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New M.I.A. song about hating / wanting to kill gingers

Hey yall. After watching M.I.A.'s music video about h8ing gingers, and wanting to wipe them off the planet [link], I decided to guess the lyrics to a song that she might write about how she wants to wipe every famous and non famous red headed person from our Earth.

Killin Em Gingas

written by Maya Arulpragasam (stage name: M.I.A.)

[gun shots]
[sounds of people running + violence]

Gingas, Gingas
Boom boom ba boom le beeem
Gonna shoot up your bitch asses
even u Carrot Top

Give food and money to the poor
US Government is bullshit faggts
Fuck the UK government too
gotta rid the Earth of Prince Harry and his ginga ass

Lady Di and Prince Charles
paparazzi crash
bitches and ho's

[gun shots]

Molly Ringwald.
Boom. Ur Dead

Danny Bonnaduce gonna get taken down

Lindsay Lohan. u better dye ur hair bitch

Gingas Gingas
Fallin down
boom shacka lacka
we takin down da government
burnin down da white haus

tweet boom tweet boom ba boom

Ariel from Little Mermaid
gonna drown the mutha fuckin ginger
in a sea of bullets
cartoon violence in real life

gonna strangle Shaun White with his gold medals
snow boardin ain't a real sport

Julianne Moore gonna go down
Big Lebowski ass bitch
gonna get boom de boomed

X files Lady gonna disappear
Gingers be goin down gingers be down down

Eric Stoltz in the movie Mask
ur the 1 I'm gonna take down

Gingas Gingas
Crash like paper planes
Put gingers in internment camps
and execute them
1 by 1
or in a gas chamber

Danny Bonaduce roid rage

Gonna take u down like the lil ginger bitch u r inside
boom boom cmon cmon de boom

CONTINUE READING this anti-ginger manifesto

Orange U Kinda Keut!

[GINGER ALERT] (possibly NSFW if u work in an anti-ginger environment)

[Photo by JustGlitterLust]

My favourite part about fashion is that it is a word that describes when people wear clothes. That means every1 is fashionable, kind of like that one party pix site ( It doesn't matter who u r or what u look like, u have the ability to put on clothes. Life is beautiful, yall.

Whether u r young or old, u can put on clothes and have dreams of being fashion blogged about. There is hope for every1. Let's start watching Project Runway every week and think seriously about attending design school in a major metropolitan area.

Which of the following is true about old people?
a) they don't know what the internet is
b) they think cameras can capture souls when they take ur pic
c) they don't believe in homosexuality
d) they call blogs 'websites'
e) they call websites 'internet explorer pages'
f) they only eat in buffet-style restaurants
g) they demand excessive service at restaurants
h) they will be eliminated in the electro wars
i) Choose.Your.Own.Response

[The Street Walker]

Indie hottie Kickball Katy shows off her ginger pride!

Several blog years ago, M.I.A. made a video about how she hated gingers and wanted 2 kill them all. Obviously, MIA's career went into the shitter and no1 cares abt her. Kickball Katy seems to be PROUD 2 be a ginger, even drinking beverages that promote gingerdom. In this picture, we see Vivian Girls hottie holding up a beverage called 'Ginger Life', which I cannot confirm is a lifestyle beverage that she is launching.

Kickball Katy continues 2 win over the indiesphere's heart, ever since she showed us her bangin bikini bod [link]. Say what u will abt the state of women in indie music, but as long as every1 looks like Katy Goodman, color me TOTESALLY INTERESTED.

Is Kickball Katy the hottest ginger in indie?
IS she an authentic ginger or does she dye her hair 2 be ironically ginger?
R u glad MIA's career died?
Who would yall rather vibe with: Katy BB or MIA?

The assassinated Ginger from the MIA video finally gets a new role

I remember the ginger from the MIA video for "Born Free" who got assassinated. His real life name is 'Ian Hamrick' [link] but he will always be known as the assassinated ginger. It seemed like his career was gonna 'take off' because every1 watched him explode as he ran over a landmine/got shot in the head/cried like a lil ginger baby... but then we waited... and waited... and we waited... but his career never really went any where. It seems like he is 'back' in some music video for some band. Not sure who they are, or if this song is any good, but just kept watching waiting for this lil kid to get asassinated.

Sorta miss his lil sad face

I remember one time he was gonna be in a mainstream video, but then he was fired bc he was in a controversial video [link].

Kinda worried abt his career. Bet he wants to be an actor, but Hollywood is probably like "No--u can't be an actor...U were assassinated in that 1 video.'

Kinda miss MIA's ginger music video. I feel like now I only 'get off' to videos where people explode, or where titties are jiggling.

Do u think Ian Hamrick's career is 'effed'?
Was it a bad decision 2 be in the MIA video?
Did he miss out on his opportunity to be the 'token ginger' in mainstream Hollywood hits?
Does this song sound 'good'?
Do u think he is gonna be stuck in gimmicky alt indie band videos 4 the rest of his career?
Did u just watch this video cuz u expected him to get shot in the head?

BREAKING NEWS: The Journalist who M.I.A. is pissed at is a Ginger, Fuels Conspiracy Theories


Recently, M.I.A. got pissed at some NYTimes Journalist for shitting on her personal brand, then tweeted her phone number so that every1 on the alternative indie internet would call her. Many wondered 'why?' Why did the journalist go after M.I.A.? Why did M.I.A. go after the journalist? Was this

It seems like the 'real answer' has been uncovered. The author of the article, Lynn Hirschberg turns out to be a ginger. As proven by M.I.A.'s video "Born Free", M.I.A. is a huge ginger hater [link]. She wants them wiped off the Earth. The Ginger Author probably wrote the article with 'tons of h8 in her heart' to stand up for gingers everywhere.

Seems like she 'reacted' to the tweet / phone bombing.

What was Ms. Hirschberg's reaction?

"I find it kind of interesting that she would cast the spotlight on the story in any way, shape or form," said Ms. Hirschberg. "I can't say what she thinks of it. But it seems you would want it to go away."

What did she think of the tweet?

"It's a fairly unethical thing to do, but I don't think it's surprising," she continued. "She's a provocateur, and provocateurs want to be provocative."

She also said that she found it "infuriating and not surprising."

Ms. Hirschberg said she wouldn't change her phone number.

Seems like her hair is 'pretty red', possibly putting her into the ginger genre of human beings.

Not every1 can be bros with gingers, especially M.I.A.

I'll bet during the interview, M.I.A. was really pissed, like her red hair made her blood boil.

The party is over.

Apparently this was Lynn Hershey's last article under her NYTimes contract, so she probably just wanted to 'go down swinging'/didn't have to worry about job security, so she just went for the 'all out pan.' Seems sweet.

What conspiracy do u buy into?
Does this confirm that M.I.A. truly hates gingers?
Do u think Lynn Hirschberg was 'all pissed' to be around M.I.A.?
What is ur conspiracy theory on this 'hot buzz topic'?
Is M.I.A. trying to be the alt Lady Gaga?
Is Lynn Hirshy a 'mean blogger'?
Does M.I.A. want to shoot every ginger in the world in the head?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Angry Ginger Vlogger responds to M.I.A., yells at her “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U?”


The defensive viral ginger vlogger who has become the unofficial spokesman of the Ginger People has 'lashed out' at M.I.A.'s "Born Free" music video, which features tons of gingers getting murdered and blown up [link]. Seems like he is mad pissed, like he is angry enough to murder M.I.A. Hope M.I.A. is safe from gingers at her upcoming concerts. Feel like they might stage violent protests against her, since she is one of the biggest anti-ginger leaders in the history of the world.

Feel bad for this bro, because he claimed he was 'into the Paper Planes song' but then M.I.A. pissed him off. Feel like M.I.A. might be 'isolating' a lot of her previous fans with her upcoming album, especially the gingers:

"What the fuck was that? Born Free? I'm disappointed in you--I like that Paper Planes song."

What the fuck was that? That wasn't even a music video?

What the hell?

I don't even know what the fuck you're getting at making videos like that, M.I.A.
I feel disgusted... That is madness...
I saw a little ginger boy get shot right in the head. RIGHT IN THE HEAD. RIGHT IN THE HEAD!
How is that video? I'm glad youtube took that off. I don't want that on youtube. That is horrible. That is discrimination, and that is not right.

Seems like an angry bro. Like he needs a girlfriend or something.

Should I plant a bunch of landmines at the Dublin Ohio Ginger Festival?
Do u think M.I.A. paid this bro to make this video [via Viral Marketing]?
Has this angry ginger 'already gone mainstream' after he was parodied in the ginger south park episode?


Are you angry at M.I.A.?
Will the gingers stage a boycott of her album?
Will M.I.A. 'crossover' or is she isolating mainstream markets?
Do u feel like this ginger has a lot of rage in his heart?
Do u get scared of angry vlogs, like the person will jump out of the computer?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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The Executed Ginger from M.I.A. video gets 'axed' from Video for Official World Cup song

Every 4 years, the World Cup goes down, and every year, they pick a 'theme song' that is kinda ethnic. I think the 2010 World Cup selected the 'go-to' ethnic female singer Shakira, because she is probably the most 'ethnic' woman in music--the person who wants u to know that she has reinterpreted her post-colonial-Spanglo culture in the format of approachable pop.

Apparently the little ginger who was executed in the M.I.A. video for "Born Free" [link] was going to be a prevalent extra in the new Shakira video, which would be seen all around the world. However, since he is now branded as 'ginger who got shot in the head', he is probably not a good ginger to represent a global celebration with tons of corporate sponsors:

Sources tell TMZ Ian Hamrick -- the 12-year-old featured in M.I.A.'s "Born Free" -- was slated for a feature role in Shakira's new video for the song "Waka Waka" -- the official tune of the 2010 World Cup.

We're told Hamrick had already shot several scenes for the Shakira video -- but most of the footage featuring Ian ultimately hit the cutting room floor. As for why he got chopped out -- we're thinking producers don't want World Cup fans thinking about an execution while they're trying to enjoy Shakira.

Sources say Hamrick will still appear in the video .... but only in a crowd shot.

Do u think he should be cut from the video all together, just 2 be safe?

Sad that we won't get to see him in this video that probably celebrates 'all types of kids, all different colors' from all over the world. Do u think Ian Hamrick is 'pissed' that he won't be in this mainstream opportunity, or will this type of blog buzz enable him to get roles in meaningful indie films? Is this ginger going to make 'the leap' and become the top ginger actor of the next decade, sorta like one of the Petes from Pete & Pete?

Was it a good move to 'remove his ass' from the video, just to make sure sponsors don't get pissed?
Is M.I.A.'s music video for "Born Free" the most successful music video of 2k10 because it inspired so many 'blog reactions' + coverage?
Is this probably not a big deal, because he is just some 'extra'?
Should M.I.A. go on a tweet spree to stand up for this little ginger?
Did M.I.A. ruin Ian Hamrick's career?
//the // lil //ginger // that could////

Who is going 2 win the World Cup?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Ben Gibbard dyes hair red to jump on the ginger wave movement

After M.I.A.'s controversial video about murdering gingers because their genes are inferior to the genes of most white/black/brown people, many ginger wave early adopters are 100% certain that we, as a society' should boycott all the gingers.

It seems like Ben Gibbard dyed his hair a tint of red to 'prove' that he is 'on board' with the ginger death march, if that ends up happening. I feel like there are a lot of 'loners' who could use a deathcab for cute just when they are sitting alone in their rooms, quietly masturbating before they fall asleep.

Alt celeb life is so confusing right now. It's like we are sensing 'waves' of the ginger wave movement.

Did Death Cab 'kill it' or was it sorta a boring, disgraceful character if u handle it incorrectly.
Is Ben Gibbard better as a brunette or a ginger?
Should Zooey Deschanel dye her hair red
Will u kick out ur roomates just to stay with ur GF?
Does dying ur hair red make u more spectacular?

Spoiled ginger child actor from M.I.A. video gives interview to TMZ paparazzi bro


From what I understand, if you live in Los Angeles, and you are more than 5% famous, you will be hounded, photographed, and forced to talk to random paparazzi bros who make their living taking pictures of famous people. The feeble ginger bro who has a gun put up to his head in M.I.A.'s music video "Born Free" was interviewed while him + his mom were in some relevant shopping center. His name is Ian Hamrick. The mom seems 'proud' of her son. Wonder if she is the type of mom who 'really wants her outgoing kid to become famous so that he can financially support their family for the next 50 years.

12-year-old Ian Hamrick gets his head blown off in M.I.A.'s new music video ... and he sounds like a 50-year-old philosopher as he explains why he let someone put a gun to his head.

As Ian and his mother left Jerry's Deli in Studio City, the ginger explained that the violent "Born Free" vid actually carries a powerful, anti-genocide message.

As for his mom and retired cop dad -- they gave their blessing ... but never expected anyone to see the video in the U.S.

What was ur favourite part of the interview?
His proud, conceptual mom who seems concerned her son will say something 'dumb'?
The bro who is interviewing them?
When he called M.I.A. a 'sweet heart.'
When he comments on 'the message' of the video abt how M.I.A. is using violence to promote non-violence?

Does the mom look proud, like 'my son is turning into Paris Hilton / Brody Jenner / Zac Efron / a ginger Jonas brother'?
Is TMZ 'doing a better job interviewing alt celebs' than most alt blogs and websites?

Do u feel better knowing who this bro is?
Will his career 'take off' / will he be utilized in other alt indie movies and music videos?
Is he the next great ginger child actor?
Will Ian Hamrick be utilized in the next Twilight / Harry Potter / 500 days of Summer / Where the Wild Things Are Part 2?
Is this bro 'the next big ginger' in show business?

Should Vampire Weekend have made a 'more violent' video for "Giving Up the Gun"?
Was 2k10 saved by the gingerwave meme movement?
Will this bro become more famous than M.I.A.?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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M.I.A. makes violent music video about Ginger Genocide


M.I.A. made some violent music video about Ginger Genocide. I think it really 'went over the top' trying to be shocking, or something. She basically hired the same guy who did Justice's "Stress" video, and they tried to make something that got tons of attention for being 'controversial.' I think indie music videos have to be violent, because so many indie fans got tired of artsy music videos that were shot in front of a green screen, so now they are going to 'raw realism' or something.

The video seems like it is about ginger genocide, since they rounded up a bunch of gingers, then killed them all.

Not sure if I even paid attention to the song "Born Free" that was utilized tin the background. Wonder if it has a positive message or anything.

Didn't really understand the plot, but for some reason there was an old fat couple having sex at the beginning. I think that was just to get your attention with some grandma tits, or something.

I feel confused about what M.I.A. is 'standing up for.' I used to think she was standing up for some social issue in Sri Lanka, but now it seems like she is about standing up for Ginger Rights. Do u think Red Heads were created equally, or should they be ostracized / naturally selected out?

Climax of the video comes when a ginger starts running for his life.

Steps on a lil land mine

his body explodes. S000 graphic yall

Hey look. It's hand. Seems like 'real violence.' S0 raw and uncut.

I wonder if this was a real torso, or if they just used cow meat or something. Seriously looks like a piece of cow b4 it is cut into ribeye steaks or something.

Do u think they blew up a real ginger when they made this video?

Did M.I.A. rip off Justice's "stress" video?


Is M.I.A. trying too hard to ride 'the Ginger Meme' of 2k9?


Did u even listen to the M.I.A. song, or did u watch the violence?
Does M.I.A. abuse violence?
Should M.I.A. sing about motherhood, kinda like how Animal Collective sings about family values + fatherhood?
Do u wish M.I.A. would just 'chill the eff out' and sing about wanting 4 walls and Adobe Slabs 4 her girls?
Will you boycott the M.I.A. album because you love America more than you love M.I.A.?
Do Gingers have rights?
Is M.I.A. 'a disaster'?
Will M.I.A. crossover into the tween mainstream if she keeps making these violent videos?
Should M.I.A. get tons of plastic surgery and try 2 become the next Rihanna?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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