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Ariel Pink has another MASSIVE meltdown in Mexico City, allegedly makes anti-Mexi racial slurs

After Ariel Pink's [MASSIVE COACHELLA MELTDOWN], the entire indiesphere was wondering... "Is Ariel OK, BB?" It seems like after a recent show in Mexico City, the Ariel Pink buzz train has come off the rails again.... The indie songstress allegedly cried, laughed, made potentially 'racist' Mexican stereotype-wave jokes, and managed to apologize 4 his behavior, admitting he had a 'mental problem.'

Ariel's on-stage antics angered many fans, even though part of what makes going 2 an Ariel Pink show 'fun' is the opportunity 2 see a 'meltdown.' Maybe the crowd was unchill and un-nurturing... Or maybe Ariel Pink h8s his Mexican fans????

Here is the report of the show by a relevant attendee:

The show was supposed to start at 11:50 pm but around 11pm I heard that
the band had lost their flight earlier and they were just arriving at the
airport. After the opening act finished, everyone was taken out of the
venue because Ariel Pink had arrived and they needed to do soundcheck.
They finally let us in around 12:30 or so. It started well but on the
second song he started complaining to his band members, he seemed to be
really uncomfortable and he spent most of the time facing the band and not
the audience. He put the microphone on the floor, then he couldn't find
it. He said: "this was supposed to be a good show and it's not" and he
started to cry while he flickered a lighter.

His band members were clearly
angry but tried to keep the show together, I really don't know how they do
it. They played 5 songs or so and then he said: "thank you" and left. The
musicians kept playing and after a while Ariel Pink came back like if he
had just sniffed 10 lines of coke and started singing really awful and
doing weird faces. He said (trying to be sarcastic): Woohoo I'm back
Then he said stupid things like: we wanted to bring a Mariachi so you
would like the show more, but we didn't find any. And he started singing
phrases from a mexican singer (Juan Gabriel) and then Life is Life by Opus
, while his band played another song. The drummer was just smiling now.
the song finished, Ariel left the stage again and after a couple of
minutes he came back, he said that we were such a polite audience for
waiting for so long and : Sorry for my attitude, it's a mental problem.
After that song the show ended. I had watched the coachella stream and he
basically did exactly the same, I don't even believe it anymore, he's so

R u worried about Ariel [via 'starting to cry']?
Will he ever 'speak out' about his meltdowns?
Is this fan 'lying' or were u there?
Do u think it was 'racist' that Ariel Pink sang "Mexican phrases" and said that he "Should have brought a mariachi band" to play with the Haunted Graffiti?
Will he replace the Haunted Graffiti with a mariachi band?

Who is to blame... the fans... the venue... or Ariel Pink?
Is Ariel Pink 'testing ur patience' as a fan, or do u will u be letdown if he 'doesn't have a meltdown' in ur local city?
Has Ariel Pink 'gone too far'?
Who is the greatest on-stage indie meltdowner in the history of indie?

Ariel Pink

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