M.I.A. 'officially' sells out, accepts marginalized, dolled-up, sambo role in new Madonna video | Hipster Runoff

M.I.A. 'officially' sells out, accepts marginalized, dolled-up, sambo role in new Madonna video

These days, many pop songs feature rap cameos from 'brown people.' It is a common strategy to try to piggyback into the headphones of tweens and Middle Americans who otherwise wouldn't have known you. Anyways, M.I.A. always tries to act like she is some authentic, anti-American activist, but now she's playing the sambo in this new Madonna video. She dresses up like a cheerleader, and like a Marilyn Monroe/Madonna figure.

So uncomfortable to see a formerly 'independent spirit' accepte a role 'inside the box.' Instead of wearing 'blackface', it seems like M.I.A. is caught in some spiral, attempting to be in white-face.

Her marginalized contribution to this song is a joke, and it is one of the darkest moments in the history of 'former indie artists blatantly trying to go mainstream.' Maybe she won't ruin the Super Bowl because she'll be forced to wear some dumb costume that Madonna picked out and her rap verse is just going to be pre-recorded anyways.

Do u think this means that she 'secretly wants to be a white American'?

It's a sad day for M.I.A.'s career. As annoying as her gimmickry is, it seems like she has 'finally given up', and she is finally trying to get mainstream famous so that she can make a little bit of her own cash, instead of having to live off her billionaire BFs $$.

Is M.I.A. 'toast'?
Is she 'a huge joke'?
Does she look 'mad dumb' in this video?
Does she think that ppl will get into her because of this vid?
Should she get butt implants like Nikki Minaj so that she will resonate with the ethnic community by being 'a curvy ass bitch'?
Will M.I.A. 'ruin the Super Bowl' [link]?
Or does this video prove that she is 'completely washed up' and trying desperately 2 go mnstrm?


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M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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