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Why Earl Sweatshirt was never gone & was just utilized as a marketing scheme for Odd Future.

I really don't know that much about Odd Future, except there is one main guy named Tyler the Creator, and in order to have a successful rap crew, you have to have a bunch of other black dudes in the background standing up, looking all hard so that people are afraid of you. Anyways, Odd Future apparently has a member named "Earl Sweatshirt." The story behind him is that he was sent to a work camp/boarding school in Samoa when Odd Future began to get mad buzz around a year ago.

Now Earl Sweatshirt is back after a year of post-ironic swag teens yelling "#FREE_EARL_SWEATSHIRT." He became a meme myth, and I think people say that he could be a 'game changing MC' or something. In my book, he's just another member of Odd Future not named Tyler the Creator.

It seems clear that Earl Sweatshirt was not actually in Africa. Instead, he was being held out of Odd Future against his will. The group knew that their buzz would die down in ~1 year, so in order to regenerate and renew their buzz, they held out a member from the fun for an entire calendar year. Now, all the blogs are buzzing over some guy who had been locked in a basement for an entire year. The soft-spoken Earl seems like he

Here is some interview with Earl Sweatshirt where he looks like a scared child who just re-entered the country from Samoa/a basement with a lock on it where he was only fed Kraft singles and packs of bologna.

As you can tell, he has the body language of some one who was hidden against his will for over a year. He is not sure how to answer many of the questions because he does not know how to lie. Perhaps Odd Future management has brainwashed him into believing that he 'did not deserve to be in the band for a year.

In the music video for "Oldie", Earl Sweatshirt is reunited with his Odd Future brethren. It seems clear that the boys are happy to have their friend back after his year in isolation.

Odd Future has established themselves as the 'black people who are approachable enough for white indie people to enjoy' because they grew up in suburbia and not in the hard ghetto. Instead, they take out their African-American self-hatred in post-ironic 'nigga'-speech that resonates with white guilt.

Odd Future is back in the headlines for some reason, and it seems clear that Earl Sweatshirt as a marketing tool worked. But at what cost? Perhaps this young man suffered a year in isolation just to keep the Odd Future buzz going for another album cycle.

HAve blogs and news outlets been tricked in2 caring abt Earl Sweatshirt, like his return 'means something'?

Was Earl Sweatshirt actually in Samoa / Africa?
Is Earl Sweatshirt a prisoner of Odd Future?
Do ppl only care abt Tyler the Creator?
Does n e 1 know if JOJO KONY did any work in Samoa, and if Earl Sweatshirt was an Invisible Child 4 a year?

Do you believe that Earl Sweatshirt was in America this entire time, but banished from the band in order to be 'used' as a marketing tool for a future album cycle?

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