M.I.A. ruins Super Bowl, flips off America at Halftime show. | Hipster Runoff

M.I.A. ruins Super Bowl, flips off America at Halftime show.

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It was widely predicted by Carles of HIPSTER RUNOFF that M.I.A. would do anything to ruin the Super Bowl. Although Madonna's performance was 'effing terrible', choreographed, costume-designed, and lipsynched, M.I.A. did what she could to RUIN the moment on the world's biggest stage just so that she could be talked about.

She 'flipped off' America during her crappy verse in Madonna's horrible new song.

She 'gave America the middle finger.' Flipped the Bird. Put one in the stink, and none in the pink. As if the performance couldn't get worse, M.I.A. had to harsh the vibes, just to 'get attention.' I'm not sure if any one really noticed, though.

Shame on you, M.I.A.

The performance was easily the worst moment of M.I.A.'s career, showcasing her desperate attempt for mainstream appeal, even if it meant 'dressing up like an idiot' and lipsynching. She will widely be regarded as a 'hack'/wanna-be-shock-artist who no1 even likes any more.

Shame on M.I.A. for ruining this great American moment.

Is she a 'terrorist', an opponent of censorship, or just some1 who is obsessed with fame + headline buzz?
Was M.I.A. 'trying too hard'?
Did any1 even care/notice?
Was it 'too predictable that M.I.A. would try to ruin the Super Bowl?
Is M.I.A. a 'complete a-hole'?
Is 'flipping off' the camera what a 13 year old boy would do?



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M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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