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NYTimes calls Lana Del Rey 'a skinnier Adele'. Do they h8 fatties?

The New York Times is allegedly one of the 'last authentic content farms' in the game, writing long 'pieces' with serious words that 'sound important and authoritative', which is why they NAILED IT by calling Lana Del Rey 'a skinnier Adele.' It's a great moment for American alt music journalism, sticking it to 'the goddamn British' and hefty mainstreamers who <3 Adele.

Curvaceous and pretty in a dress, she brims with catchy songs, all a bit retro, ironic and modern. Without straying too far off the pop grid, she’s the perfect antidote to Rihanna-Gaga overload — dare we say, a skinnier Adele, a more stable Amy Winehouse?

Say what you will about the New York Times, but at the end of the day, fattie hating sells papers. Would u rather wake up every morning next 2 Adele or Lana Del Rey? It's just natural selection. Hopefully Lana Del Rey will become 'less stable' so we can have Amy Winehouse level memes. ("I do not actually wish death upon her, because she is good 4 hits and because she is a human being." -a blggr)

Say what u will abt Adele's body, but at the end of the day, she is one of the greatest chubwave artists in the history of the chubwave movement, and you can easily photoshop a chicken drumstick into any photo of her.

Should she ride post-chubwaves and become a 'half-ton' woman who cannot leave her house, but still performs at the Grammys [via Skype]? Many ppl say that we should not worry abt physical appearance when judging females, but it's just part of the game. Lana Del Rey dedicated herself 2 beauty, and she was rewarded fairly. She could even get a second round of enhancements for her second album. Only time will tell, but she will certainly have more access 2 better, high-priced surgeons.

Anyways, there was also an accompanying Terry Richardson photoshoot, but Lana did NOT get naked for it :-(

Cmon Terry... U gotta at least get Lana to show some nip 4 us, or take off her top.

Lana looks good, bb! They can NEVER take that away from u.

Does Lana look good, bb?
Should she gain more weight to sell Adele level albums?
Is it good 2 h8 fatties?
Are we all trying 2 battle obesity?
Would u rather ride slutwaves than chubwaves?
Did Terry Richardson let every1 down by not convincing LDR to 'get naked', show off some nip, and let us know more abt her BANGIN bod?

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