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Amber Rose

Will Kanye West + males + African Americans 'change' in the 2k10s?

I saw this picture of Kanye West and his 'number 1 ho' Amber Rose at Paris Fashion Week. It seems like they have really 'turned over a new leaf', and are possibly growing stronger as a couple. In the past, she used to wear skank gear to show off her ridonk curves, but now her man has her in check, making sure that she stays covered up, like a beautiful/pure & unique Muslim woman.

Kanye West has sorta been laying low. I was worried about him, like he was depressed, and writing sad, deep songs with an autotuner. He used to be one of the top 5 human memes on the planet, but now he has retreated from the internet sensationsphere.

The 2k0s seemed like an amazing, yet kind bummed out/tragic decade for Kanye West. He got famous, and ppl treated him like the black male Lady Gaga. Went through some hard times... George Bush doesn't care bout mulatto ppl... Mom death [via Heidi Montag plastic surg]... Shafting Taylor Swift... doing other controversial stuff. Wonder if he is going to 'pull it 2gether' this decade, and just try to write songs that change/heal/inspire the world [via Michael Jackson]. Wonder if Justin Timberlake will make us forget about Michael Jackson this decade.

Do u think he still chills with these bros, or are they just enablers?

I wonder if all men + African Americans + rap hiphop superstar moguls will begin to treat women with more love and respect. Are yall tired of women being 'pieces of meat', or do u think they like it like that?

Do yall think black people are going to 'ball over all' at the Academy Awards this year?
Heard that 'Precious' is a beautiful movie that inspires tons of white guilt.

Worried that they'll lose out 2 blue ppl [via the avatar]. Feel like 'Precious' might be the black version of 'Milk.' Like giving the African American community something to 'be proud of' since it represents a realistic tale of hope in their community.


Just got hella bummed out. Relieved about my way of life on the internet + how easy my life has been.

Just sorta riffing on this post, doing some 'pop culture musings', talking about race. Talking about the Oscars. Really just wanted to ask one important question.

What's the difference between Wyclef Jean and Will.I.Am?

If u were stuck on an Island, and u could only be Wyclef Jean or Will.I.Am, and take 1 musical instrument, and bring one broad to sing over ur music, who would it be?
The person who answers this question correctly will receive a free genre shirt.

Just saw Kanye West shopping at Am Appy.

Photo via Am Appy Daily Update

Can't believe Kanye West shops at Am Appy. Not sure if this makes me want to wear it more/less. Not sure if this means that American Apparel is meant for people of all races, or that they are trying to be some sort of upscale blipster brand. Feeling very confused, like I want to burn all of my Am Appy/try to think of new conversion projects.

When I see Kanye looking at Am Appy shirts, it seems like he is saying that he could design them better than Dovathan Charney. It seems like he 'likes the aesthetic' but would probably 'tweak that shit' to make it more 'epic' somehow.

Can't believe he brought 'his skank ass girlfriend' with him. Wonder if her curvie figure can even fit in2 Am Appy. Feel like I might need to find a new brand. Has any1 heard of Anthropologie / Hollister / Ammy Eagle?

would have guessed that Kanye was 'above' generic retail bullshit. Guess he's just trying to chill. Apparently he bought 2 hoodies & sunglasses. Seems like a sillie purchase, since summer is coming up.

I remember Kanye West had a song on his first album where he talked about being a black dude who worked at the Gap. He rapped about 'murdering his boss' and 'smoking blunts at work.' He was just a disenfranchised black bro, still hungry to 'transcend society.' Now that he is 'famous' I feel like his content is 'totally different', and he just sort of sings about 'generic hip hop greatness.'


Feels weird that Kanye West used to have a 'different image.' Wonder if he was still 'demented' back then. Feels weird to 'look back' on 'rappers who we thought were going to be different than every other rapper', but eventually all 'hip hop stars' turn in2 the same thing.

I remember when Kanye's signature gimmick [via 1st album] was a 'dejected bear.'

Seems like maybe he was 'less cultured' back then, and this was 'all he could think of.' Back before he met the Ed Banger crew/ traveled to France / started 'blogging' / 'going 2 fashion shows' / becoming an 'artist.'

Can ppl change, or are they always the same?

Meme that we must nvr 4gt

Name That Alt Celeb Lookalike (cutie)

I was browsing pictures of beautiful ppl, and noticed 1 who looked exactly like an alternative celebrity. Might actually be her. Can yall help me out and tell me who she looks like?

Photo by Glam Canyon

Who 'the eff' does this broad LOOK LIKE?


  • She is currently dating Kanye West
  • She recently broke up the celebrity couple Green Aggs and Ham
  • She was in the movie Basic Instinct
  • She is dating Lindsay Lohan
  • She was in the movie Natural Born Killers
  • She is sad and crying black tears a lot because it is a metaphor for oil/the Middle East.


Kanye West's EX Amber Rose goes topless at the beach! Bangin body, bb!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

OMG Amber Rose went to the beach and didn't wear a top! I could NEVER do that with my 1 piece....

I understand that she doesn't want any tan lines. Sometimes I feel like I am just a pasty white blob when I don't get enough sun. It's hard to go out in public when ur plus sized and self conscious and you run out of breath when u walk around and go up the stairs and stuff. Its emberrasing. #sad

Amber Rose LOOKS GOOD and u can see why Kanye West dated her. She is ALL NATURAL and ALL BEAUTIFUL.

U LOOK GOOD, BB! <3 <3 <3 <3

Look at those ta-tas!

I NEED to hit the gym so that my bikini bod is ready 4 the summer... and by bikini... I mean 'tankini' :-)

Should I get my nipples pierced? I heard it is really amazing 4 sensitivity... but at the same time... I don't like pain whatsoever. #ouchie

Amber Rose looks FIERCE. Kanye West has GOT 2 miss her like whoa!

Amber Rose (Kanye West's ex-GF) wears totally sexi outfit. Look @ dat a$$, yall!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Kanye West must be an ass man, yall. Especially based on his former lover Amber Rose...

Dear Lord what I wouldn't give for a handful of that sweet, sweet rump... U could call me a 'tit man', but with an ass like that, I'd be willing 2 convert 2 ass man any day of the week!

Stay strong, bb!

U don't need Kanye in ur life 2 keep u famous...
Ur body will do it 4 u. Sorta wish I could ask her how she feels abt Kanye's 10.0...
1 thing is for sure... I'd give her body a 10.0 :-)

<3 Amber Rose <3

Amber Rose goes 2 a fashion show without Kanye West

I'm Amber Rose.
Do u remember me?
I'm usually the Arm Candy of Kanye West

But today I'm alone
Sitting next 2 some 'effing nobody'
Check out the 'dweeb' sitting behind me
What a bunch of clowns.

Miss Kanye being here
He really memefied our relationship any opportunity we got
Feel like he's the only 1 who really deserves my 'insane ass' curves

Or Like that time I dressed like a conservative skank

Wish Kanye still <3ed me.
Now I am just a second tier meme
Tons of lamestreamers / mainstreamers
taking pix of me with their cell phone cams.

I guess what they say is true
"A woman is nothing without her man."
The truth is
I am beyond insignificant
without Kanye West

Is Amber Rose the #1 indie skank of all time?
Does Amber Rose deserve 2 be with Kanye West?
Do u think Kanye West is all like 'I'm busy with my album, yall--no time 2 bone curvy bitches'?
Should Amber Rose start a slutwave sound project?
Do u think it is difficult 2 date 'regular bros' when u've been with the blipster G-d Kanye West?

Kanye West does soft porn denim photo shoot with curvy assed Amber Rose

A lot of blogs were buzzing that Kanye West had 'broken up' with curvy ass white girl Amber Rose. She was spotted canoodling with NFL player Reggie Bush [link], but that was probs just a '1 night stand', and staying with Kanye West was probably better for her career long-term. Tons of blogspots love 2 cover Kanye memes.

N e ways, they did some photo shoot that seemed 'mildly pornographic' [via Terry Richardson]. Not hardcore stuff, but just super soft stuff. Some people really 'get off' 2 soft porn since it leaves more 2 the imagination.

Do yall like the 'dark, hard, snuffy stuff' or the 'soft porn' type of stuff?
Do yall like public displays of affection?

Not even sure what is happening in this pic. It seems like he thinks she is some sort of 'popsicle', or perhaps he will lick her from her head 2 her toes [via that 1 Ludacris song].

I think this pose 'turns me on' the most. Used to use this one all the time against the lockers in high school/at the movie theatre.

Will 'denim jackets' be a new blipster trend?
Will Kanye West's new album be the album of the year?

Are Kanye West and Amber Rose the #2 couple in music? (behind Jay-Z and Beyonce/Ben Gibbard & Zooey Deschanel)

Some NFL player steals Kanye West's curvy ass girlfriend from him.

Kanye West was apparently in some sort of relationship with a curvy ass, short-haired blonde woman named Amber Rose.

N e ways, now she is with Reggie Bush, some professional football player in the NFL. I wonder what it is like to move on from Kanye West. Maybe she thinks he is 'a lil artsy bitch', or that he 'only cared abt himself.' Maybe they were never 'official' and just 'fuck buddies.' Sorta feel sad for Kanye, but I guess maybe rappers have the same social status/identity as NFL players. Big dudes with 'mad swagger' who 'overcame' and got out of 'the hood.'

Here he is 'whispering sweet nothings' into her ear, probably stuff like
a) Let's cum
b) I love that big ol curvy white ass
c) I am more artsy than Kanye
d) other sweet nothings

Have yall ever whispered 'dirty stuff' in2 some1's ear to try to 'turn them on'?

Do u think they are dating?
Are yall sad for Kanye West?
Should Reggie Bush have stayed with Kim Kardiashians' 'big ol ass'?

UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: Amber Rose Dumps Kanye West for an altbro with an alt mullet

Photo by thecobrasnake

Amber Rose is a model / curvy ass video girl who was apparently 'in love' with Kanye West. They used to love going places and wearing crazy outfits together, especially outfits that showed off her big, beautiful breasts, and big ol bomb ass. It seems like this video might indicate that they are 'broken up', and she is no longer digging the hip hop lifestyle. Maybe Kanye West is 'too much of an artist', and he is busy working on music / fashion / art / videos / etc. Seems hard to be in a relationship with such a pure creative type.

I wonder if she is really in a relaish with this mullet bro. Maybe he represents a 'drastic change of pace' from life with Kanye West. A simple bro who might not be famous, or creative, but just some1 u can chill with, and run ur fingers through his tail of hair. I remember once hearing that 'once u go black, u never go back. Maybe that rule doesn't apply when ur with a mullet alternative bro.

Did u think Kanye West and Amber Rose would 'last'?
Does Amber Rose 'give u a hard on'?
Is it difficult for you to be with some 1 after they have been with a black partner? [via racism]
Does Amber Rose have 'the most banging body' u've ever seen?
Should I grow a mullet in order to attract top flight mainstream ass?
Is Kanye too much of a free spirit to be in a relaish with?

Kanye 'proud' of new, custom backpack.

Kanye West gets kewl, new, designer backpack. Shows off to his GF Amber Rose. Seems like he is holding it 'proudly', like it is his own child.

While Kanye West and his girlfriend, Amber Rose, were in Paris last week during the 2010 Paris Fashion Week, West picked up his 1 of 1 “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack that he designed not too long ago. The customized Goyard backpack is just one of the many limited edition pieces that West has accumulated in his closet.

Is Kanye going 'back 2 school'?
Will he fill his backpack with designer school supplies?
Will Yikes Pencils release a high-end pencil line?

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