EXCLUSIVE: Dave Longstreth, Dirty Projectors frontman 'goes insane', writes new album in rural cabin | Hipster Runoff

EXCLUSIVE: Dave Longstreth, Dirty Projectors frontman 'goes insane', writes new album in rural cabin

R u ready for a new Dirty Projectors album cycle? They were a member of the fabled buzzyear that was 2k9. My, how indie has fallen...:-( #darkness....

Any1 who knows abt the Dirty Projectors know that it is headed by Dave Longstreth, and he is basically like a cult leader who views himself as the 'genius' behind the band. He had actually been 'trying to make it' as a buzzband for a while, then he got 3 altbaguettes to join the band, and obviously they finally became popular because any1 wants to go see 3 premium alt hotties sing while they look cute, but at the same time it is kinda sad because when they sing with Dave, they kinda give off 'brainwashed cult member' vibes, as if they have been stuck as one of many wives in a polygamous cult for their entire lives', having to marry their father, and give birth to children, but their children's dad is also their grandpappy. Really weird vibes.

Speaking of 'weird', Dave Longstreth decided to go 'all in' on the 'I RECORDED THIS ALBUM IN THE FOREST' gimmick. Sorta like Bon Iver or Fleet Foxes something. I am not sure if that is even a 'fresh' gimmick since every1 wants to call them a 'Brooklyn based buzzband', but now they are all 'naw. I got a house in a rural area to cleanse my vibes.'

This past January, after capping an exhaustive world tour behind his band's breakout 2009 album Bitte Orca, David Longstreth, leader of Brooklyn experimental indie intellectuals Dirty Projectors, rented an old house in rural Delaware County, New York, to decompress and begin writing material for their follow-up. He settled in alone.

"It was amazing to be by myself and just write," Longstreth tells SPIN. "It was the antithesis to touring." But it was a tough winter, he says, "with, like, three feet of snow all the time." All alone in the woods, things started to get, well, a little creepy — and that sentiment seeped into the band's upcoming LP. Here Longstreth tell us about living and writing alone in seclusion and channeling themes of horror and fear on the DP's yet-to-be-titled new album, expected in early spring 2012.

The Woods. All Alone. Riding chillwaves on Walden Pond. Vibing like a true ruralite. Glad u got ur head clear, DPbro. This album doesn't even come out to theoretically try to 'save' 2k11, and the bro is already creating album cycle narratives. Afraid of how heavy this is gonna get.

R u ready 4 some wilderness?

What's the deal with the isolated house?
It's this couple's house that lived here back in the '90s. It's a strange place because it's fully furnished but it hasn't been lived in for 15 years. The first four months of the year, I was building fires in the wood stove and using New York Times papers from 1994 as kindling. It was weird to read some of the articles from back then before I burned them. The winter was tough. I got stuck a few times, which sucked. I have one neighbor up the road named Gary. He loves Keystone Light. He's towed me out of the driveway a couple of times. This place is seriously haunted.

Really? How so?

Gary was telling me the house was abandoned for 40 or 50 years, beginning in the 1920s. Hunters would use the main bedroom of the house as a deer stand to pick off deer from this big meadow stretching out in front of the house. The house has this weird feeling about it. The house is basically part of the woods. This spring, a flood of ladybugs invaded the house and now in the attic there's this weird flying bug thing.

So worried abt Davy Longie....He seems like he is 'really losing his mind', maybe eating too many regional mushrooms.

You spent the first few months all alone, but is the whole band up there now?
We're going in cycles. All of August the guys were here with me. The girls were supposed to come up today, but Amber's got the flu. Right now I'm just here with our engineer recording guitars and vocals.

Check out this picture of his house/studio/hideaway/cult. Not sure why he needs 2 stories when he is just 1 bro, but then u realize he has to have his 'slave labor' operation going.

Can we call this the 'Dirty Projector Compound'? I wonder if he is going to start h8ing the government and building a huge wall around his property.

'Dave Longstreth is truly the David Koresh of indie rock.'

Here he is looking like an 'insane cult leader.'

Really nice of him to let Amber Coffman come to the house to change bed sheets, tend to the yard, and drop a few vocals on his tunes. She will be paid in servings of nine-grain bread and hummus.

Not sure where all of the other altbaguettes are, but they are more than likely at their waitressing jobs at popular Brooklyn eateries bc Longstreth truly believes that paying them in bread+healthy spread is 'all they need' (along with occasional bags of lettuce).

R u pumped 4 new Dirty Projectors?
Can u believe he pulled out the 'i wrote the album in the wilderness' gimmick?
Do u feel bad for the altbaguettes?
Should they 'go solo'/'go trio'?
Do u think he secretly bought the house bc they had to move in and rely on him/act as his 'buzz slave'?
R u gonna buy a house in the wilderness and record a meaningful EP?
Did Bon Iver already 'ruin' that model?
Should the Dirty Projectors purchase the rights to the name 'Cults' from Cults?
Where is the most authentic place 2 write a hit buzz album? 'the city' or 'the effing boonies'?
What is the greatest ruralwave album of all time?

#FreeAngel #FreeAmber #FreeHaley
#FreeBaguettes @ Panera Bread

...b4 it is 2 late....