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Can Twin Sister become the lofi Beach House of 2k11?

Twin Sister All Around and Away We Go

It is so difficult to harvest a buzzband in 2k10. It seems like it takes months and months for bands to 'ripen', making themselves available for a great MP3 harvest. Long gone are the days where a band can exist for less than a week, have 1 blogworthy MP3 and get 'all buzzed about on the Hype Machines.' So many 'Brooklyn-based buzzbands' that all have similar names make it so difficult for fans and bloggers 2 decide 'who is relevant.' Not just who can 'get into the top 20 on hypemachine' (which has become easier than ever due to new algorithms / blogs that are eager to publish mid-level content), but who can elevate their brand to 'top tier indie celebrity status.'

Feel like I have 'evolved' from the constant hunt for bloggable mp3s, looking to be the first to share them, instead taking a chiller route, waiting for bands to 'mature' with at least a sample size of 10-20 mp3s before I 'dive' into their catalog. No longer am I young, and I can't take a risk on an unknown band. I am maturing, growing older, my life is slowing down and I am less likely to take risks, whether it is in my investment portfolio or when it comes to my tastemaking voice.

Really vibing out to Twin Sister now that I 'finally listened 2 them.' Twin Sister seems to have been around 'for a while', but due to underbranding / mis-branding, they may not have been able to 'break thru' and secure a highly relevant fan base which is necessary to continue to get 'authentic coverage' as opposed to riding blurb waves. Maybe I am 'completely wrong' and need to check Billboard to see that they sold hundreds of thousands of units across the world, but this mp3 post serves not only as an opportunity to 'buzz' Twin Sister, but also to comment on the state of blogs as tastemakers for buzzbands.

A new sect of bands has evolved that get lost in blog fodder. It is a communication issue since our eyes and ears are trained to interpret and analyze the blog format without reading text or listening to MP3s, even when content deserve our attention. We have learned to look past annoying banner ads, and now we can look past the actual content. Even Pitchfork wrote some article abt how all blogs look the same, and all bands try to match the vintage aesthetic with their press photos [link]. What has hurt buzzbands in the post-lofi vintage Names that don't stick out. Forgettable videos. 'Being from Brooklyn' [via every other g-d buzzband in the world]. Videos that u can't tell if they are 'fan videos' or 'real videos that represent the brand.'


Really worried we're going to lose out on a few buzzworthy bands in 2k11 if this trend continues. It seems like blog readers and buzzworthy mp3 scavengers have developed 'selective buzz blindness', a term that can be used to describe bands that 'don't look like they are worth checking out.' You

It seems like bands and the 'online banner advertising industry' should have a pow-wow fireside chat round table to discuss how to keep people from 'overlooking' their content
How does a buzzband get your attention? Sex, gifs, and zany band/mp3 names.

Got super vulns with this song.

Twin Sister The Other Side Of Your Face

Can Twin Sister be 'saved', re-processed thru a more authentic buzz cycle?
Do u think they could have received a 1.0 point boost if they were 'branded' 'correctly'?
Should all bands wait to release their albums on an well-known label and overpay a PR agent who adds 'legitimate value' to ur brand?

Feel like the best strategy for a band with female vocals and an attractive alt singer is to 'brand' the band around the female, even if she doesn't carry much of the artistic load.

Feel like I would rather listen 2 her
instead of this band:

It seems like the lead singer, who is named Andrea Estella, is 'mad indie cute' and should probably be exclusively branded as 'the leader' of the band. Probably make a video with her singing/dancing, altbros can 'oggle' over her, alt girls will 'want 2 be her'/wish they had a unique voice so they could be in a buzzband.

I remember when Beach House sorta had an awkward phase, but then my girl Vicki 'took over' and 'ran shit', carrying that brand 2 new authentic heights using her talent + indie sex appeal.

Just watched Andrea's personal brand 'live' in this lofi rendition of some song.


Bros seem chill, but just trying 2 think about Andrea and then I feel all sausage-festy. Just wanna focus on Andrea, see her face on an album cover, put it up on my wall. Really gotta take down the picture of that lead singer from Glass Candy lady.

What does a buzzband need 2 'break thru'?
Can Twin Sister 'rebound' even though their album cycle is 'long over'?
Do u believe in 'selective buzz blindness'?
Does it take a band 2.5 albums to be 'authentic indie brands'?
Do all buzzbands on the internet 'look and sound the same'?
Can Twin Sister 'get better' and reach Beach House status?
Can u see Andrea Estella being branded as a Victoria LeGrand / Feist / Alice Glass / Bethany Cosentino?
Would it help if we just started calling her Twin Sister, sorta like how every calls Bethany Cosentino 'Best Coast'?
If u were starting a buzzbrand, how would u brand their internet identity to make them memorable?
Will the next era of relevant bands have 'Twin' in their names/should I make a blog post abt them to SEO for the twin wave?
Is Twin Sister's career 'already over' or will they 'evolve' in2 a relevant indie brand that won't die for another 3-5 years?
Can Andrea Estella become the next big indie it girl?

Photo via flickr

Afraid I'm going 2 lose her
Afraid I'll never get 2 know her if they don't make more buzzworthy mp3s
Afraid I won't have another premium indie front woman in my life if my gurl Twin Sis fades away :-(

Can Twin Sister make 'the leap', brand themselves effectively, and sell mad albums/license their well-written songs in relevant commercials?

Did Twin Sister 'rip off' Beach House's buzzband aesthetic at a recent live show?

Every buzzband has a personal buzz brand. It is an important part of making urself identifiable to consumers so they can be all like 'oh ya, I know them. I could spot them from a mile away.' But if u were standing a mile away from Twin Sister at a recent buzz show, you might have thought you were watching Victoria LeGrand and the Beach House band.

As u can see, Andrea Estella is wearing a blazer with shoulder pads... Her hair is moderately curly towards her ends. She is usually known 4 wearing wigs.

Looks kinda like Vicki LeGrand... She's FAMOUS 4 her curly mop and sexi grandma shoulder pads... [link]

Now let's look at 'the other dude' from Beach House...

Doesn't he look similar 2 'other dude' from Twin Sister?

Who also looks ALARMINGLY similar 2 other other dude from Twin Sister?

It seems like there is a massive buzz feud broiling between Beach House and Twin Sister that will certainly be settled in fisticuffs at a future VIP area of a relevant music festival. In 2k12, the 'shit will hit the fan', and only 1 buzzband can take ownership of the 'female frontwoman with blazer and shoulder pads and curly hair with other dude looking alt and playing guitar personal brand.'

Let's #pray that this gets settled soon. peacefully.

R u on #TeamBeachHouse or #TeamTwinSister?
Who is hotter: Vicki LeGrand or Andrea Estella?
Would u rather be Eiffel Towered by the Twin Sis bros or get busy with Alex Scally of Beach House (aka other dude)?
Do all 'other dudes' look the same?
Do u feel bad when a buzzband only has a bunch of 'other dudes'?
Do u own ur own personal brand?

Beach House


Beach House is a relevant buzzband who has 'tons of indie cred.' Lead singer Victoria LeGrand is known as 1 of the sexiest women in indie.

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Victoria LeGrand

Alternative Celebrity

Victoria LeGrand, known as "Vicki" is one of the hottest indie songstresses in indie music in the hit band the Beach House.

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Andrea Estella

Alternative Celebrity

Andrea Estella is the lead singer of the popular 2k10 buzzband Twin Sister.

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Andrea Estella takes her personal brand 2 next level in Twin Sister's new video + album art


Twin Sister's frontwoman is Andrea Estella, but they also have a band of bros who write vibes while she sings in her branded vocal experience. In addition, she has long hair, wears wigs, and is attempting 2 become a top-tier indie female sex icon. She is DEFINITELY headed in the right direction in the music video for the song "Bad Street", which was RUMORED to be shot at her family's home in Long Island. Prob gonna watch this video 300x, learn the layout of their property, and have dreams abt dating her 'before she was relevant' [via high school] and then she would join a buzzband and I would be a possessive bf and make her quit the band bc there were so many other dudes in the band and I am the jealous type, and I would make her join a band that had 2 other cute indie females.

It seems like they have accepted that the best strategy is to brand the band around Andrea Estella, just to trick mainstreamers into thinking that she is some female artist named 'The Twin Sister', like she has a twin or something. The album cover looks like some anime picture of her. I am not really that into anime, but this will probably improve sales in AZN markets.

Do u wish u got VIP access to a relevant indie celeb's family?

Do u <3 Andrea Estella?
Is she on pace to become the #1 female in indie in 2k11?
Who is the hottest Twin Sister bro?
Have u ever been 2 the childhood home of a buzzband?

Andrea Estella shows off new green hair. Does she have the best hair in indie?

Photo via MTV Hive

Andrea Estella is known for having 'the best legs in indie', but what if I told u that she unveiled a SHOCKING new hairdo??? Well, her hair is long and green now... Do yall know if Andrea Estella wears a wig? Maybe this is her new brand for Twin Sister's upcoming album cycle.

At the end of the day... U have 2 give Andrea Estella props for her hair style. Every female in indie has notable hair. Vicki LeGrand's mop of curls. Alice Glass's Win Butler/Skrillex haircut. Feist's innovative bangs. Madeline Follin has her sexi side-part. Now we have Andrea Estella's green hair.

Do u think she looks good?
Do u think her voice translates well 2 the live experience?
Will Twin Sister break the 8.7 barrier?
R u crushing on Andie Estella?
Which female has 'the best hair in indie'?

Andrea Estella shows off her neverending legs. Miss u Twin Sister...

Andrea Estella
Where have u been, bb?
I'll never forget the first time I heard ur vocal delivery
I knew u were going to be an A-list indie star...

We miss the Twin Sisses
Well, not the bros in the band
Mainly just U
Which is why we gave u flowers
and hid every1 in the background

We are ALL ABOUT Andie Estella
We are MAD ABT Andie Estella

Ur legs
are nvrending...
Ur hair colour is everchanging
The indie world is urs 4 the taking, Andrea Estella

Do u <3 Andrea Estella?
Do u miss the Twin Sister?
Do u prefer Twin Shadow?
Can Andrea Estella make 'the leap' to indie female sex icon status?
Does she have the best legs in indie?


Andrea Estella

Alternative Celebrity

Andrea Estella is the lead singer of the popular 2k10 buzzband Twin Sister.

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The QT from Twin Sister dyes her hair green

Andrea Estella is the lead singer of the hit 2k10 buzzband Twin Sister. Apparently they are on some UK tour. I don't really know anything about Britain except that they have pretty bad taste in music, and even if they do like a band that is 'good', it takes them like 1-2 years to get in2 them.

Anyways, it seems like 'my gurle' Andrea dyed her hair green 2 enhance her personal brand. She seems kinda keut, like she just got 'slimed' [via Nickelodeon Studios]

'Sorry bro, ur lil punk ass just got slimed.'

It seems like Andrea Estella is really 'doing a lot' to 'brand herself' as one of the most important indie songstresses in indie rock music. Feel like if she just develops a few signature 'dance moves', or potentially an Alice-Glass-like personal branding gimmick, she will be 'set' for life even if all the other bros quit the band.


So tired of all of these bros 'hogging' Andrea on their magic carpet. Kinda wish I could 'go on a metaphorical maggy carpet ride' with her [via Aladdin + Jasmine {sub-via "I Can Show U A World" Duet}].

Do u <3 Andrea?
Do u think she is going to 'make the jump' in 2k11?
Will Twin Sister be able to 'deliver' their second album to a wider audience?
Do u think her green hair is 'mad keut'?

Is she wearing a 'wig' or is her hair 'permanent'?
Will she become 'the Lady Gaga of indie' [via wearing wigs] = her personal branding gimmick?
R u on #TeamAliceGlass or #TeamAndieEstella or #TeamVickiLeGrand or #Team Beth?

Andrea Estella, Alice Glass, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast, and Zooey Deschanel

The QT from Twin Sister starts 'new fashion trend', wears puffy fake denim jacket

Twin Sister is a popular 2k10 buzzband that has a keut female singer and a bunch of bloggable hit mp3s. Anyways, I'm not sure when this pic was taken, but I would guess sometime this winter. So sad it is getting cold, but I guess that means 'new fashions' will emerge as we try to 'stay warm' and also 'stay fashionable.

I'm not sure what u call this type of jacket, but it seems like a new 'post-ironic' female trend.

I remember there were poor kids at school who wore these because their parents couldn't afford real denim. Some kids even had 'fake denim' jeans or something. Was rlly confusing since I didn't know much abt the textile/fashion industry back then.

Even some uncool, overweight adults wore 'clothy fake denim' jeans because they were fat and needed elastic bands.

Do u think Andrea Estella is 'climbing up' the power rankings of 'Hottest QTs in Indie Music' after their most recent music video [link]?

Do u own 1 of these fake denim puffy jackets?
Do they have an official name?
R u gonna go 2 ur local vintage store and try 2 buy 1?
Do u <3 the Twin Sissie?
Do u think 'Andrea' will become more bloggable than Alice Glass in 2k11?

Should Andrea try to 'go solo' and reach 'Feist Status' due 2 her smokey voice?

Twin Sister makes 'first official video', showcases their personal brands

Twin Sister is a 2k10 buzzband that released some album but I'm not sure if enough ppl heard it, but I think they are still probably going to 'gain an organic gathering', have a 'highly anticipated 2nd album', and potentially achieve critical success/become a relevant post-fuzzy-buzzy era indie band. They have some new video for their hit 2k10 song "All Around and Away We Go."

Kinda dig this video because it 'stays true to their retro vibe', but most importantly, features Andrea Estella 'shaking her ass', letting indie bro consumers know that there is a sexie lady somewhere within Twin Sister. Wonder if they are trying to seem 'less like a band' and more like she is the lead singer who goes by the name "The Twin Sister."

U really get to focus on her.

But then random altbros in the band pop up

Who the eff r u?

Just glad the video kinda focuses on branding her as 'the Vicki Legrand' of Twin Sister

Do u <3 Twin Sister?
Did u retroactively download their entire discography?
Do u think the Twin Sis is chiller than the Best Coast?
Do u like bands with 2 many bros, or would u rather go 2 a show 2 'stare at a hot piece of grade-A indie A$$'?
Does it help when a band is 'attractive'?
If u r a girl, do u think 'bros in bands' are 'hot'?
Will Twin Sister end up in the top 20 albums of the year, and is that 'a success' 4 a buzzband?


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