Bon Iver's Justin Vernon was a FASHION DISASTER at Coachella Weekend 2! | Hipster Runoff

Bon Iver's Justin Vernon was a FASHION DISASTER at Coachella Weekend 2!

PHotos via Brooklyn Vegan

:::::::SIREN NOISES:::::::::::


You have the right to remain poorly dressed, but anything u wear CAN and WILL be held against u, Bonny BB! Anything you wear or accessorize can and will be held against you in a court of fashion law. You have the right to speak to a stylist. If you cannot afford a non-Midwestern stylist, one will be appointed for you and will be televised on a TLC makeover show. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?

Say it isn't so, Justin Vernon, bb! U showed up to Coachella in an weird dot shirt! Oh no! What a blunder!


Some1 PLZ call the FASHION POLICE! We have an OFFENDER who should be PUT IN JAIL for the AGGRAVATED ASSAULT of our eyes!

We have a ROBBERY in progress, the assailant was last seen ON STAGE playing Midwestern folk! U shoulda worn a Coachella tank top, bb!

The case is certainly closed, and the jury has spoken, this crime should be PUNISHED by DEATH! What were U THINKING?

We are all innocent until proven guilty, but Justin Vernon's suit is CERTAINLY grounds for a citizen's arrest, trial, and lynching!

I truly have an OBJECTION 2 this suit, ur honor!


Get on your knees! Put your hands where I can see them! And take off that TERRIBLE shirt!

Oh no, Justin Vernon is truly the ultimate indie fashion disaster of Coachella!

Was Justin Vernon the biggest fashion disaster of the Coachella?
Or is his shirt kinda alt in a Win Butler sorta way?
Did some1 call the fashion police?
Because we DEF have another CRIME AGAINST FASHION
What were U THINKING Bon Iver?
Remember when Bon Iver was a FASHION DISASTER at the Grammys?
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