving millions of buzz dollars on the table, or is he just accepting that he is 41 years old and tired of being tossed around like a buzz meme in the blogosphere?

LCD Soundsystem gives fans ‘free balloons’ at recent concert to make experience ‘more meaningful.’

More Photos at Brooklyn Vegan
Photos by Andrew Frisicano

LCD Soundsystem recently performed live in some city, probably a 'relevant one' like Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Iowa City or Salt Lake City, Utah. In order to make the live experience 'more memorable' for fans / to create better photographs that would last forever on the internet, James Murphy decided to 'mastermind' a balloon drop on all of the fans. Seems like this would provide fans with an item that was not only free, but also 'more personal' than just buying random 'merch.'

I am usually aware of my surroundings, so I noticed early on that there would be a balloon drop. Felt excited, anticipating the 'meaningful moment' when the balloons would fall on the commonfolk, replicating the feeling of when free mp3s 'rain down on us' from the internet.

I reached towards the sky as the balloons began to fall. Many people batted around the balloons as if they were beach balls [via a music festival], but they didn't realize that these were limited edition LCD Soundsystem balloons filled with black tar heroin.

Have yall ever done heroin?
Why does it come in balloons? So that u can stick them up ur butt?

Does n e 1 know when is the most authentic time to 'execute' a balloon drop? Right before the encore? Final song of encore? When ur band starts 2 play "Do U Realize?"

Feel like I wish I could be age 1-19 again, so a balloon drop could 'feel meaningful.' Except it would probably be when my local sports franchise won 'the championship.' Might also mix in some confetti.

Are balloons a more authentic indie prop than the toilet paper launcher [via leaf blower]?

Which 'prop' is more 'green'?

Is this gimmick by LCD Soundsystem going to be replicated at all of their tour stops, or did they only do this because it went down in a 'relevant city'?
Should all indie bands have 'balloon drops' to stimulate the crowd?
Do the pix of balloons make u wish u were there so u could tweet about how beautiful the white ballons were?
Will LCD Soundsystem be the #1 album in America?

Always feel kinda bad or the 1 balloon that 'gets left behind' and doesn't get to chill with all of the other balloons.

Feel like that's sorta a metaphor 4 my life.

It's chill though. Don't really want to 'fit in' with the crowd. Feel like all of the balloons in this picture are 'mainstreamers.'

(but 4 real, I caught a balloon and I tied it 2 my ceiling fan when I got home. It is spinning around my room right now, reminding me of how Jimmy Bro [what I call James Murphy) totes 'killed it' and 'nailed it' at the same time during the show.)
Have yall ever done black tar heroin, stared at ur ceiling fan, and thought about memories from better days?

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem looks kinda like Fred Flintstone

Does James Murphy, the lead singer of LCD Soundsystem looks kinda like Fred Flintstone?
Which one of these bros is a better singer / producer?
Which bro lives in the metaphorical stone age?
Should James Murphy make his own cartoon?
Should LCD Soundsystem write a song called "Yabba Dabba Doo"?

Alternative Celebrity Look Alikes compares the personal brands of alternative celebrities with other famous and microfamous humans. This ALT REPORT gimmick was inspired by the mainstream version of this meme at totallylookslike.com. Please submit your alternative celebrity look alikes at the ALT REPORT TIP LINE.

Do the new leaked LCD Soundsystem songs sound better than “Drunk Girls”?


Many indie rock critics are 'divided' on the LCD Soundsystem song "Drunk Girls." Some say that it is 'the spirit of rock n roll.' Others claim that it was constructed to be a crossover sensation / mainstream movie meme song. I am not sure how to feel about this live performance of 'Live Girls.'

Is the "This is Happening" leak the most anticipated leak in the entire blogosphere now that Ariel Pink has leaked?

Is LCD Soundsystem a 'studio band' or do u like James Murphy live?

Did u hear their new 'leaked' songs?
Do they sound better than 'Drunk Girls'?

LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change


LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean


Which 1 of these songs sounds better?
Did they 'made a mistake' by letting Drunk Girls be the lead single of the album, or will that ultimately help it get mainstream coverage + radio play?
Has LCD Soundsystem let u down?
Do u wish they still wrote hit songs that were as good as "KIDS" and "Electric Feel" and "Time to Pretend"?
What will Pitchfork give this album? Seems like it has to be better than a 6.8, at least.
Has Jimmy Murphy 'lost his edge'?

Does the mediocre LCD Soundsystem album art mean that the album will be mediocre?

LCD Soundsystem released their 'album art' and 'album title.' This has become a natural part of the 'internet album release' process.

The album name is This Is Happening.

It seems to probably be a metaphor abt life, how it is happening, and how ur sort of in 'disbelief' abt it.

Sort of feel 'baffled' by the album art. Seems underwhelming. Maybe I just don't 'get' it. Maybe it is supposed to look 'dated', like some bro from the 80s. Not sure if the cover is 'trying to be cool' or 'trying to be ironic.' Wish some1 would tell me so I'd know how 2 approach it.

Makes me yearn for the days of Animal Collective's hit album art meme for Merriweather Post Pavillion.

Is LCD Soundsystem's album art a better meme than MGMT's album art?

When 2k10 is over, what will be #1 album art of the year?
Is the quality of album art directly related to the quality of the music on the album?
Is LCD Soundsystem letting u down?
R u talking urself into becoming an 'ironic MGMT fan'?
Is James Murphy more genius than the MGMT guy?

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