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Best Coast does SEXY slutwave photoshoot for some magazine

Bethany Cosentino, frontwoman of the hit buzzband "Best's Coast" often gets a lot of cyberbullying from fans who are mean, telling her that she is talentless, ugly, a waste of space, and basically 'the indie version of Rebecca Black.' However, Bethany looks good in this FASHION SPREAD in 'Frankie Magazine.' Have I heard of Frankie Magazine? No... but I think this is a good chance for Bethany to repair her self-image and feel beautiful again... because even though Madeline Follin and Kickball Katy leapfrogged her... Bethany still deserves 2 feel beautiful.

If anything, I blame WAVVES frontman Nathan Williams for not taking the time to make Bethany feel like a woman. He needs to do more romantic stuff. Don't treat her like your best bro... Treat her like ur girlfriend, even when she tells you she 'just wants to be bros.' You don't just get blazed and attempt to make love with a 65% erect dank peen. Take your girl out. Tell her she is beautiful. Let her know that she is safe. Let her know that NO MATTER WHAT ANY1 says, she is beautiful. Bethany... Ur beautiful [via no matter what they say].

Oh Bethany... U look good, bb...

Do u think she looks good? Is Best Coast in her physical prime? Does she look young and beautiful?

Do u <3 Bethany deep down?
Do u hope she finds an M.I.A.-style billionaire boyfriend who can take care of her so she can take risks as an artist?
Do u hope Nathan Williams makes her feel the way she deserves 2 feel?
Have u ever 'pleasured urself' to a buzzband's photo in a magazine?
Does she look good, bb?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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