Pitchfork 'panned the fuck' out of the Vivian Girls... says they 'suck more than Best Coast' | Hipster Runoff

Pitchfork 'panned the fuck' out of the Vivian Girls... says they 'suck more than Best Coast'

The Vivian Girls are credited as one of the first indie marketed all-female pop lofi groups... but who knows how much longer they will be around after this scathing Pitchfork review came out, giving the band a VERY disappointing 5.9, and basically called for the band to 'call it quits.' U have to wonder if it is time for the Vivian Girls to 'retire' without playing Madison Square Garden.

The Vivian Girls has 2 previous drummers, Frankie Rose and Ali Koehler who have 'set sail' and joined more successful/critically acclaimed bands. P4k seems to say that those artists basically made the right career move and the Vivian Girls don't have an identity.

But whether it's old band members like Koehler and Frankie Rose and the Outs or more stylized successors like Dum Dum Girls, there are an increasing number of bands beating Vivian Girls at their own game. It's easy to see Share the Joy's place in the Vivian Girls discography, but their place in indie rock as a whole is becoming less clear.

Seems kinda harsh...
In addition, they say that the song-writing is so bad that they make Best Coast sound 'deep' / 'like a genius' / 'complex'

[Vivian Girls] offer clichéd hooks so time-honored, they make Best Coast look obtuse by comparison. I don't know if they've got beef with ex-drummer Ali Koehler's gig with Best Coast, but "Take It as It Comes" could be seen as a winking parody by upping their boy-needy desperation to hyperbolic absurdity.


I wonder if the era of female lofi pop groups is just 'coming to an end.' Maybe it was just a fad, and we were happy 2 cover some decent looking females, but in the end they can't really offer anything tangible to the indiesphere. I guess it is just time to stop honoring these lofi bands like they are 'making a contribution to modern pop' and instead accept that they are just mimicking a style that already exists and got boring.

Is the female lofi pop game 'too crowded'?
Do all of these bands sound the same?
Did p4k go 'too harsh' on the Vivian Girls?

Starting off with a 22-minute-long LP that was originally limited to 500 copies, Vivian Girls seemed like the kind of band that would nail it the first time, flame out, and then disappear forever. Except they didn't. Everything Goes Wrong wasn't a huge drop-off, but the reception to it was muted, suggesting that they may have started to outstay their welcome. Lo-fi was quickly becoming cliché (again) and with their seemingly endless array of guest spots, side projects, and offshoots, Vivian Girls were adding to the glut of bands doing something very similar.

Did the Vivian Girls 'mismanage' their career?
Are The Vivian Girls better/keuter than Best Coast?
Is it time for Kickball Katy to go solo and rebrand herself?
Was female lofi pop always 'overrated'?
Do men h8 women in music?
Do men not take women seriously in music?
Should the Vivian Girls 'retire' or do they have a brand that ppl like?
Can bands like Vivian Girls and Warpaint exist 4evr just because bros like checking out girls?

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