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Vivian Girls take a sad press photo bc their former drummer is now more altfamous than them

The Vivian Girls have some new MP3 out, but I haven't really listened to it, because as much as I 'h8 2 admit it', but Best Coast is probably the most listenable fuzzy buzzy female band in the world right now, and most of the other ones are 'too lofi' and don't have enough simple pop appeal. Anyways, Ali Koehler is the current drummer for Best Coast, but she left the Vivian Girls. In the new Vivian Girls Press Photo, u can't help but wonder what they are 'so sad abt.' If I had to make a guess, they are probably sad that they weren't the ones who enjoyed Best Coast, and Best Coast probably already achieved their maximum

Every time u see Ali Koehler drumming on stage during Letterman [link] or Fallon or opening for Weezer or meeting Justin Bieber, u can't help but wonder 'what if' she had stayed in the Vivian Girls? Would she have a fulfilling fuzzy buzzy band life?

Photo by driven by boredom

Ali Koehler Vivian Girls Best Coast
Did Alie Koehler make the 'right decision?
Do u think she is 'laughing all the way 2 the buzz bank'?
Do u think she is 'still bros' with the Vivian Girls, or do they have an awkward resentment now?

Why was Best Coast more successful than the Vivian Girls when they had a head start on Bethany?
Do u think the Vivian Girls will ever be as mainstream as Best Coast?
Do the Vivian Girls look 'too Brooklyn core' 2 appeal 2 tweens?
Can we officially look back and say that Ali Koehler 'made the right decision'?

vivian girls sad coasting
Cheer up///////
Vivian Girls///////

Ali Koehler

Alternative Celebrity

A female fuzzy buzzy drummer who left the Vivian Girls 2 get more famous in Best Coast.

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Vivian Girls


The Vivian Girls are a fuzzy buzzy all-girl band who is sad bc their drummer left them for Best Coast

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