Have we reached the era of the post-ironic riot? | Hipster Runoff

Have we reached the era of the post-ironic riot?

Why do bros riot?

If given the opportunity to march into a busy city center and set some cars on fire, and take some interesting photographs of yourself in front of riot police & burning cars, would u do it? Take a picture of yourself 'looking crazy' in front of some damaged property, looking 'like a boss.'

Chill, Azn bro.

Before you die, do u want to jump over a burning BMW?

Seems chill... Maybe they should add this event to the X-games.

I am sorta wondering 'why' riots happen in the Western World any more. It makes sense if you have a dictator bro who is totally killing ur society's vibe, but things are generally 'pretty chill' in North America and Europe. This 'riot' apparently took place after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins. Do u think these bros 'seem sad'? Are they just letting out some angst? Or are they just using the context of a sporting event's outcome in order to create a meme-worthy event?

The spirit of the modern bro seems pretty chill, so most of these bros seem like they are just trying to search for a sweet Facebook default opportunity.

Sports bros are pretty chill, they just like to chill out in front of the TV, drink some brewdawgs with the bros, fire up ESPN.com, and just throw down an argument abt sports.

But I guess there are a few bros who legitimately 'think that they are anarchists' and want to rage against the societal machine. I wish they just did it during normal working hours, instead of giving hard-working bros a bad name by 'using' sporting events as an excuse to riot.

Would u be an 'authentic rioter' or a 'post-ironic rioting bro who is just checking out the vibe'?

Hopefully they can clear the broken glass soon because I need to pick up some cash to pay at this CASH-ONLY bagel shop right next 2 my mediocre office job downtown.

It would be great to take out my middle-class resentment on SEARS because my mom made me wait there for 2 hours while she bought a new washer & dryer when I was 6 years old.

Even this tomboy broad was able to vibe out like a free-spirit at the riot.

Shamu seems like he a real chiller whale who just wants to go 'see what's goin down' and only perform property damage 'if every1 else is.'

But I guess there are some bros who get 'way too violent' after drinking 20 brewskies. They'll usually hurt themselves, start a fight, or needlessly damage some property. Every group of friends has 1 bro like that, so maybe every agro-bro in the city united to create this sweet situation.

Really beats a bro's night in playing Guitar Hero

'They say u haven't had a gasm until u gasm-ed in the middle of a riot.'

Meaningful bonding sesh with some bros.
Wishing our team had won.
But at the same time
Every1 wins
because our city threw down TONS of bloggable content

This is our town
We can totally eff it up if we want 2.

Are riots born from authentic societal angst?
Are Canadians naturally violent ppl? Or do they just rlly care abt hockey 2 much?
Does Vancouver seem like a 'beautiful city'?
What is the most authentic city in the Great Northwest: Portland, Vancouver or Seattle?