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Molly is one helluva drug. A Love Letter 2 Molly.

Photo via the cobrasnake

Molly has completely taken over my life.
She makes me feel like no other.
I feel like I'm addicted to Molly
She's taken over my system.

I'll never be able to see the world the same again after Molly
She makes me feel alive
She makes colors brighter
She turns sounds into shapes
Molly finds a way to make everything feel better.

Molly and I do everything together
We'll go to raves
We'll go to the movies
We'll sit around the apartment, listening to dubstep
Watching a cool light machine that we bought at the drug paraphernalia store at the mall
We'll stay up all night, then go out to breakfast

Molly is everything to me.
No one has opened me up quite like Molly has
She makes me unafraid to dance
Unafraid to smile
Unafraid to live

I grab her by the ass on the dance floor
and look into her eyes
and I kiss her
yeah... her sex is on fire. :-)

Molly makes me feel like I am rolling in the deep... in a good way

There will never be another one like Molly
Sometimes I worry that she'll run out on me one day
Sometimes I worry that she belongs to every one else
But then when I get Molly all to myself
All of my worries disappear.

There is no1 like Molly
Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just sit in darkness to try to get her out of my head
But then I realize that Molly is everything.

We'll laugh
We'll cry
We'll vibe
We'll cum
We'll curl up into a little ball and pretend we are amoeba

Molly can be so much sometimes.
I have to remember to drink water when I'm around her
She has a way of dehydrating me
Taking over my sensory system

I don't know how u do it to me
But u do it for me
And I want to be on Molly all the time now
A life without Molly is not a life worth living.

Molly. I'm in love with u.

I <3 Molly.
Do u <3 Molly?

PBR & A Pile of Blow: 2 Bros Who Will Never Let Me Down

Photo by sharkvsbear

Just looking for bros who will never let me down
h8 humans, they are only looking out 4 themselves
no 1 can really be there for you all the time
I learned the hard way (my dad walked out on us)

So hard to trust
just want to escape
2 another world where there are no problems
where life is a party
and u feel like u never want to fall asleep
because something meaningful might happen
after the after party
when the sun begins to rise

I want to chill out with a PBR
a chill ass beer
cheap and tasty
like a lil cheeseburgy at McDonalds

but then I want to 'get amped up'
without the use of an energy drink
(too much sugar)
but would settle for a different white powder

a huge pile of blow
2 snort in my nose
it will travel up a pipe to my brain
and let my body know 'it is time 2 party'
and 'don't stop partying'
and 'u r the ultimate bro, living the ultimate life: a party.'

Cocaine saved / ruined my life
People told me I 'changed' and 'had problems'
and I 'only cared abt partying.'

They just didn't understand
that I had found the ultimate bros
I was in alt heaven
with a pile of blow
and a PBR

Blow will never die
PBR will never die
Bros will die
I want something that can be there for me forever.

Just wanna be 'the alt Scarface'
and live on 4ever
in the format of posters
in college dorm room
[via say hello to my lil friend, yall]

Do u have bros who will never let u down?
Are humans flawed?
Do u ever feel alone, like every1 will let u down?
Do u ever feel like u can only trust brands and drugs?
Just wanna escape from the 'human condish'...

Are Ravers basically electro juggalos?

Photos by thecobrasnake

Part of me gets confused whenever I see a raver. I am not sure if they are actually into raves / techno / drugs, or if it just a one night thing. Like a bunch of tweens going to an indie show, dressing up as Am Appy 'hipsters.' Maybe there are authentic ravers, and then there are people who go to a rave for 1 night, and just pretend that they are ravers.

Have u ever been 2 a rave?
Do some people treat life like it is a rave?
Does the 'rave' really a cultivate a legitimate subculture, or just an excuse for people to do drugs?

Honestly wonder if ravers are electro juggalos. These people seem like they are on their way to the Gathering of the Juggalos

Just wanna get fucked up on pills, then end up dehydrated, falling asleep in an empty field

Have u ever gone to a party / rave with a group of bros, and yall decided to wear a uniform costume? Might dress up as boy scouts with my bros. We found a sweet deal on a few shirts at our local Goodwill.

Might just dress up in Urban Camo

I feel like this person looks like an authentic raver, truly dedicated to 'the subculture.'

I wonder if ravers are trying to 'evolve' the scene, or if they just want things to stay the same. If they just want to get fucked up in abandoned warehouses.

Hey. It's me. Rave Bro.

I wonder if this bro is some sort of electro lost boy

Might become 'thong bro' and show off my firm ass to 'Drunk Girls' after hearing the new LCD Soundsystem song

Will buy a souvenir from the Major Lazer merch booth

will show off my sweet tats

Inauthentic or authentic ravers? Is 'raver' just a costume?

Will get so fucked up that I even squeeze ketchup on to a hot dog, even though ketchup as a hotdog condiment makes u an inauthentic hot dog eater

Wonder what ever happened to the popular HRO meme/tugworthy skank: the XX broad?

Just want to go to a rave, get really effed up, then make love to a girl who looks like Margot Tenenbaum

Have u ever gone 2 a rave?
Is it still alt to try to look like a character from the Royal Tenenbaums?
Is putting ketchup on a hot dog inauthentic?
Are ravers a legitimate 'subculture' or are they the 'ass wipe' of alt culture?
If u could live ur life over again, would u drop out of HS and dedicate ur life to throwing sick raves?
What is the most alt drug to do at a rave? 'beer'?
Are 'ravers' more like to 'hipsters' or 'juggalos'?

entry level rave bros [via freshman year of college away from parents]

Should I stay in this weekend and get buzzed off Reddi Wips / nitrous oxide?

Photos by the cobrasnake

I feel like I want to try a new drug. Sorta want something that I can buy at my local store. Something more authentic than cough syrup, though. I want to feel happy, not groggy and retarded [via Lil Wayne].

Want to feel the temporary buzz of nitrous oxide from Whip Cream containers, then reward myself with the sweet taste of cream.

Just want to get fucked up out of a balloon, but not do heroin. Might sit in my van, and 'waste away' my life after high school.


Really want to get serious about using this drug. Might buy a starter kit at my local bong store.

Is it more alt to get 'effed up' on computer duster?

Just want to buy some balloons, get effed up with a bunch of losers at my rural college that is stealing my parents' money. Want to masturbate with Dorito dust fingers every night and get into relaishes with fat gamer chicks.


Need a new drug. Something more 'light hearted' and more readily accessible than weed/ cocaine / the horse / tussin / meow meow / etc.

Want a light hearted drug that fits in with my lifestyle. Wonder if computer duster is the same as Whip Cream cans.

Need to get 'lifted', then see what happens with my cute alt baguette friend [via scissoring]

Have yall ever done Whip Its?
Are they a light hearted drug?
Does the high last 4evr?
Have u put nitrous boosters in the back of ur car to make it go faster?
Is Cool Whip more alt than whip cream in a can?
Do yall like Whip Cream on top of ur hot chocolate / milkshakes / ice cream sundaes?

What is the functional use of the perfect alternative breasts?

Photo by Domestic Fine Arts

I have been searching for the perfect alternative breasts for the past several years. Wondering what size would be perfect in an alternative kind of way, and what body type would be the perfect frame for alt breasts. But part of me wonders 'what I would do' if I finally had a pair of them in my mouth/hands. Would I be able to 'perform' sexually? Just feel scared that once 'game day rolled around', I wouldn't really have a game plan.  Feeling like an electro era altbro the first time he convinced an entrylevel headband-wearing kute lil slut to 'go home with him' for the first time.

Part of me wonders if breasts are called 'fun bags' because you are supposed to take out your stress on them. Not sure if abusing women is still 'chill' in the post-Chris Brown world, but it seems like this pair of breasts 'really took a beating.' Bruises can help your alternative brand, because it makes you seem more intriguing as an alternative female. U sorta want 2 'get 2 know' about the troubled soul behind these breasts, and reverse-nurse/caress her back 2 health [via ice pack].

Wonder if the collarbone broke or anything more severe happened to bruise these sweet 'bags of love.'  Possibly something both emotionally and physically scarring.  Maybe something alt, like 'she was in an Aoki+Pashy Pit moshpit full of rabid 16 year olds.'  Could even be something mainstream like 'her family just went on vacay to Aspen and she fell a lot during ski lessons.'

Just need 2 know what 2 do with myself in case I ever actually encounter the perfect alternative breasts.

Maybe breasts are just a sweet surface from which to inhale lines of cocaine.

I am not sure if the ternative era is going to be about tits, ass, or blow. It might be about the popular alternative drug meow meow. Ultimately feeling lost in the ternative era. Floating around aimlessly in the blogosphere as tons of indie memes and newsbits fly every where.

Wish I had a teet 2 lay my head down upon.
Do u still feel 'hornie'/aroused by sexual + drug content, or do you just want to load some mp3s into your iPod?
Do bruises 'turn u on' [via rough sex]?
Does cocaine 'get u more effed up' if you snort it off a breast/vagina/relevant CD jewel case?
Should I 'do blow off my iPad nano'?

Will the iPad make the macbook/iPhone irrelevant?
Should I invest in Vintage Dell desktops?
If u had access to a pair of perfect alternative breasts, what would u do with them?

Previous Kute Alt Girls with Bruises

RAVE OR DIE: 2K9 Edition

all photos by the cobrasnake

You might remember a 'classic' HRO post from 2k8 entitled 'Rave or Die.'
Carles wrote:

Does any one else feel like RAVES are ‘authentic music festivals’? I feel like ‘music festivals’ should really just become drug-fueled parties where people dress in zany costumes and entrylevel alts attempt to find meaning by listening to music/dancing/’trying drugs 4 the first tyme.’

In the 2k9 edition of RAVE OR DIE, Carles will attempt to reconnect with 'the essence of Rave.' Who are these ppl/teens/Mexicalts in Southern California who attend raves? What do they want out of life? What personal brand are these 'ravers' attempting to implement?

As yall know, a rave is a gathering where ppl do a lot of drugs and listen to 'the shittest' kinds of techno/electro music. The women also kinda 'dress slutty.'

It seems like ppl are trying to 'return to their childhoodz' by utilizing images+products from youth [via bracelets, necklaces, other trinkets, and even backpacks.]

'I want 2 b a kid again.'

'Wish I had a backpack full of ecstasy.'

Feeling sad that the 'altbro' aesthetic has finally made its way to rave culture. The spirit of the electro altbro is dead.

I think that it means some1 is 'mad fucked up' when their pupils are dilated.

It seems like 'lollipops' are also a good prop to chill with at raves. Not sure if I'd get caramel apple pop or blow pop. Not sure which 1 would 'taste better' while on E/acids.

The DJ played some 'sick shit.' His DJ name was 'DJ 420 Bob Dank Schwag Marley Bro.'

Got rlly 'fucked up' on E and gave DJ 420 a 'beej.' Regret it kinda.

But srsly... have u ever fucked while on ecstasy? (they say u can never have an orgasm without it 4 the rest of ur life)

Have u ever grubbed a funnel cake while on ecstasy?

I used the rave as an opportunity to connect with my nuclear family. My mom was the person who taught me how to use drugs, so even though she is 'disabled' I was able to bring her out and we 'dropped' 2gether. They say u don't have a relationship with ur parent until u've 'gotten fucked up' with him/her.

Alice Glass in Wonderland--designing a meme that is larger than ur live show.

Photos by Ryan Muir via BrookVeegs

I was recently at a Crystal Castles concert, and I noticed the lead singer Alice Glass in an 'Alice in Wonderland' costume. It was a strategic move, since her name is 'Alice' and the kidz movie's main character is also named 'Alice.' It seems like a live show can be limiting. Ur only going to be performing for about 50-350 'fans.' It seems like u should do something that 'gets u attention on the internet from a blogsite that has thousands of daily visitors.' This way u can enhance ur macrobrand instead of just portraying with a meaningful microbrand with a 1and done show.

'Making a meme' out of a concert seems like something all indie bands must do to 'get covered.' Whether it is 'costumes', 'confetti', or 'inviting a member of another relevant indie band out on to stage to pretend to play guitar with your band', it is important to 'get the internet buzzing' abt ur live show. This will make them want to attend ur show when you go to their local scene because they will be 'afraid of missing something.' This seems like a good strategy for bands that are not worthy of 'being relevant.'

For example, Of Montreal has never really been a 'good band', but since their live shows are 's000 zany', ppl really like 2 see them. Here is a picture of an Of Montreal show where they execute women while they are wearing sillie costumes. The photo makes u wanna be there so you can see some1 'take her last breath of life.'

Photo via YvanRodic

Crystal Castles is kinda in the same boat as Of Montreal. I am not sure if they will ever release more music, but I think their brand is 'so established' it won't matter 'how good/bad' their music is. They will realistically never release an album that is 'critically acclaimed' or 'says something meaningful that tons of ppl can relate to', so all they will do for the rest of their lifespan is 'chill & try 2 keep their brand alive.'

Scarie. Seems like a chill meme, though. 'Worth blogging about', potentially.

Do yall know if 'Alice in WoNdErLaNd' is an authentic cartoon film? Seems like it was never that interesting, except ppl who 'do drugs' like to pretend that it is 'fucking awesome.' I prefer the Pixar films cuz they appeal 2 me as an adult, but still entertain my kidz.

Worried that Chrystie Castles are going to start appealing to stoner/druggie bros who now listen to Jam Bands.

Worried that she is trying to look like she is a 'drug dependent person.'

I hope that even if Chrystine Castles is going through an 'experimental phase', it makes their music better. I am worried that it might sound like distorted electro garbage if they 'drop 2 much acid.'

Sad that everything is about drug culture. Wish music and drugs had nothing to do with eachother so that Incubus never would have acquired a fan base.

what's ur fave band with a fan base of ppl who 'do a shitload of drugs'?
do u think they do drugs bc the music would be shitty without drugs?
Or do drugs open up ur mind and enable u to think in ways that straight edge ppl could never dream of?

Do u have positive or negative memories of box wine? [FRANZIA meme]

Photos via the chiller whale

Boxed wine, usually the brand FRANZIA, means a lot of different things 2 a lot of different people. To a lonely, abused wife in Ohio, it might be her only escape to the high class world of France (an escape from the bruises her husband gives her). To a French person, it might 'taste like urine.' To a group of tweens, it might be 'the only way 2 get drunk' [via aloof parents' refrigerator]. To a group of alts, it might be a cost effective way to get tons of bros hammered while chilling all day in a park. Seems like a universal drink, sorta like 'Coca Cola.'

I don't rlly know that much abt wine. U could probably give me some kool aid mixed with beer, and I would probably think it was wine. Not sure why it is good/what makes it good (I have never seen Sideways). It seems like Franzia is a meaningful brand, like every1 know what it is...sorta like the Bud Light/Miller Lite of wines. Might try it.

Might sit around and play 'UNO' with all of my bros in a public space under the natural lite of the sun. The area will not have wifi, so no1 will bring a lappy, but some1 might bring an iPod + speaker dock.

Might pretend I am a popular bloghouse DJ who pours Franzia into fans' moufs.

Might make a joke that my 'cock' has morphed into the spout of a Franzia box. Might make a joke about homosexuality.

Might morph into a bro who is in college, looking to get attention at a party, and build a Franzia Box costume, and put a 'glory hole' in my costume.

What does Franzia mean to yall? Do yall think it is tasty? Ironic? Fun? Cost-effective? Better than Sparks? Better than beer? Pussy water?
Do yall ever have picnics in public parks where u r the only alt people around, and all of the mainstream families look at you like you are 'a group of aliens'?
What's ur fave way to get 'drunk'/'fucked up'?
What does 'Grey Goose Blood Vodka' taste like? Seems hi class. Have only seen AltCelebs drinking it.

Is Franzia 'the next big alt beverage'? [via sparks/PBR/miscellaneous music event alcohol sponsor]

I feel like I can identify with box wine bc it challenges existing design norms [via bottles].
Have heard that drinking Franzia is 'basically like a homeless man drinking rubbing alcohol' to get fucked up. Trying 2 get an internship as a sommelier after watching Top Chef.

Does n e 1 know what is happening in this picture? Think it is cocaine.

Photo by DomesticFineArts

Yall. Feeling confused. Not exactly sure what that white powder is in this picture. I have a key that I keep in my backpack to unlock the door with after school, but have never applied some sort of powder to it.

What is happening in that picture?
a) doing a key bump of coke
b) partying
c) getting 'retarded'
d) bad life decisions
e) using ur student loan/scholarship on drugs
f) trying 2 take ur partying existence 2 the next level.
g) having a lock that will only open with some sort of magic powder
h) something about 'weed'
i) party in the Midwest where people are addicted 2 meth
j) backstage in an altCeleb dressing room
k) battling depression with crushed up lexapro/xanny
l) worried about the underground economy/Obama's broken promises abt not legalizing drugs
m) terrorist mailing some1 anthrax
n) some1 committing suicide with white powder that kills u
o) Choose.Your.Own.Response

Have yall ever done cocaine?
What does it 'feel like'?

Previous drug coverage
[acid][marijuana][poppers][blow off iphone]

What is the most authentic body part 2 do blow off of?

Photo by Domestic Fine Arts

In the past, I have blogged about doing 'cocaine'/'the blow' off different inanimate objects like iPhones. However, I have never rlly thought about what is the optimal body part off of which 2 do blow. Just wanna 'get rlly fucked up.'

Sometimes I wonder what I'm looking for in a friend/'bff.' A lot of ppl say that a true friend would 'suck the venom out of ur butt' if u were bitten by a poisonous snake. However, I don't think I will ever be in the desert, so I think my ultimate friend would let me 'do blow' off any part of their body.

Does n e 1 know n e thing abt 'chemistry' and if there is a way to create synergy with 'a drug' and the 'context in which u do a drug'?

I want to do blow off my BFF's ____________.
a) face
b) eye ball
c) tibia
d) femur
e) gall bladder
f) butt crack
g) nip
h) medulla oblongata
i) wrist
j) 'penis'
k) 'vagina'
l) bro bone
m) Adam's Apple
n) toe nail
o) 'small of ur back'
p) lips
q) 'breasts'
r) 'six pack'
s) 'bloody knuckles'
t) any body part with a tattoo on it
u) a deformity
v) I took an anatomy class in high school cuz I was too dumb 2 take chemistry/physics
w) Choose.Your.Own.Response

What do POPPERS feel like?

[Photo via thecobrasranake<]
I was reading the internet weblog the cobrasnake, and I saw that there were people doing this new drug called POPPERS. Not sure what it feels like, but I've heard that it was been big for a long time in the Ghey underworld subculture. It is apparently some sort of liquid that u 'huff' and it makes u feel free for 1 or 2 seconds. Not sure if that's how it works. does n e 1 know?

I have done no research into the effects of poppers, but from what I can gather:

  • poppers cause a momentary moment of brain damage / mental retardation
  • poppers are kind of like cocaine because u inhale it
  • poppers are kind of like huffing gasoline because it makes u 'free'
  • poppers have no negative effects
  • poppers make nights more meaningful
  • poppers can fuck u up more than alcohol
  • poppers are not as chill as marijuana
  • poppers don't facilitate epiphanies, kinda like acid/LSD
  • u can't do poppers off ur iPhone without breaking it/causing water damage
  • poppers should only be used by kidz above the age of 10
  • poppers are a cheap, easy way to have fun with a group of friends
  • if u do too many poppers, ur brain will start to come out of ur nose
  • doctors sometimes feed babies poppers to 'chill them out' right when they pop out of the womb
  • Barrack Obama is working on an anti-popper campaign targeted at tweens in the Midwest
  • poppers are not as bad as meth for society
  • poppers can be ur bro, but u have 2 be chill.

Has n e 1 who reads this blog done poppers?
Can yall describe what they feel like?
Just trying to experiment b4 I get old and die.
Want to 'feel' every possible feeling on Earth before I die.

"u only live once." -The Strokes


[photo by Cobraacidsnake]
I am thinking about dedicating 2k9 to 'going sober except 4 LSD.' I think 2k9 will be the perfect year to experience while 'tripping' just because there are going to be so many changes, and the year will be so conceptual. It will be weird 2 experience 'sober.' I want to free my mind, and sit in a room with a few of my closest altbros while watching movies and listening to Animal Collective/Justice/Sigur Ros/Boards of Canada/Sonic Youth/Jack Johnson on my Walkman.

My Personal Brand Is LSD.
My Personal Brand wants to let the world know about my heightened sense of awareness.
Once I have travelled to Acidville, I will return to 'normal life' with a new perspective. Things do not matter. Our brain is just a mass of tissue, making zany connections and 'perceiving' the world. Once we take a drug that 'messes with our perception of the world', nothing else matters. Life will be easier. I will not be afraid to die, because I know 'life' is just what my brain tells me it is. (Have yall seen the movie THE MATRIX?)

I prefer drugs that I believe make me 'more in touch' with the arts. Whether it is music, film, or even just 'google image searches', I want drugs that give me a new lens with which 2 view the world. I want drugs that make me see like I've never seen before.

But srsly... do yall know what 'acid' feels like? Is it like being drunk x 100? Is it like 'smoking a doobie' x 5 ? Is it like doing blow x 2? Is it like robo tripping * 0.5?

Just trying to 'get free'/'liberated'/transcend 'life according to mainstreamers.'

I'm lil and I smoke weed, yall!

[Photo by TheCobraSnake]

I think aligning your personal brand with marijuana is always a bold choice. It is an illegal product that is often associated with 'the underworld + underachievers', so any1 who wears indicators of 'being a bro who chills on weed' is a truly free spirit who does not care about society's 'rulez and regulationz'. Being a lil bro in a 'metaphorical graphic tee' indicates that u have a lot of swagger (aka 'swag') kinda like Vern Troyer.

Lil People can do the same stuff that 'regular people' can do. Smoking weed, tugging off to internet p0rn, or even 'going 2 clubz and bein on party pic sites then looking at urself the next day and finding life to be a lil bit more meaningful.'

Is 'smoking dope' authentic? Or is it an 'entry level' gateway drug towards a mainstream alternative lifestyle? Or is it for people who 'can't handle the real world' and 'aren't creative enough to do anything other than watch movies/eat/go to concerts because they think they appreciate music'? Or is marijuana kinda like 'giving urself a morning tugjob'--it's just not a big deal.

Is marijuana too 'entry level' 4 u?
Do u get blazed and read HRO?
What is it like 2 get 'lifted'?
Remember the first time ur parents found 'ur stash' and u thought it was the end of ur life cuz weed is so illegal?
R u gonna move 2 Canada where they legalized PCP?
Does 'grass' make u 'more intellectual'?
How do u feel about mainstreamBros who morf into weedBros and have 'bromantically meaningful conversations about life' 2gether then go to Taco Bell/Wendy's Late Nite?
Have u ever listened to Bob Marley or just kinda heard his personal brand talked about a lot because he sang vague songs about 'freedom', 'peace' and 'enjoying life'? (a model implemented by Dave Matthews)

I'm thinking about doing blow for the first time.

Should I do it off my iPhone or my iPod Nanny?

Which 1 will get me 'm0re fuckt up'?

Should I have a certain song playing when I 'sniff it' 4 the first time?

Just trying to find myself/fit in with a new group of Alt4Life friends that I made.

Should I stay away from drugs?  Help.

Do Authentic Alts Eat Zany F00d?

[Note: This Picture was taken in a Government Lab where they are beta testing 'human fuel' a.k.a. 'food' for electro war foot soldiers.]

[Photo by the cobrasnake]

A lot of mainstream magazines have branded Alts to consume beverages like Sparks, PBR, and even 'drinking a lot of wine ever since I studied abroad.' However, no1 really knows what alternative people eat. Do yall eat junk food but 'somehow maintain ur amazing figure'?

Or do u only eat healthy, gluten-free food that u purchased a post-gentrified farmer's market?  Or do u just shop at Whole Foods?  Or are you a 'Chili's Vegan'?  Or do u eat McDonnie's breakfast?  Do u only eat CLIF BARS/ Pepperidge Farm products / Doritos / Sun Chips / post-ironic foreign foods / SNCKRS bars?

Or do u and ur BF just do a lot of meth?


Is Meth ruining yalls local suburban community? Should I use HRO 2.0 advertising money 2 start a meth lab?  What's the difference between meth and coke?  What do 'drugs' feel like?

SRSLY THOUGH....what's yalls diet like?

Are Sky Ferreira and Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV 'the heroin junkies' of indie?

Today, the indie blog news has been 'milking the story' that the zany dude from DIIV and Sky Ferreira were arrested for having MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DRUGS IN THEIR CAR. For a long time, I wondered why their brand had been turning into "looking into needle-drug junkies on the road towards AIDS [via needle sharing]." I guess it turns out that they are authentically "about that life."

Who is 2 blame in their massive spiral towards hell?
The pressures of faux-fame?
Living in a bubble of hollow coverage from the broken indie machine?
Peer pressure?

Zachary C. Smith, 28, of 350 Main St., Apt. 1, Catskill, was arrested by Saugerties police at 12:30 a.m. Saturday and charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance, one count of possession of stolen property and one count of aggravated unlicensed driving, all misdemeanors. He was also charged with the violations of unregistered motor vehicle, driving without insurance, unlicensed driver, and having an inadequate exhaust system. Also arrested was Sky T. Ferreira, 21, of 66 North 4th St., Apt. A, Brooklyn, on misdemeanor charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Police said the two were arrested following a traffic stop in the village. Officers stopped a 1990 Ford pickup truck with New Jersey registration after the driver made several vehicle and traffic infractions, police said. Police said a registration check showed the license plates on the truck were stolen and the driver, Smith, was wanted by the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office on an outstanding vehicle and traffic warrant. While taking Smith into custody, officers found a plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin, police said. Police said Ferreira, a passenger in the truck, was found in possession of Ecstasy and resisted arrest. Smith and Ferreira were arraigned in Saugerties Village Court and sent to the Ulster County Jail — Smith in lieu of $2,500 bail and Ferreira in lieu of $1,500 bail.

For so long, tired indie media outlets had been pushing DIIV's frontman Zachary Cole Smith as "the new Cobain" and crap like that. If you read his press, he is apparently living a tortured existence as an artist, where the media is basically just "waiting for him to shoot himself in the head in an isolated cabin," but in reality, he is just a normal kid whose dad wrote the SICK theme song to the popular candy bar Whatchamacallit. I guess in reality, he is living in a world where he will never write a song this vibey and chillwavey. This is some legit Talking Heads level authenticity in this commercial jingle.

DIIV has always been pretty chill. It always just seemed like they were destined for a "Real-Estate-like" leap, where a very well-done second album got them "more famous"/"more notoriety," even though they would have had the same amount of press if they were effing terrible. But I guess DIIV might now just be 'HEROIN MUSIC." Whenever I see him wearing huge, oversized clothes, I will only be able to think "He must be hiding track marks all over his skinny body." Whenever their music is on in the background at a local dive bar, I will only start to crave the blackest, darkest tar in my bloodstream.

"We do drugs together."


If Sky Ferreira used to think that 'EVERYTHING WAS EMBRSSNG", then she's rlllly gotta be embarrassed abt what her life has come to. I'm worried. I miss the old days, back when Sky Ferreira was in my Myspace Top 8 as an innocent internet lolita. :-(

I have a feeling she is being misbranded to the wrong target demo. I think she should be going after lamestreamers who like that terrible song LORDE - ROYALS. Instead, she is just doomed to fade into Charli XCX obscurity. But I guess now ppl will go 2 her shows to see signs of drug use. I hope that 1 day she can become a pop star instead of 'settling' for girls who wear Forever21 to indie shows, black tar heroin junkies, and the weird genre of indie critics who think they are "pop music scholars."

Isn't it going to be really annoying when all of these blogsites that overhype these people with 'features' are going to publish something like "___________ responds to heroin charges, addiction"?

Did "indie" used 2 be "a scene" where the reaction to this type of news would have been 2 "offer help" instead of showcasing a false plane of "fame" by headline baiting?

Do u evr have those days where you drive around in a 1990 Ford pickup truck with stolen plates, just chilling with 42 decks of heroin?

Is this what DIIV's next album will look like?

Do u think Zachy Cole Smith was just selling the drugs bc being an indie musician doesn't pay him enough?
Do u evr wish that u were in an 'alt famous' indie couple, driving around upstate New York, doing massive amounts of needle drugs?
Is it ur only escape?
Do u evr have those days where u just watch the video 2 "Everything is Embarrassing" while sharing a needle with a homeless man that looks like "an indie frontman'?

Do u think they are 'authentic junkies' or 'just being junkies 4 the press/fame'?
Is this all just a marketing scam?
Is the guy from DIIV 'trying to kill himself' so that his music gets historically overrated [via Nirvana/Joy Division], but then the rest of his band will go on to create the New Order/Foo Fighters of indie?
Do u think this couple will last?
Does any1 REALLY care about their music/personalities, or are they sorta 'just there' bc they are interesting looking?
Should ppl tweet some sort of #intervention hashtags at the troubled couple?
Is it kewl 2 'use drugs', but only if u use them privately bc ur authentically connected 2 them?
Has this couple cashed in their final meme?

SHOCKING NEWS: Ben Gibbard turns to pills in wake of Zooey Deschanel divorce

Ben BB! Say it ain't so! U've turned to pills to deal with the recent divorce from Zooey Deschanel. I know that she is trying to take the house and the collection of ukeleles, but u HAVE to be at peace with this 2 move on with ur life. #itgetsbetter. I sorta don't blame him though, because I am sure it is difficult to escape from the MAJOR MEDIA BLITZ that ZoZo has been on, basically since their divorce.

Just this weekend, Zooey Deschanel showed her BANGIN bikini bod 2 the entire world. Many body language experts commented that this was a clear signal to the Gibbard camp to say 'look at me! My bod is bangin and I am FREE!' Maybe the message sunk in a little bit TOO much, and there is only one way to escape from the pain.

Now Ben Gibbard has turned to an undentified bottle of pills. I think the street name is called 'D Vitamins' and the dealer is 'Trader Joe', who is a notorious drug kingpin in the Great Northwest. Who knows what is inside of this pill bottle, but all we know is that it might be the only way that Ben can escape from the pain, hurt, betrayal, and the TRUE STORY that every1 is trying 2 uncover.

Gibbard commented, "It's getting to be this time of year in the Northwest." Many say that this is a suicidal metaphor, a clear reference to the suicide of Kurt Cobain, who took his own life in the Pacific Northwest.

Right now, all we can do is #pray4benjamin.

He may have lost ZoZo, but that doesn't mean he should give up hope. Sometimes, hope is all we have...

R u worried abt Ben Gibbard?
Have u ever done this drug?
Do u ever have those days where u think 2 urself 'It's getting 2 b that time of year in the NXNW?' [via dark thoughts]
Is this a cry 4 help?
Would u be dead on the inside if u got divorced from Zooey Deschanel, then she went on a MASSIVE BRANDING ASSAULT on the mainstream?
Have u ever done pills?

Ben Gibbard

Alternative Celebrity

Ben Gibbard is the lead singer of the Death Cabs and the now defunct Postal Service. Zooey Deschanel married him to be more indie.

Read more>>>>

Weird bro on drugs dancing around in a dress at Coachella.


Every time there is a music festival, weird ppl go. They do drugs. They listen to crappy music. They display their love for their favourite crappy bands by 'dancing like no1 is watching', some bro films it because they look like an entry-level Silence of the Lambs bro, and every1 on the internet laughs.

This dude in a dress seems to be a chill Coachella bro. Just dancing 2 a buzzband. Wearing a white dress. Being free. Free from society at a $900 weekend festival.

Do u <3 Coachella human memes?
Do u wish some1 got tazed / there were more 'fence jumpers' at this festival?
Are festival memes only fun when some1 ODs?
Why do ppl who are 'dancing alone' get made fun of on the internet?
Is this bro 'chill' or pretty unchill?
Did he harsh ur vibe?
Is this dude a 'flamer' or does he just transcend society?
When u filmed him, did u hide behind a pole because u were scared he was going to 'kick ur ass'?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

Read more>>>>

Vanessa Hudgens does ecstasy at Coachella. #Shame_On_Vanessa

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Vanessa BB! What were U thinking??

I am honestly not a drug expert because I have been SOBER for a very long time after a few rough patches, but Vanessa Hudgens was rumored to have done lot of DRUGS on a bender at a hipster music festival called Coachella. I can't tell what drug she is doing. Maybe ecstasy, maybe MDMA, maybe cocaine heroine... Maybe even marijuana. I am NOT a drug expert so I do not know...

I am VERY disappointed in Vanessa for setting a bad example for her fans. She is a PARTY GIRL and is headed straight 4 rehab.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, because maybe she is just snacking on Mayo, which is something that I do sometimes... but u never know... #MiracleWhip

I had a boyfriend who was a drug dealer, so I know FIRST HAND that drugs can ruin a person, and ruin relationships... I actually went to jail for a short period because my ex was using the garage of my parents house as a meth lab. We can only hope and pray that Vanessa isn't headed down the wrong track after she and Zefron broke up.

However, she does LOOK GOOD, bb!

I could NEVER wear that in public because I am too self-cautious.

Does n e 1 know what type of drug she is using?

Is that a slice of pizza or a drug pipe???

Electric Daisy Carnival moves 2 Las Vegas 2 kill ppl there instead of in LA

Some ppl say that there is a difference between 'music festivals' and 'raves.' Raves usually feature electronic music, drugs, underaged tweens, and tons of chaos. Even though they are marketed as 'music festivals', it is sorta an unspoken agreement that 'crazy shit can go down' in the confines of a public stadium/park. Any ways, the Electric Daisy Carnival is a rave where some ppl died [link] and a bunch of ppl jump fences and it is crazy. So now Los Angeles is all like 'uhhh we can't have that here bc angry parents of dead ravers are suing us and this is a PR disaster.'

The ongoing brouhaha between Los Angeles politicos and promoters of dance-focused concerts has seemingly resulted in one of the nation's largest electronic music festivals leaving Los Angeles for Las Vegas. Insomniac Inc.'s two-day Electric Daisy Carnival, which last June drew between 80,000 and 100,000 people per day to the L.A. Memorial Coliseum and adjoining Exposition Park, is leaving the Coliseum for Vegas after Insomniac's 13 years working with the L.A. venue.

So the festival is moving 2 Las Vegas bc Las Vegas allows 'basically anything.' Sorta wanna fly to this rave, OD, gamble, and buy a few prostitutes.

Late Thursday, however, Insomniac announced that an official agreement was still not inked, and Electric Daisy would be staged the same weekend in Las Vegas.

I feel bad for Los Angeles club/rave/party promoters. They made this sweet 'infographic' to warn tweens abt drug use.

Numerous efforts were made to convince L.A. officials that dance events were safe. Insomniac established an 18-and-over policy for all its events and pledged to have more medical staff on site. Dance promoters, who were not named, even funded a card distributed by the county's Department of Public Health to warn concertgoers of the dangers of Ecstasy.

Seems rlly informative.

R u happy that the Electric Daisy Carnival can 'live on' forever?
What are the odds that some1 will die at EDC Las Vegas?
Can we just call raves 'death parties'?
Is LA 'being unchill' abt raves? Should they let alt tweens party hard?
Will we lose more lives' in Las Vegas than we lost in Los Angeles?
If u go to a rave, is there a high chance that u will die?
Is the Electric Daisy Carnival a 'chill time' that got an unfair wave of negative press just bc a few ppl didn't do drugs properly?
Can we create some sort of waiver where rave goers 'waive' all of their human rights and willingly acknowledge that they might die?

We leave u with the parting words of an unchill local Los Angelino politician bro.

Commissioner Rick Caruso, an ardent advocate against large dance concerts, told L.A. Now, “My first reaction is good riddance.” Caruso had been one of the more vocal critics of DJ-driven concerts, saying they breed drug abuse and unruly behavior.

"Good Riddance" [via "I hope yall had the times of yalls lives']
-Green Days

Gotta go practice fence jumping 4 the upcoming festival season.
Peace, yall!

Are "bath salts" the new relevant alt drug?

From what I understand, there is a new drug on the streets, making ppls lives' worse, killing people, and driving people so see even 'crazier hallucinations' than LSD. The drug has the opportunity to 'tear thru communities' even faster than the popular poor person drug "meth."

Here is the sweet, shocking 'sensational' intro that tells the story of a dudebro cutting his own face off.

When Neil Brown got high on bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven't been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Snow, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky.

Seems like a hardcore drug where u just wanna cut ur face off and make a mask for one of ur bros. Nothing wrong with 'getting creative' and trying 2 reenact the hit movie "Face/Off" starring Jonny Travolta and Nick Cage.

So what exactly is in 'bath salts' and what are some sweet ass street names 4 'bath salts' so I know what 2 ask 4 when I go 2 my dealer?

From the Deep South to California, emergency calls are being reported over exposure to the stimulants the powders often contain: mephedrone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also known as MDPV.

Sold under such names as Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie, the chemicals can cause hallucinations, paranoia, a rapid heart rate and suicidal thoughts, authorities say. In addition to bath salts, the chemicals can be found in plant foods that are sold legally at convenience stores and on the Internet. However, they aren't necessarily being used for the purposes on the label.

Rlly want to ride the Ivory Waves
Live in Bliss.
Be struck by white lighting
go on a date with Hurricane Charlie.
Most importantly, I want 2 get some sweet products at
the Bed Bath and Beyond clearance sale.

It really seems like it is a 'fun, legal time' if ur a drug user. I guess the only downside is that you have to scavenge for the ingredients if ur dealer

The drugs cause "intense cravings," he said. "They'll binge on it three or four days before they show up in an ER. Even though it's a horrible trip, they want to do it again and again."

A small packet of the chemicals typically costs as little as $20.

Seems like a pretty cheap investment, like ur dollar will 'go a long way' instead of just 'buying some dank' and watching TBS for 2 hours then falling asleep.

"Have yall ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" - Heath Ledger, The Joker

"We had a deputy injured a week ago. They were fighting with a guy who thought they were two devils. That's what makes this drug so dangerous," he said.

"The greatest punk'd the devil [via Ashton Kutcher] ever punk'd-ed, was convincing the world that he doesn't exist." -Kaiser Broze, The Usual Suspects

Have yall ever done Bath Salts?
Does ur mom use bath salts every weekend when she 'unwinds' in the tub?
Are bath salts just another 'poor person drug' that meth addicts can use?
What's the craziest hallucination that u've ever had, and what drug did u use 2 achieve it?
Can bath salts become the next 'Four Loko' if enough ppl have bad trips, and potentially produce 'viral video content' / 'oddly enough' stories / local news trend pieces?
Can chillwaves be enhances with a lil bit of bath salts?
Have u ever fought with the Devil?
Did the Devil make bath salts so that humans would have the ability 2 see his power & beauty?
Is 'God' the only way to successfully quit drugs?
Did u get a %20 off coupon 2 Bed Bath & Beyond that never expires?

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Miley Cyrus smokes dank while listening to Bush


Oh Miley... U've really grown up.
I've watched u 'become a woman'
Wearing sexie outfits, showing off ur cha cha, hoohah, and na-nahs.
Really digging ur transformation [via cocoon metaphor]

N e ways
Just watched this video of you
smoking marijuana
smoking 'salvia'
huffing gasoline
doing some sort of 'drugs'
out of a 'sweet ass bong'

losing ur shit like an entry level-er
giggling ur ass off
kinda keut
Wish I could be there 2 'take advantage of u
via riding the slutwave + drugwave
Want to show u how good it feels 2 have sex on E/prescription drugs/etc

Salvia seems chill
it is apparently 'legal'
have a bro who sells that shit on the internet
makes mad money
(but he makes more when he does his seasonal meth lab)

That's kewl that u and ur bros
are listening to BUSH
Killer songs [via Gavin Rossdale]
Then the Eagles come on
(Personally, I think the Eagles were way more talented than the Beatles)

Welcome 2 the club, bb
Drugs are rlly chill
Now that ur 18
just wanna take our <3 to the next level
using drugs 2 feel close 2gthr

s0 tanked
s0 danked
s0 salvia-ed

I miss being a tween
[via loss of innocence]
Tweens rlly grow up so fast these days
Text, Drugs, and Rock N Roll

Do u <3 Miley?
Is salvia alt/authentic?
Is salvia '4 pussies'?
Does Miley need 2 get more hardcore friends who do 'real drugs'?
Do u think she acts like a tween after she 'hits the bong'?
Do u think she has a sexi voice/laugh?

Indie Songstress Lindsay Lohan photographed shooting black tar heroin in2 her arm

Apparently, some1 took photographs of Lindsay Lohan doing heroin. Not sure if this is real or not, just kinda worried if she can keep being a relevant indie songstress if she keeps throwing her life away. I hope M Ward intervenes and gets her back on track so she can write hit songs like "Criminal" and "1-2-3-4" again. Want her to be back starring in 500 Days of Summer or Garden States again.

Do u think these photos are 'legit' or does she just have diabetes/is she administering a flu shot?

CROUCHING in a dark corner, Lindsay Lohan is poised to inject herself with what appears to be a syringe of heroin.

Our shocking picture shows the troubled Mean Girls star wrapping a tourniquet around her lower arm - the method addicts use to raise a vein.

Her right hand hovers the needle over the skin of her left arm.

Had 2 google for some nicknames for heroin so I could really 'get in touch' with the grassroots movement that is heroin:

  • Dragon
  • Dope
  • Heron, Herone, Hero, Hera, H, Big H
  • White, China White, White Nurse, White Lady, White Horse, White Girl, White Boy, White Stuff
  • Boy, He
  • Black, Black Tar, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Eagle
  • Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Sugar, Brown Tape, Brown Rhine
  • Chiba, Chiva, Chieva
  • Mexican Brown, Mexican Mud, Mexican Horse
  • Junk, Tar
  • Snow, Snowball
  • Smack, Scag, Scat, Sack, Skunk
  • Number 3, Number 4, Number 8

Wanna ride the dragon. Meet the white nurse. Ride the White horse. Fuck the white boy.
Need to snowball on some skunk
Might ask for a Number 3 next time I go 2 McDonalds. Possibly a supersized #8.

Heroin seems kinda chill. U can use it in combo with other sweet drugs. Really need a 'cocktail'

  • Atom bomb, Canade, Woola, Woolie, Woo-Woo - Marijuana and heroin
  • Bars - Alprazolam and heroin
  • Beast, LBJ - LSD and heroin
  • Belushi, Boy-Girl, Dynamite, Goofball, H & C, He-She,Primo, Snowball - Cocaine and heroin
  • Chasing the Dragon, Chocolate Rock, Dragon Rock, Eightball, Moonrock - Crack and heroin
  • Cheese - Cold medicine and heroin
  • China White - Fentanyl and heroin
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies, H bomb - MDMA and heroin
  • Cotton Brothers, New Jack Swing - Morphine and heroin
  • Meth Speed Ball - Methamphetamine and heroin
  • The Five Way - Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, Rohypnol and alcohol

Need to be all like 'Woo-Woo' [via that 1 viral video]
Tame the beast / Vote for LBJ.
Gonna pull a Belushi and eat some Chocolate moon rock.
Kinda just wanna chase the dragon while eating some cheese and chocolate chip cookies.
Feel like I might ride 'The Five Way' next time I hit up coachella

What is the most alt way 2 do heroin?
Does Heroin seem chill?

I'm tired of effing rumors starting


Does n e 1 know how to do heroin?
R u worried abt Linds?
Does heroin feel better than an orgasm?

Should Lindsay dump Wavves?
Is weed a gateway drug 2 heroin? Should we be worried abt Besty Coasties?
Does heroin feel better than an orgasm.

Please feel free to use the comment section to share personal stories about using heroin, and any kewl street names that u know for heroin / heroin + drug + product combos. For example, 'doing heroin' + 'eating Doritos' is commonly called Cool Ranching.

DANK WATCH: Wavves hogs a blunt, Best Coast gets blazed and reads a 3D magazine

DANK WATCH is an [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE] weekly feature that catches up with Best Coast and Wavves, seeing if they are still danking out and tweeting abt it.

Cmon bro
Know ur getting ur iPhone on
But it would be chill
if u hit the blunt
and passed it

Not sure why u have to tweet
that you are 'smoking weed'
every time that u 'smoke weed'
Seems like what unchill bros did in high school

Miss high school era substance abusers
Like the bros who enjoyed broadcasting 'smoking dank'
or sharing how they 'stole tons of liquor from their parents'
or that they 'fucked their girlfriends' and 'came in their pussies'
then 'had

Miss the pre-internet era of 'oversharing' to promote ur personal brand
Seemed way more authentic and vulnerable.

Do u tweet every time u get 'fucked up'?
Do u tweet whenever a blunt is in ur hand?
Can u go to jail for tweeting about doing drugs?
Can some1 build an iPhone app that broadcasts 2 ur social network that u r 'fucked up' on drugs whenever ur 'fucked up'?
Can u check in on 4square from 'Dank City, USA'?
Is WAVVES chill?
Would u rather vibe out with WAVVES or chill out with Best Coast and read a 3d magazine while ur blazed?

Miss u Bethany :-(
Hope ur chill... :-(
What r u like now?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

Read more>>>>



WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

Read more>>>>

Nathan Williams

Alternative Celebrity

Nathan Williams is the frontman of the band WAVVES. He is in a serious relationship with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast.

Read more>>>>

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Festival Bro on Drugs Fights with cops, gets his ass tazed at Lollapalooza


They say the most chill part about going to a music festival is that u get to do tons of drugs in a public park, and no1 really cares. U can just sorta vibe out with some relevant buzz music and no1 cares, no1 will bother u. This is apparently why so many people go to music festivals.

It seems like this bro decided to do 'a shitload of LSD', then take a nap right in front of a food stand. Then some cops come over, and are like, "Bro. U okay? U on drugs or what?" Then the bro gets aggressive, and they have to taze + hog tie his ass, then carry him out like a pig that is about to get his ass roasted.

Maybe he thought this was a California rave, and ur allowed to do drugs until u die, but then the cops were like, "Nah bro. This is Chi town. That's not how we get down here."

Do u think those cops used excessive force on that chill festival bro?
Do yall prefer 'real music festivals' or 'rave music festivals'?
What song can u hear in the background? Is that Phoenix, The Strokes, or the Arcade Fire?
Do u think this bro got 'grounded' when he got back home, and had to explain to his mom his 'possession' + 'resisting arrest' charges?
Did the cops harsh his chill vibe?
Do u think he was just 'high' on buzzband mp3s [via iDosing]?
Do u wish u could be a cop so u could 'police brutality' the shit out of young people?
Is 'police brutality at music festivals' the ultimate hipster bashing?

LOCAL NEWS REPORT: Teens using MP3s as drugs to get high/’fucked up’


Apparently, high schooler teens and tweens in Kansas are using some form of technology to get high. The local news did an investigative telejournalistic puff piece to scare old people, and fuel their sentiment that "Kids are up to no good on the information super highway." Basically, some company has been producing MP3s that make people feel like they are on all different types of drugs. You put on your headphones, close ur eyes, then ur brain gets 'fucked with' [via soundwaves].

Kansas News 9 is reporting about a phenomenon called “i-dosing,” which involves finding an online dealer who can hook you up with “digital drugs” that get you high through your headphones.

Kinda wanna start iDosing with my bros. I feel like it has the opportunity to mix three of my fave things in life: mp3s, buzzbands, and drugs.

Those who want to get addicted to the “drugs” can purchase tracks that will purportedly bring about the same effects of marijuana, cocaine, opium and peyote. While street drugs rarely come with instruction manuals, potential digital drug users are advised to buy a 40-page guide so that they learn how to properly get high on MP3s.

I did some research, and it seems like iDosing has been 'relevant' for a few years, but maybe it is just getting to Kansas since it is in the middle of the country.

I am just happy we are getting to a phase in our society where you can do everything on the internet. You can fill out an eHarmony profile to get in2 a relationship. You can watch a girl put objects into her vagina via webcam instead of having sex. You can iDose to get high. You can read blogs instead of newspapers. Just hope they build some sort of 'internet replacement' for food, but might just munch on some computer paper with pictures of hamburgers printed on it.

If 'local news coverage' isn't shitty enough for you, here is an 'off the charts hilarious' news piece about iDosing, done by what looks like an independent teen journalist with an orange tan. Maybe this was her 'audition tape' that she sent to the 'real local news' to try 2 get hired.


Feel very troubled by many artistic/journalistic decisions in this video. Still feel like this might get you an "A" in your community college journalism class.

Might offer that news reporter girl a job just making local news report memes that are designed to 'go viral'

Worried about the school nurse. Not sure if she is an 'expert' or just a 3rd rate health professional.

Are you gonna get into iDosing?
Have u tried it?
Does it feel like the real thing?
Is iDosing a cheap alternative to real drugs?
If I want to get high at a concert, will I be able to 'iDose'?

Might just lay in bed all day and vibe out to this audio drug called "Gates of Hades" until i get permafried and no longer know who I am.


Honestly feel like "Gates of Hades" sounds like relevant indie buzzband Panda Bear's new hit song "Drone." Is iDoseCore going to be the next big trend?


This might be the beginning of a new indie genre where the goal of the music is to 'get listeners high.' The song initially seems 'very shitty' and 'way unapproachable', but I feel more willing to listen to it since it might be intended to make me feel like I am on crystal meth.

Might put an iDoser MP3 on my little sister's Zune


Might chill with this bro and throw down some doses


Really hope that iDosing 'catches on' with mainstream tweens, helps them to get over the Bieber era, and serves as a gateway drug to 'the hard shit'.


Sad I can't bring my iPod to school n e more:

The educators have gone so far as to ban iPods at school, in hopes of preventing honor students from becoming cyber-drug fiends, News 9 reports.

Worried that buzzbands are going to start producing 'digital drugs', and instead of making 'good music' they will just make 'music that gets people high.' Worried about the music industry. Hope the iDosesCore sound stays chill and doesn't get too hard / hallucinogenic.

Which .mp3 / .wav would u vibe out to?

Are iDosing MP3s the future of the music industry?
Do u want to metaphorically shut the door on all of society's problems/evils?
Is the local news 'authentic'?
Is iDosing as 'bad ass' as real drugs?
Can u overdose on an iDose?
Should society ban iDosing?
Should Steve Jobs be put in jail unless he prohibits iDose storage on iPods and iPhone devices?
If your life goes down the shitter, will u become an iDose junky, begging for money and plugging in your non-iPod mp3 player at a local McDonalds when it needs 2 be re-charged?

Photograph of girl who died at rave emerges. Her name was Sasha Rodriguez.

This is a photograph of the 15 year old girl who died at the Los Angeles rave from ODing on XTC. Even tho it was a 16 and up event, this 15 year old girl managed to sneak in.

Here is another CBS news piece about the Rodriguez family. Says that Sasha 'drank from a friend's water bottle laced with ecstasy.'
Watch CBS News Videos Online</br/>

Seems like she wasn't really a drug user or anything. Friends and family confused:

Kimberly Keith, a family friend, said Sasha's loved ones are still trying to figure out what happened. Although they knew Sasha was going to her first rave, Keith said, drug use was "not her character."

When they got the call that Sasha had been taken to the hospital, they had no idea how serious her condition was.

"We were almost like joking, 'Oh she's going to be in trouble. I can't believe she went there!' " she said. Keith said they thought maybe the rave was "too packed, she was excited and passed out.... Never in a million years would we would have imagined" drugs.

A 16-year old friend who was with Sasha at the rave said Sasha was dancing, got hot and began quickly drinking cold water.

Doctors said "her sodium, electrolytes were so low that when she started replacing them so quickly [with cold water], ecstasy messes up your body's ability to process that, so it threw her body out of whack," said Keith.

Do yall feel sad that Grace Rodriguez's daughter is gone, all because of electro music + LA drug culture?

The girl, identified by family members as Sasha Rodriguez, was one of two rave attendees who were in critical condition at California Hospital Medical Center after the 14th annual Electric Daisy Carnival.

As Sasha's family decided whether to remove her from life support Tuesday, her mother, Grace Rodriguez, told the CBS Evening News: "I was supposed to be planning her Sweet Sixteen party. Now I have to plan her funeral."

Kinda scared to take ecstasy now.

She sank into a coma and suffered multiple organ failure, prompting her family to remove her from life support. Doctors said she had the hallucinogen Ecstasy, also called MDMA, in her system. Another rave attendee is in critical condition from a similar overdose.

Ecstasy can cause high blood pressure leading to stroke or seizures, which can then cause kidney failure.

The rave was restricted to those 16 and older. Sasha was not carrying identification, friends and family said. "Obviously, they didn't check IDs," said Eva Rodriguez, Sasha's godmother.

Who will be held responsible for the death of Sasha Rodriguez?
Is it the promoter's fault? Her mother's? Her friends?
Are yall pumped about Electric Daisy Carnival 2011, which will be held on foreign soil?
Are yall excited about the anti-rave movement in California?
Is the local news market in California 'pumped' about this new genre of 'rave content' 2 scare old ppl?
Does this make u want to go 2 a rave, or do u feel scared u will die there?

Teen dies after drug overdose at Los Angeles Rave, Local News ‘all over that shit’ with coverage

Video May Not be Playable in RSS Reader

The Electric Daisy Carnival was a Los Angeles based rave that took place in an empty football stadium. It was rumored to have attracted 185K alternative raver tweens who just wanted to party hard 2 electro music. After seeing so many weirdos attend [link] and seeing riots + stampedes break out [link], it seems like some 15 year old girl overdosed at the event. Seems like a bad thing to have a teen OD at your music festival. Can't believe her family 'pulled the plug' on her. Wonder if they were disappointed in her, or thought she was making bad life decisions.

A 15-year-old girl who attended last weekend's Electric Daisy Carnival at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum died on Tuesday from a suspected drug overdose, authorities said.

The girl, whose name was not released, was in respiratory arrest when she arrived at California Hospital Medical Center and never recovered, a hospital official told the Los Angeles Times.

What drug do yall think she was on?

Do people die at raves all the time [via OD]? Is it a bad idea to try to monetize a 'rave' as a music festival?
Is the Electric Daisy Festival 'gonna get its ass shut down'?

Feel like the local news is 'having a field day' with this story since it is probably relevant to Los Angeles families, since their kids are in the middle of an electro rebellious era:


Seems like the girl shouldn't even have been allowed in the doors. I guess when u throw a festival, u just want to make as much money as possible:

The website for the electronic music festival said the guests had to be at least 16, raising the question of how the girl got into the event.

Feel bad for the people who run LA Coliseum. It once hosted the Olympics, but isn't really a modern facility, so they have to find excuses to use it to try to make some money. Since it is a second class facility that holds over 100,000 people, they usually use it for Mexican soccer games or Cali-tween raves.

"On behalf of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, I express our dismay and deep sadness on the death of the young woman who attended the Electric Daisy Carnival," Barry A. Sanders, president of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission said. "We send our sincere condolences to her family."

Sanders said he called a special meeting of the commission "to review all the circumstances and the criteria for insuring that event promoters in our facilities have proper procedures in place to protect the health and safety of all attendees."

"We will always be committed to the well-being of everyone who visits the Coliseum and Sports Arena."

Seems like they are just happy to make 'mad bank' even if it means some1 dying

"This is basically a government-encouraged drug fest. That's the wrong message," Dr. Brian Johnston, director of the emergency room at White Memorial Medical Center told the Times. "It's putting people at risk unnecessarily. It's putting people's health at risk."

Jon Lee, director of marketing for the Coliseum and Los Angeles Sports Arena, called the event "a success" and said a very small percentage of the attendees misbehaved.

"We don't like to see problems, but the vast majority had a good time without incident," Lee said.

The Coliseum, built on state land, is run by a joint city, county and state commission. The Coliseum does not receive any taxpayer subsidies and is financially independent. It is expected to earn well over six figures from the weekend rave, or as much profit as a couple of USC games, Pat Lynch, its general manager, told the Times.

Is Electric Daisy Carnival 'going down the shitter'?
Will it be back next year?
Will some local city council person build their re-election platform against 'shutting down rave death traps'?
Are ravers 'the new punks'/anarchists/etc?
Should raves be monetized / earn millions of dollars?
Is Los Angeles the rave capital of the world, and should they look to 'rebrand'?
Has electro spiraled out of control?
Do all teens who use drugs deserve 2 die?
Can we call any of the artists/DJs who performed at EDC 'murderers'? (Steve Aoki, Rivers Cuomo, Lil Jon, tons of other DJs)
Is the local news just produced to 'scare old people' and fuel their disdain of young people?

Is the 'party promoter' fucked, or is he just rolling around in money, rolling on ecstasy?

VIDEO: 3 Blipsters get mad blazed and analyze AnCo’s “Brother Sport” music video

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In this exclusive video, three 'stoned out of they mind' blipsters huddle around a laptop computer and watch the "Brother Sport" video. Many bands and artists want to inspire relevant discussions, but sometimes the only thing that truly 'frees your mind' and helps you to 'truly analyze the society we are trapped in' is marijuana. Seems like these blipbros really 'brought 2gether the best of both worlds.'</embed>

Does Animal Collective make more sense when u r 'lifted'?
Was AnCo engineered for people who smoke 'wacky tobacky'?
Is Weed the official drug of AnCo, or is it LSD / acid / meow meow?

The blipsters begin to talk about their disenfranchisement with the scene. One claims that he wants to create art and poetry as opposed to 'going out to party' every weekend. He later claims that the Beatles are part of the Illuminati, part of some sort of worldwide conspiracy. Seems likely that he has 'proof' in some sort of youtube slideshow/website from 1993.

The sounds of Animal Collective's hit anthem "Brother Sport" clash violently with the NBA posters on the walls of this blipster's dorm room.

Can u connect with this meme? Have you ever 'got mad lifted' with ur bros, put on some AnCo, and talked about art, society, life, and any other modern buzztopic?
Do 'black people' 'get' Animal Collective?

Is "Brother Sport" a 'hipster street name" for weed? Like when you go to your alt drug dealer, can u ask him for some "Brother Sport"?
Will he give you 'premium weed' or 'dank schwag'?
Does this video represent 'wanting to do something more with ur life' but just sorta being a blazed bro who hands out with bros and watches things on screens, forming opinions on them, and ultimately living a 'dead end life' no matter how many relevant bands/videos/movies/memes u consume?
Do u wanna chill with these blipster bros?

Alt Guy Rolling on Ecstasy strips naked with glow sticks, raves around room dancing to Crystal Castles


Does n e 1 know what happened to Crystal Castles? It seems like just yesterday their album leaked, they got a 'decent' Pitchfork score, but they haven't really produced a stream of memes that kept their fans engaged. I could honestly go for a few Alice Glass memes, maybe some dark music videos that leave me conceptually dissatisfied, and maybe even some 'controversial quotes' / stories about how CC were 'complete dicks' to a few bands on the road. Just expect a lil more buzz from buzzbands, even if the buzz is kinda forced.

Just glad this bro raved around his room to Crystal Castles' "Vietnam." I gave the album a 'power skim' but I only really listened to their song when this bro created engaging content. His dance seems to be commentary on the Crystal Castles fan base--sorta like those weirdo California ravers who go to Hardfest. I guess it is good that their brand is strong so they get critical acclaim, but still get this weird feeling that the band's core fan base is really dark/tweeny/shops at Hot Topic.

Do u want more Crystal Castles content?
Is their album cycle over?
Have yall ever sucked on a pacifier and listened to CC with a few lil glowsticks?
Have yall ever 'rolled' [via ecstasy] and danced around to buzzworthy music/vlogged?
What is the long term outlook for Crystal Castles' brand: the next AnCo or are they just part of the L.A. electro scene [via mexi alts]?
Does this bro have the perfect male alt body?

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