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The Most Meaningful Metaphors of Our Young Lives’

Some metaphors stick with u forever. I need 2 spend more time reflecting upon how these metaphors have constructed who I am 2day. In the hit film GARDEN STATE, Zachary Braff's character stands in front of a mirror. He looks into this mirror and he sees himself. He is wearing a zany t-shirt which his zany relative gave to him--he then finds out the zany print on the t-shirt is the zany wallpaper in the zany relative's zany bathroom. Yall probably see where this is going:

This scene is a metaphor for searching for meaning in a zany world.

The truth is that we are all searching for a way to express our individuality. It's difficult though, because we spend most of our time reflecting within ourselves--u will notice that the shot is kinda like he is looking in a mirror. This represents searching within urself 4 meaning. However, u can barely 'find yourself' when u can barely even see yourself, cuz ur kinda just another brick in the wall.

Have yall ever felt a little bit Braffy? (this post is just an excuse to post these zany people. srry. laters.)

[meme via weburbanist]

Do yall ever feel overwhelmed by the other 2 billion people on this Earth? Kinda hard 2 feel 'unique', in my humble bropinion.... But who am I? Just a bro with a blog. Goodnight, yall.

This has been a post about movies. I am going to start blogging more about cinema like The Mall Cop Movie or Ashton Kutcher's "What Happens in Vegas, Yall!." Is that kewl with yall? Who is gonna win one of those Movie Grammy MTV Video Award Thingies?


Do yall know any other metaphors/symbolism that I should analyze so we can get to the 'root' of who we are? How about the Che Guevara meme?
Do yall know if Garden State is in the Criterion Collection or has only Armageddon made it in?

Do yall know if they let blogs into the Criterion Collection?

There's Beauty in the Breakdown

So let go, let go
Jump in
Oh well, whatcha waiting for?
It's alright
Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

So let go, let go
Just get in
Oh, it's so amazing here
It's alright
Cause there's beauty in the breakdown

-Frou Frou ft. Zach Braff and the Natalie Portmans singing about letting go of society's norms + pressures+ generating a new concept of 'love'

I am still monitoring my theory that acapella will replace conceptcore music in 2k10. Just want to make sure I stay relevant. What do yall think?

Will yall 'let go' in 2k10? Do yall miss 2k0-2k4 and wish we could go back 2 the days when we didn't really know how 2 use the internet to attempt 2 cultivate a meaningful life?

Homelessness: Big in 2k9?

[Photo by YapSnaps]
2k9 is all about taking commonly accepted societal norms and throwing them out the window in pursuit of an authentic alternative life. For example, the concept of 'having a home' and 'a roof over your head' and generating a nuclear family from your own seed/egg. I've never wanted a 'real job.' I don't need to buy stuff to 'be happy' or 'express myself.' Take this homelessBro. His personal brand remains strong by utilizing an AltBro Concrete Bed Blanket. The primary & secondary colours represent moving beyond neon. He also implements a zany-core, yet functional shoe-tying method.

Homeless people are kind of like 'as close 2 nature as it gets', and they 'get' architecture because they are actually LIVING in the city. There's more 2 living in a major metropolitan area than 'walking 2 coffee shops/vegan eateries.' U don't KNOW ur city until u have 2 find a way to hunt, shit, and sleep in it. That's why I <3 NYC. I was homeless there for the first 8 months that I started my blog (blggd from the public library). There's more 2 life than 'a roof over ur head and 4 walls around ur face.' As long as u have a MacBook, u can do anything u put ur mind 2.

Important Questions about Homelessness & How Society Perceives Homelessness

Do yall give money to homeless people?
Whenever u walk by a homeless man, do u walk faster and grip ur purse tighter?
Do u consider homeless people 'sub-human' or 'post-human' or just 'human after yall'?
Is homelessness really a problem, or should we just let homeless bros chill?
Do homeless people only buy drugs when u give them money?
Why do s000 many zany homeless men pretend 2 'be veterans'?
R homeless people 'just lazy' and 'wouldn't work if u offered them a job'?
Is a 'drifter' a more authentic homeless man?
If a homeless man attacked u, would u kill him since laws don't protect people who don't own property?
Whenever u see a sleeping homeless man, do u 'get kinda scared that they are dead'?
Can we 'solve' homelessness by sending homeless people 2 prison?
Will Barry Obama do anything 4 the homeless, or just focus on 'the unemployed'?

But srsly yall... Ever since my parents got divorced I have h8ed what 'home' represents. It's like something that is meant 2 fail, but ur whole life ur taught that the world is perfect. Think we need 2 get rid of traditional suburban structures, especially since hurricanes are getting stronger and tear through most homes built after 1940.

"Home is just a bull shit concept. I am depressed."
-Zach Braff, Garden State (Homeless Guy Remix)

Can't believe they left Robin out of the Dark Knight just cuz of his lifestyle

Do yall think it was unfair that they left 'GHEY ROBIN' out of The Dark Knight just to make money? I understand that mainstream audiences are unfamiliar with 'the ghey community', but there comes a time when we need to be a lil bit more tolerant.

But being 'ghey' a choice, or r u born with it kinda like how a spider knows how to create 'web 2.0' right when they come out of the womb?

[Photo by The Friend Attack]

Hasn't ROBIN always been 'a lil bit bi'?

N e ways...kinda buzzed on a Sparks Martini right now. Every time I 'check out' a girl who is kute, her background morphs into the shirt that she's wearing, kinda like Zach Braff in Gardy State. Is this what 'the LSD' feels like?

What are yall doing this weekend? Oh kewt I'm seeing Girl Talk/MGMT too.

Chuck Is Going to be a Huge Pile of Shit

Any one see the ads when you log into myspace lately? They are for CHUCK, which is billed as a thriller/comedy series coming to NBC. I usually won't blog about anything in TV or the movies unless it looks like it is going to suck really hard. Watch this 3 minute trailer.


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If you didn't watch it, then you wouldn't have picked up the whole vibe of wanting to create Scrubs Pt 2 with Zach Braff personality meets brotherly camraderie of 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' meets Alias meets pop culture referential humor with stuff like Vicki Vail song or Geek Squad rip off.

Anyways, it looks terrible. TERRIBLE.
I hate shows like 'Chuck.' I hope people don't watch it, then I will hate it when it is syndicated on your local WB affiliate and Comedy Central every day until the dude who plays Chuck makes an indie film that speaks to an entire Generation.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hate Scrubs and Garden State, and any one who is HIP should, too.
Don't you hate it when network executives greenlight something 'a little bit different than what's on TV right now'?

Natalie Portman finally wins Oscar for her role in 'Garden State'

It seems as though the genre movement of indie film has finally arrived now that Natalie Portman took home the Oscar for 'Best Actress in a Leading Role' for her portrayal as a free spirit in the hit film 'Garden State.' Even though the film was released in 2004, the Academy decided to honor Portman for her work as an indie actress, outlasting the career of Kirsten Dunst.

U gotta give NatPort mad props 4 her role in 'Black Swan' because all 'serious actresses' do a ballet movie just so they can lose a bunch of weight, but now Natalie Portman has a bby inside of her, so u can be all relieve that she doesn't have an eating disorder and she just did it '4 the arts.' Plus she did a softcore lesbian scene in a 'thoughtful' way, so that probably won over the 'bro vote.'

Here is her acceptance speech where she cries and thanks Zach Braff for jumpstarting her career.

Did Natalie Portman 'crush it' in 'Garden State'?

One day, will we look back and be able to say that the worst film that Natalie Portman appeared in was 'Garden State'?
Is this bigger than the Arcade Fire winning 'Album of the Year' or are both just mainstream products marketed as alt/indie?
Is Natalie Portman putting her unborn baby thru 2 much stress by releasing so many movies and winning so many awards?
Do u think Zach Braff is pissed that he didn't win a 'Best Actor', 'Best Director', and 'Best Screenplay' and ' Best Soundtrack' Oscar 4 Garden State?

Natalie Portman

Actor, Alternative Celebrity

Natalie Portman is a mainstream actress who tries 2 maintain indie authenticity by starring in indie films.

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