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MUST-SEE-VIDEO: Best Coast and Drew Barrymore bronoodle like they are indie bffs

Drew Barrymore is doing everything that she can to be 'indie.' She dated a Stroke, then dated Tom Green when he was a respected alt comedian, then dated the "i'm a Mac" guy, now she directed the music video for the 100 buzz year old song "Our Deal" by Best Coast. In this video, Bethany Cosentino and Drew Barrymore basically talk about how they are GREAT FRIENDS [via bffs] and how they vibe sooo hard artistically, and how they basically finish eachother's sentences. They both actually kinda look the same, which is indicative of how Best Coast is trying to 'go mainstream' and Drew Barrymore is 'trying to be alt', so they both just look kinda boutique alt fashiony.

Seems like they are TOTALLY bffs, and Drew will go over to Bethany's apartment, sit on the pizza & Bud Light stained couch, and they will smoke dank and lose hours & hours every day watching reality tv.

Here is some lamestream writeup abt the video concept (sponsored by MTV):

We've all been there -- the guy you're interested in plays a REALLY hot wolf on MTV's "Teen Wolf" and then plays a REALLY hot retro greaser in a "Supervideo" full of other famous people in rival gangs. Well, you probably haven't been there, now that I think about it. But that's exactly what happens in MTV's new "Supervideo," set to the Best Coast's "Our Deal," directed by Drew Barrymore.

Tyler Posey, who you certainly know from "Teen Wolf" and from being INSANELY good looking, plays a brooding gang member who catches the eye of actress Chloë Moretz (Kick-Ass, Let Me In). The chemistry is palpable, and so is the tension rising between the Day Trotters and the Night Creepers, both era-less teenage gangs that include other celebrities you're not used to seeing as gang members -- Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover, Shailene Woodley and Alia Shawkat.

s00 many celebz!

Here is some 'teaser' preview of the video which 'debuts' tomorrow on I don't think that really means anything, except that blogs will have 2 use the MTV embed code for a few days until it is uploaded to youtube.

U can see Donald Glover and the iCarly broad in it. It looks really 'made for mtv2' in that maltstream kind of way that will trick the tweens into thinking it is 'trendy.'

Do u think the 'debut' means that Best Coast is going mnstrm, or does it just mean that she will be 'the indie looking band' that they play in credits between Teen Mom and Jersey Shore episodes?
Will this video help Donald Glover 2 be taken seriously as an indie artist?
Is it time 4 Best Coast 2 drop a new album and stop memeing off her old album?
What is the best Drew Barrymore flick of all time? ET? Never Been Porked? Riding in Cars with bros?
is Drew Barrymore the next great alt music video director [via Spike Jonez]?
Are Bethany Cosentino and Drew Barrymore turning in2 one-another?
Bethany : Tom Crooze :: Drew Barrysmores : Tom Cruise

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