2007 | Hipster Runoff


God Bless America

New Year's Resolutions:
1. Search for meaning.
2. Be a better blogger
3. Take life seriously enough to blog about.
4. Embrace the power of the blogosphere
5. Convince others to back up their hard drives

Songs of the day:

Party Time 2000 - Miss New Booty (Party Time 2000 Remix)
This is a song about searching for meaning.

Renewal Plan vs Party Time 2000 - Elizabethtown
This is a song about douche bags who shop at Whole Foods while searching for meaning. Please feel free to comment: Do you prefer Patagonia or North Face? This was also the last song that Saddam Hussein listened to before he died. Does any one know what Saddam's last meal was? Timothy McVeigh had an all-dessert last meal.

Hot Chip - So Glad To See You
Hot Chip's songs are deeper than the Postal Service and Dntel combined. In 'So Glad To See You', Hot Chip effectively honors Generation Y's desire to find love that matches the intensity of the connection between Zach Braff and Natalie Portman in 1999's Hit Movie 'Garden State.'

Read more about Timothy McVeigh's last moments of life here.