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Jared Leto is still the most alternative man alive.


Jared Leto is 'the most alternative man alive.'

Jared Leto has had many great alt moments. Like the time he won an MTV award and thought it was real [link]. Or the time he hit on Lady Gaga [link]. Or the time he collabed with 10.0 rapper Kanye West [link]. Or the time he pooped his pants [link].

Every day I strive 2 be more alt
And we know that Jared Leto is so alt that he is mainstream that he is post-alt that he is not human after all
Jared Leto inspires me 2 pursue art/life/change/______
Jared Leto is sorta like the mainstream meme 'Chuck Norris' except he has alt ideals

How alt is Jared Leto?

Jared Leto is so alt that he inspired Charlie Sheen 2 transcend modern pop culture via the traditional interview format.

Jared Leto is so alt that he prefers to only use one of his eyes as a way to try to understand mainstream culture.

Leto is known to be too alt for sleeves.

Jared Leto is so alt that he served in Iraq and made his own custom uniform.

During that tour of Iraq, he collected the skulls of terrorists and ate their brains to consume their counterintelligence.

Jared Leto is so post-alt that he breaks free from society's shackles on a daily basis.

Jared Leto does not eat real food. Jared Leto only eats metal, rocks, and dirt.

This is Jared Leto's house. He does not believe in property, furniture, or home entertainment systems. His alternative thoughts make modern media seem trivial.

Jared Leto spends half of the year serving as the chief of a neon indian tribe for teens who want to be more alt. They have formed a farming utopia somewhere in Idaho.

Jared Leto requests that his band 30 seconds 2 Mars doesn't get a headlining spot so they don't appear to be 'too mainstream' or 'successful'

Jared Leto is too alt to smile. Jared Leto had a 300 person gangbang with all of his groupies 'just to save time' in 2006.

In order to be more alt, sometimes Jared Leto lives under the identity of Wanda Caruthers, who works at a coffee shop in Sacramento, CA.

Jared Leto's brother Shannon has finally accepted that he is the brother of the most alternative man alive after 10 years of counseling.

Jared Leto is so alt that he constructed a stage on top of his fans.

Jared Leto sometimes stands in the crowd as other bands are performing and sings with them, and the other bands are willing to let Jared sing because his voice sounds like an angel.

Jared Leto has constructed his own universal language with a font/type face that is more perfect than Helvetica

How do u do it, Jared?
How r u so alt?

Jared Letbro is the most alternative man alive.
We could all learn a lot from Jared Leto

'All I really needed to know abt alt... I learned from Jared Leto...'

Do yall <3 Jared Leto?
Does his alt-ness inspire u?
Is Jared Leto 'just a conceptual d-bag' or is he an authentic alt?
Is Jared Leto the greatest living artist of our generation?
Is 30 Seconds From Mars the #1 band on the planet?
Does Jared Leto 'turn u on'?
Do u want 2 b Jared Leto?

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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