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Thom Yorke's ponytail is still a member of Radiohead.

Thom Yorke has a ponytail. He has had it for a while now, and as many doctors and hair stylists will tell you, in most cases, hair continues to grow, allowing you to style it. Thom Yorke has opted for a ponytail, and was seen wearing a ponytail at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Thom Yorke has a ponytail. His hair has been tied with some sort of rubberband into a tail, that resembles a pony's. It seems as though he opted against letting his long hair fall on his shoulders. Instead, he has decided to have a ponytail. Ponytail. Thom Yorke ponytail. Ponytail. #thommyTail

Thom Yorke's ponytail might soon become the frontman of Radiohead. It seems like the ponytail craze is really sweeping the nation.

Should Thom Yorke's ponytail go solo?
Is it taking over?
Does Thom Yorke even have control over his body/band any more?
R u growing a summer ponytail?
Are ponytails 'the new Skrillex haircut'?


Has Thom Yorke's ponytail gone 2 far, changing the artistic direction of Radiohead?

Thom Yorke

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Thommy Yorke is the lead singer of the Radio heads. He dances around like a free spirit.

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Radiohead is a conceptual band that ppl like to think is kewl because u can do drugs and get deep 2 their music.

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