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Former President Bill Clinton joins M83 on stage 2 play "Midnight City" sax solo

President William Jefferson Clinton is known as 'da pimp ass President'. He used to Oval Office to comb Washington DC for pussie, and used the White House as his sex den where hefty bitches would give him hummers, get fingered by cigars, and let him use their face, dress, and breasts as his own personal cum target. U gotta give him props 4 nvr getting impeached. Anyways, one of his passions is playing the saxophone.

Recently, M83 went on the Arsenio Hall show, and spent some time 'playing Midnight City', which means running around the stage, not playing actual instruments, and banging on shit emotionally. President Clinton surprised the entire crowd and indie nation when he joined them on stage 2 deliver the SICK sax solo at the end of the song. Even Arsenio 'pulled a Jimmy Fallon', pretended to be in2 indie bands, and 'lost his shit.'

Tonight, not just the city was our church. The entire nation was our church.

M83's "Midnight City" is a bonafide lamestream club hit. No word on whether or not Bill Clinton will be performing with M83 at certain dates or festivals.

Do u think he only 'pretended 2 play' and instead ran around emotionally, pretending 2 play the sax?
Did Bill Clinton 'kill it' on the saxophone?
Is he a pimp?
Do u think he 'works the sax with his mouf' like he works an political climbing intern's vagine with his mouf?
Is he trying to rally indie voters 2 vote 4 Obama?
Is Bill Clinton 'a bigger pimp' than JFK?
Who do u think pounded more pussie in the Oval Office?
Is M83 OFFICIALLY a lamestream club hit?
R u proud 2 be an American, where at least u know the city is ur church?


Some bro does a vocal audition to join M83

M83 pretends to play "Midnight City" on french TV, emotionally bangs on shit for ~3 minutes


M83 is a French is a post-shoegaze, pre-dreamwave buzzband.

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