School is starting--What is ur favourite class? | Hipster Runoff

School is starting--What is ur favourite class?

Dressing in Miscellaneous Athletic Clothes: Big in 1.9k.88?

[Photo by TheStreetWalker]
Do yall remember when u were in elementary school? (According to my web stats 43% of HRO readers are between 5th grade - 10th grade). What was ur fave subject in school? The hot alty above was totally into P.E.--that's why she is in unbranded athletic apparel. She's ready to do chinups, or play dodgeball, or do 100 situps, or run for 10 minutes, or any other challenging aspect of the Physical Education Curriculum.

But srsly, which kid were u? All the 'smart kidz' were rlly into math and science. All of the eventual-fggts l00ved art class (I had rlly amazing gay-dar when I was a kid). All of the borderline retarded kids only liked recess/'playground timey'. Or were u the kid who was into xtreme sports? Or were u the kid who 'brought his acoustic guitar 2 school'? Or did u bring ur DiscMan/Zune for all of the kids to listen to your alt-raprock?

Or were u a kid who had the enigmatic facial expression of some1 with a SNCKRS bar permanently shoved up his ass hole?

Or were u a tween fashion model who did shows at your local mall? Did u have a parent who combed your hair, dressed u in 'trendy lil kidz clothes', and made you have 'a girlfriend' when you are in 3rd grade even though you were in 3rd grade?

If 'dressing like ur in P.E.' is the next big trend, should I rush to my local sporting goods store to buy every colour of Russell Athletic shorts just like I bought every color of every American Appy item?