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Best Coast vlogs in support of Planned Parenthood, plans sponsored showcase 4 abortion

It really feels like there is a 'female renaissance' going down in the music world. Like feminist-core music 2.0 or something. Tegan and Sara stood up to Odd Future, and now Bethany Cosentino is being all like 'I support women' [via Planned Parenthood]. Apparently PP is 'not just for abortions', but is actually 4 women to go in whenever their vagine isn't feeling right. Seems like a chill hangout for girls, much like a 'tittie bar' is where bros go to talk about problems [via misogyny].

Any ways, this might be a bad career move for Best Coast. She really needs to tone it down and try to appeal to conservative Middle America, and they don't really believe in Planned Parenthood/Abortion. This will probably backfire and she won't be able to sell her next CD in Walmart. I guess there are 'liberal teens' who she is going after as fans, but she probs woulda captured that market anyways.

1 in 5 American women has been to a Planned Parenthood health center at some point in her life.

Right now, your access to reproductive health care is controlled by an extremist Congress with one agenda item:

Taking away your rights.

More importantly, Bethany might be breaking ties with MTV, since their hit show '16 and Preggers' basically discourages girls from going into Women's Clinics so that they can have babies, get a reality show, and become famous.

R u on #teamPP?
Is Best Coast making 'the right career move' by 'supporting what is right'?
Is she a good vlogger or does she need to 'adjust her audio level'?
Do tween girls <3 vlogs?
Do u hope Bethany starts vlogging more?
Do u wish she would vlog a tour of her apt, showing off her fridge + decor?
Is Planned Parenthood 'evil'?
Is Best Coast 'shooting herself in the foot' by taking a political/social stand?
Do u expect buzzbands 2 support 'causes', or do u just want them to play music and give us free MP3s?
Is abortion chill or unchill?

Please share your Planned Parenthood stories in the comments section of this post.

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