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CSS: They Sound Cleaner than Ever

I think I have commented on how CSS look and sound like dirty, kute street kidz. However, Electrorash just posted this Midnight Juggies remix of 'Left Behind', and I think that CSS sounds cleaner & more American (less foreign) than ever.

Hopefully they can crossover x 10000 with their clean, approachable sound.

Does any one know CSS's backstory? Are they from the Brazilian favelas (AKA Shanty Towns) that inspired the movie "CITY OF GOD"? Remember when bros and altbros united around "City of God" because it had kids with guns/violence, and was rlly cool & edgy in a Grand Theft Auto-y kind of way?

Or are they rich kids who are living the alt dream, kind of like The Strokes? Do u know any rich kids whose parents buy them studio time for their crappy band?

[MP3 (sounds like a radio rip, but WHATEVER ur not a DJ n e ways)]
CSS Left Behind (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)