I h8 everything & every1 & the world will nvr be a better place. | Hipster Runoff

I h8 everything & every1 & the world will nvr be a better place.

I h8 everything.

I h8 every1 and wish nothing but the worst 4 every1 and their terrible lives. There is no life more terrible than my own, but at the same time, I believe that all of our lives' are the same, and yours is terrible, too.

Nothing has been taken away from me because I had nothing all along.

I am alone. You are alone. The moments where we believe that we 'understand' one another and have something special are lies. The excitement and stimulation that we share is the unhealthy euphoria of the human experience that our entire civilization is built upon.

Every relationship I've ever had has been a mutually-agreed-upon lie, until we broke the mutual agreement, and entered into a nuclear war where we took out our own anger at ourselves on one another. We never had any hope.

I do not believe that there is any beauty in the world, and any one who creates anything that tries to inspire ppl to feel otherwise is an ugly, filthy liar. Said artist is probably living in a dreamworld, spreading dreamworld propoganda to the masses to make pple

I am not depressed. I am coming to terms with reality.

I h8 everything. Culture. Music. Technology The Internet. Film. TV. My friends. My family. All of the things I own. The things I am wearing. The things that I once believed made 'me.' The dreams that I once had that I thought would fulfill me. I am just trapped 'doing shit', and 'talking about that shit' and it doesn't even matter.

For many years, I have only cared about myself. My entire life. Every time I have empathized with any one else, or shared a special moment, I was actually having an inwardly vulnerable moment where I was just fighting against loneliness and isolation.

I h8 everything.

I truly believe that there is nothing left 4 me 2 accomplish in this world.

I believe that even if I accomplished anything, it wouldn't matter. There is no amount of money, critical acclaim, or abstract buzz that could make me feel like I had done something meaningful. Any one who has ever felt 'proud' of something that they have done is a simpleton, searching for praise from people with distorted values.

I h8 everything, and I have given up on the pyramid scheme known as 'the human spirit.'

There is nothing left.

I h8 everything & every1 & the world will nvr be a better place & there is nothing that I coulda/shoulda/woulda done 2 make it a better place or even obsess over making other people happy just to make myself happy.