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An Open Email from An African American HRO Reader

A reader email:

Subject: alt blck. am i alt blck? do alt blcks scrtly h8 themsevles? will alt blcks ever be accepted by non-alt blcks?

i just checked out that anus picture and while scrolling through that night's party (in search of more anus pictures) i came across this group of blcks that i liked. i cant tell if they are alt blck or if they really just came back from a waterpark. do you think that shamu tank top came with those biker shorts? do you dig that iguana shirt? that guy's glasses remind of dwayne wayne from A Different World.

where do alt blcks belong? college? "back to africa"?

ALTERNATIVE BLACKS: They are searching for their place in alternative society, too.
We're all different, but we're all the same, kind of like the theme of I <3 Huckabees.


[Picture by Last Night's Party]