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Lance Armstrong supports Bon Iver against Carles & other anonymous cowards

The war of Twitter words between Carles and Bon Iver continues, but now, famous indie celebrity Justin Vernon has acquired the support of Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong. It seems as though Carles has truly been backed into a lonely corner of the internet against the fame and power of celebrities like Justin Vernon and Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is an Austin resident and long-time fan of indie music, particularly in the cool dad genre. Armstrong is actually probably one of the coolest dads in the world, though--not just some dad with a leather interior-ed car listening to NRR-wave rock.

Lance Armstrong himself has been the victim of baseless claims of doping by many anonymous cowards, and can identify with Justin Vernon's crusade against hate in the blogosphere.

This is a dark moment for Carles, who is on record as a Lance Armstrong supporter and avid cycling fan, even contributing an Article during last year's Tour De France [link]. particularly against long time rivals Alberto Contador. Carles has followed Lance Armstrong's post-cancer cycling career and has drawn great inspiration from his time on US Postal Service, Discovery Channel, Astana, and Radio Shack. Not only is Carles a supporter of Lance Armstrong as an American cyclist, but also other Americans like George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, and David Zabriskie. Carles is also a supporter of the LIVESTRONG foundation, as some of his closest friends and family members have fought against cancer.

Carles still remains an Armstrong and LIVESTRONG supporter and fan, despite Vernon showcasing the reach of his mainstream indie power and connections.

It seems as if the entire world is turning on HIPSTER RUNOFF. Will Carles continue to fight against the corrupt indie media, labels, and gladhanding alternative celebrities?

This is truly a turning point for the entire indiesphere, where we all must ask ourselves HOW IS THE BUZZ REALLY MADE? Are the words we read, mp3s we stream, and music videos that we embed safe for consumption, or have they been artificially tainted by corrupt buzz?

Is Carles 'over'?
Is this the beginning of the end?
Is Carles a coward, hiding behind 'anonymity'?
Is the indie media 'turning' / abandoning HIPSTER RUNOFF?
Is this a 'non-story' / 'just an example of how blogs are desperate to farm any content that involves entities that drive page views'?
Or has the indie media proven that they are on #TeamBonIver by not 'covering' this important moment in Indie Free Speech?

Why can't we all just farm and produce organic, authentic buzz together?
Because it is CHEAPER for the CORRUPT indie media to farm it at low-cost prices with CHEAP LABOR writers and bloggers.

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