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Yall. Sometimes I read important people say important things that ppl need2 hear. I thought I should start keeping track of these quotes bc they will help me live a more authentic life. [I am also going to start posting more pointless stuff since I am making s00 much blog money that my memes don't even have 2 b HI LEVEL n e m0re. jk luv yall stay the same.]


"I write all my music in my head, I never demo."

-James "I Created Authentic Disco" Murphy

Does ur band/electroduo make demos or do yall only make 1 cut that is what u intended 4 it 2 b? Just want to make stuff that lasts forever just like DFA.
//want 2 make music @ a [high production value] that lasts from vans til infiniti ////

///Quote via NME // Pedestrian]

Just want to be some one great.


/// Some blog great ////
/////an HRO story //////

Where did Disco Come from?

I am a bro who 'found out about disco' after I heard bloghouse, so it's gonna take me a while to understand 'where it all came from.' Even though I have heard that it 'used 2 b around in the 70s', I am still convinced that authentic disco is a new genre that has nothing to do with old disco.

I found this 'clifnotes doodle' of where disco came from. Does n e 1 know if this is the accurate history of disk0?


[Meaningful meme made by Manuel Buerger]

Did yall know that Chromeo was disk0?

Have yall heard of SPACE DISCO?

Yall. Just found out about an exciting new subgenre called 'space disco.' I think it is in the Authentic Disco family, except the songs are 'a little bit more spacey' and sort of wander for a little while. It's exciting though. Love learning about new terms that encapsulate what I'm listening 2, kinda like the first time I heard the word 'indie' in 1992.

Appreciating DFA makes me feel more authentic. Like I appreciate music on a higher level than all of the 'typical bloglectro trash' that has corrupted our youth for the past 12 blog months. Might even start to appreciate YACHT, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

Should I like Yacht, or should I wait til they have more songs that were produced at the DFA HQ?


(Should I start 2 crush on the girl in Yacht? She seems kinda kute & attainable & 'not weird'/'moderately in touch with reality' unlike most HRO it girls. Just want an it-girl to settle down with, yall)

N e ways, here is a song by RUNAWAY that I feel comfortable aligning my personal brand with since there is 0% quirkiness and 110% authentic disco.

Runaway Brooklyn Club Jam (Brennan Green's Version)"

Found this track at


Authentic Disco Bands have pictures of records in their myspace default pix


The DFA logo (just cuz I wanna align my blog brand with the DFA brand)

Is Holy Ghost!'s &#34;Hold On&#34; the next &#34;D.A.N.C.E.&#34;?

I am going to spend more time focusing on trying to figure out what the next song to have a massive impact on alternative society will be. Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." was like a small scale version of that time Daft Punk's "One More Time" became the song that every body loved or hated.

In theory, was Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." the next "Young Folks" after whistle-mania swept the nation?

I think the main thing that intrigues me about songs like this is that they really dominate your playlists for like 1.5 years, then they have a lasting impact on your recollection of that era. The type of Transcendant hits that I am talking about are typically contained within alternative markets, with more-notable-than-usual crossover into mainstream markets. Basically, the alternative Macarenas and LivingLaVidaLocas.

I'm wondering if Holy Ghost! has a chance to officially have "the next D.A.N.C.E." once they release a full-length album. I feel like they have the preceding reputation, bubbling cauldron of hype, and the skills and resources necessary to write a transcendant electro-hit.

Qualities that I see in transcendant alternative electro-ish hits

1. Consistent inclusion in most dj sets, whether it is the a-hole who only plays bangers, or the DJ with the excessive italo/disco collection of vinyls.
2. Inclusion on mix CDs of mainstream alts. It's a pretty default 'put this on a mix CD' type of song that people who don't listen to new music will probably like, and people who listen to too much music won't call you out about.
3. You can't really tell how old it is/how long it has been out. It was produced to be a pretty 'timeless' song that is seeking to transcend and conform with what's popular at the moment.
4. Themes in vague lyrical content that may or may not be identifiable to the common man and/or common partier and/or MiddleAmerican alts who think the songs brings them closer to the blossoming scene of a flourishing alternative mecca.
5. Undeniable production value that separates it from bedroom producers.
6. The band isn't 'too electro', so it can be written and blogged about by various media outlets
7. Chorus that people can put in their profiles/create inside jokes with their friends.

Can HOLY GHOST!'s "Holy On" meet these requirements? Or are there more likely candidates?

Other possible transcendant electro-ish hits of recent memory (in no particular order)
1. Ladytron - Seventeen
2. Ghostland Observatory - "Sad Sad City"
3. Cut Copy - "Saturdays"
4. Chromeo - "Needy Girl" (Bloc Party Remix)
5. The Postal Service - "Clark Gable"/"Such Great Heights"/basically any of their other songs
6. Hot Chip - "Over and OVer"
7. Annie - "Heartbeat"/"Chewing Gum"/"Greatest Hit"
[Note: Most of these songs pre-dated modern DJ culture, so evaluate them within different contexts. The term "electro-ish" is a genre that is meant to encapsulate 'music that sound pretty electronic that a relatively wide audience listens to.' ]

It's taken a while for me to publically jump on board the spirit of DFA/James Murphy productions. Of course they are really good, but maybe I'm just afraid of commitment (It's great to have a music blog where you can talk about choosing not to like something that is undeniably good). Maybe the story of the DFA brand is that their pretentious 'we are authentic and honor the past in our sound and in our production techniques' is probably a better long term move than the over-designed & over-dbagginess of the Ed Banger Crew. So while DFA teammembers get bonuses based on implementing innovative percussion, Ed Banger crew teammember get bonuses based on party-pic appearances. I guess in the long run, DFA crew probably has the competitive advantage.

I think sorting out your relationship with DFA comes down to whether or not you want to appreciate LCD Soundsystem's song "Losing My Edge." It's a pretty epic self-aware manifesto.

I would just be worried about Holy Ghost! being under-branded. If there's one thing that HIPSTER RUNOFF has proven, it's that it's usually 300% easier and entertaining to write about talentless a-holes who are actively seeking your attention, as opposed to people who make a good product while doing their job. While a lot of DFA songs just let the quality of the product be the ultimate representation, I'd say it's okay to have a few gimmicks, even if you are a high-end product.

Did DFA invent the electro-lightning bolt? Were they pioneers in the under-designed, hand-doodled logo in the music industry?

But yeah. ANYWAYS... I read on a blog that ______________ is the next "D.A.N.C.E."!!!!!

Holy Ghost! Hold On

Holy Ghost! on myspace

Pretty serious interview with Holy Ghost!

LCD's Soundsystem's James Murphy producing "Hold On" clip


Just because my mind is on this type of crap, enjoy this list

Transcendant Mainstream Indie hits (not in any particular order)
1. Deathcab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending"
2. Sufjan Stevens - "Chicago"
3. Broken Social Scene - "Cause=Time"
4. The Shins - "New Slang"/"Kissing the Lipless"
5. Interpol - "NYC"/"PDA"/etc...
6. The Strokes - "Last Nite"
7. Animal Collective - "For Reverend Green"/"Fireworks"
8. Panda Bear - "Bros"/"Comfy in Nautica"
9. Peter Bjorn and John - "Young Folks"
10. MIA - "Paper Planes"
(Probably about 100 more)

Please comment with your theories, additions or subtractions to these lists, or refinements to any ideas presented.

<3 <3 unfair labels, trends, and oversimplification of products and ideas<3 <3

CSS: The Band, Not Cascading Style Sheets

CSS presents the question, "If I were to make love, would I want to listen to Death From Above?"
I think I'd rather listen to M83. Right?

MP3: CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (CALVIN HARRIS REMIX)
MP3: CSS - Let's Make Love & Listen to Death From Above
MP3: M83 - Run Into Flowers

Buy CSS at Amazon.
Buy M83 at Amazon

Authentic record label DFA Records talks mad shit abt Lana Del Rey

The Lana Del Rey scandal is a meme that has been swept under the rug for months by the indie blog and corporate insiders who are trying to manufacture her into 'the next big thing.' After yesterday's 'shocking expose' on her origins [LINK], it seems like the authentic indiesphere is rallying against her. Even DFA Records, which was started by legendary alt frontman/producer/icon James Murphy and authentic producer Tim Goldsworthy has gone out of their way to 'talk mad shit' abt Lana Del Rey and all of the 'mindless' indie blogs and mp3 listeners that are hypeballing her.

In a tweet, the brand says.

Please tell me lana del rey is really a new natalie portman video directed by Lonely Island? #baffled

Do u agree with their 'pan'?

Do her videos seem like some sort of sillie joke created by Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island bros?


Are they 'dead on' with their analysis of what a lofi joke of a video she made?


Is this easily the Lonely Island's 'worst track'?

If u trust DFA as an authentic source of 'what u should be listening 2', then it makes sense to take their word on what u SHOULDN'T be listening 2...

Will more indie celebs, brands, and diy record labels 'speak out against' the manufacturing of Lana Del Rey?
Who will be the next alt celeb 2 'pan' Lana Del Rey?
Is her buzz dying or getting stronger?
Are ppl being 'too mean' 2 this lil gurl who 'just wants 2 sing her heart out 4 us'?
Does Lana Del Rey 'still look hot' so none of this matters?
Is Lana Del Rey just 4 overgrounders who 'dont know any better'?
Do u ever miss the simple days of Lizzy Grant?
Is Lana 'tearing us apart'?
Should more ppl talk more shit abt buzzbands on twitter?
R u on #TeamLana or r u a #LanaH8r?

The XX does a boring / weird dubstep remix of a boring YACHT song

From what I understand, Yacht's latest album was a disappointment, since it yielded mediocre results critically and commercially. Apparently, they had the dude who plays the fake drums in the XX do a remix for them, along with some other people, but I think the XX probably can 'get the most blog hypemachine twitter action.'

Here is their flattering press release blurb:

4-20 marks the release of one of YACHT’s most sought after and acclaimed album cuts ‘the afterlife’. As the next single from their 2009 lp ’see mystery lights’, ‘the afterlife’ includes a healthy dose of eclectic remixes by dat politics, andrew wk, the XX and more!

1. The Afterlife (Radio Edit)
2. The Afterlife (DAT Politics Remix)
3. The Afterlife (Andrew WK Remix)
4. The Afterlife (The XX Remix)
5. The Afterlife (Joy Electric Remix)
6. The Afterlife (May Ling Version)

The XX bro (Jamie XX) is apparently really into dubstep, so he makes remixes sound dubsteppy, instead of extending the XX Brand by using their signature gimmicks in remixes.

Who is ur fave member of the XX?
Whatever happened 2 the one that they fired?
Is she pissed 4 being kicked out / choosing to leave a buzzband?

Feel like I still 'believe' Yacht can make 2-3 more bloggable mp3s before their useful life is up, but hope they just get things 2gether for the next album so that they don't bring down the DFA brand. They probably need to move out of Portland for a while so that they can 'clear their heads' and make a product that appeals to the entire Indie Alt Nation, instead of just Portland Apologists.

Is DFA still authentic, or were u disappointed by Yacht + LCD Soundsystem in 2k9k10?
Are remixes still authentic?
Should the XX jump on the chillwave bandwagon?

Original Video for "Afterlife" by YACHT


Is Jona Bechtolt a genius?

Is DFA Records 'going up in flames'?

Apparently one of the 'high level producer bros' who 'started DFA Records' (Tim Goldsworthy) has 'moved to the other side of the world.' DFA is an 'authentic' electro/disco label. James Murphy is probably 'the face' of DFA Records. I wonder if there were issues because James Murphy is a Tier 1 alt celeb, but Tim Goldsworthy might be like 'a slave who doesn't get any credit.

Reached for comment by e-mail, Galkin told Resident Advisor: "Tim Goldsworthy moved away to somewhere in the United Kingdom, without informing anyone here at DFA. We have had no word from him since he left the United States. So we moved on with our lives and our business. Simple as that. He most definitely took a piece of us when he left, but we wish him the best with whatever he gets up to next."

Tim Goldsworthy = the bro who 'produced' the hit electro album "In Ghost Colours" by the Cut Copy, and is considered by web critics to be 'the fifth member of the Rapture before they went mainstreamish.'

Do u have any conspiracy theories abt why there is a 'huge rift' in DFA Records?
Can we assume that the new LCD Soundsystem album is 'going 2 blow' because of the deteriorating corporate culture at the DFA studios?
Does n e 1 know the real story, or is this just a 'non-story' that blogs are sensationalizing in anticipation of the upcoming LCD Soundsystem record?

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