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Twin Shadow synth player Wynne Bennett looks keut & dreamy on stage

After posting the Twin Shadow performance on Fallon [link], it seemed like a lot of bros were 'captivated' by the keutness of Twin Shadow synth/pianist Wynne Bennett. There have been many backing female synth players before her, but many industry insiders claim she has a raw talent that can seamlessly 'go solo.' Market research shows that altbros usually turn their attention to any female member of a band, even if they are on backup synth, accordion or glockenspiel.

Don't get me wrong... George Lewis Jr' is clearly one of the super hunks of indie... He really can do anything 2 his hair... But Wynne Bennett's stock is HOT right now.

But every1 is sorta wondering when Wynne is going to 'go solo', or perhaps take up a 'Regine Chassagne'-type role in Twin Shadow, singing lead vocals on 1-2 songs per album.
R u on #TeamWynne?
Is she the #1 female synth player in the world?
Has she 'leapfrogged' Peggy Wang from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, or does she have 1-3 more years of 'paying dues' 2 go?

Did Peggy Wang leapfrog Sad LCD AZN (Nancy Whang) after the retirement of LCD Soundsystem?
Is Neon Indian's Leanne Macomber 'relevant'?

Who is the #1 female synth player in indie?
Are all female synth players 'keut'?
Which non-lead-singer female would u want 2 vibe with?

Wynne Bennett

Wynne Bennett is the keut synth player in the Twin Shadow touring band.

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Twin Shadow


Twin Shadow is the 2k10 buzzband buzz project of George Lewis Jr. His hit album FORGET is 'highly bloggable.'

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Peggy Wang

Alternative Celebrity

Peggy Wang is the QT AZN synth player from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

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