Native American Fashion Is Big in 18k8 & 2k09 | Hipster Runoff

Native American Fashion Is Big in 18k8 & 2k09

Yall, it seems like lately all of the best alt-clothing is coming from thrift stores that are located on Indian Reservations. Modern alts are doing their best to fuse the electro era with 'bein a zany Indian.'

[The Friend Attack]

U can see this broad could have helped Lewis & Clark discover Portland with her Pocahontas moccasins. (is it still alt 2 wear flannel, or is that a lil bit too 2k7.6?) [BONUS LOST TOURIST COUPLE IN THE BACKGROUND]

[The Style Scout]

Lately I've been going to a lot of fabric stores to buy Indian-ish prints to make zany pants out of. Native Americans do a lot of natural drugs and end up seeing minimalist, yet zany patterns.

[Hel Looks]

Are yall going to buy stock in Native Americans soon, or is the economy 2 fragile right now?
How far will u go 2 commit to this trend?