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Should I start a business utilizing only Am Appy's latest product 'the bag-o-scraps'?

via am appy store

I was browsing the Am Appy store, and I found a kewl new product called 'the bag o scraps.' I think that the concept behind the product is that you can 'create your own meaningful arts and crafts' using Am Appy material/the exclusive Am Appy colour/design palette. Like if you can't afford a real Am Appy t-shirt, you could glue together these scraps to make ur own unique one. Or if you are a free-spirited girl, u can 'let ur imagination run wild' while creating some thing 'beautiful' with the bag-o-scraps.

It seems hard to run a clothing manufacturing company, like there is all of this 'extra shit' left over, but u don't really know what to do with it. Then u hire some 'alternative arts+crafts consultants' to come in with some 'fresh ideas' about how you can brand this waste. Seems like u are just 'jonesing 4 money' in anyway possible, trying to 'liquidate inventory' and 'reduce the bottom line' by 'creating brand synergy' and 'manufacturing efficiencies' while keeping 'fixed costs at a minimum' and creating a 'progressive business culture' where 'ideas are incubated' and ur 'vertically integrated corporate structure' is able to 'make huge margins.'

The bag-o-scraps sorta reminds me of how barbecue restaurants invented a product that is a sandwich made out of the leftovers from beef scraps and the leftover meats that have a 'high fat content.'

The Chopped Beef BBQ sandwich is made up from the scraps and leftover fat cuttings from the 'premium beef products.' They are able to mix all of this 3rd class waste with barbecue sauce, and sell it like it is a 'special recipe', but the people who eat it are actually 'eating pig slop.' It seems important to only eat 'white meat' and possibly red meat that has a 'reasonable fat content.' But I think in America, ppl like to eat unhealthy stuff, and take pride in it.

(What is ur fave kind of BBQ?)

It seems difficult to run a business efficiently. I feel like ideally, there would be no 'leftover scraps' to salvage. But maybe the bag-o-scraps is sorta a lesson about life. Not everything is going to be a perfectly tailored t-shirt in a unique colour sold at an above-market price because ur buying a 'quality brand.' Sometimes u have to take what life gives you--a bag-o-scraps-- and turn it into something beautiful. Maybe life is just a bag-o-scraps, and the individual scraps are the people/mp3s/blogsites/social networks/tweets that make U who U R as an individual.

Might buy a bag-o-scraps and open up an etsy store/ebay thrift store. Seems lucrative. Might open a BBQ restaurant.

'Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It may be rearranged in space, and changed into different types of particles, and utilized to create meaningful arts, crafts, and branded products.'
-God when creating the Bag O Scraps

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Do u have n e good ideas 4 making shit with the 'bag o scraps'?
Do u know if Am Appy cloth is 'the same as a condom' if u wrap it around ur penis and penetrate ur lover?
Does n e 1 know where I can buy Hollistercrombie bags-o-scraps?

American Apparel creates dog hoodies for authentic alt dogs.

American Apparel is always creating new, innovative products to improve the lives' of their consumers. The company has become a staple in the alt world, creating t-shirts, hoodies, and other stuff that alt ppl wear and other random ass pieces of cloth to wrap on ur body. Usually, the target market of consumers are human, but now it seems like they are launching an entirely brand new line for alt dogs. The hoodie is often worn by swaggy tweens, emos, pokemones, and cool dads who aren't wearing a cardigan. But now the hoodie is officially a dog-wave fashion statement.

R u gonna buy an American Apparel dog hoodie 4 ur alt dog?

Are hoodies functional 4 dogs?

Do these bro dogs look like mad alt chillers who know how to vibe super hard?

R u glad that 'big dawgs' can represent 2?
american apparel dog hoodie

Do these dogs look hella chill and vulnerable, like dark, emotive spirits hiding beneath the hood?

Can this 'save' Am Appy?
Should Am Appy become a dog store?
Should they sell exotic American pets and become a massive breeder?
Do u wear hoodies?
Are hoodies 'alt', 'tween', 'swag', 'cray', or 'trill'?
R u gonna buy 1 of these 4 ur dog?



The Gap rebrands with Helvetica font 2 look more like Am Appy

So confused about the state of retailers in the modern world. Keep hearing rumors abt Am Appy going under, so I am not sure why The Gap would want to copy their logo, utilizing the popular font &#39;Helvetica&#39; to represent their corporate brand identity. It seems like a minimal logo, just relying on &#39;a famous font&#39; to carry ur brand and inspire mad sales. Does n e 1 know why so many brands use &#39;Helvetica&#39; font? Is Helvetty still relevant? Does it resonate with consumers? Do u wish relevant graphic designers came up with a new, alt, authentic font? Did Jeff Helvetica &#39;crush it&#39;/&#39;kill it&#39; when he designed Helvetty? R u more of an Arial/Cosmic Sands type of bro? Feel like the GAP might start using sexy, risque ads, or something. Part of me wonders if the future of the Am App aesthetic is headed towards The Gap aesthetic, and if The Gap is headed towards AmApp.


Is it weird how brands evolve to try to retain customers, instead of just letting them find a new brand that sells clothes that fit their personal branding/career needs + evolving body types? Is The Gap for &#39;Fat People&#39;? Is GAP unchill because they don&#39;t have a factory in America where they pay legalized workers above market wages? What is ur perception of the GAP/people who shop there/people who work there? What brands do u even like any more? Will a Helvetty logo make u <3 the Gap more than evr? Should American Apparel &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of The Gap? Should Target &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of Am Appy? Should Am Airlies &#39;sue the fuck&#39; out of Target? Should [brand that has Helvetty logo] sue the eff out of [brand that has Helvetty] logo? Is Helvetica still authentic, or has it finally &#39;gone mainstream&#39;? What are some new alt fonts that are chill/more authentic than Helvetica? Do u shop at The Gap? Is &#39;retail shopping&#39; 4 lamestreamers?

An Am Appy employee is ‘found dead’ at their corporate HQ

Just read on Gawker, the official 'let's put Am Appy out of business by exposing their unchill ways' blog, that a bro died while working at Am Appy. Not sure what happened.

American Apparel just can't catch a break. An employee was found dead at the company's downtown Los Angeles headquarters yesterday, adding yet another misfortune to the clothing retailer's ever-growing list of public relations woes.

County coroner officials identified the deceased as Danarichie Lyndon Sindo,

At this point, was kinda confused about the name. Figured that since it was 'ethnic', it was probably just a factory worker, and was wondering why the death wasn't 'covered up', but then kept reading:

County coroner officials identified the deceased as Danarichie Lyndon Sindo, a 44-year-old native of the Philippines whose Facebook page says he worked as a data analyst for the company since 2008.

Details are still scarce, but LAPD spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman confirmed to Gawker that Sindo reported feeling sick and vomiting before leaving to "get some air" on the roof. He "then went back inside and eventually went either into the bathroom or locker room and later was discovered deceased." According to a source, the body was discovered around 5 p.m. in one of the building's fifth-floor restrooms.

Not sure what happened. Do u think it was toxic t-shirt fumes?
Do u think it was 'totally unrelated 2 work conditions' cause of death and blogs are just gonna 'assume it was from sex/drugs/corruption/enslavement of Mexican workers' because that is the Am Appy brand?

R u worried abt Am Appy?
Have yall ever seen one of their employees 'die' at 1 of their retail stores?
Do u wish u knew what the bro looked like? Can we assume he was an Am Appy model, and that every1 who works there has a hot, alt aesthetic?

Is it ur 'dream job' to work in 'corporate' for Am Appy?

R u worried that Am Appy is 'gonna go under'?
R u sad for this bro?
Does God h8 Am appy?
Do u hope they write a Law & Order / CSI about a 'death at a retail factory'?
Should am appy outsource their operations to an AZN country so that we don't have to find out abt it when some1 dies while they are working, and their body can just be 'put in the furnace' and their families will be compensated fairly with $250 (50% of their expected lifetime income).

Am Appy CEO h8s blogs who pan their brand just to get hits, singles out Gawker

American Apparel is an American-based Apparel Retail selling company who is known for provocative ads. It seems like their company is 'blog bait' since 'effing hipsters' are constantly wrestling with their relationship with the brand. The CEO of American Apparel is named "Dov Charney", and he is usually 'torn to pieces' by blogs for being 'inauthentic' about his company's 'social missions' since blogs would rather focus on his 'sexually deviant' personal brand.

Some blogspot wrote some post about Am Appy, then he called the blogger to 'set their ass straight.' Do yall h8 bloggers who are ruining the lives' of companies, buzzbands, record labels, and entrepreneurs who are just trying to make the world a better place/sell shit?

First he says Gawker is 'bullshit' because they hide behind so many levels of satire, but don't try to make the world a better place:

Gawker's exploiting their position as a satirical website -- they should be using their power to effect social change.

Do yall like Gawker? From what I understand it is 'one of the biggest blogs in the world' since they 'invented snark.'

N e ways, Dov Charney has been 'branded as a sexual deviant' according to blogs. He says that some bro lied about all of that, now he is stuck getting tons of coverage about it even though it isn't really even that true.

So the sexual harassment accusations aren't founded?

Charney: Absolutely not. You're a fool to think that. You and Gawker are part of an ongoing campaign of self-interest. Gawker wants people to read their posts. Go look at yourself in the mirror. It's cheap journalism. It wouldn't be as exciting if this was a story about Zales. There's a catharsis you should all go through. This is a fake crusade, an entire media campaign since 2005 initiated by an attorney who wanted money. No one has the balls to remove him from the system. It's one fake case after the next.

There's a high level of intelligence behind the business. We're marketing well and hiring people who know how to speak to the essence of the brand -- or at least we're making efforts to. Could Larry King show up to his job with a septum ring? We're trying to cast the right people for the store. We have room for a lot of exception and variety. That's somehow unethical? We regulate the taste in our store. Gawker's coverage of the issue has not done justice to the social issues at hand. The media has choices.

Do u think it is unfair for coverage to focus on 'sexual harassment' + other sexual vibes associated with their brand/employees? He goes on to say that Martin Luther King Jr also 'got his swerve on' even though he was changing the world/ending racism. Bros will be bros--no big deal. Men do great things, and men also love 2 make love.

Martin Luther King was having affairs, but his work was too important so the media didn't bring it up. They're deploying sexual shame tactics -- it dehumanizes the subject. Ideas are more important. I accuse you of being a creep. A large number of the plaintiffs stole from the company, or we had valid reason to want to remove them. If I'm a creep, they're creeps. Provocative ad campaigns make sense. Who cares?

MLK seems chill for 'getting his Tiger Woods' on [via having a dream of premium blow jobs].

N e ways, seems like the resolution is that 'bloggers are cowards', and don't really even contribute anything to the world since they are possibly the worst kind of journalists since they just have to make up lies/stories/focus on negative vibes just to get hits.

Journalists are in collusion with one or two plaintiff lawyers. Who's the victim if I can't finance my business? Shareholders? Workers? They're writing crap to get $300 for a blog post. There's a hysteria in the community that separates itself from reality. Gawker can play an important role in using satire and humor. It's morally reckless on their part to put out random stories with altered or fictitious emails, or to take one person's opinion and cast it as the opinions of many. It was like 12 emails from a group of 5,000 retail workers. I think it's creepy. I've invited them to come to the factory and talk to the workers.

Do yall think Dov Charney is chill?
Do blogs harsh his company's vibes 2 much?
Is Gawker being 'mean' just 2 get hits?
Should more blogs blog for social change, or do blogs need to blog 4 hits?
Do blogs just belittle the intentions of others without even bringing anything innovative to the table?
Are blogs bad for journalism?
Is blogging 'cheap journalism'?
Is HIPSTER RUNOFF ruining buzzbands/companies?
Is THE ALT REPORT 'cheap journalism'?
Do u support American Apparel?
Do u believe in their social mission?
Every time a blog 'takes a shit on Am Appy', are they really just hurting the factory workers who depend on the company for their job?
Every time some1 posts a blog, will feelings get hurt?
Are you on #Team_Appy, #Team_Dov, #Team_Gawkie, or #Team_Blogger_Mad_Hits?

Hot altbaguette Am Appy employees forced to sweep streets in front of store

I always wanted 2 get a job at Am Appy
work alongside some hot ass altbaguettes
pieces of grade A premium alternative ass
Spending all day wasting time, hanging up t-shirts, folding clothes
listening to buzztunes
not doing real work

but then some1 attacked our store
throwing lettuce heads / spinach / romaine lettuce at our store front
we had to go 2 Home Depot 2 purchase heavy duty brooms
to sweep that shit up

I didn't sign up for this
I didn't sign up for the terrorism
the feces [link]
the broken windows
the cleanup duties

My life is hell
I started working at Am Appy to be a part of the brand
Hopefully to move to Los Angeles one day, and work at HQ
Seems like I am just another 'retail bitch'

Doesn't matter how premium I am
How well my personal brand fits the corporate brand
Feeling like a slave
I don't even sweep my own apartment
but here I am
Feeling like an alt maid/slave

Might apply at ________

Los Angeles Billionaire ‘bails out’ tanking Am Appy, gives company ‘life line.’

American Apparel is an American-based apparel company which sells shirts, underwear, clothes, and other stuff. They have a brand which appeals to 'alts' and the emerging generation of mall rat tweens with minimal parental guidance. It seems like their company has been 'in massive debt' after expanding to tons of suburban malls last year, and they haven't been generating the necessary sales 2 keep every1 happy.

Some Los Angeles billionaire named Ron Burkle 'bailed them out' and acquired a significant amount of Am Appy stock:

Cash-strapped clothing maker and retailer American Apparel Inc. got a boost from Los Angeles billionaire investor Ron Burkle, who disclosed Thursday that he had acquired a 6% stake in the company saddled by debt and weak sales over the last year.

According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Burkle reported he had purchased 4.3 million shares in the open market for $5.9 million between June 10 and Monday. The filing said Burkle made the purchase "because, in his opinion, such shares were undervalued."

Burkle is now the second-largest individual stakeholder in American Apparel, behind the company's flamboyant founder and chief executive, Dov Charney. Both Burkle and Charney declined to comment.

Seems like a chill bro to bail out the company. Wonder if there are gonna be some 'awkward vibes' between Dov + Ronbro at some board meetings. One of them will be like 'vnecks aren't making enough money' and the other 1 will be like 'vnecks are the cornerstone of our brand.' Tons of arguments. Hopefully they are both chill bros that just wanna sell some t-shirts.

Sorta wanna be bros with Ron Burkle. Here is a 'picture of him' from when he was banging Kate Hudson

This is also a picture of him on a date with Giselle

Seems like a chill billionaire who just wants to wear some chill clothes, and bang 'grade A premium ass.'

Rlly worried about Am Appy. Hopefully Burkle can 'turn shit around.'

The company was also threatened with being delisted by the New York Stock Exchange because it failed to file its first-quarter earnings report, which was due May 31.(The company announced this week that it was granted an extension by the stock exchange until Aug. 16.)

When American Apparel released its preliminary first-quarter results May 20, it revealed a quarterly operating loss that had more than quadrupled from the same period last year. The company also warned that it might be unable to comply with the terms of its loan.

Feel like he really 'believes in us.'

"I think experienced investors such as Mr. Burkle are able to see beyond the short-term bumps in the road and appreciate the uniqueness of American Apparel's operation and the long term," said Peter Schey, a spokesman for American Apparel.

Is Ron Burkle a chill bro?
Can Am Appy rebound?
Is Am Appy gonna 'go under'?
Should we all vow to buy an Am Appy product some time this summer to 'help the company'?
Is buying Am Appy Stock sorta like purchasing the alt-est product possible from Am Appy, even more alt than a thong/briefs?
Do u wish u were a billionaire so u could randomly buy companies + bang hot women?
Is Ron Burkle a chiller bro than Dov Charney?
What would u do to save Am Appy?

Disabled Alt poses in risque photos for anti-American Apparel themed art project

All Photos by Holly Norris

Some artist / photographer made a 'think piece' art project that attempts to demonstrate the fact that American Apparel company branding experts are 'misleading consumers' by trying to make it seem like their models are 'every day women.' I feel like it worked. Basically, the artist had her disabled friend pose in fake advertisements that were supposed to mirror 'legitimate' Am Appy campaigns.

Does this send a message? Do u think she looks the same as most Am Appy models?

Official Project Description:

'American Able' intends to, through spoof, reveal the ways in which women with disabilities are invisibilized in advertising and mass media. I chose American Apparel not just for their notable style, but also for their claims that many of their models are just ‘every day’ women who are employees, friends and fans of the company. However, these women fit particular body types. Their campaigns are highly sexualized and feature women who are generally thin, and who appear to be able-bodied. Women with disabilities go unrepresented, not only in American Apparel advertising, but also in most of popular culture. Rarely, if ever, are women with disabilities portrayed in anything other than an asexual manner, for ‘disabled’ bodies are largely perceived as ‘undesirable.’ In a society where sexuality is created and performed over and over within popular culture, the invisibility of women with disabilities in many ways denies them the right to sexuality, particularly within a public context.

Too often, the pervasive influence of imagery in mass media goes unexamined, consumed en masse by the public. However, this imagery has real, oppressive effects on people who are continuously ‘othered’ by society. The model, Jes Sachse, and I intend to reveal these stories by placing her in a position where women with disabilities are typically excluded.

This work is part of a group exhibit for CONTACT 2010 and will be showing on over 270 digital screens in 50 Toronto Transit Commission stations on May 6, 11, 22 and 31.

Do u think American Apparel models are supposed to 'look a certain way' or is every1 free to be an Am Appy model?

Is this 'shocking'? Do you think you would buy from American Apparel if they had disabled / less-attractive models? What makes a model 'attractive'?

Is being alternative an 'equal opportunity' subculture? Do u discriminate against race, religion, mental + physical disabilities + other random ass criteria? Sorta feel threatened by this, like my world has been turned upside down, now I have to question my reality where I just 'followed my erect peen' towards truth. Maybe there's more to life/humans than sexual attraction + marketing.

Do u think this was a 'legit project' or is it just a well-executed meme that taps into the Am Appy zeitgeist?

Should American Apparel offer the disabled model a contract, just to generate blog buzz?
If brands don't have 'hot models' showcasing their clothes, will the brands be irrelevant?
Will handicapped / disabled people ever have the same rights as normal humans?
Are 'alt models' the new 'mainstream models'?
Is the 'hipster porn' strategy the best way to reach alt markets?
Did this 'progressive art project' send a message, or was it the same as any sort of low level American Apparel criticism / mockery meme that involves poorly utilized Helvetica + sexy model humor?
Would this have been more relevant 2 years ago?
Should every1 be equal, or is that an unreasonable expectation, and we all sorta just need 2 accept our faults/natural selection and moveo n?

Riot Breaks Out At an American Apparel Rummage Sale in London


American Apparel liquidates excess inventory of unwanted styles and sizes at branded rummage sales and flea markets. Many Am Appy fans / buyers go to these sales looking for 'good deals' but end up scavenging like animals for a few scraps of decent clothing.

At a 'Rummage Sale' in London, several thousand alts got 'shafted' because a riot broke out. I am not sure if this was really a 'riot' but maybe just a bunch of cranky people, a few bros going crazy, riot squad beating up a few people, then a bunch of other alts tweeting + youtubing it. Do u think they were 'pissed off' about not getting sweet deals?

2 many alts

not enough deals / capacity

From the event facebook page:

!!!!!!!!!WE'VE BEEN TEMPORARILY SHUT DOWN BY THE POLICE. We're trying to get this reopened for you as soon as possible. Stayed tuned to this page or Twitter for updates. They are concerned about the crowd outside the venue for the time being so if you can disperse, please do. Thank you. We know you're excited and won't let you down!!!!!!!!!

Update II: AALNDN10 gets you 15% off our UK webstore for the next 10 days! (redeem code at checkout) We're figuring this out. Thank you for your patience so far.

UPDATE III: The police have closed our London Rummage Sale for today to ensure everyone's safety. We're doing all we can to stay open for the wknd and will let you know. To everyone who has waited so patiently: Please Take 25% OFF anything in our UK site (use code LNDNRMG25) or print this for 25% off at our UK retail shops... (exp 1 wk, not valid w/ other offers). We're going to make this up to everyone. Thank you!


Was this a 'real riot'?
Are 'hipsters' from the United Kingdom more violent than American alts?
Do u think they were pissed because they still felt like the clothes were still 'overpriced'?

Is London a hot bed of alternative angst?
Do cops / mainstreamers 'get' why an Am Appy Rummage sale is a great opportunity to get great clothes on the cheap?
Should I have made this headline "Hipsters riot over American Apparel in London" for more hits?
Did American Apparel 'stage' this for marketing purposes?

American Apparel Gift Certificate offered as Prize on the Price is Right


The Price is Right is a popular game show that unemployed moms and old ladies watch every day. The show is basically a long advertisement, and people just guess how much stuff is worth in order to win prizes. The show will most likely die when Gen Xers begin to pass away.

Video Description: One lucky Price is Right contestant is offered the chance to win $1500 American Apparel gift certificate.

American Apparel was utilized as a 'prize' giveaway during the Price is Right. This might mean that Am Appy is trying to reach grand parents and old people, letting them know that their brand is real / dependable. Maybe they just want to inspire old people to buy gift cards for their teens.

Did American Apparel reach a new market with the Price is Right segment?
If you were an old person, would Am Appy appeal 2 u?
Is American Apparel 'crossing over'?
Does it cost money to get ur product placed on the Price is Right?
Do u wish u could win an Am Appy gift certificate from this show, or would u rather have the best bottom in the world?
Do u wish u were on the Price is Right so u could guess how much kitchen appliances were worth?

Is American Apparel ‘in the shitter’ financially?

Recently, there has been a 'new wave' of articles after American Apparel released their quarterly financial earnings about how the company is in 'serious trouble.' Not sure if I am supposed to believe this. Still see people + tweens all over the place wearing Am Appy, so I find it kinda hard 2 believe. It seems difficult to imagine that any business would ever die, but maybe it would be kinda cool if Am Appy died, then I would have a bunch of 'rare'/'vintage' clothes.

It certainly didn't help Charney's mood when, on Friday, the racy retail chain's shares plunged 17 percent after the New York-based concern reported its fourth-quarter profits had dropped a jaw-dropping 23 percent. While soaring costs and anemic sales sapped profits, investors were likewise rattled as the company delayed giving an outlook for 2010, citing restrictions imposed on its operations by lenders.

Wish I understood 'business' so I knew how to make a bunch of money in the stock market investing in my fave companies. Apple, Am Appy, Urban Outfitters, IKEA, McDonalds, Chili's, snuggies...all my fave brands.

Seems like they are trying to say that the company was productive since it had some sweet Mexis working 'on the cheap':

"The reduction in manufacturing efficiency was principally a result of the forced termination of over 1,500 experienced manufacturing employees in the third and fourth quarters of 2009 following the completion of the previously-disclosed I-9 inspection by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement," Charney's battered company said in a statement last week.

It's a bitter irony for Charney, who has long portrayed himself as a champion of foreign workers' rights.

Is American Apparel 'in the shitter'?
Are all companies 'going thru a tuff time right now' [via the recession]?
Is it 'alt' to write Am Appy articles just to mention 'sexual harassment'?
Do u have any business ideas to save Am Appy?
Will u be sad if Am Appy dies?
Does n e 1 know how 'the stock market' works?

American Apparel Finds the best bottom / butt / ass in the world.

The popular ass "boom boom" from Santo Domingo has won American Apparel's best bottom competition. She will soon be flown to Los Angeles, home of the Am Appy HQ business campus, where she will participate in an exclusive photo shoot. Do yall think she deserved to win, or is her ass 'overrated'?

Is this the greatest marketing experiment in the history of gimmick internet marketing utilizing soft porn?
Is Am Appy 'revolutionary' or are they exploiting women?

These are the top 5 butts:

#1 boom boom from Santo Domingo

#2  Maria from Austin

#3  Mira from Chicago

#4  Stepho from Los Angeles

#5  DONK from Van City

Do yall think that the correct ass won?
Do the top 10 butts deserve more than a goodie bag worth $300?
Is Am Appy the future of marketing?
Should they have a 'wet tshirt contest' as their next voting gimmick?
Maybe something abt the perfect alternative breasts?
R u turned on or disgusted?

FOLLOW UP: Video Footage of American Apparel Protesting Broads


In one of the most controversial posts in the history of the Alt Report entitled "Exhibitionist-wave feminist protests American Apparel’s sexy ads", we followed the story of some feminists who took great offense to American Apparel's Best Butt competition.  They marched into an Am Appy store and got kicked out, caused a scene, and did generic protesty stuff.

New video footage of the event has emerged.  In this youtube clip, you can see that they 'really mean' what they are saying.  It is not just some 'act' to promote an on campus event by creating a larger internet meme.  They are innovative thought leaders who will inspire a wave of 'backlash' against Am Appy.   Do u think she is an impressive orator, or just another 'naggy, whining female'?

Do u think she is giving an insightful, informed speech, or do u just want to stick an American Apparel scrunchie in her mouth 2 'shut her pie hole'?

<3/h8 yall Am Appy Protester meme humans

Was this a successful protest?
Should they have worn something sexier 2 get more attention?
Will women ever be 'equal to' men?
If u r a man, is peeing standing up empowering 2 u?
Will a 'total revolution' against men + American Apparel ever occur, or is a war with Iran more likely?

Exhibitionist-wave feminist protests American Apparel’s sexy ads

It seems like some broads took offense to American Apparel's sexy ads + their Best Butt competition. I am not sure if they actually believe in women's rights, or if they are 'pissed' that they don't have a sweet, tight alternative body. Maybe they are angry about women's place in society, since they have to cook, clean, and be sexy. Seems like a 'stress-free' job, honestly.

Shouting that “women’s bodies are a battleground,” a group of communist feminists took their fight to the American Apparel store in Noho last Saturday.

They blasted the chain clothing store’s Search for the Best Bottom in the World contest, calling it humiliating and objectifying to women.

“We need total revolution!” they chanted in front of the store, at Broadway near Washington Place. “Women as breeders — no more!” they shouted. “Women as sex toys — no more! Women degraded — no more!”

The story describes some sort of 'disagreement' since the 'protesters' went into the store to make a scene, then were ejected. Apparently the protesters were trying to 'cause a scene' to promote some event.

Do yall think protesting is alt? Should they protest something more substantial, like 'Haiti' or something?

Are Am Appy ads sexy and successful?
Is Am Appy still a relevant alt brand, or is it a 'suburban strip mall' brand now?
Do yall know any 1 who has ever protested something that meant something 2 them [via the Iran election]?

Seems like it had a good resolution:

Afterward, the American Apparel employee who had most actively disrupted the demonstrators pretended he hadn’t been involved.
“I don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

Proud of Am Appy for 'standing up to these a-holes.'
Whose side are yall on: feminism or American Apparel?
Would yall rather be friends with/have sex with an ugly person or a sexually attracitve person?
Should we impeach Obama if he doesn't shut down Am Appy?

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